Astha Trade Mobile App Review – iWin Mobile App, Wave Mobile App, Flow Mobile App, Back Office Mobile App – How To Use And Trade

Astha Trade App Review

The broker has a wide range of trading products which they make available for the convenience of their customers. As this article is focused on Astha Trade Mobile App Review, we will cover 3 major mobile-based app features. 

Also, we will try to cover another trading platform in short.

The mobile-based products offered by Astha trade are :

  1. iWin Mobile App
  2. Ashta Trade Wave Mobile App
  3. Astha Trade Flow Mobile App
Astha review

iWin Mobile App:

iWin is the first Mobile App offered by Astha Trade Financial Services for customers who like their trading experience on their fingertips. It is an average mobile app with decent features for trading.  

iWin has a total of 230 reviews on the Google Play Store with a user rating of 3.5 stars. Financial Technologies India Ltd developed this app. 

iWin Mobile App
iWin Mobile App

It is available on  Google play. 

  • iWin Mobile App has a feature of unlimited market watches. It provides real-time data anytime & anywhere.
  • Multiple profiles can be created across stocks from different sectors and industries. Profiles can also be created from different markets of Equity and Commodity.
  • This app enables you to monitor your activities in a consolidated form using Order Book and Trade Book. Order Book gives you the details about all pending, canceled, and executed the order of the day. 
  • Whereas the Trade Book gives information about all the executed orders in the past.
  • Other features like Funds View, market View, and Stock View are also available.
  • It also facilitates different types of charts, such as Bar Charts, Line Charts, Candlestick Charts, mountain Charts, etc. 
  • These charts can be viewed in different timelines as well.
  • This app has over 10,000 downloads, and it comes in a small file size of merely 4.8 MB.

Astha Trade Wave Mobile App

The Wave app is a new introduction from the Astha Trade House. It has multiple features to make your trading experience memorable. In addition to this, high-end tools make it much better and prompt at the same time.

Astha Trade Wave Mobile App
Astha Trade Wave Mobile App
  • It is a small-sized app, which makes it lightning-fast and straightforward.
  • Its creatively designed user interface makes it interactive and easy to use for beginners as well. 
  • Many features are one or two touch process and finish the task without wasting any time.
  • A dedicated team of expert developers continuously keep updating the app by adopting cutting edge technologies for the ever-improving experience. 
Astha Trade Wave Mobile App Screenshot
Astha Trade Wave Mobile App Screenshot
  • This is one of the rare apps which have no lagging or frequent log out issues.
  • The interface of the Wave App is highly modern, elegant, and good looking.
  • The developer team of Astha Trade is very particular about the security of user data. They have provided an encrypted channel for performing all the buying and selling actions.
  • Astha trade Mobile App is customizable in terms of portfolio and watch lists.

Astha Trade Flow Mobile App

Flow is another addition to the list of products offered by Astha Trade. It is a perfect tool for users to analyze and trade financial instruments across different segments. 

Astha Trade Flow Mobile App
Astha Trade Flow Mobile App

Google play store allows free download of this app. It has more than 10,000 users currently and has a user rating of 3.2 stars. The download file size is 7.5 MB.

  • Flow facilitates Personalized Watch List for tracking the real-time movement of the stocks of your choice. It is a blazing fast application because of its small size.
  • You can search hot stocks with market screeners such as Volume Shockers, 52 Week High/Low breakers, Most Active Stocks, etc.
  • Detailed Market depth is available.
  • You can place orders across multiple marketplaces, i.e., NSE, BSE, MCX, F&O, etc. using a single app.
Astha Trade Flow Mobile App Screenshot
Astha Trade Flow Mobile App Screenshot
  • Astha Trade Mobile App has advanced level order types such as Bracket Order, Cover Order, Stop Loss Order, Day, and IOC Order. General order types such as Market Order and Limit Order are not to be mentioned.
  • It gives the facility to convert or square off your open positions at the end of the day.
  • Technical Charts and technical indicators are provided in the app for advanced level traders and researchers. More than 100 types of Technical Indicators are available.

Astha Trade – An Overview 

Astha Trade is a leading Discount Broker firm based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Generally the headquarters of top brokers India is located at metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore. 

Unlike others, Astha Trade was founded in Bhopal, in 2006. They have been highly consistent in their services since then.

