The Best Way To Check PF Claim Status & PF Withdrawal Process Online

EPF Claim Status

To Start With, They Need to Discover to Inspect that the PF claim status and the associated requisites.

Individuals having EPF accounts are permitted to withdraw the fund under specified conditions in their job. To ensure the EPF maintenance procedure is performed, EPF accounts holders ought to ensure it is a place.

What is EPF Claim Status?

PF claim status could be clarified because of the newest Advice app for EPF withdrawal. It is helpful to obtain a neutral notion of the creation of these maintain process.

It permits candidates to postpone throughout the assert procedure or to prepare just in the event of a mistake. Even the PF declares standing might be assessed in various techniques.

The Best Way To Check the Claim Status for Provident Fund?

Earn and Accounts a declare may monitor these PF claim statuses offline or online. These highlights ways it’s possible to use to look at its growth to complicated.

1.  Ways to Check PF Claim Status Online

A. Throughout UAN Member Portal

Their PF Declare employees can check standing over the by following these straightforward measures UAN Member Portal.

  • Measure 1 — Sign into for a UAN Member Portal with Inputting your UAN password.
  • Measure 2 — Just Click the option ‘Online Services’.
  • Measure 3 — click ‘Track Claim Status’.
  • Measure 4 — The specifics of the gut or Transfer status will show up around the monitor.

Especially maintain process wouldn’t have the capacity to monitor their PF declare status site. As an alternative, their standing can be tracked by offline applicants throughout the official website of EPFO.

B. Throughout the EPFO Gateway

Men and Women opting to Inspect EPF Claim status on the web would need to move together with actions.

  • Measure 1 — The focused portal site of pay a visit to EPFO.
  • Measure 2 — Search for ‘Our Services’ alternative.
  • Measure 3 — Out Of available tabs, click on ‘For Employees’.
  • Measure 4 — Redirected into the page Over the ‘assistance’ alternative.’
  • Measure 5 – Following ‘Know your Claim Status’ Choice.
  • Measure 6 — CAPTCHA and also Input UAN from the many Cubes.
  • Measure 7 — Practice clicking the ‘search’ option.
  • Measure 8 – select ‘Member I d’.
  • Measure 9 — In last, click ‘Watch Declare Standing’ Substitute for inspecting one’s PF’s development case.

C. Using the PF account number without UAN

Employees May Also test their EPF assert on the Web Number in a couple of straightforward steps below.

  • Measure 1 – The official site of pay a visit to EPFO.
  • Measure 2 – Browse into the ‘Know that your claim status Webpage.
  • Measure 3 – Open up ‘Go for Recognizing that the Claim status alternative.
  • Measure 4 – Choose the respective PF Office State from your dropdown menu.
  • Measure 5 – Pick your town by the menu.
  • Measure 6 – Then, put in your PF accounts amount.
  • Measure 7 – Click ‘Publish’.

A candidate’s PF on inputting facts Claim standing will show up around the monitor. People who have upgraded their number that is present could assess they maintain status too.

D. Claim status by way of the Umang app

  • Measure 1 – Locate EPFO alternative in the home of the App Webpage.
  • Measure 2 – Pick out ‘Employee Centric Services’ Choice.
  • Measure 3 – Next, the ‘Track Claim’ selection.
  • Measure 4 – Input UAN and click ‘Access OTP’.
  • Measure 5 – Input the OTP made to confirm and click the ”login alternative’.

Workers could avail by finishing the measures Details such as — the form of claim, monitoring ID, that the date upon and its special status.

Brokers are inclined to Go for Your PF Claim status option because it’s easy and certainly will be finished in just a couple of moments.

They don’t have to supply precisely the exact very same to be initiated by some other records. In case applicants aren’t quite sure in regards to the procedures, they can elect.

2. Ways to Check PF Claim Status Offline

A. Throughout an SMS

By Delivering applicants may monitor, they are maintain standing An SMS site. Just before delivering it into your range to monitor their maintain status 21, attention must be paid by them to this SMS format.

For Example, the SMS format is ‘EPFOHO UAN LAN’. This ‘LAN’ is short to your speech code from.

The dining table beneath provides insight to Languages that are Various along with also its own particular codes.


