Edelweiss App – Review, Android Mobile Demo and Download & More

Edelweiss App – Edelweiss Broking House is a full-service stock broker based out of Mumbai. Edelweiss is a trusted and reliable stock broking house for the last 20 years. Edelweiss Broking has more than 475 physical branches in more than 200 locations in India and overseas.

Edelweiss Broking is a part of the Edelweiss Group, which is a diversified financial services provider.

Edelweiss deals in large retail segments via its businesses, such as Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, Stock Broking, Housing Finance, etc.

Edelweiss has claimed many awards and recognitions during their 20 years of service, such as “BBC Knowledge, national Digital Marketing Awards, 2017”, “Best Broker” in the Finance Asia (Hong Kong) Country Awards 2016 and the “Best Promising Brands 2015” by The Economic Times.

Edelweiss has an experience of over a couple of decades serving more than 12 lakh clients. Their annual revenue is Rs 8623 Crore for the Financial Year 2018-19.

The company facilitated trading in all segments, including Equity, Commodity, and Currency. They are also providing depository services with their membership at the NSDL depository. 

Edelweiss’s mobile trading platform is free of cost and has no hidden charges to it. Let us have a quick review of the Edelweiss Mobile App.

Edelweiss Mobile App Review
Edelweiss Mobile App Review

Edelweiss App – Review

Edelweiss Mobile Trader

Edelweiss Mobile Trader is an advanced mobile trading app with a lot of high-end features to enhance your trading experience. 

This app is to enable their customers to trade from any time, and regardless of where they are.

Edelweiss Mobile Trader App
Edelweiss Mobile Trader App

Edelweiss Mobile App is a well-rated mobile-based trading app, and it has been able to maintain a lean figure in terms of negative feedback.

Edelweiss Trading App is available for Android and iOS users directly from their respective App Stores. The Edelweiss Trader is approximately 45 MB in file size.

More than 5 lakh users downloaded this app and rated at an outstanding score of 4.5 stars.

  • The Edelweiss Investment App is free to download and use. 
  • All trading and investment tools are loaded, which you may require as a newcomer or a veteran of the stocks.
  • It allows trading on multiple exchanges such as BSE, NSE, MCX, and across different segments and indices.
  • Technical Indicators such as BARC, RSI, VIX, Bollinger, etc. are available along with high-grade charting and drawing tools.
  • Get live market alerts, news from all major international and local financial markets.
  • Customizable watch list with a capacity of up to 100 stocks. You can sort and save either alphabetically or according to change in LTP.
  • Clean User Interface and Simplified Login.
  • Secure transfer of funds from the bank account to the trading account and vice-versa.
  • You get customizable market alerts with push notifications.
  • You get advanced level order types such as Bracket Order, Stop-loss Order, Cover Order, etc.
Edelweiss Mobile Trader App Screenshot
Edelweiss Mobile Trader App Screenshot

Other Apps by Edelweiss

In addition to the trading app, Edelweiss has many more mobile apps listed on the play store. Here is a brief about them.

1. Edelweiss Retail Finance app

Edelweiss Retail Finance App offers a variety of loans for retail customers. Edelweiss has a wide array of Housing Finance products for fulfilling a wide range of financial needs in a short time.

Edelweiss Retail Finance app
Edelweiss Retail Finance app

It is a 20MB download file size. The app has 2.9 stars on the Google Play Store.

The app features are like these:

  • Home Loans – A variety of home loans and fixed-rate home loans.
  • They recently introduced a 25-years loan, which helps you purchase properties and repay in small installments.
Edelweiss Retail Finance app Screenshot
Edelweiss Retail Finance app Screenshot
  • Loan Against Property – You can use the equity of your home or commercial property to take Loan Against Property.
  • Re-financing is also available for the properties which you previously purchased with your funds.
  • Loan transfer possible at a very low-interest rate.
  • You can avail additional top-ups against the same property. 
  • You can avail of a loan against rental income with Lease Rental Discounting.

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2. Edelweiss – Infinitus app

Edelweiss Infinitus App is limited only to the associate members and internal employees of Edelweiss. 

Edelweiss INFINITUS App
Edelweiss INFINITUS App

Any other user can not have access to the login credentials of this app.

Edelweiss INFINITUS App Login Screen
Edelweiss INFINITUS App Login Screen

3. Edelweiss – Saarthi app

Edelweiss Saarthi App has been created for monitoring and managing the activities of the field team. 

