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How to Apply For Credit Card?

Online application for an appropriate credit card is a crucial decision. We must have the idea of all the pros and cons of a particular card. For example, SBI online has the option of twenty variety of credit card.

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Axis bank has a different twenty-two number of credit cards, HDFC bank has eight HDFC credit cards, city bank has six range of credit cards, etc. Similarly, Kotak Mahendra Bank, Bank of America card, discover card, etc. have popularity among masses. If you want to apply for a credit card, our team research comprehensive report is shared in the below column will immensely help. Spare your 2-3 minutes precious time and focus on every tip given below. 

What is Eligibility to Apply for a Credit Card?

  • You must be of 18 years; however, few banks require the minimum age as 21 years. The maximum period for credit card applicants in most of the banks is 60 years.
  • Your minimum yearly income must be between INR 1 lakh to INR 3 lakh. However, for the student credit card, income constraint is relaxed.
  • You must be salaried or self-employed.
  • Citizens, residents or non-residents –all are eligible for a credit card. Few credit cards require mandatory citizens, for an example-Bihar student credit card, etc.

What are the Factors affecting your Credit Card Eligibility?

  • Credit Score- Bank authority checks your credit scores online before deciding to issue you a credit card. A Credit score is your track record of paying the earlier debt you had. A good credit score is between 750-900.
  • Ongoing Loan or Earlier Dept- Your commitment to paying the EMI is one of the crucial factors in determining a credit score.
  • Your earning source and your location- Your yearly net income and residing place play an essential role in the determination of credit limit. However, credit limit determination of a card is set by proprietary software of banks; they do not disclose it.   

Different Credit Cards offer

  • Credit cards offer many different kind of relaxation in different area.
  • Credit cards give relaxation in a different way, for example- rewards points, cashback, fuel, airport lounge, shopping discounts, travel and hotel discount, movie tickets etc.
  • Cards can be used for varieties of work, but bank make the card to attract particular need of people, for example, Citi reward card is  for best reward points, Indian oil citi platinum card is best for fuel, Citi cashback card is best for cashback etc. Thus the name of many cards itself reflects for which purpose it is meant.   

How to Apply for a Credit Card for the First Time?

  • If you are applying first time for a credit card, a few tips given below will be immensely helpful.
  • Check yourself credit history. It’s a 3-digit number.
  • A credit score is one of the deciding factors for the card limit, and relaxation such as bike/car purchase low-interest rate, University/College fee payment low-interest rate etc.
  • If you do not have an earlier credit record, you are eligible to apply for a secured credit card or a student credit card.
  • Secured credit card grants you a credit limit equal to the onetime cash deposition or FD did by you in the bank.
  • A student credit card has a low annual percentage rate (APR).
  • Select a reward card that matches much as per your use. In point #3, we have mentioned a variety of card mainly meant for a purpose.
  • Avoid applying multi application for credit cards; it will attract hard enquiry, Bank asks whether you want to take too much dept through credit card. Chances of rejection are there.
  • Try to go through carefully the terms and conditions of the credit card. Try to know the fees, interest rate, reward program and other offers to decide on the purchase of a credit card.

How to Apply Online for a Credit Card?

  • Applying online for a credit card is the right decision as you can do it at any time at your convenience.
  • You have a better option of browsing and looking at a variety of credit cards and their comparisons.
  • Finally, when you make up your mind for a particular credit card,  go to the card issuer site and fill the online application form.
  • In the application form, you have to provide your details as well as what you are going to provide for your identity proof, address proof, income proof, etc.
  • Upload the required documents and submit them.
  • The online application reaches the bank fast and grants an opportunity for instant approval.
  • The card will reach your home by post.

Apply for SBI Credit Card?

