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Astha Trade Trading Platform- Astha is the foremost margin-based discount stock broker in India. It is based in Bhopal and it been around since 2005. It is very well known for its high exposure or leverage value across the segments especially in trading.

Astha provides intraday 40 times more margin and for delivery, it provides 5 times more margin. Astha is the oldest discount stockbroker who provides the best percentage of the margin. Astha has more than 26000+ active clients.

It provides its services by offering brokerage plans. There are 2 types of brokerage plan;

  • first is high brokerage plan
  • second is low brokerage plan

As obvious from the name if anyone takes the high brokerage plan, he/she will get a high margin and vice versa. Anyone can calculate the brokerage charges by the Astha Trade Brokerage Calculator at any-time from anywhere.

At any time one can also calculate the margin and leverage by Margin calculator. Other than these charges applicant will also be charged for the GST, Stamp Duty, and STT.

The applicant can open an account at Astha Trade by just investing 500 Rupees which is valid for a lifetime. This trading account will support equity and F&O (Future and Options trading).

Availability of Trading Platforms

Forex trading platformNo
Commodity trading platformYes
Mobile trading platformYes
Web trading platformYes
Desktop trading platformYes
Algo trading platformNo
Options and futures trading platformYes

Astha Trading Platforms:

Astha trade provides you all the types of platforms. You can get the best mobile, web and desktop trading platforms. All of those are having the best facilities. Those are mentioned below.

  • Wave Mobile
  • Bazar Mobile Application
  • Odin Diet
  • HTML Web-Based Online
  • ClassTM Back-Office
  • Mobile Back-Office

#1 Astha Trade Wave Mobile Trading Application

The first platform they have is Astha Trade Wave Mobile Trading Application; it is India’s first application which gives live connectivity to the stock market.

In this application, the investor/user can enter /view/control orders / modify as well as view transactions and positions of products or companies. It is a highly encrypted and secure channel. The applicant can download this app from and from the Google Play store.

All you need to do it open the Play Store and search for Astha Trade Wave. As soon as the search completes, press the download button and then open it after the downloading is done.

  • As soon as the application opens you will see a Login page where the applicant will enter the Login details or Sign up.
  • After the applicant enters the application, he/she will see the watch list which gives the latest updates of stock market
  • Latest update of the ups and downs in which commodity you have invested.
  • Shows the gainers and the losers.
  • It also shows the NSE derivatives.

Rating of Astha Mobile Trading Platform

Star ratings★★★★


#2 Bazar Mobile Application

Second, Astha Trading provides Bazar Mobile Application as well, since, not all of us can carry a laptop at all times. This application is customizable as per the user’s requirement and need.

  • Astha Trade consists of a navigation bar that helps through the application. It shows historical charts and intraday.
  • Also, will help the applicant by showing the latest technical indicator levels and values.
  • Different type of SMA levels and values.
  • This will show PIVOT Points which will indicate the increase and decrease in the stock market.
  • Daily reports. It will show holdings reports of price view.
  • Shows indexed based price view.
  • Displays the latest and most active or top gainer.
  • Provide display loser data.
  • It shows the detailed transaction history and its reports.

From stock market mover on tap F5 for ease of trade. It will transfer funds at any time from anywhere. This application can be downloaded from

#3 Odin Diet: Astha Trade Trading Platform

Odin Diet is an application-based trading platform where front-office solutions are enabled with clients to connect to KCSPL’s servers through the internet. It facilitates incorporate and efficient trading by different attractive features.

In Astha Trade, this application is based on a trading solution which not very heavy in MBS (megabytes) it is very easy to download:

It can be downloaded from

  • Anyone can download it by visiting the blog section and on the footer, the applicant will see Web Trading Application.
  • Click on it and it will take you to another page.
  • The applicant will see the download or can open the FAQ’s.
  • Single click on Trading Software
  • Click on Download and Install Odin Diet Trading Software.
  • Now it will download, or can visit the com.
  • Click on the Useful Downloads option which will take the applicant to a page that has multiple trading software from there that can be downloaded.
  • Also, download Latest Client Patch Sp22_2. This is a rar file applicant will need to extract it.

#4 HTML Web-Based Online Trading Platform

They have an HTML Web-Based Online Trading Platform it is the only website that guarantees full security protocol trading.  And which can be used from any part of the world at any time. This too can be downloaded from

#5 ClassTM Back-Office

A back-office is a kind of technology or service that include human resources to manage a company and its daily tasks. Back-office consists of a system like IT, HR and accounting. The back-office is supported by a back-end system.

Here at the Astha Trading Platform, it is a browser that is based on a settlement system and clearing. It is a complete back-office solution for very important clients.

