Top 16 Best Popular Trading Software Review in India


One of the significant factors to be considered apart from trading techniques and strategies is the trading software or platform you use for your trading and other transactions when it comes to success in the stock market.

The fact is that the profits you have been trying to build up for a while can vanish or turn to losses in a twinkle of an eye if you are using unreliable stock trading software.

Top 16 Best Trading Software Review

Therefore, let us carry out the top 16 best popular trading software reviews in India. While you are required to pay for some of them, the majority is offered for FREE while you will pay a token to gain access to others.

Top 16 Best Popular Trading Software in India

1. Upstox Pro

Upstox Pro by Upstox (formerly known as RKSV) is a browser-based trading application software. Pro Upstox trading software is designed mainly with Omnesys NEST RMS and Omnesys NEST OMS. 


Upstox Pro for laptop is one of the best quick to respond trading applications in India that will allow its users to access trading directly on a laptop, mobile, desktop, or tablet, with the screen adapting itself accordingly.

Upstox Pro allows you to sign up for a trading account for Free and trade-in equity delivery segments without paying a dime.

Users can trade in commodities, Derivatives, Currency, Options & equity futures, and equity intraday, through Upstox Pro.

Upstox Pro Web makes use of HTML, making it offer extraordinary trading experience and much interactive user interface.

In addition, Upstox Pro App is loaded with different sophisticated and innovative features such as heat maps, Upstox Pro chart, technical indicators, algo-trading, API integration with third-party trading applications and lots more.

Pro Upstox competes with the likes of Zerodha Kite, ICICI, and Angel Broking Trade among others, and performed excellently well.  

Another great and peculiar thing about Upstox Pro App is that it is lightweight and loaded with decent and amazing features that are updated from time to time.

With Pro Upstox, traders and other users can place brokerage free trade for equity delivery. 

All the above characteristics allow for effective trading with deep analysis and market knowledge. 

The duty of Pro Upstox centers on giving an affordable price. Hence, the Upstox Pro Brokerage Charges for other segments like Commodity, Futures, and Currency among others are pretty decent and affordable. 

Upstox Pro Brokerage Charges

With the decent and affordable Upstox Pro Brokerage Charges, you can trade on a number of transactions without restrictions. 

The Upstox Pro Brokerage Charges are as described below:

Intraday Trade: The lower of Rs. 20 or Re. 0.01 depending on order traded

For Equity Delivery: It Free with no charge

Other trades: 20INR per order traded

open Upstox Demat Account

Upstox Pro Demo 

As mentioned earlier in this Upstox Pro review, we discovered a lot of useful features on the webpage.

The Upstox Pro demo is offered by Upstox Company to reduce distance and keystrokes on the screen that requires traversing for necessary action.

Key Features of Upstox Pro

Enumerated below and as found in the Upstox Pro demo are Pro Upstox features that guarantee convenient and smooth stock trading for a wide range of ordinary investors.

The Watchlist: The Nifty 50 is the major watchlist and the second type is Nifty Index like Bank Nifty, Nifty 200, and Nifty Midcap.

The Upstox Pro Chart: The Upstox Pro Chart is of 17 different types, with the most popular ones being line and candle charts being on top of the Upstox Pro Chart list.

Customization:  Create about five different workplaces with the customization option to accommodate different trading needs.

Upstox Pros and Cons


1. Traders are allowed to execute multiple order types like Stop Loss Order, Bracket Order, Cover Order, Market Order, and Limit Order among others through Upstox Pro Web.

2. Upstox Pro offers an opportunity to check through multiple customizable watch lists simultaneously.

3. Traders are able to shuttle among numerous widgets that are showcased on the screen based on their preferences.

4. Traders can place After Market Orders (AMO) between the hours of 4 am and 9 am and between 6.30 pm and 12 am.

5. Upstox Web App discovers any update in every two to three weeks, which is a perfect update frequency cycle.

6. The excellent and extraordinary performance of Pro Upstox offers a smooth user experience to all its users.


1. Upstox Pro offers a limited number of features, despite the fact that it had been around for quite a while. This has been the worry of the intermediate and advanced traders.

2. You cannot invest in MFs through this trading software because Pro Upstox doesn’t allow traders to invest in Mutual Funds.

3. The software is very difficult to use, particularly for beginners.


Some of the NSE NOW reviews described NSE NOW as trading software applications developed and managed by NSE, the number one stock exchange Company in India. 

NSE Now Software

NOW NSE Software Free Download for PC provides direct connectivity to the NSE exchange for the purpose of data feed and trade execution since the servers of the NSE NOW platform are collocated at the NSE data centers.