B. Through a Missed Call

Employees May Also assess their claim status. Giving a call onto the number — 011-22901406 by their registered number. Folks are going to get info regarding their own PF to maintain status via an SMS in the enrolled number

When the telephone has been dispersed, candidates are asked to upgrade PAN the Aadhaar details, and specifics of their financial institution accounts in the UAN portal site.

Who’s Could Make EPF Claims?

Anyone having the EPF accounts could be deemed necessary, Willing to maintain the funds that are collected.


Can assert the EPF corpus. Conversely wouldn’t be permitted to maintain the price.

Ahead To Retirement

May maintain to 90 percent of these EPF corpus given that they retire following annually old.

The Event of Unemployment

Account Holders can maintain around 75 percent of These EPF Corpus to be jobless for more than per few months at the case.

On starting a brand new endeavor, they’d be asked to move 25 percent of precisely the same. Those who’ve been jobless for two months have been permitted to maintain their EPF corpus.

Additionally, this withdrawal is permitted. While Inside the example of financing necessary for health crisis instruction or buy or building.

Best Way to Initiate the Claim Process?

Before beginning the PF maintain offline or online, Applicants will have to submit the assert form.

Too complicated, facets their position of occupation and reason, as a lawyer’s era would be required into account to select which sort will suit any particular situation.

The table below emphasizes the claim kind that is Acceptable Against every circumstance.

FormCase Suitability for PF Declare
Form 28Even a Nominee will claim the PF of this EPF member that is deceased.
Form 10 DEven a Nominee will claim this employee’s retirement.
Composite formOn Claim retirement finance as soon as the worker is 58 years but was used for under a year past.
Form 10 DOn Claim retirement finance, the moment the accounts holder has got to abandon a institution due to bodily handicap and is much significantly less than 58 years old.
Composite formOn Claim provident fund and pension finance, the moment the account holder contains to abandon a institution due to bodily handicap and has been at 58 years old or longer.
Form 14On Cover the LIC coverage of one.
Form 13On Transfer the fund into a EPF accounts while within the instance of of this work modification.
Composite formIn The event of possibly to get a improvement or unemployment.

The Best way To Cancel the Claim?

It Has to be noted that the PF claim status has A choice doesn’t exist. Candidates can get in touch with the EPFO-Regional office once you possibly can terminate their petition.

Eligibility for EPF Claim

An Individual can assert 100 percent of those EPF corpus later Provided and retirement he’s over 55 decades old. Retirement isn’t legal for maintaining the quantity.

An Individual could assert 90 percent of this EPF sum earlier Retirement given he could be 54 yrs of age.

An Individual can assert 75 percent of the Quantity After recovering labour, Unemployment and move staying 25 accounts.

An Individual can assert 100 percent of their EPF cash Months of unemployment.

PF Withdrawal Process

EPF Withdrawal: The Best way to Fill PF Form & Get Claim Online

Means of an employee makes EPF withdrawal assert should he’s Is if he awakened or jobless.

After 30 days of unemployment and also the rest 25% might be removed following two weeks of unemployment, 75 percent of this EPF stability might be removed.

By completing the EPF withdrawal sort on line, you may earn a withdrawal maintain. Be aware that the withdrawal declare centre can be used by you as long as your own Aadhaar is related together along with your UAN.

EPF Withdrawal Online Method

Follow the steps given below to fill the EPF withdrawal form and initiate a claim online:-

  • Measure 1- Sign up to this UAN Member Portal together along with your UAN and Password.
EPF website Sign up option
EPF website Sign up option
  • Measure 2 – In the menu bar, click the ‘Online Services’ tab and then pick’ declare (Form-31,’ 19 & 10 C )’ in the drop-down menu.
EPF website Online Services option
EPF website Online Services option
  • Measure 3 – Member Facts will probably Be Shown over the Screen. Input the Previous 4 digits of the own bank accounts and also click ‘Confirm’.
Enter Bank A/c No. For Online EPF Claim
  • Measure 4 – Move Yes’ to signal up for certification of Project and move.
  • Measure 5 – click on the Proceed for on the Web Claim selection.
  • Measure 6 – Pick ‘PF Advance (Form 31 )’ to withdraw Your funds online.
PF Advance (Form 31 ) Option for Withdraw Funds online
PF Advance (Form 31 ) Option for Withdraw Funds online
  • Measure 7 – An portion of this kind will start, Wherein you need to pick the ‘Goal which progress will be’ demanded,’ the total required along with also the worker’s speech. It Might Be Well worth noting that options for that the Employee isn’t qualified for withdrawal is going to be cited in crimson.
  • Measure 8 – Tick Around the certificate and also submit your Software.
  • Measure 9 – You Might Need to submit files that are text Based upon the reason this sort has fulfilled.
  • Measure 10 – Your company must accept that your Withdrawal petition after the cash deposited into the financial institution accounts and is going to be removed from the EPF accounts cited at some time of completing out the withdrawal type.

