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Amazing Facts About Online IPO Information Portal review was introduced with the objective to provide IPO and Share market related information which later emerged as the flagship financial portal of the organisation named Chittorgarh Infotech Private Limited.

Chittorgarh web portal is named after the gallantry city of Chittorgarh.

The city has s historic legacy and represents the bravery and patriotic fervour of great Rajput Kings of India, the legend of Rani Padmini and the legendary Maharana Pratap who has been chivalrous to take on Mughals.

Chittorgarh Web portal Interface
Chittorgarh Web portal Interface

The name of the portal chittorgarh is drawn to represent the great city of Chittorgarh and its fort from where Chittorgarh dot com, the name of the financial website coined.

Chittorgarh website was launched by Chittorgarh Infotech Private Limited in the year 2003. Chittorgarh Infotech is a software development company.

The website is engaged in stock market information and analysis, and internet business thorough web portal information dissemination, providing detailed studies and analysis of Indian IPOs, stock and commodities brokerage business.

Chittorgarh web Reviews has the most comprehensive and extensive review of IPOs in India, Stock Exchange and brokerage firms. It is one of the most visited websites for India IPO information with one of the highest recorded footfalls.

They have in-house a team of research experts that reviews products & services offered by the renowned broker firms in India, dealing in IPO, shares, and commodities markets in India. Review Review

Chittorgarh Site Includes

  • IPO
  • Broker Review
  • Stock Market
  • Options Trading
  • City Info

The first tab in the Menu Bar ‘IPO’ is one of the many primary reasons for investors to visit the website. The IPO tab talks about Current IPO, Live IPO Information, More IPO Info, NCD Issues, and Corporate fixed deposits.

IPO is further Bifurcated into Current IPO that includes:

  • IPO Dashboard
  • Current Mainline IPO
  • Current SME IPO
  • IPO Calendar
  • Performance Tracker
  • IPO Grey market

IPO>IPO Dashboard

This section highlights the current IPO and forthcoming IPOs with their latest and updated information.

By the way, for those who don’t have much idea about IPO, IPO is the first entry of private limited company to the public domain by selling its shared to the common public through stock exchange to raise funds through public investments.

Chittorgarh Site IPO Dashboard Interface
Chittorgarh Site IPO Dashboard Interface

This fund is used to invest for further growth plan of the organisation, implementing new plan or growth strategy, raising working capital or for capital investment to create excess capacity or reap the benefit of large scale production through economies of scale.

You get the latest subscription update live from BSE & NSE. It shares the IPO bidding details, IPO Performance analysis for recent and past IPOs, find current market price with % gain/loss from the IPO issue price.

IPO>Current Mainline IPO

Chittorgarh site Review is the most trusted and revered IPO investment portal of India.

This section talks about current mainline IPO in India Stock Exchange (BSE & NSE).

Chittorgarh Site Current Mainline Ipo in India Interface
Chittorgarh Site Current Mainline Ipo in India Interface

IPO>IPO Calendar

This section enables beginners and expert investors to track the events and proceedings of primary stock markets (IPO) in India leveraging a simple calendar view.

Calendar provides IPO activity month and date wise and you may click on the event name displayed in the calendar to get further information.

IPO>Performance Tracker

The section highlights the Mainboard IPO Performance 2020 (IPO Performance Historic Analysis)

You can monitor IPO Performance of Mainline IPO Stocks listed at the Indian stock exchanges, BSE & NSE.

Chittorgarh Site Ipo Performance Tracker Interface
Chittorgarh Site Ipo Performance Tracker Interface

You may click on the chart image that is displayed on this page at the end of each row in the table will enable the investor to view the live stock quotes and charts of the IPO stock.


  • The Information is last updated till the previous day
  • Stock splits are adjusted in Issue Prices. Bonuses, dividends or other actions are not considered while calculating ‘Profit / Loss’.

1. Mainline IPO Performance Reports (BSE, NSE)

This section shares detail reports on the following topics:

  • Top 10 Mainline IPOs by Performance at BSE, NSE
  • Mainline IPO Performance by Listing Gain & Current Gains at BSE and NSE
  • Capital Market IPO Rating & Performance of Mainline IPO’s at BSE and NSE

2. SME IPO Performance Reports (BSE SME, NSE Emerge)

  • Top 10 SME IPOs by Performance at BSE SME, NSE Emerge
  • SME IPO Performance by Listing Gain & Current Gains at BSE SME, NSE Emerge

IPO>Current IPO> IPO Grey Market

IPO Grey market is a conservative and secured market operates clandestinely among the most trusted and referred group of investors.