NSE NOW Desktop Application is used for trading through NSE NOW Mobile App, web-based browsers, and installable trading terminals.

NSE NOW Charges no fee to all member brokers of NSE. However, NSE NOW charges just a small amount of money to traders who want to trade at BSE. 

NSE NOW Online supports trading in all the products traded at NSE, such as Mutual Funds, Debt funds, Currency Derivatives, Equity Derivatives, and Equity Cash.

NSE NOW Desktop Application has an integrated order management system and risk management system. This makes NSE NOW Platform one of the best ever trading platforms you can ever find in India today.

Key Features of NSE NOW

NSE NOW Desktop Application has many functions which are quite indispensable for trading in the stock market. For example, the NSE NOW Mobile App and NOW Website are particularly developed for the casual stock market investors. 

Here are the key features of the NSE NOW Platform:

• The Market Watch: Lets you monitor certain stocks, indices, and sectors according to your investment preference. 

• Risk Management System: This detailed system keeps your information and data protected from any likely threats. 

• Technical Indicators and Charts: The trading software has more than eighty technical indicators and over fifteen charts for traders to do market technical analysis.

• Speed: This is one of the Unique Selling Prepositions (USPs) of NSE NOW desktop application, whether in charting analysis, order execution or any certain feature.

• Research Reports and Daily Tips: NSE NOW Platform will offer you daily tips and research reports, depending on the stockbroker who has actually offered you the software.

• Notifications and Alerts: These is the features that will create generic market alerts and web-notifications based on the configurations done by you.

• Provision for easy fund transfer with the number and type of payment method as per the stockbroker.

Pros and Cons


1. NSE NOW can be used across several devices like Tablet, Mobile and Laptop because it is a responsive web-application.

2. Customization and personalization of the trading application are allowed at multiple levels.

3. NSE NOW Latest Version of the web software is considered one of the safe stock trading application in India with features like two-level authentication.

4. NSE NOW software is available on mobile, web, and terminal formats. This means that you can choose the particular platform for your stock trading, depending on your preference.

5. If you are an intraday trader, performance and speed will surely be a great benefit.

6. The NSE NOW Mobile App is available for Windows, Android, and iOS


1. The software requires a decent processing power or RAM in your device, whether it is mobile or computer.

2. Relatively difficult to understand the general navigation and the way particular features work. This becomes a serious challenge for traders with limited trading experience or beginner traders.

3. Few traders levy NSE NOW Charges. Therefore, make sure you are aware of all the charges you will pay before signing up for a trading account with them.

4. No support for APIs

3. ShareKhan TradeTiger

ShareKhan TradeTiger is described as terminal-based trading software designed for a desktop to help stock investors and traders invest and trade across numerous asset categories. www, ShareKhan is the website of ShareKhan.

Sharekhan Trade Tiger Review

ShareKhan TradeTiger review confirmed that ShareKhan TradeTiger has been the most popular and best trading software among the Indian stock trader for many years.

With ShareKhan TradeTiger download, you can trade across multiple platforms on a single screen. At www TradeTiger, you can trade in BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX. 

ShareKhan TradeTiger review also pointed out that there is both basic and advanced versions of ShareKhan TradeTiger to meet the trading needs of different kinds of investors. 

Swing and intraday traders will have real-time trading experience with ShareKhan TradeTiger download.

ShareKhan TradeTiger Key Features

1. Indicators and Charting Functionality:  Designed for both fundamental and technical analysis.

2. Different types of Calculators such as Span Calculator, Brokerage Calculator, Premium Calculator and lots more are available on the platform.

3. Heatmaps and Stock Scanners: These features are designed for speedy analysis without digging into irrelevant details and information.  As you use these scanners, you can discover many trading opportunities.

4. Provision for single-click order placement

5. Incorporated functionality and access to recommendations, tips, and reports as part of ShareKhan Research is given.

6. The API Integration: This is designed to access external platforms like AmiBroker and lots more.

Pros and Cons of ShareKhan TradeTiger


Here are the benefits of trading through ShareKhan TradeTiger Software:

1. There are different types of indicators and charts on the platform for heatmaps and technical analysis.

2. The software comes with video tutorials to enable users to know how each of the TradeTiger features functions.

3. The speed and high-performance of the software is incomparable.

4. New features and updates are added to the trading application regularly 

5. The provision to incorporate stop loss, target and entry price will allow users to place bulk order at the same time.

6. Traders who are starting new with the software and need initial training or handholding have real-time access to tips, trading calls, and news. 


The concerns associated with trading with ShareKhan TradeTiger are:

1. The software doesn’t have the Mac version for iOS.

2. At times, you must be cautious when you are running updates on the platform because there had been problems in accessing the charting functionalities whenever an update is performed on the platform.