  • Handles all of the transactional sequences from obligations to trading to settlement to delivery and to accounting features.
  • This is available for Mozilla, Chrome and Internet Explorer as well. This back office can be downloaded from

#6 Astha Trade Mobile Back-Office

And lastly, they have introduced to, with this application you can view your back- office solutions at anytime from anywhere.

It is the most secure and trustworthy application for viewing all your transactional details. This application can also be downloaded from These apps are also available on iOS.

Astha Trade apps also provide the following:

  • Latest news:

Get the latest news on the stock markets and the company’s ups and downs.

  • Portfolio details of companies:

 User can see the portfolios of various companies.

  • Global indices:

Here the applicant can also view the global market.

  • SMS alerts:

Get SMS alerts of your account.

  • Email alerts:

Alerts notified via emails.

  • Offline trading:

Here users can practice and polish your trading skills.

  • Real-time market watch:

Able to view the live stock market.

  • Get notifications:

Here the user will get the latest stock market updates.

  • Fund transfer:

Transfer funds to anyone at any-time from anywhere.

  • End of the day charts:

 View the daily charts of your margins and profits.

  • Periodic statement on email:

 Get your daily statement via email.

  • Trade confirmation on email and SMS:

Whenever anyone transfers funds you will get confirmation SMS and email. You have to enter the password to transfer funds.

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Demat Account:

This is a kind of account where the digit is fixed for all trading transactions which enables trading statements of different trades to take place.

Each shareholder will consist of a dematerialized account for the sole purpose of trade transactions. Access to such accounts requires a transaction password, login details, and a good internet connection.

Demat account is used to hold securities and shares in electronic form which enables settlements in stock and trading transactions. To open the Demat Account you need to;

  • Click on Open Demat Account and fill-up the form.
  • The user will get a call which will be for setting up a meeting with the Relationship Manager.
  • RM will ask the basic details like; date of birth, address and contact details.
  • Afterward, the user will be asked to submit your NIC or passport or a birth certificate.
  • If all the documents have been submitted Astha team will verify it and after verification, you will have access to your account in the next 24 hours.


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Astha Advisory, Stock Tips and Trade Research:

Astha Trade not only stabilizes your stocks but also gives a complete guide for the new customers. The following list will show the kind of advisory and research service that Astha offers to its clients:

  • Offline Advisory:

 Users can get free suggestions even if offline.

  • Free stock tips:

 The applicant can get free tips on the stock market.

  • Relationship manager:

The RM will be on your dial list and available 24/7 at your service.

  • Newsletter:

Users can see the latest news and newsletter posted by different people.

  • Latest researches:

The applicant can see the latest research on the stock market.

  • Performance evaluation:

Users can see your daily, weekly, monthly and annual performance charts and it will also compare and evaluate it.

The RM and the team also guide and organizes different financial and investment products for their clients.

If needed the team also gives training to clients where they will be trained to utilize the different trading platforms. Train about back-office systems, tackle different clients and training for the software of Astha.

Why Choose Astha:

  • This is the only trading platform which is Algo enabled.
  • You can earn money by referring it to your friends and family.
  • One of the oldest stockbrokers in India. It has been working since 1997 and it is the highest margin paying platform.
  • Provides gives freedom of trade and complete ownership of your trades.


Astha is the best trading platform in India. It is giving the best satisfactory results from clients in terms of commodity, equity and underlying assets at different stock exchanges. It is getting famous day by day because of its minimum brokerage charges and giving high leverage or exposure to its investors.

As per Quora, it is the only best desktop trading platform. That delivers services like the cash market and exchange trade in one place. It is the only platform which aims to influence and advantage certain sector.

This platform provides more learning activities like users can learn the tricks of the stock market by practicing it offline.

And can pass this learning on to students and other people. People have made a YouTube channel and show their videos of teaching about the stock market.

In short, this is a market place, a learning forum and a forum where users can invest minimum and earn maximum at the same time. Not all trading platforms such benefits all at one time in the same place.


Q1: How to use Astha trading Platform?

Ans: Only sign up with your accountand you are ready to start the trading.

Q2: Is Astha trading Platform any demo trading platform?

Ans: Yes, Astha trading Platform provide the demo trading for their clients.

Q3: Is Astha trading Platform is providing any options and future trading facility?

Ans: Yes, Astha trading Platform providing both the facilities.

Q4: How are the visualization techniques at Astha trading Platform?

Ans: Astha trading Platform is having the world latest graphics and visualization system.

Q5: Astha trading Platform’s offering multi monitoring system or not?

Ans: Yes, Astha trading Platform is providing multi monitoring system.

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