Top 10 Best Stock Market Books For Beginners In India

Best Stock Market Books In India

There are many websites and blogs related to stock markets, but it is tough to find a decent stock market book. Both a newcomer and the seasoned veteran need help from time to time.

Here in this section, we will look at the very best stock market books for the Indian readers. We will look at books in English as well as in the various regional languages spoken in the country. We will see what factors make them the best.

Entering this field with a lack of knowledge can mean certain doom for you, financially more so. That is why you need to know the rudiments of the stock market. You cannot find them in websites and blogs as accurate as in any stock market book.

Moreover, you can also learn a variety of stuff related to the stock market such as terminologies used in the stock market, the possible ways to invest in the market, various myths regarding the stocks and the stock market.

You can get many tips to convert losses into gains as well as avoiding the losses in the first place and lots more.

In this list, you will find some of the best selling stock market books, as well as trading books from Indian authors. We will also try to see some of the regional stock market books as well.

Top 10 Stock Market Books For Beginners

1. One Up On Wall Street: How to Use What You Already Know To Make Money in the Market

  • Author: Peter Lynch & John Rothchild;
  • Published In November 1988;
  • Publisher Name: Simon & Schuster (Kindle); Penguin Books (Paperback)
  • Formats: Two; Kindle & Paperback;
  • Current Edition: 2nd (Kindle);
  • About Author(s):
Best Stock Market Books In India

Published by Peter Lynch & John Rothchild, this book was originally published on November 30th, 1988 and has been a bestseller as a stock market book till date. Later on, in  April 2000, Simon & Schuster published the Kindle version of the book.

Peter Lynch is a former fund manager as well as an investor from the USA. Between 1977 and 1990, he served as the manager of the Magellan fund at Fidelity Investments. Being one of the best in his field, he also comes from that rare breed of fund managers who gave a generous return to their investors for over 13 years consecutively. John Rothchild is a freelance writer who specializes in financial matters and has co-authored over dozens of stock market books.

  • Key Features:

This stock market book is not just about the traders and investors, instead of the common man. How they can gain generous returns from their investments. He attempts to demolish the myth of the so-called investment gurus and states that even a common man can become successful in the stock market with a little research and a stout discipline.

This stock market book has many great investing strategies and ideas that can profit anyone. He has shared some great advisories in the book:

⇒     He points out that one should always invest what he/she can afford to lose so that this loss should not affect your daily routine in the foreseeable future to come;

⇒     He says that a stout discipline must be there in everyday life of the investor, with a few qualities like most importantly patience, the willingness to research beforehand on the next venture, as well as self-reliance and common sense, etc. In essence, a person needs to be flexible;

⇒     For better results, Peter Lynch suggests that investing in companies are much safer than investing in securities;

⇒     Short term fluctuations are bound to happen; you need to ignore them;

⇒     There is a very important Don’t that Peter Lynch has said over and over; not to predict the economy; you can’t, what you can do is to learn its flows and trends and invest accordingly.

  • Price: Rs. 424
  • Buy: There are a number of more tips and tricks to the stock market in this stock market book. You can buy it at Amazon from Here. BUY NOW

2. The Intelligent Investor: A Definitive Book On Value Investing

  • Author: Benjamin Graham;
  • Published In: 1949;
  • Publisher Name: Harper Business;
  • Formats: Three; Kindle, Hardcover & Audio CD;
  • Current Edition: 3rd;
  • About the Author:
Best Stock Market Books In India 1

Benjamin Graham was a British-American investor, as well as an economist and professor. He is known as the “Father of Value Investing”. This stock market book is one of his most distinguished works. The book was published first in 1949. His works in this field, aka Managerial Economics, have paved the way for many modern approaches in a mutual fund, hedge fund and many other such value investment options.

❖     Key Features:

This is one of the oldest stock market books available in the market. Benjamin Graham is said by many to be the Isaac Newton of finances. He is also known as the Father of Value Investing. Many newcomers to veterans in the field take help from this book when it comes to value investing. In this stock market book, there are some key features:

⇒     Most of the principles that are followed by the present-day investors come from Graham himself. In this stock market book, he has introduced many strategies and techniques for investing safely. During his lifetime, Graham always excelled at making money for himself as well as his clients. And he never took significant risks.