Edelweiss Saarthi App
Edelweiss Saarthi App
  • Users or field team members can submit events and tasks.
  • You can mark attendance on the app itself.
  • Recording of day and night visits paid to the clients.
  • Everyone in the team and managers can access this information.
Edelweiss Saarthi App Screen
Edelweiss Saarthi App Screen

Saarthi App is only for the marketing and sales team of Edelweiss. Other then the field team members, their managers can access the pp. This app is also not for public access.

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4. Edelweiss – SME Lending Channel app

The lending partners of Edelweiss use the Edelweiss SME Lending Channel App. This app used for checking the eligibility of a customer before providing an Unsecured Loan of up to Rs. 12.50 Lakh.

Edelweiss SME Lending Channel app
Edelweiss SME Lending Channel app

Edelweiss SME Lending offers a variety of finance products for MSME businesses. 

Edelweiss SME Lending Channel app Screenshot
Edelweiss SME Lending Channel app Screenshot

Salient features of this app are:

  • Input necessary information about the firm and its co-borrowers and check eligibility. 
  • Facilitated and supports Bureau pull permission via physical form or an online digital form. 
  • The app enables the channel partners to perform documentation efforts only for the customers who successfully cross the first level of basic eligibility.
  • Eliminates efforts of file logging for the customers who do not pass the first eligibility criteria of Edelweiss SME Lending. 

5. Edelweiss PING app

Edelweiss PING App the intranet app for the employees of Edelweiss. Teams can communicate and share information, data, files, etc. amongst themselves using this app.

Edelweiss PING app
Edelweiss PING app

Edelweiss PING has many useful features:

  • Regular real-time updates on what’s new at Edelweiss. 
  • Management of routine tasks like investment declaration and login/solve on the go.
  • You can engage colleagues through wishing well and a good vibe corner. These features are useful from anywhere you are.
Edelweiss PING app Screenshot
Edelweiss PING app Screenshot
  • Post your thoughts – also read what is written by other colleagues.
  • Smart user interface.
  • Easy navigation through essential features because of less cluttered and structured design.
  • Seamless user experience.
  • Upload and check pictures of office colleagues having fun at work.
  • The app does not log you out even when closed. Hence, you are always logged in to PING and won’t miss any update.

Edelweiss employees can only access edelweiss PING. The windows login credentials used for logging in this app.

6. Edelweiss App Store App

Edelweiss has more than 20 utility mobile app for customers, partners, associates, and employees. Hence, they created an Edelweiss App Store App, which is a multi-login portal for different apps.

Edelweiss App Store
Edelweiss App Store

It is a small app of merely 3 MB and accessible from anywhere on your mobile screens.

Edelweiss App Store Screenshot
Edelweiss App Store Screenshot

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7. Edelweiss Evolve app

Edelweiss Evolve App is a learning platform for the employees globally. This app is to enable the employees to take lessons from anywhere and anytime, as per their convenience. 

Edelweiss Evolve app
Edelweiss Evolve app

This app also helps in the administration, tracking, and delivery of the Edelweiss training modules. Videos, photos, files, and all other kinds of documents are compatible with this app. 

The admin department can manage and assign the courses, enroll employees, and take reporting.

Edelweiss Evolve app Screenshot
Edelweiss Evolve app Screenshot

Key features of the Edelweiss Evolve App are:

  • Course Catalogue – The catalog includes all the training courses offered across all the sites of Edelweiss. Employees can nominate themselves as well as show interest in any specific course. 
  • For classroom courses, they can enroll upon approval; however, you can take up self-learning courses directly. 
  • My Courses – This includes all courses which are either being taken up currently or taken up in the past.
  •  It also shows the courses for which you have nominated yourself. The HR department will recommend the courses which you should be taking from this section and can also approve or reject the nominations.
  • My Team – This section is a place where the managers will find a list of courses nominated by their teammates. Approval and rejection executed from here.

8. Edelweiss Wealth Pack app

Edelweiss Wealth Pack App is an automatic money manager app to simplify your daily expenditure tracking. Through this app, you can view account balance, get bill reminders, and lot more.

Edelweiss Wealth Pack app
Edelweiss Wealth Pack app

This app is available for everyone and does not require any login credentials. The app is 9.5 MB in file size and has over 1000 reviews with 4.1-star ratings on google play store.

