Bonanza Capital Markets Pvt. Ltd. FAQs – Demat & Trading Account Related General Questions & Answers


Bonanza Capital Market Ltd is a top brokerage firm that has been in brokerage trading since 1995. It has widespread in India operating in over 560 cities. People are usually curious to know more about the operations of this successful brokerage firm. 

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions About Bonanza Capital.

Q. 1 Who are the directors behind Bonanza Capital?

Ans. Rekha Modi and Ramesh Modi are the enviable directors of Bonanza Capital.

Q. 2 When was Bonanza Capital incorporated?

Ans. Bonanza Capital was officially registered on 21 July 1995

Q. 3 Where is the official registered office of Bonanza Capital?

Ans. The official registered office address is at 13/2 MISTRY BUILDING 635J S S ROAD DHOBI TALAV MUMBAI MH 400002 INDIA.


Q. 4 What is the total Authorized Capital shares?

Ans. Bonanza Capital has a total of 307.0 lakhs of authorized capital with only 18.4231 lakhs as paid-up. This indicates that Bonanza Capital still had a great future to expand its business scope.

Q. 5 Does Bonanza Capital has wide spread across India?

Ans. As a firsthand brokerage house, Bonanza has one of the expected spread in India. It has established its presence in more than 1784 outlets in more than 560 cities in India.

Q. 6 In which areas of brokerage is Bonanza Capital active?

Ans. Bonanza Capital has verified services across all verticals in finance trading from Advisory Services, Equity Broking, Depository Services Portfolio Management Services, Mutual Fund Investments, and Insurance.

Q. 7 Is Bonanza a reliable and dependable brokerage firm?

Ans. Bonanza Capital has trading afflation with man quality financial operators such as NSE, BSE, MSEI, MCX, NCDEX, NMCE, ICEX, CDSL and NSDL which are the best in the industry in India. This guarantees the reliability and dependability of Bonanza Capital.

Q. 8 How can Bonanza Capital help me to enhance my investment activities?

Ans. Bonanza Capital always helps its clients with capabilities on NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX; provides an online trading facility, daily market analysis, and quality advisory reports that empowers its clients in the financial trading schemes.

Q. 9 How can I trade with Bonanza Capital?

Ans. To start trading with Bonanza requires you to go through the simple, fast, and easy registration steps as stipulated on its website.

Q. 10 What are the 3 ways I can trade with Bonanza?

Ans. You can trade online on your desktop using different platforms; call-in–trade; Contact or visit Bonanza office nearest to you to place your order.

Q. 11 How can I get further support from Bonanza Capital?

Ans. You can access further details by calling the Toll Free Number: 1800 266 6655 , +91 022 30863777or send an Email to [email protected]

Q. 12 Can I buy or sell my stocks on Bonanza platforms?

Ans. Yes, you can buy or sell stocks or perform other financial activities on Bonanza platforms at the prevailing market price.

Q. 13 How can someone who doesn’t speak English register with Bonanza Capital?

Ans. Bonanza registration documents are already translated from English into several other languages to assist non-English speaking potential clients for a better understanding of the contents.

Q. 14 What are the Bonanza features of Currency derivatives?

Ans. Bonanza Capital currency derivatives include Trading Ideas, Daily Forex Insight, Weekly Forex Insight and Positional Calls.

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Q. 15 What is Bonanza My E-Trade?

Ans. My E-Trade is an online trading product from the Bonanza Capital Group. It allows investors to use the fastest technically advanced channels of trading with the lowest cost and enhanced flexibility to trade from any part of the world.

Q. 16 Can investors trade on different trading platforms simultaneously on Bonanza Capital?

Ans. An investor can choose to invest and trade on different trading platforms without losing funds as Bonanza Capital effectively manages all the trading activities on the clients’ behalves.

Q. 17 What are the benefits of Commodity trading on Bonanza Capital?

Ans. Bonanza furnishes its investors on a commodity with details of commodity views on agriculture and non-agriculture, weekly reports, monthly updates, trading ideas, and positional calls.

Q. 18 What are the charges per trading?

Ans. Bonanza Capital offers the lowest brokerage rates at just Rs.18/order without hidden charges

Q. 19 Does Bonanza Capital offers training for its clients?

Ans. Bonanza Capital Group offers extensive training to its clients via consultation, Hand-holding, training, and dedicated support through voice and video.

Q. 20 Can Bonanza Capital offer full access to NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX? 

Ans. Bonanza offers access to Derivatives, Equity, Commodity, and Currency trading on its one-stop-shop platform for smooth trading.

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Q. 21 Must a client visit the registered office or a branch office before trading?

Ans. You don’t need to visit the headquarters or any branch office of Bonanza before you can trade. You can trade online from anywhere using any device like Laptop, Desktop, Tablets, and Mobile. You will still enjoy the same lowest brokerage rates without hidden charges.

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Q. 22 Is investment with Bonanza Capital Group secured?

Ans. Bonanza is securely affiliated with Merchant Banker duly registered with the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI). It leverages the strong business relationships with NBFCs, Banking Institutions, Lending Agencies, Private Equity and Venture capital Investors, HNIs and Corporate to provide unmatchable trading services.

Q. 23 Can I invest through Bonanza Capital if I’m not a resident in India?

Ans. Bonanza Capital offers services beyond borders to Non-Resident India (NRI) who desires to invest in India. The Bonanza capital offers services to NRI through its dedicated NRI desk in E-broking, Retail broking, Portfolio Management Services, Demat, Real Estate, Mutual Funds/IPO/Bond, Equity Research, and Advisory Services.

Q. 24 How can I apply and register for NRI?

Ans. To register for Bonanza Capital NRI, call its Free toll Numbers 1800 266 6655; +91 022 30863777 OR send an Email message to [email protected]

Q. 25 What are the categories of Mutual Funds offered by Bonanza Capital?

Ans. Bonanza Capital offers services on both Open-Ended and Closed-Ended mutual funds trading for long term growth and Reliable risk management support enhanced with high precision asset management solutions. 

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