Here beginners stand a very little chance to deal in unless having a great reference backing up. The deals are executed by the broker in the vicinity of the neighbourhood.

One advantage here in this market is, and investor is allowed to sell IPO share or IPO application before the company gets listed on the stock exchange.

Live IPO Information

  • IPO Review
  • IPO Rating
  • IPO Subscription
  • IPO Listing Date
  • IPO Allotment Date
  • IPO Message Board

IPO>Live IPO Information>IPO Review

This section contains information about IPO Reviews 2020, IPO Analysis and Notes (Mainboard and SME IPO).

IPO Review provides in-depth IPO analysis to retail and HNI investors by SEBI Registered Analysts. This data helps investors to decide if the IPO is worth investing. It provides recommendations for IPO to tell whether you should go for the IPO.

Chittorgarh Site IPO Review
Chittorgarh Site IPO Review

IPO>Live IPO Information>IPO Rating

You will get Recommendations by Leading Experts and Brokerage Houses. This section further provides the Capital Market.

IPO research team shares the IPO Ratings for most of the IPOs.

Chittorgarh Site IPO Review and Rating
Chittorgarh Site IPO Review and Rating

IPO>Live IPO Information>IPO Subscription

IPO subscriptions tell you how many times a particular Ipo or a public issue is subscribed at BSE or NSE.

This section talks about live IPO subscription status published by each exchange on its website for the bids received by them.

Chittorgarh Site IPO Susbscription Ststus Live Data
Chittorgarh Site IPO Susbscription Ststus Live Data

IPO>Live IPO Information>IPO Listing date

This sections tells you about the new IPO listing date and the exchange on which it is listed, IPO Listing Time BSE and NSE, Company name, Issue Price, Listing day Gain/Loss % Current price at BSE & NSE, Gain/Loss %.

IPO>Live IPO Information>IPO Allotment Status

This section is dedicated to IPO Allotment date, Process and Calculation. The section addresses the FAQs on IPO Allotment.

IPO>Live IPO Information>IPO Message Board

This section is dedicated for discussions on the primary market. Here people cam post their messages and opinions on Primary market/IPO.

Chittorgarh Site IPO Message Board
Chittorgarh Site IPO Message Board

Top Stock Broker India – Start Your First IPO Investment:

[table id=SBI1AlternativeBroker Responsive=scroll/]

More IPO Info

  • IPO Reports (Historic)
  • IPO FAQs
  • IPO Articles
  • IPO Glossary

IPO>More IPO Info>IPO Reports

Chittorgarh website is a predominant repository of information on primary stock market in India since many years (IPO Database India). Over the time they have gathered lot of data about public issues in India in their repository. The reports on this page are part of the chittorgarh website Review & analysis of this data.

Chittorgarh website Review keeps adding more reports as they go forward with time. You may contact them to request a new report or provide your feedback about existing report.


The FAQ Categories include:

  • IPO Basics FAQ
  • IPO Payments FAQ
  • IPO Allotment FAQ
  • IPO Grey Market FAQ
  • NRI Trading Account FAQ
  • IPO Refund FAQ
  • Demat Account FAQ
  • PAN Card FAQ
  • Role of SEBI FAQ
  • Stock Market Basics FAQ
  • Indian Depository Receipt (IDR) FAQ
  • NCD and Corporate Bonds FAQ
  • ­­­Stock Broker FAQ
  • IPO Funding FAQ
  • Options Trading Basics FAQ
  • Options Trading Strategies FAQ

IPO>More IPO Info>IPO Articles

This section talks about Mainboard IPO Articles. The beginners and investors may read through.

List of Articles

  • SBI Cards IPO Employees Application – Explained
  • SBI Cards IPO Shareholders Application – Explained
  • Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) IPO Explained
  • UPI for IPO Application (Unified Payments Interface for IPO)
  • IPO Bidding Time Limit on Last day (IPO Closing Day)
  • Equity IPO vs. Debt IPO (NCD IPO)
  • IPO (Initial Public Offer) in India – Explained in Brief
  • IPO Investment Risks – Invest Cautiously in Primary Market
  • IPO Funding in India (IPO Loan Process) Explained
  • What is ASBA mode of payment for IPO?