3. ShareKhan TradeTiger software is relatively heavy and needs a corresponding relatively perfect system configuration to make it work smoothly.

4. Kotak KEAT Pro X

The Kotak KEAT Pro can best be described as a free to use, uncomplicated and high-speed online trading software that gives all smart and serious stock traders control over their stock portfolio. 

Kotak KEAT Pro

With Kotak Securities Download, you can track the market Live, purchase and sell securities online in real-time. 

Kotak Securities KEAT Pro X deals with online trading on the NSE, BSE, and NSE currency markets.

The Key Features of Kotak KEAT Pro

1. Basket Order: This feature allows you to place multiple orders concurrently.

2. Live TV Feed from Bloomberg TV: This feature is designed to provide you with regular market updates and news.

3. Shortcut Keys: Designed for placing quick orders. The shortcut keys can even be customized according to your preference.

4. Users of the trading software will gain direct access to research reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

5. Watchlists: With personalized watchlists, you can track the particular stock you prefer in real-time.

6. Charting Tools: Use charting tools on the share market of Kotak Securities KEAT Pro X software to create charts and graphs in order to track both the past and future anticipated performance of your preferred scrips. 

The Pros and Cons


• This online share and stock trading software is absolutely free

• The software allows for easy access to NSE, BSE, and NSE currency markets right within the same platform. KEAT Pro X even allows you to trade in currencies, derivatives, and equities using only one platform. 

• The customizable nature of the software will enable you to generate watchlists with any mixture of industry sectors, scrips, and stock market indices you prefer. You can even use the software to customize User Interface according to your convenience – rename the watchlists, move around the columns, and much more.

• Total portfolio control. In other words, you can trade long contracts, monitor profits and losses, sell from current stocks, and view Live on Market Depth. 


1. Traders and users have noticed some issues when it comes to placing stop-loss against orders.

2. Kotak Securities KEAT Pro X software is heavy and therefore requires a corresponding decent and heavy desktop configuration for it to work perfectly.

5. HDFC Securities Blink

HDFC Securities Blink review affirmed that the trading software is terminal-based, and you need to download and install it on your computer system for usage. 

The installation process of HDFC Securities Blink is pretty simple. All you need to do to download the HDFC Securities blink software is to follow the given instructions.

HDFC Securities Blink software is truly impressive, as far as performance and usability are concerned.

However, you must be ready to pay HDFC Securities Blink charges towards registration.

Are you looking for a simpler and smoother trading experience? Look no further than the HDFC Securities Blink. 

The HDFC Securities Blink demo is pretty easy to understand while the trading application gives you edge as it guarantees and offers you flawless trading experience. 

Key Features:

• Customized Trading Portal: Designed to enhance effective investment decisions.

• Single Screen: This is the feature designed to place an order in F&O and Equity. It makes the entire trading experience seamless and smooth.

• Advanced Charting: Comes with different types of option techniques, technical indicators, and charts at your disposal. 

• Shortcut Keys: You can configure the shortcut keys to suit your requirements for quick access to any particular feature in the trading software or order execution.

Pros and Cons of HDFC Securities Blink 


  • More than a few features available on the platform
  • The high performance and speed of HDFC Securities Blink software guarantees extraordinary user experience
  • With the software, you can set numerous notifications and alerts according to your preferences so that you can obtain speedy reminders on your investment and trading plans.
  • Just a single click will give you the option to invest and trade across several investments and trading segments.
  • One screen for order placement in F&O and equity to make the whole usability experience exceptionally flawless, smooth, and remarkable. 


  • Beginners or initial level traders will find Invalid/wrong data HDFC Securities Blink software comparatively tough to use.
  • There is no trial version in place.
  • The HDFC Securities Blink can only be accessed by Indian traders alone, meaning that foreign-based or NRI clients of HDFC Securities clients cannot use the software. 

6. Omnesys NEST

Omnesys NEST, Omnesys NEST Trader download, Omnesys NEST Trader, Omnesys NEST cost, Omnesys NEST plus.

The Omnesys NEST Trader is a terminal-oriented trading software designed and managed by Omnesys Technologies of India. 

Omnesys NEST trading software is among the prominent, matured and best trading applications in India stock-broking space. 

After a little customization, Omnesys NEST Trader is used as a third-party trading application or software by a lot of top stockbrokers in India.

