Top 10 Best Stock Broker In India – Explain ( Choose Lowest Brokerage Demat Account )

Today we will talk about India’s top 10 best stock brokers in india. There are two ways stock brokers in India, full service and discount stock brokers. Discount brokers charge low brokerage while brokerage charges with full service are high, but they tag along with extra services like products for first-time investors’ personal advisor, etc.

There is no best broker. It all depends on the efficiency of services, the stability of the platform, etc. Top full services brokers are

  • HDFC securities
  • ICICI securities
  • Motilal Oswal Financial Services
  • Angel broking
  • Choice Broking

Top Discount Brokers

  • Zerodha
  • Upstox
  • 5 paisa

First, let’s look at what aspects we have put forward, preparing this list. Top factor: –

  • Brokerage and other charges
  • Trading platform and performance
  • Research and marketing tips
  • Customer service
  • Range of trading products
  • Offline presence
  • Customer education
  • Exposure and leverage offered

So, with a mix of all these Factors, which stockbrokers, the value of which method is provided to their clients. First, we want to show that this is not a ranking.

It’s just a list that we have received through the service and research through. Top Ten Stock Broker In INDIA


2.Upstox (RKSV)

3. 5paisa

4.Angel Broking

5.Motilal Oswal

6.Astha Trade


8.Trading bell

9.Master Trust

10.HDFC securities

Top 10 Best Stock Broker In India

#1 Zerodha

The first thing to do about ZERODHA Company, which is the first stock broking company in discount broking in India. To open an account with them you also must give₹ 300 annually to maintain the account.

The brokerage flat is Rs. 20 or point 1% So if you trade on a small level of capital then ₹ will generate less than 20 brokerages. So, if you trade on a small level of capital then ₹ will generate less than 20 brokerages.

So, in that case there is an edge of Zerodha Company from the rest of the discount stock broker. And the company claims to be “India’s first discount brokerage” having debuted the “discount broking” model in India that is popular in developed markets.

The model exempts customers from any broking charges on trades and transactions and favors traders who take large futures contact.

Instead, a flat fee of a maximum of Rs: 20 is applied to a trade, irrespective of its size.

In December 2015, Zerodha became the first Indian stock broker to offer brokerage and commission-free equity investments.

Zerodha customers can invest in Equities, Futures and Options, small cases and Mutual Funds. Currently, they do not offer IPOs as part of their services.

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In addition, their products include advanced charting for intra-day traders.  Zerodha became a self-clearing member and started giving out loans against securities in 2019. Zerodha has a client base of 1.5millioncustomers.

The company offers commodities trading via its wholly-owned subsidiary, Zerodha Commodities Pvt. Ltd.

As of 2019, Zerodha is the largest retail stock broker in India by an active client base and contributes upwards of 10% of daily retail volumes across Indian stock exchanges.

#2 Upstox

RKSV is an India-based discount brokerage company head quartered in Mumbai, India that holds memberships with NSE, BSE, MCX, and MCX-SX.

The company allows retail investors and institutional corporations in India the ability to invest in stocks, futures, options, currencies and commodities at lower rates compared to traditional full-service brokers.

RKSV was formed in 2009 by three co-founders: Raghu Kumar, Ravi Kumar and Shrinivas Viswanath.

Prior to being RKSV founders, the first two of the three co-founders, Ravi and Raghu, are brothers, ran their own proprietary trading fund in the US before moving to India.

And for the next three years, the company only did proprietary trading. In 2011-12, RKSV opened to the general public by entering retail broking and launched an online-only unlimited trading plan that allowed retail traders to cut down considerably on their brokerage costs.

This was soon followed by a blanket-brokerage package that allowed their customers to trade without limit for Rs. 1947 per month. Apart from introducing a flat-fee pay-as-you-go trading.

They launched many new brokerage plans over time, including 5 free trades per month in 2014 that supposedly was intended to increase investor participation. RKSV renamed as Upstox RKSV raises a Series A round with Kalaari Capital, Ratan Tata,& GVK Davix.

Upstox is a trading platform from RKSV. The suite of products includes native mobile applications, web trading platform, and a desktop trading platform.

It offers features such as charting indicators, margin trading, margin against shares, and zero brokerage trades on Equity stocks for delivery.

#3 India Infoline (IIFL)

IIFL was founded on Oct 17, 1995 by Nirmal Jain, a 1986 graduate from the University of Mumbai and an alumnus of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Jain is among the few successful entrepreneurs post the economic liberalization era in India ushered by PV Narasimha Rao.

Jain was previously employed with Hindustan Lever Limited. The company was founded as Probity Research and Services Private Limited which provided research on the Indian economy, businesses and corporates.

The name was later changed to India Infoline Limited. IIFL along with few other top brokers have been accused of various irregularities on NSEL.

Agencies including EOW-Mumbai and SFIO have found the top 5 brokers including IIFL guilty ofmis selling NSEL contracts, KYC manipulation, client code modification, benami transactions & infusion of black money through their NBFCs on the Exchange platform.

