Compositedge Sub Broker Ship| Franchise |Authorized Person| Partner Review 2020


Compositedge is one of the most popular stock broking houses in India and is certainly one of the most successful ones. The company offers some of the best trading platforms to execute stock trading without any hassle and earn the most of the revenue share and a large number of brokerage save.

The Bangalore based discount brokerage company has most of the services in Karnataka and is one of the fastest-growing businesses for sure. Compositedge started their journey of being the best in the year 1995 and now with all the experience they have gained over all these years, they have rejuvenated their platforms and became the most beneficial trading platform.

Compositedge offers multiple trading platforms including Stocks, mutual funds, options, and futures. The company further provides Trader Workstation, Mobile based Trading Platforms, Web Traders for people on the go, and also for those who opt for high-quality trading. They also provide available platforms in NSE NOW. One can get INR 15/- per trade in the flat fee-sharing model regardless of the quantity of amount they are trading.

In the following article, we will go through the sub-brokerage/ partnership model offered by Compositedge, or to put it like this, how to become an authorized person of Compositedge.

Compositedge Sub Broker Review
Compositedge Sub Broker Review

Compositedge Sub-Broker Program| Franchise | Partner

Compositedge is one of the fastest-growing members of the stock market. So it is only beneficial to collaborate with them. The process is rather simple. One can be a part of the full-service stock broking company in two ways. They are-

  1. Sub-broker
  2. Referral Program

1. How To Be A Sub-broker Of Compositedge?

The process of being a sub-broker of Compositedge is rather simple. One does not need to have superficial quality or infrastructure to be a sub-broker of the well-known brand. The company allows the sub-broker to work as a franchise under the company name and generate business.

The revenue share model for the sub-brokers is quite attractive. A sub-broker can earn up to 50%-75% of the revenue generated in total depending on the initial deposit paid by the sub-brokers. Before beginning, the sub-brokers need to provide security 50,000/- minimum, the rate can go high up to 200,000/-. The company offers a 30 days payout structure for the sub-broker program.

However, one needs to have the basic infrastructure to be a sub-broker. Office space of minimum 100sqft with a working internet connection is required. There is no need for telephone connection or employees what so ever. Also, they require SEBI Authorization to become a sub-broker.

Here is the rough outline that you can keep in mind-

  • Attractive flexible revenue sharing model ranging between 50%-75%
  • An initial Security deposit of Rs.50,000/-  to 200,000
  • Dedicated office are of 100sqft with working internet connection
  • SEBI Registration Mandatory
  • Zero deposit model available
  • Minimum experience of 2years in the financial market
Flexible Revenue Sharing Available
Flat Revenue SharingNot Available
Prepaid payment with Zero Revenue Sharing ModelNot Available
Zero Deposit SchemeAvailable
Initial Deposit SchemeAvailable

2. Compositedge Referral Program:

Compositedge referral program is another option to be a partner of the famous discount brokerage house. One can earn a good amount if taken strategically.

In the referral program, one can earn by referring clients to the franchiser and get fixed 10% of the commission. There is no security money required to be a referrer of Compositedge. Good communication skill with positive lead providing ability is appreciated.

Flexible Revenue SharingNot Available
Fixed Revenue Sharing Available
Zero Deposit SchemeAvailable
Initial Deposit SchemeNot Available

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Compositedge Partner| Sub-broker| Franchise Commission and Incentive – Revenue Sharing Model:

Compositedge offers encouraging revenue share to motivate the partners/ sub-brokers to earn and prosper on their own pace. The company offers the opportunity to generate a handsome amount of commission from the revenue share/fixed share model.

The sub-brokers can earn a flat 50% of the revenue share. However, this is a flexible model. The revenue share model can go up high based on the security deposit amount provided by the sub-broker. The flexible revenue share model allows the sub-broker to secure even 75% of the brokerage.

The referral program is, however, is a fixed one. In the referral program, the referrer can have 10% of the revenue generated on the whole. Again this can increase based on the security deposit they are producing.

DetailsCompositedge CommissionSub Broker Commission
Compositedge  Sub-broker50%-25%50%-75%
Compositedge Referrer90%10%

Enrollment or Registration process – How to become a Partner/Sub Broker of Compositedge?

