Finvasia Margin Calculator Online

Finvasia margin calculator Online
Finvasia margin calculator Online

1. Finvasia Margin Calculator

  • When you need to gain a good grip over your trading skills, then you must include and know how to use a margin calculator.
  • Finvasia Margin Calculator is an in house developed online margin calculator tool by Finvasia for its clients to gain effective profits with their trades.
  • It helps in calculating exposure leverage offered by Finvasia in different segments including delivery, F&O, currency, intraday, and commodity.
  • The calculator is very simple and self-explanatory. Just fill in the details like Exchange, scrip symbol, product type and you get the margin requirements.

2. Finvasia Equity margin calculator

Finvasia Equity Intraday margin calculator

  • When a trader buys and sells security or share on the same very day of trading then this type of trading is known as intraday trading.
  • Moreover, Finvasia offers exciting leverages and exposures in the case of Equity Intraday trading of up to 10x times, which is far ahead from other players in the market.
  • The brokerage charges are only applicable in intraday trading if the user gains profit with the trade.

Finvasia Equity Delivery margin calculator

  • Suppose in case if a user holds the stocks from more than one trading day or session then it’s automatically converted into delivery trade or a CNC type of trade (Cash And Carry).
  • Margin provided in case of delivery 1x time only, that means you need to have the margin to pay upfront for the trade carried out.
  • An intraday trader can be converted to a delivery type if you have margin equal to the cost of the buy trade.

Finvasia Equity Future margin calculator

  • Finvasia provides margin also for the Equity futures. Equity Futures can also be traded on an intraday basis or even on a delivery basis.
  • The margin provided by Finvasia is about 2x times. However, according to the SEBI guidelines and rules, the broker must collect total margin including Span margin and the exposure margin.

Finvasia Equity Option margin calculator

  • The equity options position is closed automatically by the Finvasia Online team it is carry forwarded for the next trading day with zero brokerage charge and (1x) leverage is provided.
  •  As per the new SEBI rule and regulation, every registered stockbroker needs to collect the Total margin (Span+ Exposure) for each trading day.
Open Demat With Finvasia
Open Demat With Finvasia

Finvasia Financial Service Online Margin List

Segment Margin/Exposure/Limit/Leverage
Equity Delivery Upto 1x (Time Margin)
Equity Intraday Upto 10x (Time Leverage)
Equity Future Upto 2x (Time Limit)
Equity Option 1x
Currency Future 1x
Currency Option 1x
Commodity Future 1x
Commodity Option 1x
BO & CO Margin

3. Finvasia Commodity margin calculator

Finvasia Commodity future margin calculator

  • For intraday trading of Commodity future, Finvasia offers 2x times margin leverage.
  •  However, once the market is closed Finvasia automatically stops the position if the clients don’t manually lock the position and the total amount will be Carry forwarded for next trading day with zero brokerage (1x) of Span leverage is given.

Finvasia Commodity option margin calculator

  • In the case of intraday trading of a Commodity option, Finvasia offers 1x times margin leverage.
  • However, once the market is closed Finvasia automatically stops the position if the clients don’t manually lock the position.

4. Finvasia Currency margin calculator

Finvasia Currency future margin calculator

  • In the case of Currency future trading, Finvasia offers its clients with a margin of up to 1x times.
  • The carryforward margin is totally free of brokerage and the stockbroker doesn’t provide any margin which stands to 1x times in the end.

Finvasia Currency option margin calculator

  • Finvasia provides a margin of 1x times as leverage in the segment of currency options trading.
  • Finvasia officially provides a Carry forward margin of 1x time in Currency option.

5. Finvasia BO & CO margin calculator

  • A user can perform Bracket order (BO) trade on almost every segment like futures, equity, currency, and options.
  • A trader can perform intraday buy and sell limit orders with a target and a stop loss.
  • All unclosed BO positions were square off before the day ending like the Equity & F&O at 3:20 pm whereas the currency at 4:30 pm. However, the margin required varies from time to time similarly to the Stop loss price too.
  • The one big advantage of the Bracket order is that it comes with auto cancellation and trailing stop losses.
  • However, a cover order is a two-way order. In this process client initially places an order along with a stop-loss order simultaneously.

6. Finvasia Span margin calculator

  • A Span Margin calculator helps in calculating the amount a user must keep in his/her trading account in order to overcome any unfortunate potential loss in the stock market.
  • By using this concept it broadens the exposure level of any client to trade in a risk-free manner.
  • However, there is no specific value fixed as SPAN Margin as it varies from scrip to scrip. The main reason behind it is that every segment is different from each other so the risk factor is also different.
  • The margin is specified based on the market and industry, stock availability and volatility, completion of stocks and the global interest over that stock.

7. Need Finvasia Margin Calculator

  • While you are performing any trade that doesn’t matter on whatever segment it is you must consider using a margin calculator.
  • A margin calculator helps a trader in maintaining a balance in his or her trading account based on market values.
  • It offers auto square off position to safeguard your losses.

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Q. How much margin does Finvasia give?

Up to 10x time margin is provided by Finvasia to its clients

Q. Finvasia provides a margin for options?

Up to 1x margin is provided by Finvasia in case of options trading.

Q. How much Exposure does Finvasia provide?

Up to 10x time exposure is provided by Finvasia.

Q. How much does Finvasia charge for intraday margin?

Up to 10x time margin is provided by Finvasia to its clients on intraday trading.

Q. What is the margin for delivery trading in Finvasia?

In the case of delivery 1x, time margin is offered by Finvasia.

Q. What is the margin for CNC trading in Finvasia?

The margin up to 1x time for CNC trading in Finvasia.

Q. What is LMT in Finvasia?

LMT stands for Limit Order which helps in reducing losses in unfortunate market conditions.

Q. How to use margin in Finvasia?

The additional margin provided to you by Finvasia helps you to buy shares up to 40x times of the leverage.

Q. Can I margin trading in Finvasia?

Yes, the margin trading facility is available with Finvasia.

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