Omnesys NEST Plus is available in the following set:

1. The NEST Mobile: This is simply a mobile trading app designed for traders on the move.

2. The NEST Web: This is an online web trading application designed for casual traders and investors.

3.  NEST Trader: This is simply the desktop trading software particularly made for frequent traders.

4.  NEST API: This is the API application designed for Algo Traders and developers. 

The Omnesys NEST Trader download and installation and configuration are stress-free, particularly when you are aware of some details and instructions for downloading and configuring the software. 

Key Features

1. The Set Alerts: Lets users create alerts as per certain conditions

2. Technical Indicators: These are designed for traders to receive automated signals from the trading platforms.

3. Drawing Tools: These are used for doing comprehensive fundamental and technical analysis.

4. Charting Functionality: This feature is also designed for fundamental and technical analysis with diverse kinds of charts.

5. Combined Market Depth: With this feature, traders can see the top ten bids at a glance, and request along with the price and quantity of the available stocks.

6. The Ticker: This feature will allow you to include certain scrips while the trade details are shown above the terminal in the ticker space, whenever there is any trade in the added scrip.

7. Net Position Window: This is the feature that will give a full or detailed snapshot of the market position of a trader across exchanges and indices.

8. The Snap Quote: Made for checking the present condition of certain scrip.

9. Orderbook: With the order book feature, traders and all other users of the software can quickly look at the details of orders placed for Buy and sell orders.

With all these amazing features, Omnesys NEST cost is affordable.

Omnesys NEST Pros and Cons


1. There are several orders available on the platform such as After Market Order (AMO), Basket Order, and Cover Order among others.

2. Omnesys NEST Trader comes with more than a few utility tools like Alerts, Position Analysis, Notifications, Options Calculators, and lots more.

3. Traders can use the Simultaneous Order entry to place more than one order, once a dialogue box is opened.

4. There are many short keys with the opportunity to include new ones.

5. The Omnesys NEST plus is one of the robust and ground-breaking trading software out there.


1. If you want to have a smooth and consistent user experience, you must use a powerful Internet bandwidth. If not, you may encounter connectivity or/and login problems. 

2. Concerns are feedback is always difficult to address because the trading software doesn’t belong to a particular stockbroker.

7. 5Paisa Trade Station

5Paisa Trade Station trading software is web-based and traders can access it from any browser such as Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer directly.

You can do 5Paisa Trade Station Download and install the same on your laptop, computer or desktop.

However, 5Paisa Trade Station App cannot be accessed on a mobile phone.

Why 5Paisa Trade Station exe features in the list of the best software in India is because it is intuitive in design and comes with innovative and extraordinary features. 5Paisa Station Demo is pretty simple to understand and use.

open 5paisa demat account

5Paisa Trade Station Pros and Cons


  • 5Paisa Trade Station Download is a breeze once your laptop, desktop, or computer has the required configuration. 
  • This trading software is perfect for intermediate and beginner level stock investors and traders.
  • With 5Paisa Trade Station App, users not only have the choice of investing in insurance and mutual funds segments but they can also trade in the stock market or equity segment.
  • 5Paisa Trade Station trading software is frequently updated. As a result, new features are added from time to time to maintain its quality and efficiency.
  • You can decide to access the free 5Paisa Station Demo login while registering the trading application is pretty easy.
  • You can trade with the software with prompt execution and flawless user experience from any part of India, once there is an Internet connection.


  • Users may face some challenges when loading charts, depending on their Internet connection bandwidth.
  • Only the Windows version of this software is available. For this reason, the iOS and Mac users would be required to change if they want to use 5Paisa Trade Station exe for their trades.

8. Angel Speed Pro

Angel Broking SpeedPro review referred to Angel Speed Pro software as one of the best in the industry when it comes to a number of features and speed.

Angel Speed Pro New Version trading software is designed and made available by Angel Broking who is a full-service stockbroker in India.

Angel Broking Speedpro Starter is quite useful and offers many comprehensive charts, research, and reports for different categories of traders and investors. 

Angel speed Pro for Mobile is certainly one of the best trading software for market outlook and customization features. In addition, Angel Broking Speedpro Starter download is quite simple and stress-free.

Demat Account Opening With Angel Broking

Key Features

  • The Angel SpeedPro Scrip Addition
  • The Angel SpeedPro Market Watch
  • The Research Bar and Reports

The Open in Excel: This user-friendly feature is used to view the market watch in an excel sheet.

Combined Best Five: Allows you to have a simultaneous glance at the best five bids to buy and sell in BSE and NSE markets.

Customization: The absolute customization of the interface of the software is possible with this feature.

Pros and Cons


1. Angel Speed Pro software is meticulous and robust in terms of features. 

2. The software works excellently well at a decent speed and also provides users with incomparable high-performance even at the basic Internet bandwidth.