  • Online application for SBI credit card is very simple, it has three steps only.
  • SBI offers 20 varieties of credit card, for example, SBI card prime, save SBI card, IRCTC SBI platinum card, Apollo SBI card, Tata titanium card, Mumbai metro SBI card etc.
  • Features of all the cards in SBI credit card page.
  • Once you select a specific card for you, just below the photograph of card button for apply is provided is athere in vweb site.
  • Once you click the apply button, it will take you the first page of application.
  • On available the first page you have to provide your name in full, date of birth, address of residence, email ID, phone/mobile number. After completing this page, you have to click the next button.
  • The second page appears on your computer desk, You have to answer related to your income, liabilities, about your family members, income tax returns data etc., once you complete this page then you have to move on the last page.
  • On the third page, the facility for uploading of documents is provided.
  •  Once document uploading work is over, you have to press the submit button.

Apply for HDFC Credit Card

  • The first step should be to select appropriate credit card out of 38 variety of credit card offered by HDFC bank.
  • Many HDFC credits are free from any yearly fees, e.g. HDFC visa signature credit card, HDFC titanium edge credit card, HDFC purchase credit card, HDFC platinum plus credit card, etc.
  • Once you make a mind for a particular card, go to HDFC online apply for credit card page.
  • When you go to HDFC credit card page, first it will ask whether you are already a customer of HDFC bank or not.
  • If your answer is yes, then the bank will ask for your registered mobile number, once you will submit it and proceed by submitting the OTP, your profile page will automatically appear there. You can complete the online application by uploading necessary documents related to identification, residence proof and income proof.
  • If you are not a customer of HDFC bank, then the online application page will first demand your full credentials, including email ID and mobile/landline number.
  • Nest bank will give you the option whether HDFC representative will contact you and collect the required papers or you want to submit online.
  • If you choose online submission method then you have to upload the papers on web site portal meant for it and later on you may have to submit the self-certified hard copy in nearest branch.
  • Instant approval in HDFC bank credit card is also possible, but it all depends on the authority of bank verifying your submitted documents. 

Apply for Bajaj Finserv Credit Card

  • Bajaj Finserv has little different eligibility requirements comparison of other credit card providers. 
  • Minimum age requirement for Bajaj Finserv credit card is 26 years, the maximum age limit is 65 years.
  • Only existing Bajaj financial limited customers are eligible to apply.
  • Credit score must be greater or equal to 750.
  • You must be existing EMI cardholder of Bajaj Financial services.
  • For fast approval of Bajaj Finserv credit card, first, you have to apply online for pre-approved offer.
  • Documents required for a credit card of Bajaj Finservs are ID proof, Address proof, income proof, age proof and PAN card photocopy.
  • You can apply online for a credit card; you have to fill the online form and upload the documents.

Apply for Kishan Credit Card

  • Kishan credit card (KCC) is designed to provide short term loan to the farmer to support their harvesting. 
  • Kaishan credit card has a low-interest rate, rate of interest usually 2% annual upto INR 3 lakh.
  • Any farmers of the age group between 18 years to 60 years are eligible to apply for kishan credit card. A farmer may have their agriculture land or may have taken land on rent; all are eligible.
  • Documents requirement for Kishan credit card are identity proof, residence proof and land ownership or land on rent paper.
  • Almost all banks offer kishan credit card.
  • To apply for kishan credit card, one can apply online by browsing the bank web site or can contact the nearest branch with all the documents mentioned above.
  • In the online application, you have to mention the nearest branch of the concerning bank near your place.
  • You have to upload the scanned copy of documents online.
  • Bank Manager will sanction your Kishan credit card loan after scrutinizing the papers, and bank representative may do physical verification of land.

Apply for ICICI Credit Card

  • ICICI bank offers more than 35 varieties of credit cards. You require to choose a credit card nearest to your need.
  • For online application of ICICI credit card, you require to click the credit card button.
  • There are three simple steps associated with the application of ICICI bank credit card.
  • In the first step, online you have fill and submit a form mention your credentials, including your job/Business, email ID, mobile number, etc., banks declare to keep your credentials confidential.
  • Within 48 hours you will get a message from bank representative to keep the necessary documents ready, he will ask about a free time such that he/she can visit your residence and collect all documents including the filled and signed application form.
  • You can upload your documents online also.
  •  Your credit card will arrive by post to your home. 

