Angel Speed Pro Review Shows Power and Speed of Instant Trade Execution

Angel Speed Pro Software Overview

Angel Speed Pro Review pointed out that the Angel Speed Pro software is the ground-breaking and best trading software in India that will place the market right on your finger-tips with live streaming rates. 

Angel Speed Pro Account

Angel Speed Pro for Mobile is a sure way to experience the speed and power of instantaneous trade reports and execution.

Angel Speed Pro software offers clients and traders one window trading experience in addition to trade monitoring abilities.

Angel Speed Pro review even recognized Angel Broking SpeedPro desktop-based trading software as one of the best trading software among stock traders in India.

With Angel Speed Pro New Version, you don’t need to switch platform before you can trade NCDEX, BSE, NSE, and MXC because it provides a single login (sign-on) for all its users or customers.

In addition, you can locate all your contract notes, reports, portfolio, Fund pay-out, and pay-in, as well as Research Report via a single login.

Going by our Angel Speed Pro review, we discovered that Angel speed Pro for Mobile is very easy to use.

Everything, from navigation to conducting research and executing trades, is an easy and remarkable experience.

You can get Angel Speed Pro software on multiple platforms such as Windows installable apps, web browsers, and mobile apps (iOS and Android). 

With Angel SpeedPro download and installation on your computer, you will always experience speedy execution of orders with real-time monitoring.

Angel Speed Pro software installable functional trading platform released by Angel Broking is the best fit stock trading software and tool for the active trader.

Angel Speed Pro Review claimed that Angel Speed Pro lets traders trade in Commodity, Currency, and Equity.

To guarantee top-notch user experience, Angel speed Pro for Mobile always takes its time before launching anything new.

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Top Features of Angel Speed Pro Software

In this Angel Speed Pro review, let us have a comprehensive look at the different features of Angel Speed Pro software.

1. The Scrip Addition

With the scrip addition feature, you can add scrip of different segments such as F & O, Commodity, and Currency, etc. at the same time.

To do this, click on Home Button and market watch. After that, search for that scrip in the search bar located underneath the menu bar and on top of the viewing space.

Once the details of the scrip are mentioned, press enter and the scrip would be included in the market watch. 

All you need to do if you want to place an order of a scrip showing in the market watch is to just choose that particular scrip and click on the Buy Order button below the Home Tab.

After that, a small order box would show on the down left side where you can fill the quantity, price, then execute the order.

2. Market Watch Section

This is the feature used for accessing the market watch. You need to click on the Home button below the menu bar in order to access the market watch.

The first icon below the home button is Market Watch. Click on the button.

Then, right-click on the viewing space and select the market you want to check from any of MCX, Sensex or any other market.

You can continue to add scrip to the market watch from across all segments.

3. The Combined Best Five

Combined Best Five allows its users to have an instantaneous look at the best five bids for buy and sell in both the BSE and NSE.

You can access Combined Best Five on the Market Tab next to the Home Tab. Use the Combined Five Button to choose scrips.

4. Research Bar and Reports Section

The research bar consists of comprehensive summaries and reports as published by the research team of Angel Broking to educate the investors and help them make informed trading decisions. 

It gives positive daily reports that are further separated into weekly reports, market outlook reports, derivative reports, and technical reports.

The reports typically capture the related subject matter as on that day.

5. Open in Excel

This user-friendly feature is used for viewing the market watch in an excel sheet. The market watch with a portfolio is imported to excel and refreshed on a live basis.

This allows users to make use of excel tools to carry out their favored analysis.

6. Customization

The Angel Speed Pro Software allows customization of the interface to a certain level that will make the application user-friendly.

For example, users can remove the research space and menu bar in order to increase the viewing space or the market watch.

On the other hand, users can customize their preferences of a portfolio, performance indicator, chart type, order quantity, and workspace among others. Click on Tools next to Home Tab for this. 

Angel Speed Pro software also allows you to incorporate most options and used it in the ribbon bar.

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Angel Speed Pro Review of Angel Broking Trading Platforms

Angel Speed Pro trading application was launched by Angel Broking Limited. Angel Speed Pro software is basically designed for traders to link to the Internet and incorporates Windows Firewall exception so that it can eventually perform this operation without being interrupted. 