3. Autonomy to organize desired featured windows in several desktop screens and toggle among them by making use of the multi-desktop feature of the software.

4. You can incorporate bespoke shortcut keys for the purpose of speedy implementation and analysis. 

5. With Angel Speed Pro software, you can decide to apply for Mutual Fund online.

6. The trading application offers regular market recommendations, tips, and chart reports.

7. For you to carry out quick number crunching and analysis, you can do the downloading of the market data and information into an excel sheet.


1. To guarantee smooth and effective functioning, the general configuration must be reasonable when it comes to disc space, RAM, and processor. Otherwise, you may face a difficult time accessing some heavy features of the software.

2. It is comparatively heavy

3. There is no Mac version of the software


ODIN Reviews, ODIN Trading Software, ODIN Trading Software Download, ODIN Software for Share Trading.

Odin Diet

Some of the available ODIN reviews we read described the ODIN trading software as a completely featured Brand Management Software particularly made and planned to serve Agencies and Startups. 

ODIN Software for Share Trading software features some tools for trading. These tools are grouped under:

– Risk Solutions

– Brokerage Technology Solution

–  Exchange Technology Solutions

With ODIN Trading Software, users can trade in IPOs, Mutual Funds, Commodities, Derivatives, Currencies, and Cash.

The good news is that any particular user of the platform can be able to trade in all these segments from a single screen. 

In addition, ODIN Trading Software Download will allow you to trade at MCX, NSE, BSE, and NCDEX.

Key Features

  • Alerts for scrips and options
  • Order Management and Market Feed
  • Specialized Tools including Resistance Watch, Greek Neutralizer, Greek Market Watch, Heat Map, Conditioner Ticker, Pivot Point Support, and diverse kinds of calculators that will help traders plan their trading strategy.
  • Absolutely secured with 128 bit SSL encryption and two-factor authentication process.
  • Scanners designed for capturing important events that are happening in the trading market.

ODIN Pros and Cons


  • Access to all classes of asset at NSE, BSE, and MCX.
  • Offers support to more than a few market depth windows
  • Fast and safe
  • Loaded with many useful features
  • Stress-free operations


  • ODIN trading software has an average user interface
  • It is a bit expensive when compared with other platforms
  • The software has restricted charting facility

10. SAS Alpha Trader

SAS Alpha Trader is a desktop-based trading software designed to offer traders superior trading experience. SAS Online Alpha Trader Download is the best and guaranteed way to approach the stock market. 

Alpha Trader SAS online offers just what a smart and active trader wants to succeed – ease of use, quality, and speed.

SAS Alpha Download can be done and installed on your computer and be executed directly.

With SAS Online Alpha Trader Desktop software, you can trade in Mutual Funds, Commodities, Currency, derivatives, and Equity.

SAS Alpha Trader is one of the best, fastest, and most light trading applications in India.

The broking house is the designer and developer of Alpha trader which is regarded as one of the most user-friendly and consistent and user-friendly trading software available in India.

In order to manage your trade effectively, Alpha Trader SAS online trading platform will offer flexibility, power, and speedy execution to you.

Hence, there is no doubt about the fact that SAS Online Alpha Trader Desktop software is one of the best trading applications in India designed for traders who want to trade from chat directly.

Key Features

1. Advanced charting for analyzing trading strategies

2. Market Scanners and Scripted Alerts for testing your ideas with the actual market data so that your opportunity to get good resulted will increase.

3. The customization feature allows traders to edit functions, headers, and colors.

4. Eighty technical indicators and ten different charts to carry out stock market analysis.

5. Opportunity to trade across NSE, MCX, and BSE, all from a single window and you can accomplish speedy real-time quotes.

Pros and Cons


  • The platform offers top stock tips and worldwide indices
  • Ability to analyze the live market updates with the live market information provided on the platform
  • Email and SMS alert to confirm your transaction and alerts concerning any essential trading updates.
  • Automated trading technique
  • Option to discern SAS Alpha Trader demo, the whole markets, and outstanding leverage equity
  • The subscription form for the SAS Alpha Trader trading application is available online for completion.


There is no offline support through franchises or partners for SAS Online Alpha Trader Desktop software because nearly all the processes are based on the Internet

11. Fox Trader

The Fox Trader software is one of the innovative online trading applications that make life a lot easier by providing absolute support to its users. 

fox trader

The Fox Trader has all the features expected from a modern trading application. With Fox Trader Zerodha software, you need not worry regarding separate or different data feeds or intermediary plugins, since all the connectivity of Fox Trader Upstox comes with built-in on the platform.

As a matter of fact, Fox Trader review confirmed the fact that it answers to Meta Trader or Amibroker in India, making it the latest best and the most sought-after trading application among the Retail Stock Traders in India.

