Fortune Trading FAQs – Demat & Trading Account Related General Questions & Answers


As Fortune Trading Company continues wax stronger in its operations providing various services to numerous investors, there are several questions that some potential customers ask to get better insights into the operations of this company.

Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions and the appropriate answers to provide informed help to customers


Q. 1 What are other benefits that Fortune Trading clients can enjoy?

Ans. Fortune Trading investors have the opportunity to take advantage of various investment products such as Mutual funds available in major fund houses across different parts of India. 

Q. 2 In what other ways can Fortune Trading clients enjoy their investments in mutual funds?

Ans.  Mutual Funds investors can enjoy great benefits for their long term goals such as children’s education, investment goals, and retirement plans.

Q. 3 Are my investments safe by using Fortune Trading online App?

Ans. Sure! Fortune Trading online app prevents unsanctioned transactions in your Demat account alerts on your registered mobile number for all transactions directly from CDSL in your Demat account. 


Q. 4 How much do I have to pay for Fortune Trading Demat Account?

Ans. With Fortune Trading, Demat account is free. You pay no AMC charges for opening and maintaining your Demat Account.

Q. 5 Does Fortune Trading accept cash deposit?

Ans. Fortune Trading does not encourage cash deposit in any of its Bank Accounts. Cash deposits goes with a penalty of up to 50%.

Q. 6 How much does Fortune Trading charge for using its “Mobile Trading Platform?

Ans. The Fortune Trading ‘Mobile Trading Platform’ is available to investors free for all types of Android, Blackberry, and Apple Phones. You are not charged for using its mobile trading platform.

Q. 7 How can I open a Fortune Trading account?

Ans. It is simple! All you need to do is give a missed call by dialing (0) 80306 36357 and observe a single ring. A Fortune Trading executive will contact you within 24 hours to initiate your account opening process.

Q. 8 Does Fortune Trading have branches or physical addresses?

Ans. Fortune Trading currently has its headquarters in Chennai and has branches located in Bengaluru, Cochin, Madurai, Telangana, and Jabalpur. Check the Fortune Trading website for contact addresses of their branches nearest to you.

Q. 9 Can I open the Fortune Trading or Demat account online?

Ans. You can easily open a trading or Demat account with Fortune online by going to their website, check account opening and select your choice of account. Download and fill the account opening application form by providing all the required details. Attach all relevant copies of your documents and send them by courier to their Chennai office. You will get a response within 24 hours upon the receipt of your documents.

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Q. 10 What are the basic operation lines of Fortune Trading Company?

Ans. The principal areas of Fortune Trading include Depository (Demat Account), Mutual Funds, Commodity Trading, Equity Trading, Currency Trading, and Derivatives Trading.

Q. 11 Do I have to download different Fortune Trading Apps for different trading?

Ans. No. Fortune Trading App is all encompassed app. It is a one-stop-shop for all your save trading transactions. 

Q. 12 How does Fortune Trading “Commodity Trading” works?

Ans. Fortune Trading Company “Commodity Trading” operates by exchanging of your raw or finished products (only on regulated commodity exchanges) by standardized contracts. It takes the place of investing funds, Bonds, Equities, or Real Estate.

Q. 13 Is Fortune Trading “Equity Trading” profitable?

Ans. Fortune Trading Company understands the nitty-gritty of the equity market and the best company to invest your funds. Hence, your funds are placed on the best company with the best market performance which yields maximum profits for your investments. 

Q. 14 Can I run more than one account with Fortune Trading Company?

Ans. Yes. Because of their Multiple Markets and Multiple Investments operations policies, you can run a combination of 2, 3 or more accounts with Fortune Trading.

Q. 15 Can I always get adequate customer care support for my trading transactions Fortune Trading?

Ans. Fortune Trading Company provides its clients with the best Customer Care support in the industry. Its online back-office and customer-care support through its loyal team of personnel are ever-ready to empower and support investors to reap great profits and receive value-for-money services.

Q. 16 How do I evaluate the progress of my investments on Fortune Trading?

Ans. You can conveniently monitor and track the progress of your trading activities on the Fortune Trading online app. This allows you to set up your market watch, trading and market news, and real-time chats on the platform without any hidden agenda. 

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Q. 17 Do I have to undergo KYC verification each time I log in to my account on Fortune Trading online app?

Ans. No. Fortune Trading KYC (Know Your Clients) exercise is a ‘one-time’ process at the time of opening your account. This is only to verify the identity of its customers. Thereafter, your necessary identification details are stored in the data bank for future trading activities. 

Q. 18 How long do I have to wait for my withdrawal?

Ans. The withdrawal process is fast, easy, and simple. It is instant if you have enough funds in your account. Just migrate to the withdrawal button, key in the details as prompted with the amount you want to withdrawal. You will instantly receive the corresponding amount. 

Q. 19 Do I have to write checks when subscribing to IPOs?

Ans. With Fortune Trading, you don’t need to write a check while subscribing to IPOs. You only need to write the bank account number and endorse the application form. This is enough to authorize your bank to make the payment in case you are allotted the shares.

Q. 20 How do I get an assistant from the Fortune Trading Customer Care?

Ans. Fortune Trading Customer Support is very responsive. You can get live chat support on their platform. On the other hand, you may call the following numbers for an instant assistant: for Tamil Call On Trade, call 04445609688 or 04461329688; for Hindi Call On Trade 04445609687 or 04461329687; for account issues, call the Accounts Dept., call 04445609664.

Q. 21 Can I earn money from Fortune Trading in addition to the profits on my investments?

Ans. It is possible to earn a referrer commission when you refer your friends and other people to join as investors on the Fortune Trading platform. As your referrals continue to invest and trade on Fortune Trading Company.

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Q. 22 What are the broad services offered by Fortune Trading?

Ans. Services offered by Fortune Trading includes Online Products and Investor Terminal to Partners Clients at No Additional Cost, Dedicated RM for Trading and Wealth Management, Reliable Support and Management Processes, and Dealer Terminal at your Office and Premises.

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Q. 23 Is online fund transfer is easy through many banks?

Ans. Fortune Trading Company makes online fund transfer fast and easy through the Back Office Payment Gateway facility. Fortune fund transfer facility can be accessed via 22 national and international banks.

Q. 24 What happens if my bank is not listed among of the 22 approved banks by Fortune?

Ans.  If your bank is not listed in the above list, Fortune makes it possible to transfer funds using NEFT/RTGS, provided your bank has online fund transfer facility. 

Q. 25 How long does funds transfer takes?

Ans. Transfer of funds are usually completed within 3 to 5 hours. You too can ask any budding question and it will be answered promptly.

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