An SMS notification Is Going to Be transmitted to a phone Number enrolled with EPFO. Your exact number is going to be moved into an own bank account After the claim is processed.

Even though this EPFO has not given any time limitation, the currency has imputed over 15 20 times.

Eligibility Conditions for EPF Withdrawal

All these would be some requirements an employee needs to Meet as a way to become qualified to receive withdrawing EPF-

Money from your EPF account might be removed following retirement. EPFO believes premature retirement just following the Individual has spanned 55 Decades-old

The partial drawback of EPF is allowed Just in the Instance of Health crisis, home construction or purchase, or even Greater schooling

EPFO permits withdrawal of 90 percent of this sum Inch-year-old ahead of retirement

An Individual may draw the EPF corpus when he strikes unemployment before retirement as a Result of Lockdown or even retrenchment

Following the principle, just 75 percent of this corpus may be removed after 30 days of unemployment.

The rest will probably soon likely be moved into the brand new EPF accounts following obtaining the occupation

To withdrawing their own EPF, employees don’t have to wait. By connecting UAN along with Aadhar for an EPF accounts, you can receive the acceptance On-line.

Even though creating the promise on the Internet, You need to possess –

  1. An energetic UAN amount
  2. Financial Institution details connected to UAN
  3. PAN and also Aadhar Particulars ventured right in to EPF Data-base.

EPF Withdrawal Form/Composite Claim Form

The PF withdrawal forms Which Need to Get filed Vary based on age, cause of asserting and regardless of no matter whether the worker remains working out.

Employees might need to exhibit the Composite declare Type as a way to earn settlement case or a withdrawal.

Files such as Form 19, Type and forms 31 10 C have to draw the exact money. these records are substituted. The entry of the sort doesn’t want attestation of their company.

When you’re Essential to complete that this Composite Claim Form that functions the intent behind 3 varieties –

Type 19 (For Closing PF Settlement), Type 10 C (For Pension Withdrawal) and forms 31 (To Get Part-withdrawal of all PF Amount). 

Documents Required

The following documents are required while applying for PF withdrawal-

  • Bank account statement
  • Two revenue stamps
  • Composite Claim Form
  • Personal information such as date of birth, father’s name, etc. should clearly match with the identity proof
  • One blank and cancelled cheque with clearly visible IFSC code and account number
  • Address proof
  • ID Proof

When an employee withdraws his PF level Years of constant provider, he’s accountable to ease ITR Types 3 and 2 so as to establish a breakup of the total deposited into PF accounts.

Benefits of EPF Withdrawal Online

Producing an EPF withdrawal maintain comes with a few Of advantages, a few that are recorded beneath –

Hassle-Free Withdrawal– The on-line procedure for EPF withdrawal claim prevents you away by the bother of browsing the PF workplace inperson and standing in lengthy queues.

Reduced Processing Time– Together Using internet asserts, the total amount is going to probably likely be processed and credited to your own bank accounts in just 15-20 days of this app.

This processing period could be paid down according to the us government aims.

No need to visit the previous employer for verification– Contrary to off line claims, whereas you’ve got to receive your paperwork exhibited from the company, on line claims become checked mechanically.

That is particularly useful because it prevents them out of the issue of traveling very long distances or sending the files for those that have transferred to your different city.