IPO>More IPO Info>IPO Glossary

This section explains PO Glossary – Definitions, Abbreviations, Terminology and Meaning. You will get help to understand the meaning of popular words related to IPO.

NCD Issues

  • Current NCD Issues
  • NCD Reviews
  • What is NCD IPO?
  • NCD Calendar
  • NCD Glossary
  • NCD Articles
Chittorgarh Site NCD Issues
Chittorgarh Site NCD Issues

IPO>NCD Issues>Current NCD Issues

NCD Issues means non-convertible debentures public issues. This section explains in detail about NCD Bonds, and investment process. It also lists the open NCD issues 2020 in India.

IPO>NCD Issues>Current NCD Reviews

This section addresses the NCD Issue Reviews, Analysis and Notes. NCD Review shares an in-depth NCD analysis to retail and HNI investors by SEBI Registered Analysts. This section helps us review NCD issues and decide whether it is worth investing in the issue.

IPO>NCD Issues>What is NCD IPO?

This section explains NCD IPO, also address the difference between NCD vs. FD (Fixed Deposit). It also talks about major types of NCDs, NCD Credit Ratings, NCD Exit Options, Applicable Taxes, and NCD Interest Rate 2019.

IPO>NCD Issues>NCD Calendar

The section contains the NCD Calendar.

IPO>NCD Issues>NCD Glossary

This section is useful for beginners as they would come to know about NCD Glossary – Definitions, Abbreviations, Terminology and Meaning. You can understand the meaning of popular words related to NCD.

IPO>NCD Issues>NCD Articles

This section lists articles on NCD. Useful for beginners and expert investors to gain specific knowledge about NCD investments, also briefly touch upon the types of NCDs.

List of NCD Reviews, Tutorials and news articles:

  • NCD IPO Explained | NCD vs. FD (Fixed Deposit)
  • SREI Equipment Finance April 2018 NCD offer review
  • Edelweiss Retail Finance NCD offer review
  • Kosamattam Finance XII th  NCD Offer review (Dec 2017)
  • Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services NCD Vs SREI Equipment Finance NCD
  • SREI Infra NCD Issue review – Jan 2017
  • Muthoot Finance NCD offer review – Jan 2017
  • DHFCL NCD offer review – Aug 2016
  • Kosamattam Finance NCD offer review – Aug 2016
  • DHFCL NCD offer review
  • Edelweiss Housing Finance NCD offer review
  • Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Tranche I – NCD Offer Review
  • Sakthi Finance NCD offer review
  • Muthoot Finance NCD Offer review Apr 2016
  • IRFC TAX FREE BONDS 2016 Tranche II review
  • NABARD Tax Free Bonds (TFB) Issue Review – March 2016
  • HUDCO TAX FREE BONDS 2016 Tranche II review
  • NHAI Tax Free Bonds Tranche II issue review
  • Muthoot Finance NCD Offer review Dec 2015
  • NHAI Tax Free Bonds offer review Dec 2015
  • IRFC Ltd Tax Free Bonds issue Dec 2015
  • Gold Bonds scheme kicks off on 5th November 2015
  • Kosamattam Finance NCD Oct 2015 Issue review
  • Rural Electrification Corp Tax Free Bonds IPO Review
  • PFC Tax Free Bonds October 2015 review
  • NTPC Tax Free Bonds (Sept 2015) issue review
  • SREI Equipment Finance NCD
  • Sakthi Finance Ltd’s maiden NCD offer – “Apply”
  • DSK NCD Issue gets overwhelming response from Sr. Citizens and Women
  • Muthoot Mini Financiers NCD Offer – Avoid
  • Muthoot Fincorp NCD – Not Worth
  • STFC NCD offer Tranche I – Apply moderately
  • IIFCL Tax-Free NCDs issue – Apply

Corporate Fixed Deposits

  • Corporate FD in India
  • Bajaj Finance FD
  • Shriram Transport FD
  • Mahindra & Mahindra FD

IPO>Corporate FDs>Corporate FD in India

This section provides a details understanding of corporate FDs for beginners who want to enter into this segment of investments as well as for expert investors.

This section shares leading Discount brokers and Full-Service broker’s reviews. It also reviews the corporate brokers, and major and most popular trading platforms.