Astha Trade has a strong network across the country and is currently present at more than 100 locations. These locations include their direct offices and sub-broking partner offices as well. 

Astha Trade is well known for providing high exposure and leverage to their clients for intraday trading.

To simplify the fund transfer process, Astha Trade recently started accepting funds through Paytm as well.

Although the company is more than a decade old, yet they manage to keep themselves updated with the latest technology. They emphasize on technology-based solutions for their customers and enable them to trade or invest using Astha Trade Mobile App. 

They do not have any in-house products, and Astha Trade App is more popularly known as the iWin Mobile App.

They are one of the oldest discount brokers in India. They also provide depository services with their membership at NSDL and MCX. Astha Trade has more than 25000 active and loyal clients.

Unlike their competitors, Astha Trade is not providing a free Demat and Trading account. They charge Rs. 500 upfront as account opening fee and they also impose Annual Maintenance Charge of Rs 300 per year. 

However, their customer service is commendable, and they justify these charges. 

Other Trading Tools

In addition to the  Trading Tools, Astha Also offers other tools for the enhanced experience of their customers. Let us quickly check out the list of other software as well.


ODIN Diet is a terminal-based trading application that is downloadable in .exe file. Later it is installed on the customer’s laptop or desktop. 

This software is developed by Financial Technologies India Ltd. And is considered to be one of the most reliable trading terminals. 

Other brokerage houses such as Karvy and Swastika also use ODIN Diet for their customers. 

Astha Trade Web

This is a browser-based trading application for more casual traders. It does not require any download or installation. Instead, the users can directly access the software through a web address. 

Astha Trade Web is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari Web Browsers.

Astha Trade NSE Mobile

It is a mobile app version of the original NSE Now software. Both Android and iOS users can use this app. It is highly secure, blazing-fast, and easy to use.

Astha Trade Back Office Mobile App

A Mobile app which can be used for all your back-office needs. 

Astha Trade Back Office Mobile App
Astha Trade Back Office Mobile App

You can add/withdraw funds, view portfolio details, and historical account transaction statements are available through this app.

Astha Trade Back Office Mobile App Screenshot
Astha Trade Back Office Mobile App Screenshot

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Advantages and Disadvantages

Now let us have a quick comparison of the pros and cons of being a customer of Astha Trade.


  • Brokerage charges at Astha Trade are quite low. Although there are different models for charging in various segments, they are still very economical in comparison to full-service traditional brokers
  • Astha Trade provides a vast range of trading platforms. The best part is that they do not charge extra for using various platforms.
  • Astha Trade is one of the rare service providers who does not have any Call and Trade Charges.
  • Astha Trade is known for its top-class customer service. You get the option to approach the tech support team via live chat or call.
  • Extremely high exposure and leverage are being provided in the equity intraday segment.


  • Third parties developed all the platforms provided by Astha Trade. That indicates a little lack of innovation and delay in issue resolution.
  • According to the reports, Astha Trade has a higher number of complaints from users. Where the industry complaint percentage is 0.01%, Astha Trade had just the double in the year 2019. 
  • Astha Trade is not providing any report and educational tools for its users. 
  • They have a Knowledge Hub Section on their website, but it is full of blogs and articles. It does not have intensive training modules like Zerodha’s Varsity.
open astha trade demat account


Astha Trade is one among the oldest Discount Broker of India, which makes them very reliable. They offer multiple ways of trading the market. 

But on the other hand, all its software is the third party developed and serviced, which is not a very good thing. Also, the lack of educational recourses may bother some of the people out there.

Overall, Astha is a decent choice for experienced traders, but we always recommend studying the features of peers before making a buying decision.


Q. Can everyone use Astha Trade’s Trading Platforms?

Yes. To use these platforms for trading, one has to sign up for a Demat and Trading account with Astha Trade Financial Services. Everyone can open such an account using both online and offline processes. 

Q. Are these Mobile Apps Free?

Yes. All three mobile apps, iWin, Wave, and Flow, are available free for download at Google Play Store.

Q. Do they provide advisory services?

No. Astha trade currently does not provide any advisory services.

Q. Is Equity delivery free with these apps?

No. Unlike Zerodha and Upstox, Astha Trade charges 0.1% of the total transaction value, even in case of delivery purchase.

Q. Can I trade in derivatives using these apps?

Yes. You can trade both Future and Options via these apps.

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