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Asit C Mehta Brokerage Calculator Online

1. Asit C Mehta Brokerage Calculator

            Asit C Mehta website hosts the brokerage calculator. What is Brokerage? When the broker facilitates the trading in the stock market, they charge a commission and this is called brokerage. A brokerage calculator helps traders calculate the brokerage for the trades they place which in turn helps the traders to manage their capital, target profits and mange losses. They provide brokerage calculations on Equities, F&O, Commodities and Currency segments. Asit C Mehta charge Rs 700 to open an account with them for trading purposes. The Brokerage calculator calculates the brokerage in matter of seconds and also provides a detailed contract note.

2. Asit C Mehta Equity Brokerage Calculator

This section provides details on the brokerage on Intraday, delivery and various derivatives of the equity segment. Most common orders are the intraday and delivery trades that are placed by the retail traders. Most of the brokers charge discounted brokerage on the intraday trading than the delivery orders. There are also few brokers that charge a flat fee as commission to make the process simpler.

Demat Account Opening With Asit C Mehat

– Asit C Mehta Equity Intraday Brokerage Calculator

Asit C Mehta charges 0.04% as brokerage fees on Equity delivery on the available plan. There are also other fees that they charge on the contract note. Some are the legal requirements others are exchange fees. All these fees are detailed out on the contract note that is issued for the trades entered. It is also available on the brokerage calculator.

–     Asit C Mehta Equity Delivery Brokerage Calculator

They charge 0.40% on the intraday trading on Asit C Mehta. Delivery trades are the ones are the positions that are held for more than one trading session/day. Trader can choose to close these positions when they find a better price to close it.

–     Asit C Mehta Equity Future Brokerage Calculator

Brokerage or commission is 0.05% on Asit C Mehta. For futures there is also requirement of maintaining the margin amount that includes the span margin for positional trades. There are only selected set of equities that have a futures contract on them. This list can be found on the broker website and also on the NSE website.

–     Asit C Mehta Equity Option Brokerage Calculator

Equities can also be traded on option derivatives. This derivative has an expiration date attached to it which means the value of this option usually falls to a zero by the end of the expiration date. Asit C Mehta charges Rs 110 flat per lot as the brokerage. Like Futures Options also requires margin amount to be maintained. Equity futures list is available on website of the company and also the NSE website.

3. Asit C Mehta Commodity Brokerage Calculator

            Asit C Mehta also facilitates the trading of commodities on its trading platform. This is done through the MCX exchange. The charges on the commodities are similar to that of NSE products. They also have similar plans on MCX. Most common types of commodities are Gold, Silver and Crude Oil. Commodities are traded as Futures and Options. To ease the burden on the retail investors, the exchange facilitates mini lots which require smaller investment. This is very helpful for the small traders. Of course the mini lots have smaller profits when compared to mega lots.

Asit C Mehta Commodity Future Brokerage Calculator

Asit C Mehta charged the trader 0.05% as brokerage fees on Commodity Futures. There are of course other charges that are applied and are different when compared to NSE and BSE.

Asit C Mehta Commodity Option Brokerage Calculator

Traders also can trade in option contracts on commodities at 0.05% charges as brokerage. They are less popular when compared to the Futures contracts on commodities.

4. Asit C Mehta Currency Brokerage Calculator

Asit C Mehta also facilitates the currency trading on their platform. There are both future and options contracts on the currencies. Currency is the most volatile market and one can see variations in them even with. A small news can cause big variations. This market is open for 24hrs over 5 days a week.

Asit C Mehta Currency Future Brokerage Calculator

They charge 0.05% as brokerage fee for the currency futures. You can find more details on these contracts on NSE website.

Asit C Mehta Currency Option Brokerage Calculator

They charge brokerage fees of Rs 110 for each lot. All the options details are available on the website.

5. Asit C Mehta Basic Plan Brokerage Charges Table.

Segment Charges
Monthly Fee (Fixed)  
Equity Delivery 0.20% – 0.55%
Equity Intraday 0.020% – 0.050%
Equity Futures 0.020% – 0.050%
Equity Options Rs 70 to Rs 100 per lot
Currency Futures 0.020% – 0.050%
Currency Options Rs 70 to Rs 100 per lot
Commodity Futures 0.020% – 0.050%
Commodity Options Rs 70 to Rs 100 per lot

6. Asit C Mehta BO & CO Brokerage Calculator 

BO facility is not available with Asit C Mehta. They do not have CO facility. These type orders are very helpful for the traders to plan their trade by applying targets and stop losses for the trade in a single window.

7. Asit C Mehta Span Brokerage Calculator

The broker does not charge additional fees for the Span Capital hence no brokerage calculator available for Span margin.

8. Need Asit C Mehta Brokerage Calculator

            This brokerage calculator has good details on it to provide the trader with all the charges that is applied on the contract note. This makes traders life easy in targeting the profits and managing the losses. The calculator is built so well that it is smooth and completes the calculation within the blink of an eye. The brokerage calculator covers all the segments that the broker provides the services for.

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10. FAQ

What are Asit C Mehta brokerage charges?

Ans: Asit C Mehta charges 0.02% to 0,05% for intraday trading.

What is STT charge in Asit C Mehta?

Ans: STT charge on Asit C Mehta 0.0126% on sell side.

Does Asit C Mehta charge brokerage on delivery trades?

Ans: Asit C Mehta charges 0.30% as brokerage on delivery trades.

Does Asit C Mehta charge any monthly charges?

Ans: No, Asit C Mehta does not charge any monthly charges to the traders

Does Asit C Mehta charge flat brokerage or percentage basis?

Ans: They charge both flat and percentage based fee to it traders.

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