Finvasia Sub Broker Ship| Franchise |Authorized Person| Partner Review 2020

Finvasia Review:

Finvasia, based in Chandigarh offers the business with 14 countries internationally excluding India. The stock brokerage firm serves the motto of honest pricing, cutting-edge technical supportive platform, and extraordinary services. The brokerage firm started the journey of being India’s renowned stock market in 2003.

Finvasia offers lifetime zero brokerage on trading at platforms like BSE, NSE and MCX segments. The brokering house strategies on furthering their services in Clearing Services, Depository Services, and Margin Funding shortly. Finvasia also charges no Clearing Fees. No commission from customers is needed for trading on Finvasia platforms. If a customer converse from traditional brokerage to Finvasia, he can save up to 90% of the commission of brokerage. The company also gives leverage of almost 10x on Equity Intraday trading. The company provides trading in Equity Trading, Derivatives Trading, Currency and Commodity Trading, IPO, NRI Trading, Bonds, etc.

Finvasia offers several platforms like BSE, NSE, and MCX. It also provides Zero commission trading services which are popular among the brokers for significant reasons. Finvasia also offers tools of trading, statically assessed analysis such as High-frequency trading, Algo Plugins, Algorithmic FIX engine, etc. The stock brokerage firm further offers trading platforms like Omnysis NEST, NSE NOW, Symphony, Alogs.

Here in this following article, we would go through the sub-broker, partnership program/ franchise and complete review.

Finvasia Sub Broker Review
Finvasia Sub Broker Review

Finvasia Sub-Broker Model | Franchise | Partner

Finvasia, one of India’s renowned stockbroking discount brokerage, offers two types of a business model-

  1. Remisier
  2. Sub broker

1. Finvasia Remisier Program:

Finvasia Remisier program is one of the popular business sharing models of Finvasia. It gives the Remisier or the partner to achieve a moderate amount of revenue share and encouraging commission. As they are a well-known stock discount brokerage house at the international level also, the Remisier program is beneficial for those who are trying to expand their business.

Finvasia Remisier programs appoint a person who is interested as an agent and in return, he needs to give back Finvasia some amount of business or leads. The remisier gets a moderate commission of every transaction. He is also held accountable for losses in any security transaction that is done through him by a stock broking company.

 The remisier needs to pay an initial deposit of INR 1,000/-. Any office is not needed by remisier to be a part of Finvasia family. One can earn a 30% flat revenue sharing within 30 days payout period.

Here are some guidelines that we have gathered for you-

  • Flat 30% revenue share model is available for remisier program
  • No prior knowledge in the field is needed for being a remisier
  • An initial deposit of 1,000/- is required for the above-mentioned program
  • High-speed internet access is needed
  • Technical Support and proper training would be provided by Finvasia
Flexible Revenue SharingNot Available
Flat Revenue SharingAvailable
Prepaid payment with Zero Revenue Sharing ModelNot Available
Zero Deposit SchemeNot Available
Initial Deposit SchemeAvailable

2. Finvasia Sub-Broker Program:

Finvasia sub-broker program is really attractive and motivating for the sub broking aspirants trying to shine in this area. Finvasia provides all the support and care they need.

 The sub-brokers are in the direct business relationship with Finvasia where they have access to operate clones of proven business type and get initial as well as ongoing fees in return.

No particular office premises is needed, firm internet access is required. A potential sub-broker needs to pay initial investment of INR 25,000/-  to 100,000/-. Finvasia offers a revenue-sharing model of a minimum of 50%- 70%. Also if one wants to become a sub-broker of Finvasia then he would need to have SEBI registration.

Flexible Revenue SharingAvailable
Flat Revenue SharingNot Available
Prepaid payment with Zero Revenue Sharing ModelNot Available
Zero Deposit SchemeAvailable
Initial Deposit SchemeAvailable

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Finvasia Partner| Sub-Broker| Franchise Commission and Incentive – Revenue Sharing Model:

Finvasia offers encouraging and attractive revenue, sharing model. Both the remisier and sub-brokers enjoy profitable revenue share and the ratio is impressive. There is a good scope of commissions based profit.

The remisier can earn up to a flat 30% revenue share on the transaction. The sub-broker revenue share ratio can go up high to 50%-70% revenue share model. The sub-broker would enjoy initial as well as ongoing fees in return.