The process of being a partner/authorized person of Compositedge is rather very easy. One does not require to go through a huge process or anything. Just follow the steps mentioned below-

  1. Fill the form available on the website and provide required documents
  2. After getting a call from the company executive you need to verify all the details provided there
  3. A meeting will be set up by the sales team
  4. After everything is discussed thoroughly deposit the security amount and submit the mandatory documents.
  5. Next comes the verification process
  6. If everything is proper as per the requirements, then you get your sub-broker ID generated and start working as one.

The whole process takes 6-7 for completion.

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Eligibility Criteria of Sub Broker Ship, Franchise, Partner:

The well-known name of the stock market, Compositedge, is a good place to start your journey with. The discount brokerage house is always appreciative of a person dedicated to the role. They do not ask much as criteria and eligibility. However, there are some mandatory eligibility criteria that one needs to fulfil. They are-

  • The minimum age of applying as a sub-broker is 18
  • The at least educational qualification is graduation
  • Minimum experience of 2 years in the stock market is necessary
  • Maintenance capability of a running infrastructure
  • Good social skills and communication skills to provide leads

Mandated Documents For Compositedge Partner/Sub-broker Registration:

To be registered as a sub-broker/ authorized partner of Compositedge you need to be able to provide the below-mentioned documents-

  • PAN Card
  • DOB Certificate
  • Adhaar Card
  • SEBI Registration Fee Receipt
  • Address Proof
  • Graduation Certificate
  • A cancelled cheque for banking details
  • 2 copy passport-sized photos

Joining Cost/fees of Sub Broker Ship, Franchise & Partner, and Compositedge Authorized Person:

Though they are a big name but the joining fees or initial investment is quite reasonable. Both the sub-broker program and the referral program are easy to join in.

The sub-broker program requires a security deposit ranging between INR 50,000Rs. – 200,000Rs. being 50,000/- the minimum and 200,000/- the maximum. However, the amount is completely refundable. If the sub-broker decides to terminate the partnership then the amount gets refunded to them. Other than that there are some non-refundable deposits as well, they are the costs and maintenance of the running infrastructure and internet connectivity.

The referral program does not require any amount of security deposit or initial investment at all. This is a completely zero investment policy. The referrer does not pay any kind of amount even later on in the business.

DetailsRefundable Deposit
Compositedge Sub-brokerINR 50,000- 200,000/-
Compositedge Referral ProgramZero Investment

Compositedge Sub Broker Advantages and Disadvantages:

Just like advantages are always there in the business so are the disadvantages. But taking both of them into the perspective and creating the perfect harmony in between them is the leading way of success everywhere.


Being one of the pioneering companies in the stock brokerage world, Compositedge provides some of the best services of all time. One can gain beneficial outcomes if proper strategies are taken. Here are some of the benefits that they provide-

  • Flexible revenue sharing ratio of 50%-75% for the sub-brokers
  • Zero investment for both the sub-broker and the referral program
  • Dedicated team to provide back-office support and information
  • Advisory support provided by the franchiser for a better understanding of the trading products and customer advice
  • No Account Management Charges for trading account
  • The integrity of the name that everyone trust trusts 1995, Compositedge Investments.


If we try to outline the disadvantages of the sub-broker or referral program then there aren’t many to talk about. However, the sub-broker program only allows the authorized person the share of 50% and the referral program is also rigid on 10% of the revenue which sometimes can be a little biased for the referrer.

Open Demat Account with Compositedge
Open Demat Account with Compositedge


In the end, to tie everything together we can say that Compositedge Investment is one of the most eminent and efficient stock-broker who provides various platforms of trading in different segments including mutual funds, stocks, equity, derivatives and many more and offers the opportunity to the interested persons through both the sub-broker and referral to earn a nice amount of money.

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Compositedge Sub Broker FAQs:

 Q. Why Choose Compositedge Sub-Broker program?

  • A dedicated support team for anything needed
  • Zero Investment Policy
  • The lowest amount of Security Amount
  • Research and technical support

Q. What Is The Investment Process?

There is no investment needed for the sub-broker program. However, a minimum amount of Rs.50,000 needed to be deposited as the refundable security amount.

Q. How Much Time Is Needed For The Registration?

The Registration process is not that long, it just takes 6 days to a week to get everything started.

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