Whether you are a specialized stock trader or a novice trader doesn’t even understand anything about stock trading, Fox Trader Smart Online trading software will guide you on how to effectively decide on which indices are perfect to trade.

Key Features of Fox Trader

Fox Trader Charting Software is one of the top stock trading software from Fox Trader Smart Online. Fox Trader Features and many and they are highly advanced. 

Highlighted in this Fox trader review are all the power-packed Fox Trader features. Check them out and begin to trade conveniently without stress!

1. The Technical Indicators: Technical indicators are commonly used by active traders to enhance their trading experience. The Fox Trader technical indicators are used for analyzing long-term and short-term price movements, and also help the active traders discern trending situations.

2. Risk Management: This automated Upstox Fox Trader feature is among the most ignored or underestimated features of stock trading. Traders suffer huge losses at times, no matter how good and perfect they are at trading due to inadequate risk management.

But with the risk management feature, you can figure out your Fox Trader Strategies so that you can achieve successful money management.

The Fox Trader Software prevents you from taking too much risk and assist you when it comes to maximizing profit in the course of minimizing losses.

3. The Trend Scanner Window: This is the feature that will provide you with all the necessary information concerning what the overall market trend is doing with the aid of the technical analysis.

Trend scanner solves all concerns associated with stock analysis and allows you to have a lot of flexibility to identify which stock is trending up and down, and discover if there is an opportunity for you to trade.

4. Watchlist: This is one of the notable Fox Trader Features after the scanner. If you believe that stocks trend up in the trend scanner, you can include those stocks in the watch list. You can also come up with multiple watch lists. 

In addition, you are free to include more stock in your watch list while you can also delete a stock from such a list if it doesn’t work any longer.

Upstox Fox Trader Pros and Cons


  • Fox Trader Download is no brainer!
  • Fox Trader Charting Software is exceptional and incomparable. It updates traders about market values.
  • With the semi-automatic order book, opportunities always knock at your door. You have the opportunity to pre-place your orders based on the conditions that you feel these stocks can make a profit for you.
  • Fox Trader informs you when you take risk
  • You are offered proper Fox Trader Strategies about market situation and also satisfy your requirements.
  • You can take profit and stop losses with Fox Trader Charting Software.
  • You are always notified early enough regarding the upcoming trends in order for you to manage the risk easily.
  • Fox Trader attracts a month FREE access, which is considered good and useful enough for the newbie.
  • Fox Trader Charges are affordable
  • Fox Trader Smart Online software offers more than a few effective solutions, irrespective of your stock marketing objectives.


  • Fox Trade offers no support for EOD screening
  • In the standard version of the software, a lot of useful indicators are limited.
  • Fox Trader Smart Online is a bit complicated in comparison with some other stock trading software.
  • At times, the novice stock traders find it difficult to take financial decision with Fox Trader trading software
  • There are complaints from many users that the scanner doesn’t function effectively.

12. Zerodha Pi

Pi by Zerodha is a desktop-based stock trading application founded in 2015. Zerodha Pi software was developed by Zerodha in conjunction with Tradelab. 

The unique and groundbreaking features of Pi Zerodha make it one of the top stock trading applications in India.

In addition, Zerodha Pi software is among the strongest stock trading platforms in both the Indian Finance and Stock Markets. 

This product has been particularly made for the Indian stock traders, according to the available Zerodha Pi review.

Zerodha Pi software download and installation can be done onto laptops and desktops by traders for their stock trading usage.

Open zerodha demat account
Open zerodha demat account

Zerodha Pi Key Features

Pi by Zerodha desktop trading software boasts of many features as you will see in this Zerodha Pi review. All you need to take advantage of these features is to carry out Zerodha Pi download and Zerodha Pi installation on your computer system. 

Some of the great features of Pi by Zerodha trading application:

1. Zerodha Pi Cover Order: This feature lets traders place market orders and check the daily reports, order book, periodic profit & loss statement, and lots more. Pi Zerodha facilitates and enhances Cover Order with a limit entry option. 

2. The Watchlist: The watchlist follows multi assets across all the markets. Pi Zerodha software allows traders to generate a watchlist of its own with fifty scrips each. Traders are also allowed to migrate and link watchlist to excel to guarantee utmost trading experience.

3. Advanced Charting: Comes with a provision of using about 50,000 candles in one chart

4.  Charts for Analysis: This particular feature offers multiple options for choosing the indicator. With Charts for Analysis feature, users get an options calculator that they will use to analyze the likely deserved price of the option. 

It is used for chart preparations while it continues to add new indices with the regular updates.

