EZ Wealth FAQs – Demat & Trading Account Related General Questions & Answers

EZ Wealth

EZ Wealth is one of the premiere brokerage firms in New Delhi, India. They provide a wide range of products and services that cater to both newbies as well as experts when it comes to trading and investment. 

With a wealth of experience and expertise in the industry, EZ Wealth can assure customers that their investments are in good hands.

EZ Wealth FAQ

Q.1 What is EZ Wealth?

Ans. EZ Wealth is a part of Wealth Discovery Securities Pvt Ltd. and Wealth Discovery Commodity Pvt Ltd., very well-known companies in the financial industry with almost two decades’ worth of experience in the market.The company was founded in 2007.

Q.2 Where does EZ Wealth trade?

Ans. EZ Wealth is registered under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and can do different transactions under CDSE, NSE, BSE, and MCX. Different segments are also available for trading in these exchanges.

Q.3 What does EZ Wealth have to offer?

Ans. EZ Wealth provides a combination of conventional and discount brokerage services.With EZ Wealth, you can enjoy the benefits of getting sound trading and investment advice, support, and reports while still being able to save money by cutting out the large commissions and transaction rates.

EZ Wealth FAQ

Q.4 What are the platforms that can be used when trading with EZ Wealth?

Ans. Buying and selling stocks is completely done online. All users would need is a computer or mobile device as well as an Internet connection. EZ Desk is a desktop application, EZ Web is the web browser version, while EZ Mobile is the mobile version.

Q.5 How do I open an account with EZ Wealth?

Ans. Those who wish to open an account can choose between Trading, Commodity, or Trading and Demat Accounts. 

Additional requirements include photocopies of your PAN (Personal Account Number) Card, Proof of Address, Proof of Income, passport size photos, as well as a cancelled cheque from you.

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Q.6 How can I deposit money so that I can start trading?

Ans. You may deposit money online. EZ Wealth has bank accounts at HDFC and State Bank of India. Transactions will reflect between 2 to 10 hours, and bank charges may apply depending on the deposit method used.

Q7. What are the plans available at EZ Wealth?

Ans. There are four pricing plans available with EZ Wealth, and choosing between them will depend on how often or how large your trades are.

These plans are EZ Flat, EZ Special, EZ Assist, and EZ Family. Charges, support, and other features will vary from plan to plan.

Q.8 What is EZ Flat?

Ans. EZ Flat is the best plan for frequent or high volume traders as it offers a very low price of Rs. 11 per order. The plan also includes nine free training courses per year.

Q.9 What is EZ Special?

Ans. EZ Special is recommended for those who prefer high exposure. Exposure is at 20x equity cash intraday, 4x equity cash delivery, and 6x Futures intraday. 

Other features include a price of Rs. 20 per order and 18 free training courses per year.

Q.10 What is EZ Assist?

Ans. EZ Assist is the best plan for the casual trader who focuses on investments and short term trades. At 0.01% brokerage, this is one of the lowest prices that you can find in the market when it comes to assisted trading.

Q.11 What is EZ Family?

Ans. EZ Family is the plan that is highly recommended for professional traders. For RS. 7,999 per year, users can trade for all segments and for all exchanges with no other charges.

Q.12 What other benefits do I get from EZ Wealth?

Ans. All who avail of any of the EZ Wealth plans will be able to enjoy, among others, free call to trade, a daily report on the hottest stocks, as well as a lifetime free demat account. 

All price plans also come with free use of EZ Wealth’s trading software.

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Q.13 What other taxes or charges do I have to pay?

Ans. Additional charges may be incurred on certain transactions. These would include STT/CTT, Transaction and Turnover Charges, GST, as well as SEBI Charges. 

Different types of trades will affect the charges that would be incurred.

Q.14 How much SST/CTT is charged?

Ans. For equity delivery, SST/CTT is at 0.1% on Buy/Sell. For equity intraday, SST/CTT is at 0.025% on the sell side. For equity futures, SST/CTT is at 0.01% on the sell side. Equity options is at 0.05% on the sell side.

For commodities, STT/CTT is at 0.01% on the sell side.

Q.15 How much Transaction and Turnover Charges are charged?

Ans. For equity delivery and intraday, charges are at 0.00325% (NSE) and 0.00275% (BSE). Equity futures are charged 0.0019% (NSE) and 0.0005% (BSE). Equity options are charged at 0.05% (NSE) and 0.025% (BSE).

Currency futures are charged 0.0011%. Currency options are charged 0.0044%. Lastly, commodities’ charges are at 0.00175% and 0.0026%.

Q.16 How much GST is charged?

Ans. GST stands for Goods and Services Tax and is paid as consumption tax. The GST for all trades made on EZ Wealth on Brokerage and Transaction Charges are at 18%.

Q.17 How much are the SEBI Charges?

Ans. SEBI Charges for all trades is at Rs. 15 per crore.

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Q.18 What is EZ Algo?

Ans. EZ Algo is a trading application that offers many features including but not limited to providing buy and sell signals, providing notifications, and serving as a knowledge base.

EZ Algo’s offers clients the ability to make informed trades based on trend following and range bound types.

Q.19 What is EZ SIP?

Ans. EZ SIP is a plan where in investors can do periodic investments into a variety of mutual fund products. EZ SIP clients can enjoy compound interests as well as commission free and paperless transactions.

EZ SIP customers will need to have a separate account to invest in mutual funds.

Q.20 What is Wealth Pledge?

Ans. Wealth Pledge is available with EZ Assist and EZ Flat plans with a yearly charge of Rs. 1,000. Wealth Pledge is a zero balance trading account which allows clients to get additional margins against shares. 

Wealth Pledge is available for cash, F & O, and currency derivative segments.

Q.21 What is Wealth Plus?

Ans. Wealth Plus can be acquired for a yearly fee of Rs. 1,000. It is being offered with the EZ Assist and EZ Flat plans. 

Wealth Plus allows higher exposure as you can buy delivery up to four times your cash balance. This product can help mitigate risks and minimize losses.

Q.22 What is Wealth Enhance?

Ans. Wealth Enhance allows for extreme leverages for the investor. 

For a monthly fee of Rs. 1,500, those who avail of Wealth Enhance can enjoy 2 times leverage on intraday, 6 times on commodities, 7 times on futures, and up to 25 times on intraday equity cash during the period.

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Q.23 What type of support can I expect from EZ Wealth?

Ans. EZ Wealth can be contacted via phone, toll free numbers, email, or directly through their website. For more direct assistance, a WhatsApp chat box may be opened so that a live operator can assist you with any concerns. 

The EZ Wealth site also includes an extensive help and FAQ page.

Q.24 What other information can I get from EZ Wealth?

Ans. EZ Wealth contains a lot of information about IPOs, mutual funds, hot stocks, and other topics. It also provides the best articles about the recent news in the financial market. 

News about the company as well as happenings around the world can also be searched in the site.

Q.25 What is the EZ Wealth Referral Program?

Ans. EZ Wealth has a referral program where in clients can refer other people to join EZ Wealth. 

Referrals who have made trades can earn you up to 70% of brokerage depending on the total brokerage amount. This is a way to earn extra money for EZ Wealth clients.

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