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Angel Broking Sub Broker Model is the country’s one of the biggest broking program and in this ecosystem, they have more than 10,000 sub-broker involved and successfully running their business.

Angel Broking was established in the year 1987 with its headquarter in Mumbai was founded by Dinesh Thakkar. Today the broking house possesses over 8,000 outlets spread across the nation.

With over 30 yrs. in this industry, Angel Broking is pretty well known and popular because of its innovative and well-planned marketing strategies amongst all the sub-brokers in India.

Probably they provide the fastest processing of a new sub broker’s formality, which is just 7 days and payout in only 15 days.

Angel Broking has very decent models for their sub-brokers and the commission percentages depend on factors like the volume of new clients and monthly revenue generated.

If more number of clients flow into the system through any sub-broker, then the profit-sharing percentage can go up to 80% for a sub-broker.

In another type of revenue-sharing model, the variation of profit sharing depends on the initial investment or we can say it as an initial security deposit.

A detailed discussion follows further later below.

A brief of the above in tabular format:

Summary of Introduction
Establishment Year1987
FounderDinesh Thakkar
No. of Sub Brokers10,000+
HeadquarterMumbai, India
Broker TypeFull-Service Broker
SB Activation Days Needed7
Payout Days Needed15
No. of Outlets8,000+
Angel Broking Sub Broker Review
Angel Broking Sub Broker Review

Angel Broking Sub Broker Model | Model | Partner | Franchise | Authorized Person

Angel Broking Sub Broker program posses three categories of models each bearing specific features:

  1. Sub Broker, who is also called as Business Partner
  2. Master Franchise
  3. Remiseir

Detailed features of each model are discussed below:

1. Angel Broking Sub Broker / Business Partner:

In Angel Broking Sub Broker program the broking firm provides franchise to its partner of the sub-broker.

In this program, multiple sub-brokers can work in a single location and there is no option of monopoly business by any sub-broker.

2. Angel Broking Master Franchise:

In Master Franchise, the concept of business is same as in Sub Broker business but the difference is, they can do a monopoly business in a particular area and no other Sub Brokers allowed in that locality.

3. Angel Broking Remiseir Model:

Remiseir Model is pretty simple and is completely different from the above two. In this model, the agent brings business to the broking house and earns a commission.

This can be done by just providing hot leads to them. After the conversion of those leads as a customer, the Remiseir earns commission from the business generated from them.

The commission or the sharing is very flexible and varies from 20% to 30% of the profit generated.

A tabular representation of the above models:

Types of model AvailableSub Broker / Business Partner

Master Franchise

Multiple Sub Brokers Allowed in One Location in
Sub Broker Model
Multiple Sub Brokers Allowed in One Location in
Master Franchise Model
Flexible Commission available in Remiseir ModelYes

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Distribution of Revenue Sharing & Security Deposit in Angel Broking Sub Broker Model:

Sub Broker Program: The revenue sharing percentage in Angel Broking Sub Broker program, depends on two factors, the volume of new clients come into the system i.e. the number of KYC generated and the monthly revenue generated.

Both factors are directly proportional to the income generated. That means, more KYC and more revenue generated, more will be the income.

The minimum investment or security deposit in this plan is Rs.50,000 with which a minimum percentage of 50% commission can be earned. However, if the security amount is increased, the income for the sub-broker can go up to 70%, if the security amount is increased to Rs.1,00,000.

Below is the tabular format of the above revenue sharing percentage and Security Deposit:

Revenue Sharing Model & Security DepositShare % of Angel BrokingShare % of Angel Broking Sub Broker
Angel Broking Sub Broker program (Commission Structure)30% – 50%50% – 70%
Revenue Sharing Percentage for Master Franchise model20% – 30%70% – 80%
Revenue Sharing Percentage for Remisier70% – 80%20% – 30%
Minimum Initial Deposit in Angel Sub Broker Model Rs. 50,000
Flexible Commissions Available for Partners Yes
Flexible Security Deposit Available for Partners Yes
Security Deposit Range for Angel Broking Sub Broker Model Rs. 50,000 to Rs.1 lakh
Security Deposit Range for Master Franchise Model Rs.1 lakh to Rs.3 lakhs
Security Deposit for Remisier Program Rs.30,000 (negotiable)