Chittorgarh Site Corporate FD in India Interface
Chittorgarh Site Corporate FD in India Interface

The third major section in the main menu deals with the secondary sector, i.e., Indian share and stock market reviews. This section unfolds stock market trading techniques, commodity market trading techniques, stock & commodity trading holidays, and stock message boards in India.

Fourth Section in the main menu, Options Trading, discuss at length about options trading basics for beginners, Overview, Options pricing, benefits and risks options.

The section offers a comprehensive options trading FAQs and options trading glossary.

It reviews the brokers who offer options trading as one of their services, and elaborates about various options trading platform that are launched by various service providers as the leading mobile apps platforms.

The section also opens up the strategies list, and options strategies FAQs.

Finally it addresses the Stock market and options trading as well in detail.

It also gives you the detail list of the leading corporate FD borrowers in                           India, their ratings, Minimum and maximum interest provided to the customers, and tenure of their borrowings.

It also tells you about the corporate FDs Pros and Cons, and a very informative and enriching FAQs on Corporate FDs to clear all your doubts.

This brings us to the end of the most sought-after tab ‘IPO’ options

The next in the line is Brokers Review tab in the main menu.

Brokers Review tab includes Best of Top Stock Brokers in India, Reviews
(Discount Broker), Reviews (Full-Service), Compare Broker, Trading Platform Reviews.

Broker Reviews

The Broker Review tab includes Best of Top Stock Brokers in India that includes:

Broker List
Broker List

This section highlights the top 10 discount brokers and the top 10 full-service brokers that will help you in your decision-making process of choosing a broker.

The section also helps the beginners to choose the best broker without much hassle. It helps beginners to know about a lifetime free Demat account.

Finally, it share some very useful reports for beginners and expert investors to gain insights about the market they are putting their investments and hard-earned money in.

Reviews (Discount Broker) contain reviews on the following select Top Discount Brokers in India:

Reviews (Full-Service Brokers) contain Reviews on the following select Top Discount Brokers in India:

This page offered by is a discussion forum. The contents here are not actively monitored the contents, posts, or messages on this forum. The messages are purely the views expressed by the author and not endorsed by the website.

The website is not responsible for the authenticity of the messages posted, or the contents in this section.

Chittorgarh is a complete hand book of primary share market (IPOs) in India. It has reviewed the top discount brokers in the country that includes:

  • Zerodha
  • 5paisa
  • Edelweiss
  • Upstox
  • Fyers
  • Alice Blue
  • ProStocks
  • Trade Smart
  • SAS Online
  • Master Trust
  • Samco
  • Trading Bells
  • iTradeOnline
  • Tradeplus
  • Tradejini
  • Wisdom Capital
  • Finvasia
  • ProStocks
  • RMoney
  • Beeline
  • Achiievers
  • RKSV
  • Edelweiss

[table id=SBI2AlternativeBroker Responsive=scroll/]

Chittorgarh website has drawn a detailed comparison of both discount as well as Full Service brokers in India for the beginners to choose their brokers before entering the Indian markets.

According to Chittorgarh Review, although discount brokers offer limited service, they are much cheaper than the full service brokers. Less brokerage will certainly improve you margin of profit and gives a wider range and choice of stocks to trade in.

They provide services with less/no hidden charges, no strings and frills attached to the offerings. The discount brokers offer more focused and specific specialised investment services an instruments rather than dealing with a plethora of financial services like full service brokerage firms.

Chittorgarh has recently reviewed Top 20 share brokers in India 2020. This reviews the top most share brokers in India. Zerodha occupied the top most rank among all Indian top brokers in 2019.

The next in the rank is ICICI Bank, followed by HDFC, and Sharekhan as described in the study.

The Full Service brokers that feature in the Chittorgarh website include:

  • ICICI Direct
  • HDFC Sec
  • Aditya Birla
  • SBI Capital
  • Axis Direct
  • Motilal Oswal
  • Sharekhan
  • India Bulls
  • Angel Broking
  • Bajaj Capital
  • Anand Rathi
  • Geojit
  • IDBI Capital
  • Nirmal Bang
  • Religare
  • Ventura
  • Yes Bank
  • Trustline
  • Karvy

Compare Brokers include:

  • Broker Articles / Tutorials
  • Compare Share Brokers
  • Side-by-Side Comparison
  • Broker Complaints Monitor
  • Broker Glossary
  • Special Offers

All you need to know about Brokers, their charges and fees, Articles on specific broker, specialization of Brokers on certain trade, side-by-side comprehensive comparison between all leading brokers in the market.