Apply for Citi Bank Credit Card

  • Citi bank credit cards are divided into four-way- fuel, shopping, cashback and travel. Hence its become easier to select a credit card as per our need.
  • You have to begin your application by providing – email ID, mobile number, personal data, professional data and address.
  • If you do not have an account of Citi bank, your authentication and credential will be verified by the bank online. You have to provide your PAN number too.
  • Bank representative will contact you and complete the formalities in your home. However, there is the option of uploading the documents online on bank web portal.  

Apply for Paytm Credit Card

  • Paytm offers credit card known by first credit card in association with Citibank.
  • Paytm customer can apply for a first credit card through paytm app.
  • To apply for the first credit card, the KYC of the customer is necessary.
  • Paytm issue the credit card after verifying your credentials, once you apply for a credit card through Paytm app.

Apply for Student Credit Card

  • Most of the bank grants you a student credit card against your collateral. You have to make a fixed deposit in the bank as collateral. Few banks issue the student credit card to those who have education loan in the bank.
  • Documents requirement are- your ID proof, address proof, college ID card, birth certificate,  pan card and of course, details of FD.
  • Applying for a credit card is easy and require few steps of online application filling and submission. In a few banks, you have to visit the nearest branch and complete the form filling formalities.
  • You have to provide all the details such as name, email ID, mobile number.
  • When you proceed for second page then details about parents, date of birth, university/college details, about the FD etc., in the first online page.
  •  In the third and last step, you have to recheck your application and submit the form. You will get a reference number for future correspondence. Your credit card will reach your home by speed post. 

Apply for American Express Credit Card

  • American Express offers four different varieties of the credit card to cater to the needs of customers. American express smart earn credit card, American express platinum travel credit card, American Express membership reward credit card and American express platinum reserve credit card.
  • First, you have to select a proper credit card which covers your requirements.
  • Online apply button is given just below the photograph of the credit card on the American express credit card web page.
  • First, you have to provide your full name, parents name, email Id and mobile number only.
  • On the second page, you have to provide details about your ID card, residence, job/business, income tax return and pan card.
  • The third is to upload the scanned documents you have mentioned on the previous page. You have to click submit button.

Apply for Target Credit Card

  • To apply for the target credit card, you must be of 16 years age and must have to check the bank account of America.
  • The online application is simple five steps- personal information, security information, your address, financial information, review and submits.
  • Before going on, you must have social security number, valid driver’s license,  state ID or military ID, checking account and bank routing number in your hand.
  • You will get the credit card by post.

Apply for Canara Bank Credit Card

  • Canara bank offers credit card free of joining or yearly fee. Per Rs 100 expense, the bank gives two credit points equal to Rs 0.50; you can redeem it.
  • You must have a minimum annual income of Rs 1 lakh to apply for Canara bank credit card.
  • Documents requirements- ID proof, residence proof,  job/business ID, income tax returns and your recent photograph.
  • You can apply online by providing your name, email ID and mobile number. You will get an application ID. You have to move to a nearer branch for further proceedings.

Apply for the Best Buy Credit Card

  • Best buy credit cards are available for customers of Canada, America and Mexico.
  • Best buy offers particular redeem points to a newcomer for a limited period such as 3% back in reward on purchase and gas purchase.
  • 2% back rewards on dining and 1% back reward on everyday purchase are the unique attraction of best buy card.
  • You have to apply online; you have to create your account by browsing the web site and providing your credentials.
  • After providing details of checking account, you can get a credit card of Best buy.