The EOW had arrested senior employees of three brokerages namely IIFL, Motilal Oswal & Anand Rathi in March, 2015. This was followed by the market regulator, SEBI issuing multiple show-cause notices to the brokers in 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 respectively.

The EOW-Mumbai in its supplementary charge sheet has also accused the three brokerage IIFL, Motilal Oswal & Anand Rathi of cheating clients.

In February 2019, SEBI declared IIFL and Motilal Oswal ‘not fit and proper’ as commodity derivative brokers based on the recommendations of SFIO & EOW’s report. IIFL has been awarded by Euromoney for the Best Private Banking Services Overall in India for 2017.

It has also been adjudged as the Best Private Bank in India at the Global Finance Best Private Bank Awards in 2017.

#4 Angel Broking

Angel Broking is an Indian stock brokerage firm established in 1987. The company is a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange of India (NSE), National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX) and Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX).

It is a depository participant with Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL).

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The company has 8500+ sub-brokers and franchisee outlets in more than 900 cities across India. Angel Broking offers products such as Angel Eye, Angel BEE mutual fund app.

Angel SpeedPro, Angel Trade and Angel Swift for online trading. Angel Eye is a browser trading application; SpeedPro is a trading platform application.

Trade offers an online trading platform for share investors, while Swift consists of a trading app for small devices.

#5 Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd. is an Indian diversified financial services firm offering a range of financial products and services. The company is listed on the BSE and NSE stock exchanges.

Motilal Oswal along with few other top brokers have been accused of various irregularities on NSEL.

Agencies including EOW-Mumbai and SFIO have found the top 5 brokers including Motilal Oswal guilty of mis selling NSEL contracts, KYC manipulation, client code modification, benami transactions & infusion of black money through their NBFCs on the Exchange platform.

The EOW had arrested senior employees of three brokerages namely IIFL, GeofinComtrade& Anand Rathi in March, 2015.

This was followed by the market regulator, SEBI issuing multiple show-cause notices to the brokers in 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 respectively. 

The EOW-Mumbai in its supplementary charge sheet has also accused the three brokerage IIFL, Motilal Oswal & Anand Rathi of cheating clients.

Based on the recommendations of SFIO & EOW’s report against misdeeds of brokers, SEBI declared Motilal Oswal along with India Infoline Commodities (IIFL) ‘not fit and proper’ as commodity derivative brokers, in the last week of February 2019.

In 2006 the company entered private equity and investment banking In the same year, Motilal Oswal group acquired South Indian brokerage firm – Peninsular Capital Markets. The company tied up with State Bank of India and Punjab National Bank 2006 and 2007 to offer online trading to its customers.

2008 saw the company create one of India’s largest Equity. and advisory rooms, spread over 26,000 sq ft (2,400 m2) in Malad, Mumbai.

In January 2010, Motilal Oswal Financial Services (through its subsidiary Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.) received the final certificate of registration approval from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to set up a mutual fund business in the country.

Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. rated as No.1 Broker in ET Now – Starmine Analyst Awards 2009.

#6 Astha Trade

Astha trade is a discount stock broker based out of Bhopal Madhya Pradesh. Established back in 2005 as a full service stockbroker.

Astha trade has a physical lactation across 100+ cities of India through its sub broking franchise network. The broker is known to provide high exposure or leverage to its Clients across multiple segments.

It’s giving you the freedom to trade; to discover new possibilities; to take charge of your world. It’s the power to trade to create a better tomorrow.

Astha Trade Account Opening

In a changing world, we’re adapting faster.

We are relentless in our pursuit of discovery and innovation, creating technologies and providing services that empower.

AsthaTrade is India’s leading discount broker with the highest margin funding. We trade in NSE and MCX.

#7 Edelweiss

Edelweiss Broking Limited is an Indian financial services company based in Mumbai, India. The company is a subsidiary of Edelweiss Group which was founded by Rashesh Shah.

The company is registered with the National Stock Exchange of India, Bombay Stock Exchange and MCX Stock Exchange.

Edelweiss Broking Limited was publicly incorporated on 7 February, 2008 after Edelweiss Group had received final regulatory approval from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to start its mutual fund business by 2008.

Edelweiss Account Opening

The Stockbrokeracquired retail broker Anagram Capital Limited in Jan 2010. On 12 December, 2012 the company was listed under National stock Exchange. Edelweiss was founded in 1995 by Rashesh Shah and Venkat Ramaswamy.

Edelweiss worked on mergers & acquisitions, providing advisory and investment banking services. Edelweiss also offered equity broking, portfolio management, and wholesale financing services to individuals and corporates.

#8 Trading Bell

TradingBells is an online Discount Broker, offering Stock, Currency and Commodity Broking across all major Stock Exchanges of India.

We are the only broker in India to offer flexible switching between Discount Brokerage and Premium Brokerage (where customers enjoy high leverage and free call & trade.

