Beeline Broking Sub Broker Ship| Franchise |Authorized Person| Partner Review 2020


Beeline Broking has been significantly secured the spot of being one of the best discount brokerage houses since the day began. The brokerage house has revolutionized the brokerage system by introducing the co-existence of Traditional Brokerage Plan and Discount Brokerage Plans.

The brokerage house started their journey of being one of the best of their kind in the year 2014. And from the day they started till today, they have lived up to the promise of being the best. Having its headquarters in Ahmedabad, Gujrat the company offers trading platforms in some of the best segments like derivatives, Equity, Currency, Commodity, and Insurance.

The brokerage house offers Rs.18/- on brokerage for each executed order in both discount brokerage as well as Intraday Segments and Equity Delivery. Beeline Broking is the registered partner on ODIN and NSE NOW. The company is also registered under SEBI and other stock exchanges like NCDEX and MCX.

One can get all the how and what of the sub-broker/ authorized partnership program of Beeline Broking in the following article.

Beeline Broking Sub Broker Review
Beeline Broking Sub Broker Review

Beeline Broking Sub-Broker Model| Franchise | Partner

Beeline Broking has only started their journey in the stock market realm that is why they have chosen the best business model that is convenient for them and their business partners which is in that case-

  • Authorized Person/ Sub-broker.

How To Become A Sub-broker/ Authorized Partner Of Beeline Broking?

The sub-broker program is a very efficient way of becoming an authorized partner of Beeline Broking and gets the best out of it. The company offers its partners/sub-brokers to maximize its earning opportunity with the lowest deposit ever.

The sub-broker revenue share model is nothing but beneficial for the authorized partner to start as the franchise of this renowned name. The revenue sharing percentage starts from 50% and can go up to 75% based on how much security deposit is made. Again the amount of security deposit asked from the sub-broker is rather marginal from any other companies in the industry. They only need to deposit a minimum amount of INR 15,000/- to start.

As an infrastructure basis, Beeline Broking does not ask for many things. Just a required office space with a minimal amount of full-time employees and internet and telephone connections.

Here is an outline for you-

  • Attractive revenue share model of 50%-75%
  • Minimum deposit which is lower than most another brokerage house- Rs15,000/-
  • A working office with at least 3 employees and internet& telephone connection
  • Flexible revenue sharing option
  • Certain received payouts in 40 days.
Flexible Revenue SharingAvailable
Zero Deposit SchemeAvailable
Initial Deposit SchemeAvailable

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Beeline Broking  Partner| Sub-broker| Franchise Commission and Incentive – Revenue Sharing Model:

Beeline Brokerage offers amazing revenue share to the sub-brokers so that they can grow and prosper together. The sub-broker business model is an efficient mode of earning.

The revenue sharing ratio of Beeline Broking is minimal 50%. That can go up to 75%. The flexibility of the revenue sharing model allows the sub-broker lucrative amount in terms of brokerage share which is high if taken consideration with other brokerage firms.

The high revenue sharing model with a minimal amount of deposit is truly beneficial for the sub-brokers working as the franchise. The lower the security deposit is, in most of the cases, the lower the income ratio is. But not here, given the thought that the highest security deposit is 25,000/-  one can maximize his income to 75% of the total revenue generated.

DetailsBeeline Broking CommissionSub Broker Commission
Beeline Broking Sub-broker50%-25%50%-75%

Enrollment or Registration process – How to become a Partner/Sub Broker of Beeline Broking?

Being one of the best stock broking companies out there they keep it in mind the ease of the process of joining them. The process of being a sub-broker of Beeline Broking is rather simple. To be one just follow these steps-

  1. Go to the website and fill in the form with required details asked in the form
  2. After submitting all the details as per you will be redirected to the next age
  3. In this page, you need to check all the eligibility details and need to upload the documents mentioned there
  4. If you fulfil all the eligibility criteria you will receive an executive call form the company
  5. In that, you will be further notified with the process of application and verification in detail
  6. Once the verification process is done your code of sub-broker of Beeline Broking is generated and you can start next

The whole process of generating the sub-broker code takes 45 days maximum. 