⇒     In the investor’s circle, Graham’s work is regarded to be extraordinary. He practically created the post of a security analyst. He was the mentor of another well known and respected name in the circles, Warren Buffet.

⇒     This stock market book brings various investment policies to the common man. With Graham, even the hard and complicated financial theories become simple enough concepts for the stock investor to understand and what’s more to implement. According to Graham’s theory, people always ‘follow the market’; however, it should not be done so, and Graham proposes to employ investment schemes according to the fundamental stock analysis.

  • Price: Rs. 479
  • Buy: You can buy the hardcover or eBook from Amazon right here. BUY NOW

3.How to Make Money with Candlestick Charts

  • Author: Balkrishna M. Sadekar;
  • Published In: July 2015 (Kindle); December 2011 (Paperback);
  • Publisher Name: Vision Books (both Kindle & Paperback);
  • Formats: Two; Kindle & Paperback;
  • Current Edition: 2nd (Kindle);
  • About Author(s):
Best Stock Market Books In India

The author, Balkrishna M. Sadekar, is the founder of the US-based Profitable Candlestick Charting LLC. It is an educational organization that provides training to stock traders. The practise focuses on the use of candlestick charting, which has been used by Japanese rice traders for over four centuries.

He is also a member of one of the leading organizations for technical analysts, the He has a master’s degree in engineering and a passion for investor psychology analysis. He has been a trader for over a decade.

❖     Key Features:

Japanese rice traders have been using candlestick charting methods for over four centuries and that too successfully. What if we said that the same concept is also applicable to the stock market? Well, that is all that the stock market book is all about.

This traditional Japanese charting system concept can also be brought into the stock market charting with some refined and tested features. You can get to know about the various candlesticks charting method from this stock market book. From this book, we can learn a great many numbers of things like,

⇒     Recognizing and understanding some of the significant candlestick signals as well as their use;

⇒     The market psychology underneath each candle signal;

⇒     Combining the  highly efficient oriental techniques to the most applicable western analysis to gain an advantage in the market;

⇒     To provide a simple trading platform with a mechanism based on the candle signals plus the technical analysis of each signal;

⇒     Using candlestick charts to make money from long term trading and investing options.

Price: Rs. 469.

Buy: you can buy the book in both Paperback and Kindle format at Amazon. Click right here!

4. Bharatiya Share Bazaarachi Olakh: Guide to Indian Stock Market (Marathi)

  • Author: Jitendra Gala;
  • Published In: 2007;
  • Publisher Name: Buzzingstock Publishing House;
  • Formats: Only Paperback;
  • Current Edition: 2nd;
  • Language: Marathi;
  • Key Features:

This regional stock market book is a guide to the Indian stock market written in Marathi, by Jitendra Gala. This book is from an Indian author, just like the last one. Some of the key features of this book are:

Best Stock Market Books In India

This regional stock market book is a guide to the Indian stock market written in Marathi, by Jitendra Gala. This book is from an Indian author, just like the last one. Some of the key features of this book are:

⇒     It gives a good basic knowledge of the stock market, its functionalities and terminologies;

⇒     It talks about the primary as well as secondary markets;

⇒     You can learn about the benefits of investing in the market;

⇒     You can also learn about the various trading options available like Debt Investments, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, Commodities, etc.;

⇒     The book also gives a technical and fundamental analysis of the trends in the market.

Price: Rs. 200

Buy: you can buy at Amazon from here.

5.Beating the Street

  • Author: Peter Lynch;
  • Published In: January 1992;
  • Publisher Name: Simon & Schuster (Kindle); Penguin Books (Hardcover);
  • Formats: Two; Kindle & Hardcover;
  • Current Edition: unknown;
  • Key Features:
Top stock market Book

Another fascinating stock market book from Peter Lynch. This book showcases Lynches own ideas & strategies in investing in the stock market. He adds on advice to the readers that it is best to invest in mutual funds to get better returns.