5. The Q Reporting Tool: Q tool shows the complete trading history of the trader, it generates and runs the tax reports as per the profit and loss recorded over the trading period, the details and information about when and what order was undertaken, the kind of portfolio maintained at a particular period and a lot of other related details.

6. Intrinsic Stock Screener: This is the feature that will let clients pay attention specifically to the stock options and trading products they are interested in.

Zerodha Pi Pros and Cons


  • Market watch selection is available
  • There are effective customized notifications and alerts
  • Pi Zerodha software makes trading easier, more smooth, and profitable.
  • Pi by Zerodha trading application is a combination of basic and fundamental features essential for trading.
  • The software has all the latest advanced features which are essential for an extremely profitable day trading.
  • Traders can figure out technical errors in their fundamental and technical analysis, and optimize their strategies effective using backtest strategies.
  • Pi Zerodha is an extremely successful trading application used for a huge volume of transactions on a daily basis.
  • Pi Zerodha software is user-friendly
  • Zerodha Pi software download is pretty simple


  • The trend lines feature of the software can be improved upon
  • There are concerns and complaints about backup
  • Zerodha Pi doesn’t provide fundamental reports or analysis to clients like the full-service stockbrokers’ platform because Zerodha is a discount stockbroker.

13. Tradelab Pi

Tradelab Pi Review, Tradelab, Tradelab Software, Tradelab Software Private Limited

Tradelab Pi review made us understand that Tradelab software is a front-end trading application that offers desktop, mobile, and web trading terminal to retail stock traders in India. The trading application was developed by Tradelab Software Private Limited in 2015.

The latest Internet technologies were used to build Tradelab software, making it one of the best in India. Tradelab was built on top of OMS, Omnesys NEST API, and RMS system.

Tradelab Pi offers stylish, quick and protected online trading experience across apps and devices.

Tradelab Pi Key Features

1. The Market Watch: This is the most common and often used feature of the trading application. 

2. Charts: They are a significant feature of Pi Tradelab. 

3. Workspaces: With the workspaces feature, Tradelab Pi users will be able to load and save workspaces. On the other hand, the Workspace allows saving the symbol charts and lists. 

Other Features

  • The Advanced Order Type: Such as After Market Orders (AMO), Bracket Order (BO), Cover Orders (CO), and Normal Orders.
  • Reports: The useful reports provided by Tradelab include DEMAT Holdings, Positions, Trade Book, and Order History.
  • Alerts
  • Back Testing of stock trading strategies
  • Stock Scanner

Tradelab Pi Pros and Cons


  • Traders can switch between desktop, mobile, and web seamlessly
  • Traders have the ability to manage their orders all in one place
  • There is an opportunity to create custom alerts
  • Tradelab Pi software comes with advanced features useful for effective trading
  • Trade by making use of advanced order types like BO and CO.
  • View reports such as order history, trade history, and an open position with ease.
  • You can trade across stock exchanges and asset classes from one trading platform
  • Create custom alerts.
  • The platform is used by more than ten stockbrokers
  • There is an integrated fund transfer
  • Tradelab Pi is available for FREE
  • Traders can place orders from charts in the desktop version of the trading application


Tradelab Pi trading application doesn’t have Mac version correcting bugs and enhancements normally take longer necessary because it is third party trading software.

14. ICICI Trade Racer

As far as the India Stockbroking sector is concerned, the ICICI Direct Trade Racer is a renowned and leading trading application. Trade Racer ICICI is a trading platform that offers its users research calls and live streaming quotes.

Apart from the multiple watch list offered by ICICI Trade Racer for Android, it also offers an integrated fund transfer system. ICICI Trade Racer Review affirmed that the software equips all its users with the power to spot specific new market opportunities.

Without mincing words, you will surely enjoy the new look and feel of the Trade Racer ICICI. The ICICI Direct is a foremost name in full-service stockbroking space. This is why ICICI Trade Racer is enjoying robust brand equity.

The Top Features of ICICI Direct Trade Racer

1. Multiple Views: Use this feature to choose the view based on your preferences when you log in to your ICICI Trade Racer for Android. 3 views are available on the platform including’ Analytical View, the Last Logged in session View or Margin View, and Derivatives View.

2. The Trend Scanner: This feature is offered by Trade Racer the intraday price movements for the purpose of finding out trending scrips, depending on technical parameters already set at a predefined level. The trend scanner is available at the different scrip trend level like Pivoy, Bearish, Bullish, and so on.

3. The Heatmap: This is the feature that will directly provide you with an idea of those stocks that have gone up and the ones that have moved down via green and red color in that order. Moreover, heatmap helps in making quick decisions at crucial opportunities.

