Angel Broking Vs Indiabulls Venture Shubh Comparison: Demat, Brokerage, Margin

Angel Broking Vs Indiabulls Venture Shubh Comparison

The two stock broking companies, Angel Broking and Indiabulls VentureShubh offer their financial services and products alongside with stock brokerage platforms. Their financial services make it simple to do trading with no hassle in experience.

The below details of Angel Broking ndiabulls Shubh comparison has the two stock broker companies to offer their benefits.

This data in the article will give you a detailed information about Angel Broking VS Indiabulls Shubh topic.

Angel Broking Vs Indiabulls Venture company Details

Angel Broking 

  • They are a full-service broker in providing brokerage service in retail being founded in the year 1987 with more than 1800 cities network reach. Dinesh D. Thakkar is the founder, chairman, and MD of the company with Vinay Agrawal as the director and CEO.
  • They have their services in loans, portfolio health checks and management, business in IPO, investment banking, depository services, and stock trading.
  • MCX granted them the fulcrums of commodity derivatives market award in 2018, best market analyst in commodity futures award by Assocham in 2017, top volume performer by BSE, etc.

Indiabulls Shubh

  • Indiabulls Shubh is a part of the operational divisions of the parent company, Indiabulls Group, which is a financial service company.

The founder and non executive chairman of the company is Sameer Gehlaut who established the division in year 1995 in New Delhi.

Divyesh Shah is its CEO and executive director.

  • A separate subsidiary company, Indiabulls commodities limited is present specifically to trade in services of commodities. Indiabulls Venture Shubh deal in mutual funds, currency trading, IPO, etc.
  • Indiabulls Shubh is the pioneer in starting the online trading platform in India. Crisil has graded them with BQ-1, making Indiabulls Shubh as the very first stock trading company. They have a dedicated sales team of more than 900 people.
ParticularsAngel BrokingIndiabulls Shubh
Company TypePrivatePrivate
Established in19871995
HeadquartersMumbai, IndiaNew Delhi, India
Founder(s)Mr.Dinesh D. ThakkarMr.Sameer Gehlaut
Type of BrokerFull Service BrokerFull Service Broker
No. of branches110+ branches260+ branches
Active Client Base14,00,000+6,00,000+

Angel Broking VS IndiabullsAngel Broking VS Indiabulls Venture products comparison

Angel Broking

  • Angel Speedpro – A desktop trading software to monitor trade proficiency in a safe and powerful platform. Get updates on your trade execution and analytical reports in real time, details of your portfolio and invest in mutual funds by online with ease.
  • Angel Broking app–The mobile based platform for investment and trading demands with their rule related based engine called ARQ, to make the process more fast, safe and accurate.

The application gives thorough information with regards to updated news, reports for maintaining a steady pace with others in stock trading.

Get detailed data about your portfolio health, ideas to trade stocks, UPI based payments and lot more.

  • Angel Broking trade –With their trading website, stock trading is now so simplified and cater to your investment needs.

Create your watch lists to easily access your saved shares, indications with charts, stock tracking, instant notifying and easy management of multiple family accounts.

Indiabulls Shubh

  • Shubh PIB – Also known as Shubh Power Indiabulls. It is a powerful platform for experiencing a remarkable online trading exposure.

It has a whole lot of features like advanced charting system,  stock prices alerts in real time, latest news on stocks, reports on live trading, etc.

The community of internet trading can flexibly invest in fixtures and options, get reports on trading, equity all based on specific analysis and need of user. Shubh PIB is available in ios and windows.

  • Shubh App–It is the platform designed for discount broking to do countless trading based on subscription plans.

There is a fixed trading plan on a monthly basis where no brokerage is charged for delivery and intraday of futures and options and equityas well as in margin funding.

All the trading, price quotes, market analysis are in real time with advanced technology for trading.

Shubh Web–A web based platform that stream data from the stock market with a flexible design that helps to easily study the market trend and give better trading experience.Everything from tracking portfolio to extensive reports, IPO, news of live market, etc.

Investment OptionsAngel BrokingIndiabulls Shubh
Stock/Equity TradingAvailableAvailable
Commodity TradingAvailableAvailable
Currency & DerivativesAvailableAvailable
Online IPO ApplicationAvailableAvailable
Mutual FundsAvailableAvailable
BankingNot AvailableNot Available
InsuranceAvailableNot Available
ForexNot AvailableNot Available
Equity SIP InvestmentAvailableAvailable
MF SIP InvestmentAvailableAvailable

Angel Broking and Indiabulls Venture Benefit Comparison

Angel BrokingIndiabulls Shubh
●    Sub broker program to get the opportunity and make a growth based career with access to Angel Broking’s high tech platforms specially designed for sub brokers to easily search for potential clients.

●    Videos whole heartedly made to give information regarding market flow in stocks and shares, alongside their own company reports showing their professional transparency.

●    Educational knowledge through topic focused videos for awareness in Angel Broking’s comprehensive analysis and information about various financial investments and concepts needed before trading.

●    Provide loan for trading in shares with lots of options for trading and benefits like dividends and bonus.