Taxation on EPF Withdrawal

The corpus out of EPF withdrawal is exempt out of Revenue nevertheless, just under selected states, that can be the following –

The worker Needs to Have donated into this EPF Accounts for 5 continuous decades; profits made ahead of enough period of time of five years aren’t taxfree

If There’s a fracture in Even the EPF Total is taxable The time period; at the instance, the full amount is going to probably be redeemed

TDS is deducted on withdrawal of this EPF Corpus, just if if the number will be greater than Rs. 50,000

When a Worker supplies all the to his PAN card App, he’ll soon probably likely be having to pay a TDS of $ 10 percent; where as a 30 percent TDS and tax is going to need to pay in the event the worker does not supply his card

Employees Will Need to meet Type Announcement in case their entire income isn’t taxable

When an employee chooses to move money from His/her PF accounts from the National Pension Scheme (NPS), he isn’t going to be able to pay for taxation upon such drawback

When custody has been maintained by an employee on EPF Participation for its several decades on EPF according to Part 80C,

he’ll be responsible to pay for tax upon employer’s contribution worker’s donation and interest on just about every deposit.

But in case he/she failed to assert it at the last calendar year, the worker’s participation role is going to probably be deducted in taxation.

The taxation which the worker is responsible to cover is Depend up on his wages at the season of withdrawal.

Factors To Think about Before Applying for EPF Withdrawal

  • Provident Fund pulled within Five Years of support is taxable.
  • If You’re Changing up Your occupation, then you definitely certainly do not Require To draw your PF account: you ought to move your PF number into your account alternatively
  • You’re Not Permitted to draw your PF equilibrium of A job at which you’re presently working
  • Lack of PF equilibrium or Advance is Allowed just under selected states
  • You need to before You Try to Apply to get EPF withdrawal –
  • Update your own Aadhar number in UAN portal site
  • Get your Aadhar authenticated with your own company
  • Connect your Aadhar into UAN
  • Fill out in the EPF withdrawal type On-line

An Individual May draw 90 percent of the PF Balance following age 54 years.

Limitations of EPF Withdrawal

Employees may withdraw their EPF corpus under These requirements –

Construction/Purchase of House

  • The worker Has to Be in constant Support for five years.
  • Simply the PF Account-holder, along with also his partner May Apply for withdrawal.
  • The Sum That Can be removed is Limited to 24 times the Month-to-month wages for buying or 36 times the Month-to-month wages in the Event of construction and purchase (either ).

Repayment of Home Loan

  • The worker Ought to Be in constant Support for 3 years.
  • Simply the PF Account-holder, along with also his partner May Apply for withdrawal.
  • 90 percent of this total sum could be withdrawn.

Renovation of House

  • The worker Ought to Be in constant support for Five Years from the date of conclusion of building of the Home.
  • Simply the PF Account-holder, along with also his partner May Apply for withdrawal.
  • Number equivalent to 12 times the Month-to-month wages could be withdrawn.


  • A worker Has to Be in constant support for seven years.
  • Even the PF account holder, so his sisters and/or kids Are Able to Apply for withdrawal.
  • 50 percent of their worker’s participation with curiosity could be withdrawn

Medical treatment

  • That Is no requirement of minimal work period interval.
  • Even the PF account holder, even his or her parents spouse or kids May Apply for withdrawal.
  • An amount 6 days that his wages, whichever is leaner or share using interest could be withdrawn.


If we work in any company, then money is deducted from our salary every month on behalf of the company. Which we can also call pf amount. In this article, all information about it has been given.

EPF Claim FAQs

How to check PF claim status?

  • Locate EPFO alternative in the House of the App Webpage.
  • Pick out ‘Employee Centric Services’ Choice.
  • Next the ‘Track Claim’ selection.
  • Input UAN and just simply click ‘Access OTP’.
  • Input the OTP made to confirm and Click the ‘log in’ alternative’

Why my PF claim status is under process?

EPF claim status under procedure implies application survey/review is finished and they will support the application in interim. EPFO is making all its exchange through national electronic fund transfer (NEFT).

How do I resubmit my rejected PF claim?

This is the fastest method to get the reject reason. You would then be able to cause the vital amendments, to get the progressions endorsed in the PF website by your past boss, and afterward resubmit your case online as you had done already.

How many days will it take for PF final settlement?

At the point when a worker applies for EPF claim online then it takes 5-30 days to get the PF sum into the financial balance. At the point when a worker applies for the case in disconnected mode then it takes 20-30 days.

Can I cancel an online PF Advance Claim Form 31?

No, there is no arrangement at present to cancel an online EPF Advance Claim Form 31. There may be a prerequisite to contact the EPFO Regional office. Referenced beneath is the bit by bit technique for pulling back PF sum on the web. Confirm the withdrawal and submit.

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