The stock market book encompasses various market scenarios that may occur and possible ways to tackle them. According to Lynch, stocks are never to be seen as lottery tickets. You must always remember that behind every stock there is one company, big or small.

Price: Rs. 1416.

Buy: You can get the book on Amazon here. You can buy audio cassettes in the book as well. BUY NOW

6. How to Make Money In Day Trading

  • Author: Mandar Jamsandekar;
  • Published In: February 2016;
  • Publisher Name: Vision Books;
  • Formats: Two; Kindle & Paperback;
  • Current Edition: unknown;
  • Key Features:
stock market book

This stock market book is a relatively new one by the Indian author Mandar Jamsandekar, a renowned name in the Indian stock market.

Some of the key features of the book are:

⇒     It gives a clear idea about the trends in the stock market;

⇒     The book deals with the fundamentals of day trading;

⇒     It provides an insight into the dos and don’ts of day trading;

⇒     Illustrates various day trading strategies;

⇒     The author has incorporated his experience in the field with the applications of the strategies discussed in the book.

Price: Rs. 259.

Buy: You can buy this stock market book at Amazon from here.

7. The Warren Buffett Way Investment Strategies of the World’s Greatest Investor

  • Author: Robert G. Hagstrom;
  • Published In: 1994;
  • Publisher Name: Wiley;
  • Formats: Two; Kindle & Hardcover;
  • Current Edition: 3rd;
  • About Author(s):

Robert G. Hagstrom is an American investor, who is in the large-cap growth sector. He has published a number of stock market books. He uses academic as well as literature as a guide in his investment strategies.

Key Features:

stock market book

The book deals with the various investment policies as stated by Warren Buffet, a student of Benjamin Graham, the father of value investments. Some of the key features of the book are:

⇒     Innovative thought processes for long-term investments like Warren Buffet;

⇒     It talks about how loss aversion can become a big obstacle in the way for most of the investors;

⇒     Why one must behave rationally in relation to the ups and downs of the market is important;

⇒     A recent analysis of various scenarios like the acquisition of H.J. Heinz by IBM and his investments in the popular company.

Other than this, there are a number of great insights to the stock market world.

Price: Rs. 1129.

Buy: buy at Amazon from here.

8. The Little Book That Beats the Market

❖     Author: Joel Greenblatt;

❖     Published In: December 1999;

❖     Publisher Name: John Wiley & sons;

❖     Formats: two; Kindle and Hardcover;

❖     Current Edition: unknown;

❖     About Author(s):

Stock market Books for beginner

Joel Greenblatt is another popular investor writer, with more than a dozen of stock market books to his name. He is yet another renowned name in the market having written so many books.

❖     Key Features:

The book has been a New York bestseller for several years since its publication in 1999. There are various features of the book:

⇒     It talks about how investors have the potential to outperform the market standards;

⇒     It carries a detailed analysis of recent financial trends in the stock market;

⇒     The book has the scope to explore the basic principles of successful investments;

⇒     Joel Greenblatt has tried to set up scenarios where his argument is that the common trader can gain from the market without being picked on by the coyotes of the field.

❖     Price: Rs. 1278.

❖     Buy: Buy the book from Amazon.

9. How To Make Money In Trading Derivatives: An Insider’s Guide

  1. Author: Ashwini Gujral;
  2. Published In: December 2008;
  3. Publisher Name: Orient Paperbacks;
  4. Formats: Two; Kindle & Paperback;
  5. Current Edition: unknown;
  6. About the author:
How to make money by stock market

Ashwini Gujral is one of the Chief Market Strategist in the country. He has previously worked at ET Now’s panel as well. He also holds the experience of working with CNBC-TV 18. Apart from this, he has also written a number of stock market books. He is a renowned name in the Indian Stock  Market.