Apply for Capital One Credit Card

  • Capital one offers many credit cards have a special offer for building credit, travel rewards, cashback rewards, etc., you can select as per your need.
  • For capital credit card, pre-qualifier customers get priority in issuing the card.
  • You have to apply online with your credentials and pre-qualifier number to get Capital One credit card.

Apply for Chase Credit Card

  • All Chase credit cards have the option for online process.
  • You have to first apply for pre-qualifier form.
  • You have to mail the required documents by mail mentioning pre-qualifier reference number to get the card.

Apply for Discover Credit Card

  • Discover offers a variety of credit card to cater to the needs of the customer.
  • Once you select the card of your choice, you have to fill the pre-qualifier form online.
  • Once you get the pre-qualifier number, you can upload your credentials online or send by email. You can get Email ID on the web site of Discover.

Apply for Secure Credit Card

  • Secured credit cards help in building credit and for taking a grant of different loans. 
  •  For secured credit card, you need to deposit money in the bank.
  • Your activity through secured credit card is having a high point in the eye of credit bureaus.
  • Application for secured credit card is easy as your collateral is already with the bank.
  • Bank only ask for your documents and check your credit score and issue the card.

Apply for PNB Credit Card

  • PNB credit card provides many facility such as utility payment, free credit period up to 50 days, balance transfer credit etc.
  • To apply PNB credit card, you need to have your ID proof, residence proof, annual income through IT returns, photographs. You have to contact nearest branch of PNB to submit application as well as documents.

Apply for Walmart Credit Card

  • For Walmart credit card you have to be of minimum 18 years, must have US residence address and Social Security number.
  • You have to apply online and first make your ID in the walmart store.
  • Provide the details of checking  bank account and take your card.

Apply for IDBI Credit Card

  • IDBI bank offers many credit card such as Royal signature, Uphoria world, Aspire platinum, Emporium Platinum, etc., credit cards have specific use with usual general purchase.
  • IDBI credit card grants delight points on each purchase that customer can redeem as per convenient.
  • To apply for IDBI credit card, first, you have to register yourself on its credit card page.
  • You can either go and contact the nearest branch, or you can contact the customer call centre and request to send any representative to your home.
  • 1800-209-4324 is the toll-free number of customer care of IDBI bank; you can ask to fix a meeting with any representative of the bank as per your convenience.

Apply for Bihar Student Credit Card?

  • Bihar student credit card is being provided by the Government of Bihar to students to carry out their higher studies after +2.
  • INR 4 lakh is provided to students under this scheme.
  • The online time-bound facility has been provided by the Bihar Government to facilitate the students.
  • Process for application is straightforward. You have to apply for a loan online with your credentials such as ID proof, residence proof, PAN/Aadhar & higher study selection letter.
  • You can register yourself in Bihar student loan portal by providing your email ID and mobile number. Upload your documents and submit your application.
  • Please keep the submission acknowledgement number carefully as it may require for further enquiry.
  • Within a fixed stimulated time, you will get SMS and mail from bank to visit the branch and finish the formalities related to release of the loan.
  • It is a unique credit system in India as the Bihar Government itself takes guarantee of loan given to the student. In case, by any reason student unable to repay the loan, then Bihar Government pays the bill on behalf of the student.    

Apply for a Business Credit Card

  • Business credit cards meant for ease of commencing business by the executives.
  • Different banks offer cards keeping consideration of elite class of customers handling tasks of business.
  • For example- Axis bank offers three types of business or corporate cards; Corporate credit card with corporate liability, Corporate card with individual responsibility, and Central travel account card.
  • Corporate cards are physical as well as cardless. There is a virtual credit card also for corporate. In a virtual credit card, for each transaction, one unique account number is provided by the bank.
  • The application process for corporate credit card is simple and online. You have to provide a balance sheet as well as a company registration certificate to the bank.
  • Managing Directors or any authorized person’s digital signature is sufficient to complete the process.
  • You will get your Business credit card by post to your registered address once you submit the online application

How to Apply Offline for a Credit Card?