This Angel Speed Pro review will look at the Trademark applications designed for customers by Angel Broking Limited for easy online trading.

These stock trading applications are designed to make trading a breeze.

They include:

  • Angel Speed Pro Software
  • Angel Broking Browser-based Software
  • Angel Speed Pro for Mobile App

Follow on in this Angel Speed Review as we provide the most recent review of these platforms from Angel Broking Limited.

1. Angel Speed Pro Software

Angel Speed Pro software is a desktop-oriented trading software that has a solitary window trading experience. Angel Speed Pro software is an installable trading application or software.

For the best and utmost trading experience, you have to carry out Angel SpeedPro download and install it on your computer.

 It is an application-based trading platform. The rates of this application-based software are updated automatically.

Angel Speed Pro software is particularly useful for traders and investors to access the market from multiple terminals. 

As mentioned earlier, you have to carry out Angel SpeedPro download on your system to use Angel Speed Pro software.

This may be impossible for traders who don’t have their personal computers.

Angel Speed Pro software is unique and extraordinary when it comes to speed and functionality.

It allows for streaming charts and quotes with many indicators, easy fund transfer facility to more than forty banks with a built-in UPI based payment facility and fast order execution with full-time monitoring. It is the best platform for Professional Traders.

Angel Speed Pro Software Features

  • The Heat Map analysis
  • Historic, Intraday, and uninterrupted charts with different patterns
  • News Flash
  • Collective Best Five
  • Open Live Market in Excel with a high refresh rate
  • Angel Speed Pro software has committed research team which gives daily research reports and calls
Demat Account Opening With Angel Broking

2. Angel Broking Browser-based Software

The Angel Broking browser-based software is simply browser-oriented trading software according to its name.

The rates of the software are updated automatically. If you are one of the traders and investors who want to access the stock market from different terminals, Angel Broking Browser-based software is your choice.

Features of Angel Broking Browser-based Software

Angel Market and Research Information: This feature will give you the latest live news from more than 1.5 million different sources, calculators, market information, model portfolio, comprehensive research reports, and lots more. 

Track Portfolio: With track portfolio feature, you will be able to analyze your portfolio, keep contract notes, obtain automatic updates concerning all transactions, compute realized & unrealized gain, and maintain the ledger among others.

Gain access to timely reminders and alerts

Trade Online: Browser-based software is an opportunity to have an integrated trading experience. From this single platform, you can trade in Currency & Commodities, Buy & Sell stocks, and invest in Mutual Funds.

Interactive charts and stock screeners

With a single login, you can add and manage the whole family

3. Angel Speed Pro for Mobile 

It was mentioned in the earlier part of this Angel Speed Pro review that the Angel Speed Pro is a terminal trading application that can only operate or work on laptops or desktops.

Hence, there is no parallel mobile version for the Angel Speed Pro trading application.

Nevertheless, Angel SpeedPro stockbroker offers Angel Broking App mobile trading app that enables traders to invest and trade in the stock market.

Angel Speedpro Download and Installation

Angel Speedpro download and installation on a laptop or desktop is required before you can use this trading software. 

An icon with the letter would show when you install Angel Speed Pro software on either your laptop or desktop. The letter S is the Angel Broking Speedpro Starter program. 

You must first access the Angel Broking Speedpro Starter program before accessing SpeedPro. The Angel Broking Speedpro Starter will request for your client code.

It will then confirm whether the Angel Speed Pro software is installed. The software application will then launch if it is installed.

Angel Broking SpeedPro Starter is a software program designed by Angel Broking Ltd. Angel Speed Pro New Version and most common release of Angel Broking Speedpro Starter is, with one more than 98 percent of all installations using this version now. 

During Angel Broking Speedpro Starter download and set up, Angel Broking Speedpro Starter generates a startup registration point in Windows so that it would start automatically start any user boots the PC.

To launch the program at different scheduled times, a scheduled task is added to Windows Task Scheduler.

