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About Anand Rathi

Since its inception in 1994, the Anand Rathi Group has established itself as one of India’s foremost full financial services firms. 

The broad group specializes in a multitude of fields in the world of finance such as private wealth management, non-banking finance provision, investment services, investment banking, insurance brokerage, and institutional equity management. 

As of November 30th 2019, the group had assets valued at over 20,334 crores under their management.

Here is a quick look at some of the most common questions people have about the organization.

Anand Rathi FAQ
Anand Rathi FAQ

Anand Rathi FAQs

Q1. What is Anand Rathi Wealth Management?

Ans. Anand Rathi is a financial service provider that specializes in providing wealth management solutions to independent financial advisors (IFAs) handling high net-worth individuals (HNIs) and ultra high net-worth individuals (UHNIs). IFAs, in turn, will offer their clients these customized solutions that leverage technology and management expertise to grow wealth.

Q2. How long has Anand Rathi Wealth Management been in operation?

Ans. Founded in 1994, this is a company that is staffed with industry experts with extensive experience. With over 20 years and counting in the wealth management industry, it is a name that is highly regarded within the industry, as we see from the large number of awards they have earned over their lifetime. 

Q3. What does it mean to be a high net-worth individual?

Ans. HNIs and UHNIs are combined into the ‘Mass affluent’ market segment. These are individuals that are generally between 30 to 55 years of age, have over 10 lakhs to invest, are technology savvy, and whose finances are currently being handled (or mishandled) by their local commercial banks. 

Q4. What services does Anand Rathi offer exactly?

Ans. Their mission is to help businesses become more scalable, profitable, and enjoyable by helping them pinpoint and implement effective client acquisition and revenue generation methods. Independent financial advisors (IFAs) will receive all the direction they need to accomplish this.

Q5. How can they help in client acquisition?

Ans. Working with Anand Rathi helps IFAs open up a whole new segment of the market. They will have higher conversion rates for potential clients, unique equity protection in the market, powerful brand association benefits, increased investment volumes, as well as lowered ongoing maintenance costs.

Q6. What type of clients are best served by Anand Rathi?

Ans. Independent Financial Advisors who are hoping to grow their business by attracting and taking on higher net-worth clients. These are the types of clients who would previously have been catered to by private or premier channels in their banks.

Q7. What volume of returns can clients expect from Anand Rathi?

Ans. Anand Rathi offers solutions that adopt a Holistic Wealth Management approach rather than a product-led approach as is the practice in most institutions and banks. This unique take on things will allow IFAs to take in a higher percentage in fees from their clients. This will sometimes reach as high as 15% of profits derived from the assets under management.

Q8. How large is the Anand Rathi organization?

Ans. Anand Rathi wealth management maintains a dedicated team of over 165 financial strategists spread out within the country and abroad as well.

Q9. What are Private (Personal) Wealth Management solutions?

Ans. High Net-Worth Individuals can receive personalized, custom-designed solutions to help maximize the returns on their wealth. In addition, this service seeks to establish safety nets to protect clients against unforeseen situations, establish an estate plan schedule to enable almost-zero losses during wealth transmission.

Q10. What are Digital Wealth Management solutions?

Ans. These are technology-driven solutions that provide mobile-based wealth management services. Anand Rathi will provide simplified investment solutions suitable for High Net-Worth Individuals (HNIs). After sifting through and monitoring potential investments, they will provide clients with consolidated overviews of their position which they can adjust to their liking with a few simple taps on their screens.

Q11. Why should IFAs trust Anand Rathi to provide them with wealth management solutions?

Ans. They have a tried and tested system in place that delivers solutions that greatly increase the revenues of the IFAs that implement them. By increasing the stability and efficiency of the IFAs operations, they increase their clients’ total Assets Under Management and ultimately increase their revenue.

Q12. What after-sale services does Anand Rathi offer IFAs?

Ans. A significant service is provided known as Flexi-SIP that captures any changes in investment schemes so as to align investments to the relevant model portfolios. The idea is to avoid seeing money go into schemes that are not performing to expectations. 

Q13. What post-sales benefits do they offer?

Ans. IFAs enjoy dedicated call support on the backend plus systems for regular client engagement. Regular training programs dedicated to studying the market positions and potentials.

Q14. Does Anand Rathi offer equity market protection solutions?

Ans. Yes, they do. This is designed to provide IFAs with peace of mind during periods of increased market volatility, thus allowing our clients to calm down larger numbers of their own customers in turn. 

Q15. Can Anand Rathi solutions reduce ongoing client maintenance for IFAs?

Ans. Definitely. Their wealth strategies are designed to keep clients committed to their ongoing investments, thus minimizing the need for IFAs to keep heading back to them with renewed products and offers in order to acquire new investments. Their clients will essentially be on auto-pilot mode, meaning the IFAs will have the time to scout for additional clients and revenue streams. 

Open Anand Rathi Demat Account
Open Anand Rathi Demat Account

Q16. Where can you locate the physical offices of Anand Rathi Wealth Management?

Ans. The company has offices in multiple locations all over India including outlets in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, and others.

Q17. What does it take to register with Anand Rathi? 

Ans. Any established Independent Financial Advisor or private high net-worth individual could potentially join the Anand Rathi family. As long as your assets under management are substantial enough to make your operations viable, the registration process should not raise any difficulties. Simply get in touch with the company to find out what your next step should be.

Q18. How can you get in touch with Anand Rathi?

Ans. Anand Rathi can conveniently be reached through their helpline. [email protected] or by calling the numbers +91 8657418812 for Private Wealth Management solutions or +91 22266266561 for Digital Wealth Solutions.

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