Coinbase Mobile App Review

About Coinbase Mobile App

Coinbase is a San Francisco based credible cryptocurrency exchange with its operation in 100+ countries and 30 million+ users around the globe. It is also one of the oldest crypto exchange, which supports a number of cryptocurrency for trading. Coinbase has expanded its user base at a fast pace over the years. It has highly optimized the app for enhancing the user experience. 

Coinbase Logo
Coinbase Logo

The Coinbase app is complete package for crypto trading in the hand of users. The advanced and compact app offers a multitude of features which can be accessed any time according to user’s preference. The Coinbase app offers a combo of trading app and crypto wallet together.

Coinbase offers an additional pro feature for experienced traders by the name of ‘Coinbase Pro’. Coinbase pro presents a cheaper transaction fee with with advanced trading features.

This article is based on the features of Coinbase and Coinbase app.

Coinbase App Review

Coinbase App
Coinbase App

Coinbase – Buy & Sell Digital Currency app for android is developed by Coinbase android. While Coinbase – Buy & sell Bitcoin Secure cryptocurrency wallet for iOS is developed by Coinbase Inc. A huge user base of Coinbase has successfully been turned to coinbase app as well due to its additional utilities compared to traditional web based platform.

 It is one of the most downloaded crypto app in app stores. Coinbase app for android has been downloaded more than 10 million times from the google play store. It has a rating of 3.7/5 with 190,000+ reviews in Google play store. At the same time coinbase app has notable rating of 4.7/5 with 833,000+ in Apple app store, which is pretty high among finance apps.

Coinbase App Interface
Coinbase App Interface

Features of Coinbase app

  1. Coinbase offers easy and instant process for buying and selling crypto. You just need to have a bank account and a debit card for buying cryptos through coinbase.
  2. Coinbase provides smart and efficient tools for its users which includes real – time price alert and automatic buys.
  3. Highly compact and updated dashboard for easy monitoring of cryptos of your choice. Real – time easy price screening with additional information for crypto in the dashboard.
  4. Coinbase supports multi level verification for security of cryptos in the wallet. It also has embedded 2 – factor authentication for additional security. Coinbase allows a remarkable feature to deny access to coinbase app remotely, in case device gets lost or stolen.
  5. Dedicated customer support with fast grievance  removal, additionally it is also available for advisory purposes in order to help users in trading and building portfolio.

Coinbase Mobile App Compatibility

Coinbase has build a user – friendly platform for desktop as well as mobile. Coinbase app is available for both android and iOS for user convenience. The app also requires storage and location permission for operation.

File Size – The  Coinbase – Buy & Sell Digital Currency app for android has a szize of 37 MB whereas Coinbase – Buy & sell Bitcoin Secure cryptocurrency wallet for iOS has size of 123.2 MB.

OS Versions – Android version 5.0 and iOS version 12.0 and up is required for functioning of coinbase app in android and iOS devices respectively.

Coinbase Mobile App Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of using Coinbase mobile app –

Coinbase Mobile App Pros

  1. Coinbase is one of largest and recognized cryptocurrency exchange with a large customer base and huge volume. Which  ensures its credibility in the market.
  2. Coinbase app also provide lightning fast transactions for buying and selling of cryptos. With high processing of orders per second coinbase is great choice for traders.
  3. No additional fee or charge is incurred for maintenance of wallet. All the cryptos bought by user are kept securely in encrypted wallets. The keys for coinbase wallet are protected with  Secure Enclave and biometric authentication for more safety.
  4. You are not required to wait long to get your problems resolved, coinbase offers a extensive knowledge base for query removal with the help of coinbase community. In case problems are not solved you can directly reach out to coinbase through email or phone support line.
  5. The transaction charge in coinbase app are one of the lowest among other crypto exchanges.
  6. Easy transfer of cryptos to any coinbase user around the globe by their coinbase wallet username.
  7. Coinbase app also gives its user option to access major decentralized exchanges and relayers for transacting tokens.

Coinbase Mobile App Cons

  1. Coinbase holds its policies at highest degree, and account closure is one of the must frustrating experience faced by users.
  2. Customer support team is not very supportive regarding investigating personalized issues of the users and have received a poor rating by different agencies.
  3. Policies and regulations of coinbase are somewhat rigid and allows only verified options to its users for depositing and withdrawal of funds.


Coinbase is a well known crypto exchange in cryptocurrency markets. The app initially started with only trading bitcoins, but it soon expanded its reach to millions of  users by integrating a number of cryptos and user – friendly features. Coinbase in one of the pioneer in the field that helped people gain confidence while transacting cryptos. With its high standards for verifying user it has drastically reduced frauds from crypto trading.

Coinbase beats most of its competitors with a margin when its comes to different charges and security of assets. Coinbase guarantees its users that all the assets kept in wallet are insured by the company.

At the same time coinbase has been regularly accused for tracking the data. If any user want complete privacy of the transaction, they must avoid it and look of alternatives.

With no major controversy in long career, coinbase has made a significant progress . The coinbase app offers a complete package for dealing with cryptos. Presently it is among the best platform for trading crytos in mobiles. It allows fast trading with highly optimized and enhanced form. Thus, it can be given a chance.

Coinbase Mobile App FAQs

Q. Is the app free?

A. The app is free. The deposit and withdrawal charges can still be charged, however they are low compared to several other platforms.

Q. It Coinbase trustful?

A. Coinbase has proved its worthiness over the years. It is backed by major investors and claims insurance for the cryptos stored in the app.

Q. Is there any additional charge for the coinbase wallet?

A. The vault or wallet service of coinbase app is completely free. One can store unlimited supported cryptos in te vault.

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