TradingBells is a technology-driven stock, commodity & currency broking company. Founded by the best possible combination of IIT Alumni, Chartered Accountants and Stock Market experts.

It provides brokerage free stock trading solutions with the best possible trading platforms.

Powered by Swastika Investmart Ltd., a 24-year-old major stock brokerage, TradingBells boasts of a pan India presence with the most trustworthy services. Equity delivery based investments are Brokerage Free.

Pay Rs. 20 per executed order for intraday and futures & options trading. And discount broking firm that has the backing of the prominent full service stockbroker Swastika investmart Ltd

#9 Master Trust

Master Trust Group is one of the leading financial services company in India. It have a strong belief in nurturing investment culture, attitude and inculcating a very strong approach towards value investing forms the central part of any sound investment philosophy.

With an impeccable track record in client servicing of over two decades, it have now grown to 650+ strong employee organization with over 1,50,000+ client relationships.

At Master Trust, our endeavor is to constantly meet every financial need of our esteemed clients. A master trust is an investment vehicle that collectively manages pooled investments.

It can refer to the main fund where assets are pooled and collectively managed in a master-feeder fund structure, also called a hub and spoke structure. A master trust structure may also be used for pooling investments in an employee benefit plan.

A master trust is used as part of a comprehensive asset management scheme for a strategy managed with a master feeder structure.

The master trust is the master fund which collectively invests for all the associated feeder funds. In a master-feeder structure, assets are pooled, managed and transacted from the master trust.

BlackRock is one asset manager with an array of master-feeder funds. Each of the funds has a master trust where the assets are managed collectively.

The investment company’s Master Trust LLC strategy uses a master-feeder structure. The Master Trust LLC is the master fund and its feeder funds include: BIF Treasury Fund and BBIF Treasury Fund.

Other examples of BlackRock hub and spoke funds can be found here: BlackRock Master Portfolios.

Managing and trading assets collectively from a master trust allows the company to keep fund operating costs down.

A unit investment trust may also be known as a type of master trust. These vehicles pool shareholder investments and typically include diversified holdings managed to a specific strategy.

A unit investment trust may have a specified duration with a predetermined maturity date. Employee benefit plans may also choose to collectively manage assets for employees in a master trust.

An employer can establish a master trust for which they and their employees collectively contribute investments.

Assets are managed collectively in the master trust. Companies may also choose to pool assets with other companies in a master trust specified with clear objectives and segregated reporting.

#10 HDFC securities

HDFC securities Limited is a financial services intermediary and a subsidiary of HDFC Bank, a private sector bank in India .

It is one of the leading stock broking companies in India and have completed 19 years of operation. HDFC securities was founded in the year 2000 and is headquartered in Mumbai with branches across major cities and towns in India.

HDFC securities began operations in April 2000. In the beginning it was a joint venture between HDFC Bank Limited, HDFC Limited and IndoceaneSecurities Holdings Limited.

Along with offering stock broking services, HDFC securities is also a distributor of financial products.

In 2006, HDFC Bank bought HDFC Ltd’s stake and in 2008 acquired another 4% from IndoceaneSecurities. Currently HDFC securities is a subsidiary of HDFC Bank. HDFC Securities Ltd, is a stock broking and distribution arm of the HDFC Group.

One of the oldest broking houses in India, its operations include stock broking and distribution of various financial products.

It is a corporate member of both the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock exchange (NSE). HDFC securities is well known with professional traders for its comprehensive online trading portal offerings.

HDFC securities provides a 3-in-1 Online Investment Account which is a combination of HDFC Bank Savings and Demat Accounts along with an HDFC securities trading account.


• Equities – Invest online in stocks of listed companies

• Mutual Funds – Invest in mutual funds including equity, hybrid, tax saving or debt schemes from asset management companies

• SIPs – Systematic investment plan that allows automated investments

• IPOs – Invest in initial public offerings (IPO)

  • Derivatives – Hedge or speculate on the price movement of stocks or index through its derivative products viz. Futures and Options
  • Bonds, NCDs & Corporate FDs – Invest in fixed income instruments such as bonds, NCDs and Corporate FDs
  • ETFs – Invest in exchange-traded funds.
  • Value Added Services – Provides investing and trading ideas, along with financial tools and calculators, tax solutions, will planning and robo advisors.
  • MCX – Invest in bullion, metals, energy and agricultural commodities.
  • Smallcases – Invest in a curated basket of stocks based on a theme or market trend.

HDFC Securities(HDFCsec) is Equity Trading Company of HDFC Bank. HDFC Securities provide both online trading and trading on phone.

The HDFC Securities Trading account has a unique 3-in-1 feature that integrates your HDFC Securities trading account with your existing HDFC bank savings account and existing Demat account.

One of the leading stock broking companies in India, and a subsidiary of HDFC Bank- a renowned private sector bank.   

As a stock broking company, we have been serving a diverse customer base of retail and institutional investors, since 2000.There are innumerable reasons why you should opt for our services, and here are a few of them.

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