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Infrastructure Setup Requirements in the Angel Broking Sub Broker Model:

As per infrastructure is concerned, there are few necessary mandates listed below:

  • Should possess an office with a minimum of 3 employees
  • Office space of minimum 300 sq. ft.
  • A Trading Terminal
  • Telephone Connection
  • A Stable Internet Connection
Office Employees Needed3
Office Space AreaMin 200 square feet
Terminal for TradingYes
Internet ConnectivityYes
Telephone Line NeededYes

Eligibility criteria in Angel Broking Sub Broker Model for a Franchise:

Angel Broking Sub Broker has few mandates and criteria which needs to be met to become a sub-broker under Angel Broking Sub Broker model before anyone wants to become a partner under this plan.

Below are the points discussed:

  • Age criteria: above 21 years of age
  • A registration certificate from SEBI
  • A graduation certificate is mandatory
  • Experience in the stock market is preferred but again not a mandate
  • Registered with SEBI
  • No Criminal Record

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Steps by Step process of how to become a Sub Broker in the Angel Broking Sub Broker Model:

  1. A lead form needs to be filled
  2. After filling up the registration form a representative from Angel Broking will call to verify your interest.
  3. The customer executive will then communicate with you and fix up a meeting with the higher management.
  4. At the meeting, a concerned person from Angel Broking will personally discuss and explain more about the plan.
  5. Documents need to be submitted along with the deposit amount in the form of a cheque which was agreed in the meeting.
  6. Authorities will verify the documents.
  7. The next unique user I.D /Sub-Broker code is generated.

Angel Broking takes 3 working days to process the account.

Documents required to Become a Sub Broker:

  1. Academic Qualification Proof – Graduation Certificate
  2. Age Proof that proves 21 yrs
  3. A Cancelled Cheque or Bank Details
  4. 2 Photographs of Passport size
  5. Rent Agreement of office premises
  6. Address Proof
  7. PAN Card
  8. Aadhaar Card
  9. SEBI- Sub-broker Registration Certificate

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Support provided in the Angel Broking Sub Broker Model:

  • Technical training of how to use their state-of-the-art technology that supports all browsers and platforms
  • Backend Support
  • Marketing Team’s contribution of support that includes Banners, Flex, Posters, Business Cards and so on..
  • Training Support about products and services
  • Recommendations and Advisory on Stock Market
  • Digital Marketing for the acquisition of clients
  • Online Account Opening Support
  • Technical Support
  • Branding Support
  • Management Support
Open Angel Broking Demat Account
Open Angel Broking Demat Account


Because of their contemporary technology and traditional marketing strategy as well as business through their offline outlets, still creates a favourable option to many clients.

Apart from marketing strategy, Angel Broking Sub Broker program is the most favourable model for the sub-brokers because of its flexibility.

Angel Broking Sub Broker FAQs:

Q. Types of programs available under Angel Broking?

Under Angel Broking, there are three business models:

  1. Sub Broker, who is also called as Business Partner
  2. Master Franchise
  3. Remiseir

Q. Is the Security Deposit Mandatory? If so, how much?

Yes the security deposit is mandatory, the amount is minimum of Rs.50,000

Q. What is the minimum office space Infrastructure required?

A minimum of 300 sq. ft. of office space needed

Q. What are the commission percentages in Angel Broking Sub Broker Plan?

Angel broking provides a commission ranging from 50% to 70%

Q. What documents Angel Broking asks for?

Angel Broking needs below documents for becoming a partner under Angel Broking Sub Broker Program:

  1. Aadhaar Card
  2. Age Proof showing 21
  3. A Cancelled Cheque or Bank Details
  4. 2 Passport size Photographs
  5. Rent Agreement for proof of office premises
  6. Address Proof
  7. Academic Qualification Proof – Graduation Certificate
  8. PAN Card
  9. Registration Certificate from SEBI
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