Eureka Securities FAQ – General Frequently Asked Questions

Eureka Securities

Eureka Securities is India’s top advisory and research-based financial intermediary. The company was founded in 1992 with the aim to nurture investment culture and allow wealth creation through constant innovations.

Eureka aims at providing simplified stock broking investment solutions to their client in order for them to reap maximum benefits and get long term solutions.

Eureka Securities FAQ

Q1. What services do clients get from Eureka Securities?

Ans. Eureka Securities offers stock brokerage services to its customers across India and beyond. Some of the services include; broking, online trading, portfolio management, NRI services, NPS, distributions and depository services.

Q2. What type of brokers is Eureka Securities?

Ans. Eureka Securities serves as full-service brokers. The company offers detailed investment solutions to clients. Currently, Eureka Securities has over 70,000 active customers. Eureka Securities also has associates companies that together offer financial services and products their customers.

Q3. What is the cost of trading in Eureka Securities?

Ans. Eureka Securities offers custom made broking fees depending on the transaction amount. The equity delivery cost is 0.30%. Eureka Securities fees for commodity, futures, currency, and equity intraday trading is 0.03%.

Q4. What happens if clients have another Demat Account from other companies?

Ans. Eureka Securities allows clients with another Demat account to continue with offline trading mode however, for online trading, the clients must open a Demat account with Eureka Securities.

Q5. Where can clients get Eureka Securities offices?

Ans. Eureka Securities registered address is 1101, Merlin Infinite, DN 51, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700091. Clients can visit the location to get trading services.

Q6. What broking services do clients get from the company?

Ans. Eureka Securities offers equity, derivatives, currency, and commodity services. The main objective of these services is to make a smoother and smarter investment for clients.

Eureka Securities

Q7. What are distribution services are available at Eureka Securities?

Ans. For clients who want other option other than equity, Eureka Securities offers mutual funds, IPO, bonds & debentures and fixed deposits.

Q8. What is the margin for the Eureka Securities trading?

Ans. The company allows a margin of about Rs. 10,000 which is in form of shares or cash. This amount is for a start and clients get informed on margin requirements depending on the trades’ nature.

Q9. Does Eureka Securities offer online trading services?

Ans. Eureka Securities offers an online platform for the clients to trade. With online trading services, clients are able to invest in commodities, equities, derivatives or currency from the comfort of their PC or smartphone.

Q10. What online trading platforms do Eureka Securities offer? 

Ans. Eureka Securities provides simple and transparent trading platforms. These include; EuTrade a simple web-based platform offering many features and advanced technology.  EuMobile is a mobile trading app with simple features.

Q11. What types of trading accounts are offered by Eureka Securities?

Ans. Eureka Securities offers both Demat and trading accounts for the clients. Clients can be able to open these accounts online easily and conveniently.

Q12. What is the cost of getting an account with Eureka Securities?

Ans. Eureka Securities provides a free trading account as well as a Demat account for its clients.

Q13. Does Eureka Securities offer depository services?

Ans. Yes. Eureka Securities provides its clients with depository services. The company is the participants of CDSL and NSDL. They offer depository services for both individuals and corporates clients. The depository account offers seamless transaction securities.

Q14. What advantages do clients get with Eureka Securities depository services?

Ans. The benefits of Eureka Securities depository services include immediate transfer, zero stamp charges, low transaction costs, simplified pledging methods and many more benefits.

Q15. Does Eureka offer NRI services?

Ans. Yes. Eureka Securities provides its clients with NRI services. This allows non-resident Indians, to explore various investment options in the capital markets of India.

Q16.  Does Eureka Securities provide NPS services?

Ans. Yes. Eureka Securities provides a National pension system service to its customers. When clients invest in NPS, they can be able to claim Rs. 50,000 in addition to other retirement benefits.

Q17. What additional services can the client get from Eureka Securities?

Ans. The company also offers an exciting EzeeWill service which offers a simple way for clients to make their will. This service is a simple way for clients to secure wealth distribution and offer convenience.

Q18. Does Eureka Securities offer investment research? 

Ans. Yes. Eureka Securities provides its customers with research through its portfolio management services. This allows clients to benefit from day to day management of their portfolio.

Q19. Why should a client trust Eureka Securities for trading and investments?

Ans. Eureka Securities is a one-stop company for various products and services. Their portfolio of serving thousands of clients about 70,000 happy customers. Zero account charges and good brokerage charges make Eureka Securities a company to trust.

Q20. What perks does Eureka Securities provide to its customers?

Ans. Eureka believes in the latest technology in offering better success to its customers. This has led them to provide EUTECH which is a collection of technological solutions such as NEST, EUTRADE, EUMOBILE, MYUREKA and many more.

Q21. What do clients need to submit in order to open an account with Eureka Securities? 

Ans. Clients will need documents such as proof of address, identity proof, and bank proof as well as the latest photograph.

open Eureka Securities demat account

Q22. How can clients get additional help on opening an account with Eureka Securities?

Ans. Customers can get in touch with Eureka Securities help desk on [email protected] or call +91 33 66280000 at any time.

Q23. Does Eureka Securities offer a call to trade services?

Ans. Yes. Eureka Securities provide a call to trade services to its customers. They assign a dealer or trader to clients or clients can as well reach out to the dealers and traders on +91 33 66280000.

Q24. What modes of trading are available on Eureka Securities?

Ans. Eureka Securities offer flexible trading to its customers by providing various modes such as mobile trading, call to trade, desktop-based, and web-based trading modes.

Q25. How do clients contact Eureka Securities for queries or feedback? 

Ans. Eureka Securities are just a phone call away in order to attend to the client’s concerns. Customers can call +91 33 66280000 or send an email at [email protected]. In addition, customers can visit their office at Merlin Infinite, DN 51, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata. 

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