EZ Wealth Mobile App Review

EZ Wealth App Review

EZ Wealth is the online brand of Wealth Discovery Securities Private Limited. The company is a traditional full-service brokerage house. It is one of the leading broking firms in the Indian market. The headquarter of Wealth Discovery Securities, located in New Delhi, India. 

EZ Wealth Logo
EZ Wealth Logo

EZ Wealth is the only broking house that offers discount brokerage plans with the full-service model.

EZ Wealth enables its customers to trade on various stock exchanges such as Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange, Multi Commodity Exchange, National Commodity & Derivative Exchange, etc.

Users can trade in Equity, Commodity, Currency, and Derivatives segments with EZ Wealth App. Wealth Discovery Securities Private Limited is also providing depository services with the help of their membership at CDSL.

EZ Wealth or Wealth Discovery Securities is a company focused on top-class customer service with the help of advanced and cutting edge technology. They offer a range of innovative technology tools for facilitating the trading experience of the customers.

This article is revolving around the features of all the mobile trading platforms of the EZ Wealth app. Namely, EZ Mobi, EZ Algo, and EZ SIP.

Let us look into each of them one by one.

EZ Wealth Mobile App Features
EZ Wealth Mobile App Features

1. EZ Mobi App

The EZ Mobi app is a one-stop solution for all the trading and investment requirements of a client. It is an online application that supports trading across multiple exchanges and multiple segments in one place. 

EZ Mobi App
EZ Mobi App

The EZ Mobi app is a lightweight application, i.e., the download file size is only 14 MB. Due to its small size, the performance of this app is high-speed. EZ Mobi has been collectively rated at 4.1 stars on the Android Play Store by the users as of now.

EZ Mobi App Review
EZ Mobi App Review

EZ Mobi has a lot of attractive features such as fast order execution, professional user interface, and much more.

The top salient features of the EZ Mobi app.

  • It has a secured access procedure, supported by password-based login.
  • Multiple market watches, which are highly customizable – track your favorite scrips across industries and market segments.
  • You get consolidated monitoring of orders, trades, and positions.
  • It fully synchronizes with the EZ Web Trading terminal. The same set of login credentials used for accessing the web-based portal as well.
  • Trading in all kinds of financial instruments such as Equities, Commodities, and Currencies with the same app is possible.
  • Advanced order types – NRML, Cash & carry, Bracket Order, Cover Order, After Market order, Limit Order, etc.
  • Get historical data in the form of charts and graphs – Line Chart, Bar Chart, Candlesticks, and many more.
  • You get instant order execution and trade confirmation in real-time.
  • Alerts through SMS.
  • There are technical indicators such as BARC, RSI, VIX, Bollinger Bands, etc.

2. EZ Algo App

The EZ Algo app is another online trading application by the EZ Wealth Discovery Securities Private Limited. This app is designed especially for the advanced level traders.

EZ Algo app is rated 3.0 on the Google Play Store. It comes in a download file size of merely 2.7 MB, which makes it lightning fast. There are over 1000 active users of this app currently.

EZ Algo Mobile app
EZ Algo Mobile app

The top salient features of the EZ Algo.

  • Open an instant account with a completely paperless process – account activated in less than 15 minutes.
  • There are Real-time technical indicators along with living buying and selling signals – NSE Cash, Futures, and MCX.
  • You get trading tips for intraday movements based on extensive research of trends, volumes, and news.
EZ Algo Mobile App Interface
EZ Algo Mobile App Interface
  • It provides Real-time alerts and push notifications.
  • Here free advisory service provided for all clients.
  • Online fund management feature.
  • It has various reports and statements through the back office login.
  • It provides access to premium news and blogs.
  • Highly efficient online customer support.
  • You can avail quick fund transfer between saving bank account and trading account.

3. EZ SIP App

The EZ SIP mobile app is an online platform for buying, selling, and managing Mutual Funds. It provides a readymade basket of best performing funds for the easy access of their clients. These funds are listed after thorough research by the expert team of Wealth Discovery Securities. 


EZ SIP is available for free to download and use. The app comes in a file size of just 3 MB. Hence, its loading performance is speedy.

EZ SIP App Interface
EZ SIP App Interface

The top salient features of the EZ SIP

It is a common platform for all Mutual Funds and SIP requirements.

  • Use of advanced innovative technology.
  • A bucket of curated funds.
  • Invest in Mutual Funds in a lump sum or through a Systematic Investment Plan.
  • It bears feature for investing based on your financial goals.
  • Customized investment solutions provided time to time by the dedicated wealth managers of EZ Wealth.
  • Invest in commission-free Mutual Funds and save a hefty amount.
  • Safe and secure app.
  • Track your holding and portfolio performance through the dashboard.
  • Get real-time alerts and notifications through SMS.

EZ Wealth App Pros & Cons

Here is a thorough comparison of the benefits and considerations of EZ Wealth mobile trading platforms.


  1. You get full service at the cost of discounted brokerage.
  2. Multiple brokerage plans to suits different needs of different customers.
  3. It gives a wide range of financial services such as Investment, Trading, Mutual Funds, SIP, and IPOs.
  4. It has an instant account opening with a paperless procedure.
  5. There is a flat brokerage of Rs. 11 only.


  1. Low exposure and margins.
  2. Average customer support and service.
  3. Free trading and Demat account not provided.


We conclude that the mobile trading platforms of EZ Wealth are an excellent choice for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level traders. The reason being they provide all the necessary features required for seamless trading and investment experience.

It is a multi-purpose solving tool and helps you save a lot of money in terms of brokerage fees as well.

Yet, we recommend comparing with other available options as well before making a final buying decision.

EZ Wealth App FAQs

Q. How much do I need to pay for these apps?

A. All the mobile trading apps of EZ Wealth are for free. There is no buying cost for the apps themselves. However, brokerage charges, commission, and mandatory transaction charges are imposed as per the usage once you start using the applications.

Q. What is the brokerage fee of EZ Wealth?

A. EZ Wealth facilitates both flat discounted and percent based brokerage plans. Users can choose to pay a flat brokerage of Rs. Eleven per trade or 0.01% of the total transaction value on every executed order. EZ Wealth also offers a monthly brokerage plan for heavy traders. For a single segment, users can pay a sum of Rs. 4999 and Rs. 7999 for trading across all the segments.

Q. Can I trade options with these apps?

A. Yes. EZ Wealth Trading account can be activated for derivatives trading. The EZ Mobi and EZ Algo apps will support options and futures trading. However, the EZ SIP app is only for Mutual Funds. Hence you cannot trade options with that app. So if you are only willing to trade options, please make a choice accordingly.

Q. Does EZ Wealth provide advisory?

A. Yes, the EZ Wealth provides free of cost advisory service to all their clients. The advisory service of EZ Wealth includes providing reports, recommendations, intraday signals, and trading tips. These recommendations reported as highly effective by the current clients of EZ Wealth. Advice entirely based upon the extensive research performed by the expert team of Wealth Discovery Private Limited.

Q. What is leverage, and how much of it is provided by EZ Wealth?

A. Leverage or exposure is the additional trading limit which is provided by stockbrokers for encouraging more significant trades placed by the customers. For Equity, EZ Wealth offers leverage up to 10 times for intraday trading. For Equity futures, it remains only 2.5 times. However, there is no exposure provided in the case of Equity Delivery and Equity Options.

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