❖     Key Features:

This is a great stock market book that tells you how to make money by trading in derivatives. The book has various features:

⇒     Gives insight into derivative trading;

⇒     The author’s experience gives the book practicality in the field;

⇒     Focuses on various technical signals that are to be considered while trading;

⇒     Future trading strategies like swing trading is explained in details;

⇒     The book is full of real life scenarios and how they should be approached.

❖     Price: Rs. 460.

❖     Buy: Buy the book from Amazon.

10. Bharatiya Share Bazaar Nu Margdarshan: A Guide to Indian Stock Market (Gujrati)

❖     Author: Jitendra Gala;

❖     Published In: 2007;

❖     Publisher Name: Buzzingstock Publishing House;

❖     Formats: Only Paperback;

❖     Current Edition: 1st;

❖     Language: Gujrati;

❖     Key Features:

share market books
  • The book is written in the regional language Gujrati;
  • It deals with the basics of investments in the stock market;
  • Discussions in detail about primary and secondary markets;
  • Throws light on the various trading options like derivatives, currencies, commodities, equities and more;

⇒     Taxation is also discussed here;

⇒     The book sets aside some golden rules for traders as well.

❖     Price: Rs. 200.

❖     Buy: Buy at Amazon.

Thus we have seen some of the best stock market books available in the market. You can buy the hardcopy versions from any online site like Amazon. You can also download the pdf of books. However, it is infrequent to find any free eBook; you will most probably have to buy the pdf format as well. Some have written these books of the most renowned names in the stock market.

We have seen why it has become necessary for any new trader or investor to read and understand these books. The stock market is a very dynamic body. Trends can change with a single change in the system, be it economic, aesthetical or human-influenced.

Before jumping into the market, one needs to be aware of the nature of the market. Yes, you can consult with a professional. But my personal recommendation is to read the books mentioned above, if not all of them.

Few More Regional Share Market Books

We have already seen above a couple of share market books by Indian authors, in some regional languages. Here I would like to mention a few more books available in regional languages of the country such as, Gujrati, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, etc.

Stock market books in Telugu

1. A to Z Investment Guide

❖     Author: Srinivas;

❖     Published In: 2012;

❖     Publisher Name: Swathi Publications;

❖     Formats: Only Paperback;

❖     Current Edition: unknown;

❖     Language: Telugu;

❖     Key Features:

⇒     This is yet another great book for those looking to invest in the stock market;

⇒     With this book you will have knowledge about everything you need to know before embarking on an investing plan in the stock market;

⇒     This book is helpful to both newcomers and stock market veterans.

❖     Price: Rs. 180.

❖     Buy: Buy at Amazon; click here.

2. Stock Market Technical Analysis Chart patterns

❖     Author: Srinivas;

❖     Published In: 2012;

❖     Publisher Name: Swathi Publications House;

❖     Formats: Only Paperback;

❖     Current Edition: unknown;

❖     Language: Telugu;

❖     Key Features:

⇒     This is a good book about the various technical analysis done in the share market;

⇒     The book is illustrative and simple in explaining the various analysis theories and calculations;

⇒     Educative to both the experienced and inexperienced trader.

❖     Price: Rs. 87.

❖     Buy: Buy from Amazon.

Stock market books in Gujarati

1. Future Ane Option Nu Margdarshan – Guide to Future & Options

Author: Ankit Gala & Jitendra Gala;

❖     Published In: 2007;

❖     Publisher Name: Buzzingstock Publishing House;

❖     Formats: Only Paperback;

❖     Current Edition: 1st;

❖     Language: Gujrati;

❖     Key Features:

⇒     This is a good book  about future and options trading;

⇒     It gives a good idea about the securities and derivatives market, how to use index and stock futures as well as the same for options;

⇒     It provides various tips on how to trade in these segments.

❖     Price: Rs. 225.

❖     Buy: Buy at Amazon.