Here are the salient features:

  • Wealth Pack App reads and processes the notification SMS sent by your bank and updates the records accordingly. It also provides you a detailed report based on those SMS.
  •  It categorizes the expenses automatically for a better analysis of your spending habits.
Edelweiss Wealth Pack app Screenshot
Edelweiss Wealth Pack app Screenshot
  • It is an SMS based mobile app and hence does not require generating any login id or password.
  • It has a personal financial management dashboard for seeing consolidated information on bank balance and credit card dues.
  • Bills Reminders – View bills, check the due dates, and pay online. Also, get due to date reminders.
  • It provides high-level security encryption, which is generally used by banks.

9. Edelweiss Elliance Partner app

Edelweiss Elliance Partner App is a refer and earn app. Clients can refer a new customer to Edelweiss for investments or any other financial services and earn revenue on every investment made by the referee. 

Edelweiss Elliance Partner app
Edelweiss Elliance Partner app

This app has an outstanding 4.3 stars rating on the Google Play Store.

Features of this app are:

  • New partner registration.
  • The registered partners can refer their contacts through SMS, email, or lead form.
Edelweiss Elliance Partner app Screenshot
Edelweiss Elliance Partner app Screenshot
  • Here account opening status can be tracked by the partners through this app.
  • Registered partners can also track the business done by their referees.
  • Monthly pay-outs.
  • Online support and training are also available in the app.

10. Edelweiss Partner app

Edelweiss Partner App is for the use of registered partners to keep in touch with the clients anytime and anywhere. 

Edelweiss Partner app
Edelweiss Partner app

The latest version of the Partner app has exciting features. Tracking of live IPO/NCD subscription figures section on the go. Also, share subscription figures with your clients. 

It is a complete solution portal for the partners offering different products viz Mutual Funds, IPOS, NCDs, Company Fixed Deposits, Home Loans, and more. 

 Edelweiss Partner app Screenshot
Edelweiss Partner app Screenshot

Salient features are:

  • Initiate transactions – Lump sum purchase, SIPs, single payment for mutual fund schemes. 
  • Initiate redemption anytime and anywhere. 
  • Start SIP using Instant SIP via Net Banking, E Mandate, and NACH Mandate.
  • View consolidated information on the portfolio, loan details, and public issue transaction details.
  • View commission details. 
  • Send clients an email of their Mutual Fund portfolio. 

The Edelweiss Partners App is only available for the registered partners of Edelweiss.

11. Edelweiss Finworld app

Finworld app is a super easy and fast performing app for serving all your investment needs. Mutual Funds, IPOs, and many more types of investments are possible with this app.

Edelweiss Finworld app
Edelweiss Finworld app

Salient features of the inworld app:

  • Buy mutual funds in a lump sum, SIP, single payment, etc.
  • Start, Stop, Pause, and Modify SIPs via this app.
Edelweiss Finworld app Screenshot
Edelweiss Finworld app Screenshot
  • View an online portfolio of all the mutual funds and SIPs.
  • Investing in IPO online and tracking bidding status.
  • Capital gain reports are available.
  • Generate, fill, and upload the NACH Mandate form online.

12. Edelweiss Phygital App

Phygital App is for the internal use of edelweiss staff. It is a physically assisted digital underwriting tool for advance salary.

Edelweiss Phygital App
Edelweiss Phygital App

This in-house app also loaded with exciting ways of accelerating sales and credit productivity. 

  • Connect the customer in a single touch.
  • Search customers with the help of PAN and Mobile No.
Edelweiss Phygital App screenshot
Edelweiss Phygital App screenshot
  • It has a view and edit lead status.
  • It also has a feature of showing time and date for the given lead.
  • CIBIL details of the customer.
  • Real-time credit application status.

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13. Edelweiss Retail Finance Collection app

This app is only for Edelweiss employees and associated members. 

Edelweiss Retail Finance Collection app
Edelweiss Retail Finance Collection app

Nobody else has access to this Edelweiss Retail Finance Collection application.

Edelweiss Retail Finance Collection app Screenshot
Edelweiss Retail Finance Collection app Screenshot

14. Edelweiss Bharat Bonds ETF App

An Edelweiss app for investing in Bharat Bond ETF and its Mutual Fund Schemes.

