Edelweiss Sub Broker Ship |Franchise |Authorized Person | Partner Review 2020


Edelweiss Broking Ltd. a subsidiary of Edelweiss Group who deal with diversified products and services and possess a strong presence in the financial sector

They are considered to offer an almost entire range of financial services and products to their customers

Apart from broking services they also have a strong presence in Investment Advisory Services.

Incorporated publicly on February the 7th on 2008, it was headquartered in Mumbai as a Full-Service Stock Broking firm.

Today, it is considered to be India’s one of the largest Broking firm in the Financial Service sector with their presence in 122 cities and towns in India.

The firm has extended its products and services to its clients in the retail, corporates as well as in the institutional sectors.

With one of the largest offline services with over 4,300 sub-brokers under them makes them serve India’s largest customer base.

The company also is registered to NSE, BSE, MCX-SX, and MSEI, and this lets its client’s trade in all sectors that include Equity, Derivative Trading, Currency Trading, Mutual Funds, Gold ETFs, IPOs, etc.

With their tremendous strength in their process and quality employees, they were able to acquire the Forefront Financial Group in 2015 and the Asset Management company of J.P. Morgan in 2016, thus stepping into an even stronger hold in the world of Financial Planning and Commodity Trading Sector.

Establishment YearFebruary the 7th. on 2008
FounderAnil Ambani Reliance Capital
No. of Sub Brokers4,300 (approx.)
Broker TypeFull-Service Broker
SB Activation Time14 Days
Payout Time31 Days
Presence in Cities122
Edelweiss Sub Broker Review
Edelweiss Sub Broker Review

Edelweiss Sub Broker Model | Partner | Franchise | Authorized Person

Edelweiss Sub Broker program consists of three types of models and each has its features:

  1. Sub Broker, or Authorized Person or Associate Partner
  2. Master Franchise
  3. Elliance Program

1. Edelweiss Sub Broker / Authorized Person / Associate Partner:

In this model, the sub-broker doesn’t need to be an active trader with Edelweiss, however, they need to be registered with SEBI to be eligible.

2. Edelweiss Master Franchise:

Here, the sub-broker is like a franchise and has all the rights of a franchising contract. This right is given by Edelweiss management so that the Master Franchise can manage the entire activities as a franchise.

3. Edelweiss Elliance Program:

Somewhat like a Remisier Program. In this model, both the sub-broker and the new customer coming in also makes a profit.

The process in this model /program is a little different. For both of them to get profit, the below process needs to be followed which will lead to earning a reward.

1. The sub-broker registers his new client online and refer him to Edelweiss to open a Demat Account.

2. Within 30 days, the person who wants to join should transfer an Amount of Rs.5,000 to his Demat Account which was newly created.

3. The new client should buy new Securities with minimum worth of Rs.5,000 which will be credited to the client’s Demat account which is linked to his plan.

Types of Models AvailableSub Broker  
Master Franchise  
Elliance Program
Training ProvidedYes
Duration of Training90 Days
Cost of TrainingZero
Training Related ToProcess Details and its Flow  
Usage of Omnesys Software  
About the Platform
Marketing Support AvailableYes
Management Support AvailableYes
Office Infrastructure Required?Yes

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Distribution of Revenue Sharing & Security Deposit in Edelweiss Sub Broker Model:

In the Edelweiss Sub Broker, there is a mandatorily a minimum security deposit involved.

The company has kept a minimum security deposit of Rs.50,000 which can go up to as high as Rs.2,00,000

Now, when it comes to Master Franchise Model, the security deposit is between Rs.3,00,000 to Rs.5,00,000.

One thing to note here is that there is no security deposit for Elliance Program.

Now, when we talk about commission sharing/revenue sharing percentage, we can see that the company has a pretty flexible and lucrative revenue sharing structures.

Edelweiss Sub Broker program offers revenue sharing percentage between 50% to 70% for the Sub Broker.

This means, 50% profit percentage will be given to the Sub Broker which can to as high as 70%.

For the case of Master Franchise model, the revenue sharing for the Sub Broker is between 70% to 80%.

While in the case of Elliance Program /model, the revenue sharing for the Sub Broker is between 10% to 30%.