DetailsFinvasia CommissionSub Broker Commission
Finvasia Remisier70%30%
Finvasia Sub Broker50%-30%50%-70%

Enrollment or Registration process – How to become a Partner/Sub Broker of Finvasia?

If you are interested to become a partner, an authorized person, a register then there are some simple steps you can follow. We have outlined all the steps, so just follow them and you can be their business partners in just a few minutes-

  1. Go to the authorized website
  2. Go through the form they are providing very carefully and fill in all the details required
  3. Upload the filled in copy with all the required documents
  4. After submitting all the required details and documents an authorized Finvasia representative will get in touch
  5. After going through the conversation of the representative and last few formalities your request of being a part of Finvasia will be granted and you are good to go

As a full-service discount stock brokering house, the whole process may take the time of a maximum of 28 days.

Eligibility Criteria of Sub Broker Ship, Franchise, Partner:

Being a partner/ franchise/ sub-broker / authorized person of Finvasia does not require a major amount of virtue. Simply an inserted person with a promising and dedicated point of view is all they ask for.

Major infrastructure, high-class office space, cutting edge technology- nothing is required. The only thing one needs to have as infrastructure is a strong Internet connection and that is all. Prior knowledge is a good thing, so a candidate with good knowledge about the active stock market is always appreciated.

However, some strict and irreversible eligibility criteria are required for even applying as a partner. Here are the criteria one must check-in before applying-

  • Educational qualification of minimum 10+2
  • At least 2 years of consecutive experience in active stockbroking and trading
  • NISM certification when putting their name for registration
  • Basic knowledge of MS Excel and alike computer programs
  • Thorough understanding of Finvasia products and services given to the clients

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Documents Required For Registration:

  • Academic qualification proof
  • GST Registration
  • Birth Certificate
  • PAN Card
  • SEBI Registration
  • Cancelled Bank Cheque
  • Passport Sized photographs
  • Investment Proof
  • Payment proof of security deposit completed

Joining Cost/Fees of Sub Broker Ship, Franchise & Partner, and Finvasia Authorized Person

Finvasia has always maintained the stranded of the services they have provided their clients and as well they also have always maintained the quality of their support services for their partners. Similarly, Finvasia has a clear policy of deposits and security money.

An aspiring sub-broker needs to deposit INR 25,000/- to 100,000/- as a security amount. And a remisier is asked to pay the security deposit of INR 1,000/-

The overall difference of the security money for the sub-brokers differ based on the different schemes available. In simple terms, the more you invest the more you revenue.

DetailsRequired Security Deposit
Finvasia RemisierINR 1,000/-
Finvasia Sub BrokerINR 25,000/- to 100,00/-

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Finvasia Sub Broker Advantages and Disadvantages:

Advantages and disadvantages are the two sides of the same coin in the business world. However, the perfect harmony of both can boost up your business very much.


  • Revenue sharing model of 50%-70% with sub brokerage model
  • Complete opportunity to grow own client base without even corresponding to the franchiser
  • Get complete access to the product and services that the brokerage offers for the clients


Finvasia remisier and sub brokerage program is specially designed to exclude major drawbacks. However, the steep revenue-sharing model of the remisier which is 30% can be a matter of discussion for some of the remisier.

Open Deamt Account with Finvasia
Open Deamt Account with Finvasia


Finally, to some up, Finvasia, one of India’s fastest-growing full-service discount stock brokerage houses, offers a moderate and motivating opportunity to earn up to 70% of revenue share as a sub-broker and up to 30% share of remuneration as a remisier.

However, which company to aim for to be tied with is completely based on one’s personal choice.

Finvasia Sub Broker FAQs:

Q. Why Partner with Finvasia?

  • Zero investment offers
  • Significant Low brokerage on platforms like NSE, BSE, MCX
  • Flexible and profitable revenue sharing model

Q. What is the Support provided by Finvasia Partner Program?

  • Finvasia provides free of cost research services for the clients
  • End of the day detailed Trading report via SMS/ Email
  • Predominantly Online-based commission channels
  • Free of cost usage of SCALPERS for trading necessities

Q. How long does it take time for the registration process?

The whole procedure takes a maximum of 28 days to be done and set.

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