2. Technical Analysis Ane Candlesticks Nu Margdarshan – Guide to Technical Analysis & Candlesticks

❖     Author: Ravi Patel;

❖     Published In: 2010;

❖     Publisher Name: Buzzingstock Publishing House;

❖     Formats: Only Paperback;

❖     Current Edition: 1st;

❖     Language: Gujrati;

❖     Key Features:

⇒     As you can see from the name this book deals with the various technical analysis in the stock market and related theories like the Stop Loss Theory;

⇒     It gives an overview about candlesticks and chart patterns;

⇒     The book explains the different steps involved in technical analysis.

❖     Price: Rs. 250.

❖     Buy: Click here to buy from Amazon.

Stock market books in Tamil

1. Intraday Secret Formula – The best and must-read book for each and every Share Trader

❖     Author: Kanna Thirugnanasammandar;

❖     Published In: 2018;

❖     Publisher Name: Nanayam Capital Services;;

❖     Formats: Only Paperback;

❖     Current Edition: unknown;

❖     Language: Tamil;

❖     Key Features:

⇒     With this complete guide, you can have a clear understanding of the various aspects of Intraday Trading;

⇒     The book tells you various facts such as the steps involved in choosing the right stock and observing its trends in the market;

⇒     It is a great book for beginners.

❖     Price: Rs. 1200.

❖     Buy: Buy here at Amazon.

2. Proven ways for Profitable Stock market investments

❖     Author: A. Ravimani;

❖     Published In: 2014;

❖     Publisher Name: Manimekalai;

❖     Formats: Only Paperback;

❖     Current Edition: 1st;

❖     Language: Tamil;

❖     Key Features:

⇒     This is a great book for those who are looking to profit from investing in the stock market rather than trade;

⇒     It covers all the basics of investing in the share market;

⇒     The book also gives a clear idea about the various investment segments in the market.

❖     Price: Rs. 250.

❖     Buy: Buy at Amazon, from here.

Stock market books in Bengali

1. Sheyar Bazare Ki Bhabe Safalata Arjan Korben

❖     Author: Dinkar Kumar;

❖     Published In: 2016;

❖     Publisher Name: Diamond Books;

❖     Formats: Only Paperback;

❖     Current Edition: unknown;

❖     Language: Bengali;

❖     Key Features:

⇒     This is another good stock market book from an Indian author in a regional language namely Bengali;

⇒     As is clear from the name, the book aims to provide readers with tricks and tips in the stock market, how to trade in it and keep your profits;

⇒     The book is really educative for anyone who wishes to start trading in the stock market.

❖     Price: Rs. 100.

❖     Buy: Buy at Amazon right here.

2. Art of Earning in Share Market

❖     Author: Arnav Kar;

❖     Published In: 2015;

❖     Publisher Name: NIG Publisher;

❖     Formats: Only Paperback;

❖     Current Edition: 4th;

❖     Language: Bengali;

❖     Key Features:

⇒     The book has the uniqueness of explaining how one can earn in the share market in very easy terms;

⇒     The book is really good for educational purposes;

⇒     It is a nice book if you want to know about your options in the share market.

❖     Price: Rs. 300.

❖     Buy: Buy at Amazon.

Being an investor in the stock market is not an easy thing. The concept may seem very straightforward; buy a stock when its value is low and sell it when it’s high. But believe me; it is not just about that. You need to know the market in order to succeed as an investor in the stock market. Thus, our blog today is all about the stock market and stock market books.

However, before we move onto that, I would like to talk in brief about the stock market, and its effect on the economy of a country. And why you need the share market books before and after you step onto the field.

This is mainly for the ones peeking into this type of a blog for the first time, although it does not hurt to know more. So keep reading!

A stock market or a share market is a collection of exchanges or venues where a network of economic transactions takes place through buying and selling of stocks (or shares). This buy-&-sell of stocks can also represent a transfer of ownership claims on businesses at times. Other than that, various public domain companies also issue their shares for investors.

Stocks or shares (also called equity) include various securities that are listed on various public exchanges across the country.

These can be financial in nature such as exchange traded funds or ETFs, various derivatives based on your own stock, etc. Other than that, there are various privately traded stocks like corporate bonds of private companies.