This section also talks about discount and full-service brokers and how they respond and deal with complaints from their clients. This section’s Broker Glossary is informative and knowledge augmenting.

It also talks about special offers launched and introduced by brokers from time to time to attract customers.

Trading Platform Reviews include:

This brings us to the end of discussion of the second tab ‘Broker reviews’ of chittorgarh website home page main menu.

Let’s explore what is in the third tab of the Chittorgarh Home page main menu, namely, Stock Market.

Stock Market tab contains Stock Market, NSE/BSE, NRI Trading Account, and Stock Market FAQs.

Stock Market Knowledge

  • Stock Market
  • NRI Trading Account
  • Stock Market FAQs

The Stock Market Includes:

  • Stock Home Page
  • Stock trading Holidays
  • Commodity Trading Holidays
  • Stock Message Board

Stock Home Page talks about live Indian stock markets of both BSE and NSE. It gives a detailed history, background of BSE and NSE for the beginners.

Stock trading Holidays and commodity trading holiday list the BSE and NSE holidays of 2020 when there would not be any trading in the stock exchanges in India.

So, if you are breaking your head on the google search to figure out which days stock exchange is closed, look no further, you can get all relevant information right here.

Stock Message Board is a discussion forum that offers platform to investors to discuss stock markets in India.

You can share tips, learn tips and tricks of the trade, gain quintessential knowledge, researches or can ask questions. You can get expert advice; learn stock market basics, particularly useful for beginners.

NSE/BSE Includes:

  • NSE SME Share Prices
  • NSE Bulk Deals
  • NSE Circuit Filter
  • BSE SME Share Prices

You can get live NSE SME share prices and BSE SME share prices for your trading decision making process.

The information on NSE and BSE SME share prices of Listed SMEs are presented in a tabular form to get a quick glance of share prices of each NSE & BSE SMEs and how they are faring.

It also provides key things that you must know about NSE & BSE SME Platform. They have a dedicated section for FAQs on certain pertinent questions of investors on NSE & BSE SME prices.

NSE Bulk Deals section helps you make decisions to buy shares and stocks in bulk. It offers extensive data on NSE Bulk Deals from ast trading sessions.

NRI Trading Account Includes:

  • NRI Trading Articles
  • Best NRI Trading Account
  • ICICI NRI Account
  • Zerodha NRI Account
  • Tradeplus NRI Account
  • Learn NRI Trading

This section primarily focuses on NRI trading account. NRI Trading articles shares List of Reviews, Tutorials and News Articles that will enrich your knowledge about NRI Trading tips and tricks.

Best NRI Trading Account talks about attractive trading options for NRIs as Indian Stock Exchange is gaining popularity among NRIs as an attractive investment destination.

Also NRI will come to know about best and leading stock brokers.  Their attractive offers & services that include

  • 3-1 NRI trading account
  • Zero AMC NRI Demat Account
  • Low brokerage NRI Plans

In later section, it provides information in detail about ICICI and Zerodha NRI Trading account.

Stock Market FAQs

  • FAQ List
  • Demat Account
  • PAN Card
  • Stock Market Basics
  • IPO Basics

This brings us to the end of discussion of the third tab ‘Stock Market’ from the main menu of chittorgarh home page.

Let’s explore what is in the fourth tab of the Chittorgarh Home page main menu, namely, Options Trading.

Options Trading tab contains Options Basics, Broker Reviews, Options Trading Platform, and Option Strategies.

Options Trading Information

  • Options Basics
  • Broker Reviews
  • Options Trading Platforms
  • Option Strategies

This section primarily focuses on Options Trading where, it provides information about options basics for beginners and expert investors, brokers’ reviews who deal in options trading, option trading platforms that you must read before choosing one for your options trading. It also helps you to get your options trading strategies right to hedge you from impending losses.

Options Basics Include:

  • Options Overview
  • Benefits and Risks of Options
  • Options Pricing
  • More Articles
  • Options Trading FAQs
  • Options Trading Glossary

This section is helpful for beginners who want to venture in Options Trading. It explains what is options trading, the basics that you must know.

It addresses the benefits and risks options in detail. It provides in-depth pros and cons of options trading.

It share the details of Options pricing, more articles on options trading, Option trading FAQs and answers to clear all your doubts before you plunge into options trading.