●    ARQ engine or program with auto-investment function with recommendations customized as per your trading preference.

●    To make it easy for their clients, Indiabulls Shubh has come up with their subscription plans for equity and fixture and options.

●    Research related options for fundamental, technical and derivative in making reports on equity and in currency and commodity for better analysis in market.

●    They have launched a Shubh Academy section in their platform to let you understand the complex algorithms behind trading online which will make it easy to be confident with shares.

●    Customer service is quick and responsive.

●    New account opened clients can trade without spending a penny for the first 30 days.

Angel Broking VS Indiabulls Shubh Account Open Compare

To open an account online go to this link

To open an account in Indiabulls Shubh, go to this link

Angel BrokingIndiabulls Shubh
●    Put your name, mobile no., select city and click on apply now.

●    Give your date of birth, pan no., email id, bank account no., IFS code and then click on proceed.

●    Next is complete your e-kyc process with either Aadhaar or Digi locker.

●    If your choice is Aadhaar then click on aadhaar details and after completing all the details, upload the Aadhaar details and click on proceed.

●    Provide your annual income, occupation, trading experience if any, parents name, digital copy of pan and bank statement and then click on proceed to e-sign.

●    Complete your nsdl e-sign service section and click on submit.

●    Go to self-verification where webcam is needed to confirm your photo proof and click on submit after the process is complete.

●    A power of attorney (POA) section will open where you can either courier your details or book an appointment with their executive who will get the details.

●    To open an account in Indiabulls Shubh you either need to download their app in android or iOS or download the software to your desktop

●    Fill your details regarding name, date of birth, mobile no., email id, pan no., address proof, bank account no., Aadhaarno., bank statement, cancelled cheque, passport size photo, etc.

●    Upload digitally all the documents and also the income details.

●    The representative of Indiabulls Shubh will visit you for completing the verification of documents.

●    After that in a few days login can be done and your account is ready to start trading.

Bank account should be linked with Aadhaar no.

Angel Broking Vs Indiabulls Shubh Charges Comparison

Here the account charges comparison between two companies Angel Broking and Indiabulls Shubh is as per:

Types of ChargesAngel Broking ChargesIndiabulls Shubh Charges
Trading AccountRs. 0Rs. 450
Demat AccountRs. 0Rs. 0
Commodity AccountNANA
Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC)Rs. 450Rs. 450
Other ChargesAngel Broking ChargesIndiabulls Shubh Charges
Call and Trade ChargesRs. 20Rs. 15

Open Angel Speed demat accountAngel Broking vs Venture Securities Brokerage Charges

SegmentAngel Broking Brokerage
Indiabulls Shubh Brokerage
Equity DeliveryFree0.01%
Equity IntradayRs. 20 per lotRs. 15 per lot
Equity FuturesRs. 20Rs. 15
Equity OptionsRs. 20Rs. 15
Currency FuturesRs. 20Rs. 15
Currency OptionsRs. 20Rs. 15
Commodities FuturesRs. 200.03%
Commodities OptionsRs. 200.03%

Angel Broking Vs Indiabulls Shubh Advantages Compare

Angel BrokingIndiabulls Shubh
●    They have more than 30 years of experience in doing their business in stock brokerage.

●    There investment advisory services are of top quality.

●    They are one of the best in retail broking with brand equity.

●    Advisory services with automation of their trading services.

●    More than 20 years of experience in stock market broking.

●    Facilities for NRIs with dedicated trading platforms with special deals.

Angel Broking Vs Indiabulls Shubh Brokerage Comparison

Angel Broking

EquityEquity DeliveryEquity IntradayEquity FuturesEquity Options
Broker ChargesFreeRs. 20Rs. 20 per lotRs. 20
CommodityCommodity FuturesCommodity Options
Broker ChargesRs. 20Rs. 20
CurrencyCurrency FuturesCurrency Options
Broker ChargesRs. 20Rs. 20

Indiabulls Shubh

EquityEquity DeliveryEquity IntradayEquity FuturesEquity Options
Broker Charges0.50%0.05%0.05%Rs. 100 per lot
CommodityCommodity FuturesCommodity Options
Broker ChargesRs. 23Rs. 100
CurrencyCurrency FuturesCurrency Options
Broker ChargesRs. 23 per lotFlat Rs. 20 per lot

Angel Broking Vs Indiabulls Shubh margin / Exposure/ Leverage

ParticularsAngel Broking margin
Indiabulls Shubh margin
Equity DeliveryUpto 3xUpto 3x
Equity IntradayUpto 10xUpto 6x
Equity FuturesUpto 4xUpto 3x
Equity OptionsUpto 3xUpto 4x
Currency FuturesUpto 2xUpto 3x
Currency OptionsUpto 5xUpto 3x
Commodities TradingUpto 3xUpto 3x

Demat Account Opening With Angel Broking

Angel Broking Vs Indiabulls Shubh Comparison Summary

These two companies have their own strengths and methods to do qualitative stock trading. Angel Brokinghas a unique technology tool to survey and bring forth accurate data reports, whereas Indiabulls Shubh have their subscription offerings to ease the familiarity with their products.

Which one would you choose, just leave in comments.

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