Edelweiss Bharat Bonds ETF App
Edelweiss Bharat Bonds ETF App
  • It has learning material about Bharat Bond ETF.
  • Investing in Bharat Bond Exchange.
Edelweiss Bharat Bonds ETF App Screenshot
Edelweiss Bharat Bonds ETF App Screenshot
  • Access to Bharat Bond ETF Funds.
  • FAQs and the latest article are available for reading and knowing about the schemes.
  • Edelweiss’s partner can generate new customized links.

15. Edelweiss Infinity App

Edelweiss Infinity app is only available for authorized users from the inside team of Edelweiss Company. 

From Edelweiss Infinity, you can have interactive access to transactions, portfolios, holdings, data anytime, anywhere.

16. Edelweiss Edel Price Poll App

Edel Price Poll application restricted to the people authorized by EAVC only.

It is an application by Edelweiss Agri Value Chain Ltd. It polls daily market prices for updating it in EdelCast for their internal uses. 

It is a form that fills daily market prices and also trader data from different locations.

17. Edelweiss Asset Verification App

The Edelweiss Asset Verification application is used by the engineers to track the total number of assets in the organization. Engineers can view, edit, and add new assets.

18. Edelweiss Access App

Edelweiss Access app is a one-stop platform for FII and DII clients to gain access to corporate events. 

  • It gives convenient access to research and corporate events.
  • Feature for raising requests. 
  • Customizable notification screen. 
  • You have a view of corporate traveling to your location and the ability to raise requests.
  • You get credential-based and OTP based login for secure access.

Edelweiss App Pro & Cons

Here are some benefits of using the mobile trading app provided by Edelweiss. 


  • There is a regular updating of the Edelweiss App basis. The development team of Edelweiss is prompt in providing resolution to errors and bug fixing.
  • It is suitable for all kinds of traders, whether you are a new comes, intermediate or advanced level stock trader.
  • User Interface is very simplistic and designed in a way to provide a smooth trading experience.
  • The app is very fast in terms of performance and highly secure in terms of transactions.
  • Edelweiss app is customizable at many levels, such as watch lists, alerts, charts, etc.


You must also consider a few drawbacks of this app.

  • Some users have reported login related concerns some times.
  • The file size of this app is comparatively large, which occupies space on your phone.
  • Brokerage fee structures are not as low as other discount brokers. 
Open Edelweiss Demat Account
Open Edelweiss Demat Account


If you are a new trader who is looking to start trading with a basic understanding of the market, the Edelweiss Trading App has all that you require at your disposal.

 You can ask for simple order placements, the safety of your funds, fast response of the app, and essential technical analysis tools, and this app has all of that.

Only the bigger size of the app and relatively higher brokerage cost are a few drawbacks, but Edelweiss justifies it by providing extraordinary customer support.

The Mobile Trading Platform of Edelweiss passes most of the criteria of being a good trading app, and you can consider it as your trading partner. 

However, we still recommend studying the features and comparison of other apps as well before making a final decision.

Edelweiss Call Back Request

Edelweiss App FAQs

Q. Is the Edelweiss App free?

A. Edelweiss Trader App is entirely free to download and use. The app can be downloaded from the iTunes Store and Google Play Store as well. There are no hidden charges at Edelweiss, but there can be commission and brokerage on your transactions.

Q. Can I do technical analysis with this app?

A. Yes, the Edelweiss App has more than 40 technical indicators and a variety of charts, such as line charts, bar charts, candlestick charts, etc. You can also see these charts in multiple time frames ranging from 5 minutes to 1 week. Drawing tools are also easy to use.

Q. Where to get the login credentials?

A. Login credentials for the app can be received directly from the company. For that, you have to open a Demat and Trading Account with Edelweiss Group. Produce eKYC, eSignature, and other identity-related documents. Upon the activation of your account, a set of id and password sent on your registered email address.

Q. Do they provide advisory services?

A. Yes, Edelweiss provides advisory services for its clients. You can directly receive the tips and recommendations on your mobile app through alerts. These alerts can be customized as well.

Q. Can I trade in derivatives using this app?

A. Yes. Edelweiss Trading account and Mobile Trading App enable you to trade in Derivative Segments. You can trade Equity and Currency Derivatives both in the same application. Trading Equity Future is also possible with this app.

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