4. Live Scanner: Allows users of the platform to scan the stocks on a real-time basis. The live scanner also guides traders the highs and lows of the scrips every day, every week, every month, quarterly or even a yearly basis.

5. Watchlist: Use this feature to incorporate numerous market watch lists. There are about five lists in each market where you can add about twenty scrips.

6. Customization: The ICICI Direct Trade Racer software also lets its users customize the grid layout, color coding, and user interface layout, as per their own requirements and preferences.

7. The Snap view: Gives you detailed information on a scrip which includes Corporate announcements, Peer group, Pivot levels, Charts, Market Depth, etc

ICICI Trade Racer Pros and Cons


  • It is an advanced trading software perfect for professionals and traders who are looking for technical help and high performance.
  • ICICI Trade Racer Web trading platform is user-friendly
  • Attractive ICICI Trade Racer Charges
  • The Trade Racer ICICI scanner is pretty efficient
  • Users can configure multiple window panels or widgets based on analysis, trading, and user preferences. Nine of such widgets could be added in the same screen.
  • The ICICI Trade Racer Download is a breeze!
  • Trade Racer ICICI software gives information about how stocks are being bought and sold over a given period to help users take their decisions concerning any particular stock.


  • Fixing a bug takes more time due to the fact that the update frequency cycle given by ICICI Trade Racer is extremely high
  • There are issues in loading the charting tools in areas where there is lower Internet bandwidth in the busy hours.
  • When it comes to charging brokerage, the ICICI Direct is among the most expensive stockbrokers. Unfortunately, ICICI Trade Racer Charges cannot be negotiated.

15. Fyers One 

Fyers One software is a terminal-based trading software launched by Fyers in May 2016. According to Fyers One review, Fyers is a foremost discount stock broker in India.

Fyers One Setup is easy while Fyers One is popular for speed and high performance.

How to install Fyers One is simple and you can do Fyers One download and installation on your laptop or desktop to keep on trading.


Fyers One Features

  • Charting over sixty indicators for technical analysis
  • Stock Screeners to identify relevant information from the multiple data displayed
  • The Market meter for monitoring stocks movement. It is used to see the stocks taking the market up and those bringing it down.

Fyers One Pros and Cons


  • The amazing features of the software make it possible to carry out speedy technical analysis.
  • Displayed data is more accurate than some other trading applications
  • Using the Portfolio Simulation will enable you to learn more about stock market trading without paying a dime.
  • The platform offers low brokerage charges per executed order.
  • Fyers One Setup is simple.
  • The software comes with real-time stock scanners for grabbing opportunities
  • Users of the trading application can perform quick technical analysis with stock scanners, Heatmap, and index meters.


  • Fyers One software is relatively heavy in size. It thereby requires a reasonably better configuration for smooth running.
  • Mac version of the software is not yet available
  • It doesn’t give trading tips and research reports

16. Zerodha Kite

Zerodha KITE is the latest web-based lightweight proprietary trading HTML 5 trading application designed for trading on tablets, mobiles, and browsers.

The major goal of Zerodha Kite is to place an order with speed and accuracy. Zerodha KITE trading software is available in ten languages.

With Zerodha KITE online trading software, users and traders can trade at NSE, BSE, and MCX.

The three major products of the KITE trading application include the KITE Web, the KITE Mobile App, and the LITE Connect API.  

Open Demat Account Zerodha kite

The Key Features of Zerodha KITE

  • Quant: This helps traders know their trading behavior so that they can be able to make informed investment decisions
  • Different Charts: These charts are designed for helping traders build excellent trading strategies that will make them remain ahead of the competition.
  • Multiple View: Guarantees that you obtain superior stock pricing analytics tools
  • The Language Option: You can use this feature in ten different languages plus Hindi

Zerodha Kite Pros and Cons


  • The trading software features easy Live Ticking Charts and Buy/Sell panels and guarantees fast speed.
  • There are immediate notifications for rejection updates, cancellation, and order completion,
  • Zerodha KITE trading software has a single search box for searching for contracts and instruments across all exchanges and segments, making it easy to use.
  • Functions well even in low bandwidth
  • Brand new technologies were used for building Zerodha KITE from the scratch
  • Tremendous speed improvements
  • Zerodha login process is seamless
  • Multi-exit on position
  • Exceptional fund transfer facility
  • KITE Zerodha supports up to ten regional languages.
  • Uncomplicated, and stylish interface


  • There are no charts from trading
  • The back office is controlled in a different application
  • There are minor issues on charts
  • Users have no option to invest in Mutual Funds and IPOs
  • There are no scanners and backtesting features on the platform


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