It has an exhaustive glossary of options trading where you will decode the meanings and terminologies of various technical terms associated with Options trading.

Broker Reviews include:

  • Zerodha Review
  • 5paisa Review
  • ProStocks review
  • Sharekhan Review
  • Angel Broking Review
  • ICICI Direct

This section reviews the Top 6 brokers offering option trading. These are the leading brokers of options trading in India and offers competitive pricing. You can compare between these brokers to select the broker of your choice to be associated with.

Options Trading Platform

  • Kite Zerodha
  • Trade Tiger Sharekhan
  • Omnisys Nest
  • Upstox RKSV
  • Fyers One Fyers
  • ScalperT Finvasia

This section reviews the option trading platforms that help you select the best options trading platform for you. These are the mobile apps or web portals that put you in full control while you are Options Trading.

Options Strategies include:

  • Strategies List
  • Side-by-Side Comparison
  • Options Strategy FAQs

This section helps you strategize while options trading. This section introduces you to the time tested strategies that you may use as technique in your options trading.

This brings us to the end of discussion of the Fourth tab ‘Options Trading’ from the main menu and at the same time end of review of chittorgarh. Reviews Conclusion

Chittorgarh is the most trusted and revered IPO investment portal of India. This section talks about current mainline IPO in India Stock Exchange (BSE & NSE).

The website is a trusted portal to gather, learn and apply knowledge about primary IPO and secondary Stock markets.

The portal offer comprehensive information about IPO Allotment status, IPO Bidding information, IPO Ratings, IPO Grading, IPO Reviews, Grey Market Premium of IPO, IPO news and Ipo performance trackers, share market trading, options trading, reviews on discount and full-service brokers and brokerages.

The bottom line of our chittorgarh review is that if you are looking at the best and incomparable IPO & stock trading portal that will offer you complete knowledge; chittorgarh is strongly recommended.

The portal shares amazing facts, figures and in-depth analysis of primary and secondary markets in India, and hence, highly rated by its users with its positive upsides rather than the downsides. Chittorgarh Reviews is the perfect online trading portal for beginners and expert investors, and you can NEVER be wrong with your choice of chittorgarh!

Chittorgarh portal FAQs   

Q1. What is

Ans: is a trusted portal to learn and apply useful information about primary IPO and secondary Stock markets.

The portal is one of its kind, particularly designed to get comprehensive information about everything that you need to know about IPO, share market trading, options trading, reviews on discount and full-service brokers and brokerages in India.

It also offers facts, figures and in-depth analysis, detailed reports. Chittorgarh is the perfect online trading portal for beginners and expert investor to deal in IPOs and India Stock Exchange (BSE & NSE).

Q2. Can I use chittorgarh website to learn about IPOs?

Ans: Chittorgarh website is the most trusted and revered portal to learn about IPOs of India. The website is a trusted portal to gather, learn and apply knowledge about primary IPO markets.

The portal offer comprehensive information about IPO Allotment status, IPO Bidding information, IPO Ratings, IPO Grading, IPO Reviews, Grey Market Premium of IPO, IPO news and Ipo performance trackers, reviews on discount and full-service brokers dealing with IPOs, their mobile apps and brokerages.

Q3. What is chittorgarh website used for?

Ans. Chittorgarh is a specialised web portal that shares information about primary and secondary market of India. It provides information about new IPO launches, stock market trading, review of discount and full-service brokers, Brokerage fees and charges, FAQs of stock exchange in India, an Options trading.

Q4. Does the chittorgarh portal provide online IPO Applications?

Ans. Yes, it does provide comprehensive information on online IPO applications, Allotment status, IPO opening prices, IPO Review, IPO Rating, IPO Subscription, IPO Listing Date, IPO Allotment Date, etc.

Q5. Why do I need chittorgarh site?

Ans. You need it to learn the basics before entering the real market. It offers you a risk-free platform where you can experiment new strategies without the fear of losing money which is not the case in real market. More importantly, it is a platform designed for beginners and students of IPO & share market.

Best IPO Investment Broker:

[table id=SBI2AlternativeBroker Responsive=scroll/]

Sharing Is Caring:

Stockquantum was founded by Dharmendra Mukati in 2018. I am a Trader and Investor in the last 10 years. I am writing here about stock broker review, broker comparison, IPO investment, Crypto currencies, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, sub brokership, mutual fund, personal finance, and our experiences.