Changelly Mobile App Review

About Changelly Mobile App

Changelly is one of the fasted and trusted cryptocurrency exchange. Changelly mobile app is a first choice for traders who want fast execution of orders. Changelly app allows fast hassle free transaction of cryptocurrency at one go.

Changelly app supports 160+ cryptos, altcoins, stablecoins and tokens  including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, EOS and Litecoin. It allows fast swap among any of these cryptocurrencies without involvement of any fiat currency.

Changelly Logo
Changelly Logo

Changelly as a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2015 in Malta, presently it is headquatered in Hong Kong. Changelly is currently owned and operated by Fintechvision Limited. Changelly is a non – custodial crypto exchange which makes it stand out from other crypto exchanges. At the same time Changelly operates by directly swaping the funds for cryptocurrency instead of storing it, which makes it most secure and trustworthy than many other crypto exchanges.

This article is based on Changelly and Changelly mobile app.

Changelly App Review

Changelly mobile app was launched in 2019, it allows instant exchange of cryptocurrencies.  Changelly: Instant Bitcoin and Crypto Exchange app for android is developed by Changelly while Changelly: Crypto Exchange – Buy & Sell BTC and Altcoins for iOS is developed by Fintechvision Limited.

Changelly Mobile App
Changelly Mobile App

The  Changelly: Instant Bitcoin and Crypto Exchange app for android has a wonderful rating of 4.4/5 which is one of the highest among finance apps in Google Play store. It has been downloaded more than 1,000 times and is pretty newcomer to the Google Play Store.

Changelly: Crypto Exchange – Buy & Sell BTC and Altcoins for iOS  has an outstanding rating of 4.9/5, which is just phenomenal among finance apps In Apple App Store.

Changelly Mobile App Interface
Changelly Mobile App Interface

Features of Changelly Mobile App

  1. Changelly mobile app is known for its fast transactions in a compact and easy platform. All the orders are claimed to be executed within 5 – 30 minutes.
  2. Changelly offers high exchange limit to its users. It has high flexibility of transaction from small transaction limit to an unlimited limited.
  3. Changelly offers a transparent fee structure, it also offers one of lowest transaction fee.
  4. Changelly offers 24/7 customer support to its users. Live chat support is available and can be availed in multiple languages.
  5. One of the most lucrative feature of changelly is its non – custodial nature.
  6. Changelly is friendly to beginners as well. It provides a cryptocurrency crashcourse to its users free. The course is designed in an exceptional way for crypto traders from  basic to advanced level.

Changelly Mobile app Compatibility

The Changelly app is supported in android as well as iOS platforms. The changelly apps supports multiple sharing and can be used in multiple devices by the users.

  • File Size – Changelly: Instant Bitcoin and Crypto Exchange app for android has a size of 13 MB. While, Changelly: Crypto Exchange – Buy & Sell BTC and Altcoins for iOS  has a size of 74.1 MB.
  • OS Versions – Android version 4.4 or higher is required for operating changelly app in android and iOS version 10.0 or later is required for operating changelly in iOS platform.

Changelly Mobile app Pros & Cons

Changelly Mobile app Pros

  1. Changelly app allows fast transaction in less than 30 minutes.
  2. Changelly app offers high privacy to users, especially while exchange of cryptos. Users are not required to register for exchanging cryptos. Registration and KYC is only required for buying cryptos.
  3. Changelly allows flexibility while using fiat currency for transacting crypto. Users can choose among USD, EUR and GBP.
  4. Changelly app offers multi – currency wallet , which can be used to store a variety of tokens and coins.
  5. Changelly app provides a transparent system for dealing with cryptocurrencies.
  6. Dark mode available for better user experience.
  7. Platform is well known for high liquidity, which caters the needs of users for different cryptos.

Changelly Mobile app Cons

  1. Changelly app is pretty new and was launched in 2019, it still has to prove itself.
  2. Users do not have the option to view the real time value of cryptos in fiat currency while exchanging.
  3. When it comes to buying cryptos in changelly, the charges are pretty high due to involvement of third – parties.


Changelly app is a decentralized and non – custodial crypto exchange app which gives a true sense for cryptocurrencies. Due to these features changelly differs from other centralized crypto exchanges. For this purpose changelly includes third – party platforms for adding fiat currency for buying cryptos, giving more flexibility and better experience to users. It allows users to buy crytos even from credit cards.

Changelly app has transformed the working for traditional crypto exchanges. It has allowed great flexibility for crypto traders. In order to provide more benefits to the users, it brings 160+ cryptos to a single platform. The app has significantly contributed in crypto swaps, and has become one of the first choice for crypto swap in a short period of time. It provides all necessities of crypto swaps from real time price to a transparent  transaction system that too at a fixed price of 0.25%.

Further, the integration of Changelly with Binance, Trezor, Ledger, Coinomi and exodus makes it more authentic and trustworthy.

The changelly has grown at an exceptional rate and promises of a great future and so do Changelly app too.

Changelly Mobile app FAQs

Q. Is the app free?

A. The app is free. Changelly only incurs transaction charge while exchanging cryptos, that too is low.

Q. Does Changelly offers any referral program?

A. Yes, Changelly offers a referral or affiliate program which a commission rate of 50%.

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