  • Offline application for a credit card is simple, and you can do it by visiting the nearby bank branch.
  • You must keep a xerox copy of the documents specified below.
  • Identity Proof anyone – PAN card, Passport, Aadhar card, driving license or voter ID card.
  • Address proof (elctricity bill in your name), passport, Aadhar, etc.
  • Income proof- at least last three months salary slip, Form 16, Income tax 9IT) returns.
  • After submission of the application form. Bank will provide one acknowledgement number.
  • You can track your status of application online.
  • The card will reach in your home address by post once the bank verifies and sanction your application for the credit card.

How Safe is Credit Card Transaction?

  • For any fraud on credit card transaction bank provides extra security on your credit card. For that, you have to opt “Protection against fraudulent charges” initially when you apply for a credit card.
  • It is advisable to take credit card protection plan insurance from banks for secure transactions.

Our Research Team Report on Credit Card.

  • Report says the 27% growth in credit card users in the last financial year. This increasing trend is fantastic, showing people’s belief on plastic money.
  • For an emergency, if someone needs fast money, then a smarter and brilliant option to have the best suitable credit card. 
  • We as a research team on credit card, always ready to assist and advise you free of cost. We collect our charges from bank/financial Institutions as commission after completion of your purchase or sorting out your problem. Once again, we want to repeat that customers benefit our all-time priority because you are very special to us, financial institutions are many, but as a customer, you are only one for us. We value our customer’s relation. Please review our customer satisfaction feedback.
Apply Now for HDFC Platinum Times Card
Apply Now for HDFC Platinum Times Card

Pros and Cons

Many credit cards are free of introductory charges or any yearly charges.Our research says that the use of credit cards as per our needs and paying ability is always beneficial. Credit cards only be a burden, if our expenditure is not controlled and we fail to repay the money in time.  
Many banks grant bill payment relaxation period up to 50 days.  
Almost all credit card provides the facility to apply online. Not to bother to rush the branch. 
Reward and credit points on purchase worldwide are also a point to look upon 

Bottom Line

A credit card is an essential cashless facility. A credit card is helpful in day to day purchasing. A credit card grants us a discount and reward point instrumental in saving our money while purchasing. Application for a new credit card is a natural process; all the application process can be completed online. Grant of any loan for our work or business depend s on credit score. Credit card grant us chance to build our credit score. There is a unique facility for all categories of people such as working men, women and students in credit cards.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I apply for a new credit card online?

Ans- Yes, you can apply for a credit card online. Almost all banks provide this facility on their portal. There is an option to upload necessary documents on bank portal, the bank will issue the card after scrutinizing submitted papers and based on your credit score. Not the necessity of your physical presence in the bank.

Q2. What is the minimum income limit to be eligible for a credit card?

Ans- INR 1 lakh is the usual yearly income barrier to get a credit card. However, student credit card does not have any income limit. Banks also allow credit card against some fixed deposit. If you fix some FD  When we apply for a loan to a bank, the bank first does my credit checking online. Our regular payment of the credit card bill boosts our credit score and paves the way for sanction of the loan. 

Q3. What are the documents required for the application of a credit card?

Ans- The documents required at the time application for a credit card – ID proof (Aadhar, Pan, etc.), Residence Proof (Aadhar, Electric bill, voter card, driving license, etc.), Yearly income proof (IT returns of last three years), salary slip for an employed person and your recent photograph.

Q4. Do I have to go to jail in case not able to pay the credit card bill?

Ans- No, there is no provision for that harsh punishment. Credit cards are meant to help the customers to make the customers cashless for their day to day work. As per the law of India bank can lodge a certificate case on the defaulter. Court has the power to attach the property of defaulter for recovery of Bank money.

Q5. How much time does the bank take to issue the credit card?

Ans- Application process and verification by a bank official, all these processes are high-speed. Usually, within 15 days, the card will deliver at your home by post.

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