Various Files Installed by Angel Broking Speedpro Starter

  • unins001.exe
  • TV.exe
  • SpeedPro Starter.exe
  • unins000.exe – Setup/Uninstall
  • SpeedPro Installer.exe – SpeedPro Installer
  • SpeedPro Starter Setup.exe – SpeedPro Starter (SpeedPro Starter Setup)
  • SS Autoupdater.exe – Auto updater
  • SSUpdatesSetup08.exe
  • WebClientComponent.dll (by FTIL) – iNeTnet (Web Client Component Module)
  • SpeedPro Installer.exe – SpeedPro Installer
  • SSNotify.exe – SSNotify
  • SS InstallNotify.exe – SS Install Notify
  • Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler.dll (by CodePlex Community) – Task Service (Task Scheduler Wrapper)

Pros and Cons of Angel Speed Pro Software


  • Users and traders alike are free to organize their favored windows in several desktop screens and toggle among them with a multi-desktop feature.
  • A basic Internet bandwidth, Angel Speed Pro software offers high performance and works at a decent speed.
  • Angel speed Pro for Mobile allows traders to include bespoke short keys for quick analysis and implementations.
  • With a single tap, users gain access to news alerts that will make them get hold of the stock market. With Angel Speed Pro software, traders and other users can set alerts and notifications based on their requirements.
  • Access to regular market recommendations, tips, and chart reports.
  • Through Angel Speed Pro, users can decide to apply for mutual funds online.
  • In order to carry out some quick number crunching and analysis, you can download the market information and data.


  • Angel Speed Pro software is not available for those using Mac.
  • From the navigation perspective, the user experience of the trading software can still be improved.
  • In terms of disk space, RAM, and processor, the general configuration and smooth functioning must be reasonable, if not users may find it difficult to access a number of heavy features of the trading software.


Angel Speed Pro software is the best trading application designed by Angel Broking Limited. As far as speed and innovative features are concerned, Angel Speed Pro New Version stands out from the crowd, making the platform the best trading platform for traders.

Angel Broking Speedpro Starter download is easy while the software is one of the most mature and efficient applications in India.

You will get free access to Angel Speed Pro software if you open a trading account with Angel Broking.

Do the Angel Broking Speedpro Starter download on your laptop or desktop and start trading with ease from the comfort of your home. In terms of customization and market outlook features, Angel speed Pro for Mobile is certainly one of the foremost trading software you can ever find in India.

In this comprehensive and honest Angel Speed Pro Review, you have really been taking through all you need to know about the software including the features that make it one of the trading platforms to reckon within India.

Angel Speed Pro software gives traders the facility to view last traded price, live rates, and percentage change of stocks. With Angel Speed Pro for Mobile, trading can be done on both the Commodity and Equity Market.

The Angel Speed Pro for the mobile app is powered by the Hi-tech auto advisory engine (ARQ). With ARQ, you can remain invested in the top and best performing mutual funds and stocks throughout the 365 days of the year.

On the other hand, this smarter trading software makes online trading secure, fast, and simple. In addition, you receive alerts that will make you rebalance your portfolio together with deeply advanced charting and market analysis to help you outsmart the market. 

Ground-breaking features equip every Angel Speed Pro for Mobile app users with the autonomy and liberty to trade on the move instantaneously, with 100 percent convenience.

Angel Speed Pro FAQs

How much does Angel Broking Speedpro Starter download cost?

Angel Broking Speedpro Starter download is Free of charge to all the customers.

Is commodity trading available on Angel Broking mobile trading app?

Commodity trading is available on Angel Broking mobile app. This means that all the Angel clients can trade across asset class on the Angel speed Pro for Mobile such as Commodities, Derivatives, Currency, and Equity at NCDEX, MCX, NSE, and BSE.

Is Angel Broking app available for Windows phones?

There is no Angel Broking app available for Windows phones.

How do I remove Angel Broking Speedpro Starter?

Quickly and totally remove Angel Broking Speedpro Starter from your system by downloading Reason’s ‘Should I Remove It?’

Or, use the Add / Remove Program feature in the Window’s Control Panel to uninstall Angel Broking Speedpro Starter from your computer.

What is Angel Speed Pro?

The Angel Speed Pro is a stock trading software that offers traders a single-window trading experience in addition to trade monitoring abilities.

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