Revenue Sharing Model & Security DepositShare % of EdelweissShare % of Edelweiss Sub Broker
Edelweiss Sub Broker Model (Commission Structure)30% to 50%50% to 70%
Revenue Sharing Percentage for Master Franchise model20% to 30%70% to 80%
Revenue Sharing Percentage for Elliance Program70% to 90%10% to 30%
Initial DepositN/AYes
Flexible Commissions Available for PartnersN/AYes
Flexible Security Deposit Available for PartnersN/AYes
Security Deposit Range for Edelweiss Sub Broker ModelN/ARs.50,000 to 2 lakhs
Security Deposit Range for Master Franchise ModelN/ARs.3 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs
Security Deposit for Elliance ProgramN/ANil

Infrastructure Setup Requirements in the Edelweiss Sub Broker Model:

A set up of infrastructure is a must as mentioned:

  • An office must be set up having 3 people working
  • A computer with Internet
  • A Terminal to trade
  • Office with a bare min space of 200 sq. ft.
  • Telephone Connection
Minimum No. of Employees in the office3
Office Space AreaMin 200 sq. ft.
Telephone Line NeededYes
Trading Terminal RequiredYes
Internet Connection NeededYes
Other Miscellaneous Research Services FacilitiesYes

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Eligibility criteria in Edelweiss Sub Broker Model for a Franchise:

To be eligible for becoming an Edelweiss Sub Broker under Edelweiss Sub Broker Model there are few criteria which need to be met before anyone wants to apply as a partner under them.

Eligibility criteria are:

  • One has to be 18 yrs.
  • Sub-broker registration provided by the stock exchange
  • A graduation certificate is preferred but not mandatory
  • Experience in a similar field but not compulsory
  • SEBI registration

Steps of Becoming a Sub Broker in the Edelweiss Sub Broker Model:

  1. A new joinee form needs to be filled
  2. A representative from Edelweiss will call for a discussion to know about the applicant’s requirements and plans. Time of 3-4 working days will be needed for this call after filling up the registration form
  3. A sales executive from Edelweiss will contact to explain details about the plan which someone has chosen which will help to decide whether to go ahead with the plan or not. If agreed, a further meeting will be scheduled.
  4. A concerned person from Edelweiss will explain the business model.
  5. All scanned documents along with a cheque for deposit money to be submitted.
  6. Verification will be done by Edelweiss
  7. Generation of SB code.

Max of 7-10 working days may be taken for completion

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Documents that need to be Submitted to become a Sub Broker:

  1. Candidate’s Graduation photocopy
  2. Age Proof to prove 21 yrs
  3. A Cheque crossed and canceled
  4. 2 Pics of Passport size
  5. Proof of bearing office
  6. PAN Card of the candidate
  7. Aadhaar Card of the applicant
  8. A Certificate of Registration from SEBI

Support provided in the Edelweiss Sub Broker Model:

  • Good Customer Support
  • Support from Marketing Team
  • Training Support about products and services
  • Technical Support
  • Branding Support
  • Management Support
Open Demat Account with Edelweiss
Open Demat Account with Edelweiss


The investments in Edelweiss Sub Broker programs to seem to be on the higher side but still having said so, the company is of a big brand powered by Anil Ambani’s Reliance Capital which creates a factor of stability as well as a trust which can be a point of attraction of many.

Edelweiss Sub Broker FAQs:

Q. How many types of business models available with Edelweiss?

Edelweiss serves three varieties of business models:

1.  Sub Broker, or Authorized Person or Associate Partner

2.  Master Franchise

3.  Elliance Program

Q. What investment does Edelweiss want from a Sub Broker?

Edelweiss wants a minimum investment of Rs.50,000 as deposit

Q. Who all are eligible for becoming a Sub Broker under Edelweiss Sub Broker Scheme?

Anyone who has attained 21 yrs. of age and passed graduation is eligible for becoming Edelweiss Sub Broker.

Q. What share percentage does the Edelweiss Sub Broker model provide to their sub-brokers?

Edelweiss shares minimum commission of 50% that goes up to 70%

Q. What all are the documents needed for KYC?

The documents that are to be submitted for applying for Sub Brokership under the Edelweiss Blue Sub Broker Scheme:

  1. Academic Qualification Proof
  2. Proof of DOB – Must be 21 years plus
  3. PAN Card
  4. 2 most recent Pics
  5. Proof of the office’s establishment
  6. A Cancelled Cheque or Bank Details
  7. Registration Certificate from SEBI
  8. Address Proof
  9. Aadhaar Card
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