Eligibility Criteria of Sub Broker Ship, Franchise, Partner:

One of the best things about the sub-broker program of Beeline Broking is that one does not need to be highly qualified for the role. A person with dedication and a positive mind set up as well as the ability to generate and maintain leads is always welcome.

There are also some infrastructural criteria that one needs to follow in terms of a working office of at least 300sqft with a minimum of 3 employees working full-time and smooth internet& telephone connection is required. Also, the availability of trading terms in the office for the clients is a must go.

Apart from these, there are some rigid criteria that one must follow to apply-

  • One needs to be passed out from at least 10+2 educational system
  • NISM Certificate as mandated by SEBI is a must requirement before applying
  • In terms of experience, one should have experience of the market and its terms and conditions for a couple of years at least to produce a clear picture for the clients
  • Some knowledge of the products offered by the brokerage is acknowledged for being a sub-broker.

Mandatory Documents For The Process Of Registering As A Sub-broker:

To be a sub-broker at Beeline Broking and complete the registration process one needs to have these documents-

  • Identity Proof – Adhaar Card
  • NISM Certificate
  • GST Registration Certificate
  • SEBI Registration Certificate
  • Address Proof- driving license, voter ID, Passport, Adhaar Card, etc
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • Proof of Security Amount Deposit

Joining Cost/fees of Sub Broker Ship, Franchise & Partner, and Beeline Broking Authorized Person:

Beeline Brokerage does not ask for any random high amount to be their franchise/ authorized partner. It is rather an inexpensive model that seeks the lowest amount of security deposit from its sub-broker.

The security deposit asked from the sub-brokers is INR 15,000/- which is inexpensive compared to other brokerages in the same industry. Even the maximum amount of asked from the sub-brokers is also very minimal. Only Rs.25,000/- is required as a maximum security deposit.

Here is a table mentioned below to clear it out further-

DetailsSecurity Amount
Beeline BrokingINR 15,000/- to 25,000/-

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Beeline Broking Sub Broker Advantages and Disadvantages:

Stock Market includes risks and benefits just like any other business. Creating a balance between both of them is the real skill here to manage the remuneration.


Beeline Broking, being one of the eminent broking company, offers some of the best benefits out there-

  • Lowest Security deposit compared to most of the companies
  • Initially pay Rs10,000/- and pay the rest later
  • Flexible revenue sharing
  • A vast range of products and services in different segments
  • SBI, NCDEX, MCX Registration, meaning 100% transparency of business
  • Training support by the franchiser


The Sub-broker/ authorized partner program is specially designed to maintain both ends- the sub-broker and the franchiser and is beneficial for the sub-brokers. However, the revenue share model only allows the sub-broker to earn a 50% margin initially.

Open Demat Account with Beeline Broking
Open Demat Account with Beeline Broking


Here, in the end, to sum it up, we can say that Beeline Brookings is taking forward steps of being one of the best stock brokering house throughout India and ensure their place among the top ones by providing trading platforms in the most popular segments like Derivatives, Equity, Commodity and Currency, Insurance and several others with a revenue-sharing model of 50%-75% with the lowest security money and also by giving both platforms of Traditional Broking and Discount Broking in a single platform.

But, with all that being said what company to choose as their liable partners or to be a part of is always a matter of personal preference and nothing else.

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Beeline Broking Sub Broker FAQs:

Q. What Is the Beeline Broking Brokerage Fee?

Beeline Broking offers brokerage of INR 18/- on each executed order in discount brokerage as well as Intraday Segments and Equity Delivery.

Q. What Are The Benefits Of Beeline Broking Sub-broker Model?

  • Flexibility in revenue sharing
  • Lowest security deposit
  • Training and support for everything
  • 100% business transparency
  • Numerous products available in popular segments

Q. What Is The Proposed Revenue Share?

Beeline Broking offers its Sub-broker guaranteed 50% of the revenue share which can go high up to 75%.

Q. What Is The Security Deposit Amount?

The minimum amount of security deposit is INR 15,000/- and the maximum range of security deposit is INR 25, 000/-.

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