Finvasia Mobile App Review – How To Use and Trade

Finvasia – An Overview 

A technology-driven stockbroker is famous for its low-cost investment offerings through the Finvasia Mobile app. At Finvasia, customers can trade unlimited for absolutely zero brokerage. Finvasia only charges the government-imposed taxes, exchange fees, and Demat charges. Customers can trade across BSE, NSE, and MCX with Finvasia.

Finvasia incorporated in 2009, located in Mumbai. They currently have over 15,000 active clients.  

Finvasia emphasizes on online trading without the involvement of mediators. With the vision of creating a frictionless financial market, Finvasia introduces its technology-driven trading platform known as Scalpert.

Scalpert is available only for Android users. This mobile trading app is 14 MB in terms of download file size. More than 10,000 downloads of this app, according to Google Play Store, till now. 

The active users of Scalpert have given good feedback about the tool, and it has 3.2 stars user rating.

Finvasia Review

Scalpert – Mobile Trading App 

Scalpert is India’s First Brokerage Free Trading Application. Finvasia promotes Scalpert to give online access to the stock market to their clients. 

There are no brokerage, no upfront charges, no hidden fees, or any other charges on any kind of transactions through the Scalpert Trading App. 

Finvasia Scalpert App
Finvasia Scalpert App

Finvasia claims that your commission paid will remain zero for a lifetime.  

Finvasia Scalpert App Screenshot
Finvasia Scalpert App Screenshot

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Finvasia Mobile App Salient Features

Here are the most exciting app features lined up by Finvasia.

  • Real-time updating charts, watch lists, and open positions.
  • Order Book and Trading Book for checking executed Order, Pending Orders, Canceled Order, and Open Net Positions.
  • A variety of charts available in multiple time frames ranging from 5 minutes to 1 day.
  • Over 40 types of Technical Indicators which facilitate a detailed analysis of stocks and currencies.
  • Historical Data of scrips are available in a consolidated format. 
  • Advanced level of order types – Market Order, Cover Order, Stop Loss Order, Bracket Order, After Market Order, etc.
  • Trading in Equity, Commodity, Forex, Futures, and Options is possible with a single app.
  • Powerful OMS and RMS which is powered by Omnisys.
  • Commission-free trading across all segments.

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Finvasia other Trading Platforms 

Although the mobile trading app is a unique selling proposition of Finvasia, yet they offer to trade through other platforms for the convenience of their clients. 

Scalpert Web

It is a web-based trading tool, which is similar to the Scalpert Mobile App. All the features and charges remain the same as above. 

It is compatible with all kinds of Internet Browsers. This platform is auto-synced with the Scalpert Mobile App.


NSE Now is not an in-house product of the Finvasia. NSE Now is initially created and supported by the National Stock Exchange of India. 

In order to trade through NSE Now, clients are required to obtain a different set of login credentials. 

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Finvasia Mobile App Pros and Cons

Here are the lists of the pros and cons of Finvasia and its Scalpert Mobile App.


  • Zero Brokerage in all segments.
  • The account opening is instant and paperless.
  • Scalpert is blazing Fast and Highly Reliable Trading Platform, which is available in Web and Mobile forms.
  • Finvasia assists their clients with additional Call and Trade facility, and there are again no extra charges for this service. 
  • Algo trading is available for retail customers as well.


  • Finvasia is an entirely online service provider, and hence they have almost no physical presence through offices. 
  • Scalpert Mobile App is missing some essential features and is not available for iOS users.
  • Intraday Exposure and Margin offered by them are comparatively low.
open finvasia demat account


If you are not an iOS user, then Finvasia mobile app and its services are a smart choice for you. 

Scalpert is a fully-fledged mobile app with loads of features in one place. 

There is no other service provider in the industry who is proving free transactions across all segments. 

It will be the first time experience of its kind if you decide to go with Scalpert. 

Although you may not like the idea of lower intraday leverage, you will end up saving a hefty amount in terms of brokerage and service charges.

For iOS users, Scarlet Web is available. It is also a package deal with sophisticated features and can be a user from mobile browsers. 


Q. I have downloaded the app, it is prompting for a login id and password. What to do?

To login to the app, you will require a login id and password, which can be received from Finvasia. You will be required to submit your KYC and other Identity-related documents and open a Demat and Trading Account. Account Opening with Finvasia is entirely free of cost.

Q. Is Scalpert Mobile Apps Free?

Yes. Scalpert Mobile App is free for everyone. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Along with the mobile app, all the features and transactions in the scalper are also absolutely free. 

Q. Can I trade in options using this app?

Yes. Scarlet and other trading platforms of Finvasia are enabled with derivative trading. Hence, trading in Futures and Options is possible with this app. It is relatively simple to use it.

Q. How to download this app?

The Scalpert Mobile App is available on Google Play Store for free. You can easily get the app on your smartphone by following these steps: 

  1. Open the Play Store on your smartphone.
  2. Type ‘Scalpert’ in the search bar.
  3. The app is available with full name as SCALPERT by Finvasia
  4. Click on the ‘Install’ button and follow the steps shown on your phone’s screen.

Q. Is there any web browser-based platform for Finvasia?

Yes, Finvasia also offers a web browser-based trading platform which is called Scalpert Web. It is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari Web Browser. It can directly be accessed through a web link.

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