Nowadays, commodities, currencies and bonds are also traded. A good stock market book can help you learn more about how the market works.

There can be multiple such venues of trade in a country called stock exchanges. When you consider all these exchanges, then you get the stock market of a country.

In India, some of the major stock exchanges are the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange, both in Bombay; the Calcutta Stock Exchange Limited in Kolkata, which is the oldest in South Asia from 1908. There is also the INDIA INX or India International Exchange located in Gujrat.

I know most of the things are not making sense right now.  You probably also didn’t know about so many exchanges in our country. You’ll be baffled to know that there are more than just those four.

That is why you need to read the share market books. Don’t worry; they have got books on Indian stock market for beginners as well.

It needs not to be said, that a stock market can deeply affect the economy of a state (or country). The ups and downs of the stock market prices can inevitably affect various factors in the economy of a country & its people.

It can aid or disrupt customer-business confidence. This can have a direct or indirect effect on the country’s economy. As according to either a Bull or Bear Market, these price movements have a direct effect on the Gross Domestic Product or GDP of a country.

That is just about the consumers, businesses also are affected by the stock market scenario.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you need to know before you start investing or trading in the stock market. See, you didn’t know that you can be either an investor or a trader in the market.

With the stock market books available in the market, you can get to know more about being an investor and/or trader.

Share Market Books

So, let’s start talking about the stock market books. There are a number of stock market books available in the market. You can find books in English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati and other regional languages in the country.

We have already seen why stock market books are important. In short, all the technical analysis of the market trends is available there for beginners.

Furthermore, you can find a pdf of the best books to learn on the internet; some you can read for free, but in most of the cases you have to buy. In my personal opinion, it is best to buy a few books if you are serious about it.

With a share market book, you can understand what the stock market really is. Let’s face it; the explanation was not an apt explanation at all.

You can learn about the two main factions of the share market, the investors and traders and what their fundamental differences and functions are in the market. Most importantly you will get to know about how the market works and the current trends in the market from stock market books.

So, let’s get right to it: The Top 10 Stock Market Books!   

These books address the historical background of the stock market and bring out the reasons for taking the steps while investing or trading with stocks.

There are various ways in which the stock market can affect your financial status. If you are not aware of the market itself then you can never succeed there. This can cause serious financial damage.

For a beginner it is most necessary to read these books and gain the basic knowledge about how the stock market functions, what terminologies are related to it, and what strategies should be taken and when.

Without knowing all these factors you cannot trade or invest in the stock market.

There are many books on the subject but to find a good stock market book is very difficult.

In India, due to Her unity in diversity, various stock market books in regional languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, Tamil, etc. have also been written in the recent years.

Other than that, most of the stock market books from Indian authors have various editions based on these regional languages.

There are some more books that deserve a mention in this regard. These are:

1.          Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits by Philip A. Fisher;

2.          A Random Walk Down Wall Street, by Burton G. Malkiel;

3.          Stocks for the Long Run, by Jeremy Siegel;

4.          Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert T. Kiyosaki;

5.      Common Sense on Mutual Funds, by John Bogle.

These books are also insightful to the cause. In most cases we have seen that the authors themselves are involved in the stock market.

Well, how come would they have authored bestsellers? Anyhow, these books are very important not just for beginners but also for the seasoned veterans of the stock market.

Books on chart patterns and analytics are a very good source to understand the trends. Say, for example, you have bought shares at Rs. 90 each.

Now, you are looking to sell those shares when their values increase from Rs. 90 to say Rs.120. however, if you do not know how to recognize the trends in the market, you will never understand what time is ripe for selling those shares.

Experts will tell you that without self-experience you cannot truly understand the market. While it is true, you will also have to consider that you will be putting yourself into a big risk if you have no weapon in your arsenal.

These stock market books are your arsenal and the strategies and research reports they furnish are your weapons in the field.

That is precisely why I recommend you to go through the stock market books and get a general understanding of things related to the market.

I hope this article has been helpful to you. Have a good time trading and investing with these stock market books.

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