How Do I Find A Company’s IPO Date?

Upcoming IPO’s

If you are an investor and planning to invest in this year. Here I am giving you a list of companies which are getting listed. These are the top Upcoming IPO in India.

After the success of IRCTC & UJJIVAN SMALL FINANCE, those who have invested in the last quarter, you all must be curious and anxious to know what surprises we have this year.

Because the investors know how IRCTC doubled money on the first day itself. So here is the list of companies which hopefully bring good news this year.

Equitas small finance BankPAWAN HANS LTDCOLDEX
LIC of IndiaPRINCEFino Payments bank
CSB BankMAZAGON DOCK SHIPBUILDERS LTDIndian railway finance corporation
How Do I Find A Company IPO Date
How Do I Find A Company IPO Date

How do I find a Company’s IPO Date?

There is a lot of way of knowing a company’s IPO Dates or track it. I will explain one by one.

Exchange Websites

There are two most vital Exchange Sites, one is NSE that is NATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE & another one is BSE that is BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE. These two websites will be the most reliable websites to look for. From where you will get all the latest information about IPO’s and other company news.

Make a habit of tracking all the updates and checking these two sites daily. As you know these two are the biggest stock exchanges in India. BSE is Asia’s oldest stock exchange.

It has more than 5000 listed companies, and NSE has 2000 listed companies. BSE is a publicly listed company where NSE is still a PVT LTD company. Well, it will soon be coming up with IPO.

Most probably within this year. For your better understanding. I am sharing the website link, with you all. So, you don’t have to look for

Google News

In 2020 I believe 90% of Internet users know about Google and how massive the craze of it. Within a few seconds, we can get to know anything happening in the world.

It is one of the biggest educational as well as a professional platform. If you know what is play store, then I will suggest you download the google news app and be up to date.

This is applicable for IPO news also. No matter you belong from which country. Google News will make you updated with every important news of IPO.


Another platform where you can get a dedicated IPO calendar is the website IPO scoop. for your better idea, I am giving you the website link below.

If you click on the website and visit our service section, you will have a clear picture of how IPO scoop works and what are the services they provide.

Renaissance Capital IPO Centre

Renaissance capital IPO centre provides you with all the latest news about Global IPO.

It also has a dedicated IPO calendar section, where you can get each and every news related to trading dates and other company information.

This website is also popular for US IPO related blogs.

IPO Monitor

IPO monitor is specifically created for providing all the latest updates about IPO. It provides IPO specific news only. this website will also let you know what companies are in top charts what are not. who are the top performers?

And all the statistical data including all the IPO related research reports you can find here.

Yahoo Finance

Like the other websites Yahoo Finance also does the same thing. It shows the live market.

Dedicatedly created for providing all IPO news for investors.

Online Application:

There is a number of websites in India and across the world where we can get all the IPO related information, that will really help you to invest on shares but my suggestion would be not only following different website but there are many more mobile application today is in current India.

Which you can download and Get the latest information whichever you want. And, you can use those apps for online trading. These apps will help you not only in investing but also in gaining knowledge about online trading.

These applications are easy to use and fast to operate. Those who are comfortable with mobile applications can use these apps. Some of the popular apps which have high ratings are:

  1. Zerodha Kite
  2. Upstox Pro
  3. 5paisa
  4. Angel Broking
  5. Edelweiss
  6. Astha Trade
  7. Trade Smart

Other than these apps there are other known apps about which I have already discussed. That is Yahoo Finance, NSE Mobile Trading. Other popular Branded apps are HDFC Securities, Aditya Birla Capital etc. You can trust these apps.


Another the most important thing when it comes to IPO is creating a Demat account if you don’t know where to open the account then you will become confused after few days because it’s not about only opening an account but also about safety.

Any website or app which is safe and secure and will give you 100% Assurance, that, the money you are investing is going to in safe hands is a blessing.

My suggestion would be to focus on creating a Demat account is much more important than any other aspects. you always should open a Demat account where there will be no kind of restrictions your money will be safe and updating KYC will also be easy.

Always keep in touch with Well-known brokers. Zerodha is currently the most popular and most useful platform. Almost every investor knows about it.

If possible then create a Zerodha Demat account, you will be benefited in every way. It is one of the most trusted brokerage firms in India.

And those who are new to this trading then there is good news for you all because the Zerodha account only charges 500 Rupees for creating this app.

And the yearly account maintenance fees also very cheap. Hardly 300 Rs. So, trust in Zerodha. Open your first Demat account today only. It will make you updated from time to time.

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