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Beeline Brokerage Calculator Online

Beeline Brokerage Calculator


Beeline Broker, motto states, “Goes the extra mile for you.” And based on this motto looks like they have been going the extra mile. With most of the brokers charging Rs 20 as the brokerage charges, they seem to be starting to cost Rs 18. It looks like two extra miles!

Beeline Broker facilitates the trading of Equities, commodities, and currencies for its traders. They do provide these services, including Mutual fund investments. Hence, they charge some nominal brokerage as they are the discounted broker.

Usually would have a brokerage calculator to make the traders’ life more comfortable. However, in this case, Beeline does not provide the brokerage calculator on its website. We have various third-party sites that have hosted the calculator on their website.

2. Beeline Equity Brokerage Calculator

Equities are the popular investment types in the stock market and have been here for a very long time. It is known even to the layman, and the basic concept of equities is popular. Beeline has, of course, got the facility to trade in the capitals and its derivatives. Based on the services they provide, they charge reasonable charges when compared to most of the other discounted brokers.

Beeline Account Opening

Beeline Equity Intraday Brokerage Calculator

Beeline charge mere Rs 18 per order and has been lesser than most of the brokers. However, other brokers do not charge any brokerage. But that is a topic to talk about later. Any additional charges include government charges, GST, SST, and STT. The third-party websites provide these details on the brokerage calculator hosted by them.

–     Beeline Equity Delivery Brokerage Calculator

As in intraday, the delivery charges are also Rs 18 per order for the equity segment. Delivery is the trade whose positions are held for more than one trading session. Traders choose to close them when they find a better price.

–     Beeline Equity Future Brokerage Calculator

Equities can also be traded as a Future contract. Traders get into the contract with the anticipation of the stock prices to move their prediction way. The futures contract has an expiration date and the strike date.  Beeline charges Rs 18 for each executed order on their platform as brokerage. The calculation can be done on the third party website

–     Beeline Equity Option Brokerage Calculator

As charged on Futures, Beeline charges Rs 18 on options also. Options are the other way to invest in inequities. Options, too, have an expiration date and can be traded either for intraday or on delivery basis. The list of all the options on the equities is available on the NSE website.

3. Beeline Commodity Brokerage Calculator


Commodities are now getting popular among retail traders. MCX is the exchange that has authority over the commodity market. Beeline also facilitates trading in the products on their trading platforms. The brokerages are usually similar to that of the hr equity market. The other charges are also often the same.  

Commodities like Gold and Crude oil are the most crucial ones as they drive the economy of India to some extent. Other products can be traded on like silver, zinc, nickel, and many more. As we go below, we will share the brokerage details on Beeline for the commodities.

Beeline Commodity Future Brokerage Calculator

Beeline, on commodities, has been charging Rs 18 as a flat amount as brokerage.  This rate is competitive to its peers and hence, attractive to its traders. Similarly to the other exchange-related charges, it charges STT, SST, and the GST. Also, the transaction charges minimal fees.

Beeline Commodity Option Brokerage Calculator

Options on commodities can also be traded on Beeline. The charges are Rs 18 per executed order. The brokerage calculator can be found on the other third-party websites.

4. Beeline Currency Brokerage Calculator

            Currency trading is also available for the retail traders, and NSE and BSE have the authority over this. Beeline also has the option to trade on currencies. Currencies can be traded in the form of Futures and Options.

Beeline Currency Future Brokerage Calculator

Beeline charges Rs 18 per executed order like any other segment. Euro and the USD currencies are the most popular currencies that traders trade. NSE website has the details on these on their website.

Beeline Currency Option Brokerage Calculator

And then the Currency options are also charged the same way. Rs 18 flat per executed order. Beeline does not have a calculator of its own to calculate other charges.

5. Beeline Basic Plan Brokerage Charges Table.

Segment Charges
Monthly Fee (Fixed)
Equity Delivery ₹18
Equity Intraday ₹18
Equity Futures ₹18
Equity Options ₹18
Currency Futures ₹18
Currency Options ₹18
Commodity Futures ₹18
Commodity Options ₹18

6. Beeline BO & CO Brokerage Calculator 

Beeline does not facilitate the option to trade in the BO or CO order types. Traders find it very easy to trade in the BO or CO order in this volatile market. No brokerage is applicable for the usage of the BO or CO orders.

7. Beeline Span Brokerage Calculator

As per the exchange, its mandatory to maintain the span margin if you are holding the future contract for more one trading session. Beeline does not charge anything extra for this.

8. Need Beeline Brokerage Calculator

            Beeline brokerage charges are as detailed above are very easy to calculate as it is Rs 18 on all the segments. Hence Beeline does not feel the need to have the calculator for brokerage calculations. However, as other charges are applied, the calculator seems to be necessary. Many third-party websites have the calculator that can be used to calculate brokerage and all other charges for Beeline.

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10. FAQ

What are Beeline brokerage charges?

Ans: Beeline charges flat Rs 18 across all the segments.

What is STT charge in Beeline?

Ans: STT charge on Beeline 0.01% on sell side of Intraday trading.

How does the reviews rate Beeline?

Ans: With the competitive brokerage charges, Beeline also has excellent customer support, which makes it an excellent broker to subscribe to.

Can we convert intraday to delivery in Beeline?

Ans: Yes, we can convert intraday to delivery in Beeline.

Is Beeline really free?

Ans: Beeline cannot be considered free as it still charges small fess as brokerage.

Which is better – Beeline vs ShareKhan?

Ans: Beeline is better than ShareKhan.

What is one unique thing on Beeline brokers?

Ans: Beeline charge Rs 18 as brokerage across all the segments making its uniqueness.

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