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Alice Blue is a pretty old name and bears a good market reputation in the financial industry and the organization was registered as a private discount broker.

Started in 2009, the company was set up in Chennai. Later they started their online operation from the year 2012 by Siddhavelayutham M and established the headquarter in the city of Bangalore located in Karnataka.

Anybody who likes to become a sub-broker under Alice Blue Sub Broker Plan can get registered themself in very few easy steps.

The entire process normally takes 45 days from the date of submission of application.

The company also facilitates the payment within 28 days which is another point of attraction by the investors or traders.

Alice Blue Sub Broker | Model | Partner | Franchise | Authorized person

Alice Blue Sub Broker facilitates only one type of business model and it is called ‘Sub Broker/partner/franchise’

Though the Alice Blue is very simple, it is yet very efficient and effective in terms of business model.

In this model, the sub-brokers have to simply sell the products of Alice Blue to their respective clients and generate revenue.

The revenue hence generated will be distributed between the sub-broker and the broking firm.

In other words, this model of business can be termed as a revenue-sharing model.

To get entitled for this kind of business, few formalities need to be completed along with a deposit amount which needs to be paid to the broking firm.

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Alice Blue Sub Broker Ship
Alice Blue Sub Broker Ship

Distribution of Commission Sharing in Alice Blue Sub Broker:

In Alice Blue Sub Broker the revenue is so simple and flexible that it gives options to the sub-brokers to choose their commission structure.

This means, more the security deposit, more will be the commission earned.

The minimum commission starts from 50% and goes up to 75%.

Below is the tabular format of the above revenue sharing percentage:

Revenue Sharing ModelShare % of Alice BlueShare % of Share Broker
Sub Broker Ship25% to 50%50% to 75%

The minimum security deposit in the revenue sharing model is Rs.10,000 to become eligible for sub-broker ship rights, against which the sub-broker receives a commission of 50%.

Tabular representation of the business model under Alice Blue Sub Broker Plan is given below:

Model NameSecurity Deposit Amount
Sub Broker ShipRs.10,000

The above statement means a sub-broker earns 50% of the revenue generated, from the business generated from his client.

The commission structure is directly proportional to the amount of security deposit.

This means, if a sub-broker increases the amount of security deposit, he gets more commission which goes up to 75%

As Alice Blue doesn’t have any capping of the upper limit of deposit, one has to talk to the Alice Blue management to decide and finalize the deposit amount and the commission expected.

Infrastructure Setup cost in the Alice Blue Sub Broker:

  • Alice Blue expects that a Sub Broker should possess at least a minimum of 100 sq. ft. of office space to run the sub broking business.
  • The Sub Broker office needs to have two employees recruited in the office.
  • The office has to be equipped with an internet connection for trading
  • To facilitate clients to trade from the office, the sub-broker has to install trading terminals as well in the office computer.
  • A telephone is also compulsory in the office

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Eligibility Criteria in Alice Blue Sub Broker for a Franchise:

Alice Blue has set up a few exclusive mandates which need to be met by the person applying for a Franchise under this Alice Blue Sub Broker.

Below are the points discussed:

  • Education: Any individual applying for this Franchise, needs to have a minimum education of 10+2 degree from any recognized board or university

This is to ensure that the person understands the official needs and procedures to take the business forward

  • NISM Certificate: This certificate is a mandate from SEBI who governs and oversees the entire process

A sub-broker has to be certified by SEBI and submit the certificate to the office of Alice Blue to get himself registered for the Franchise

  • Financial / Product Knowledge: Another criteria of Alice Blue is that they expect that the person applying for Franchise should have a fair knowledge of the products which the organization deal with, which in turn will help in ease of business by the sub-broker

The product knowledge in details can be acquired from the product training session

  • Experience: The company wants that the person who is applying to become a sub-broker must have some experience in a similar field, as they believe in the fact that practical experience is the utmost important factor

Steps to Apply for Alice Blue Sub Broker:

The steps to apply for becoming a Sub Broker/partner/franchise is too simple and easy which can be completely done online. Below is the step by step process mentioned:

  1. Basic details like Name, Mobile Number and city needs to be provided on the first page
  2. After providing the basic information mentioned in point number 1, click on the ‘Submit’ button which will redirect and ask for a few more personal details which should be entered correctly
  3. After completing what mentioned in point number 2, it will ask to upload and submit documents which as proof which were mentioned
  4. After the completion of documents upload and submission, the concerned team will check if the eligibility matches as per company’s norms or not.
  5. The applicant will receive a call from the concerned team if all the criteria are fulfilled and have a discussion to guide and inform you about their further process about verification
  6. After the verification process is over and the application gets approved, the applicant needs to wait for 28 days for his Sub Broker code to get generated and receive the same
  7. With that very code, one can start the business

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Documents required to Become a Sub Broker/partner/franchise:

As discussed above, there are a couple of documents which are needed to become eligible as a Sub Broker, the required documents are listed below:

  1. A PAN care of the applicant
  2. An Aadhar Card
  3. GST Registration Certificate
  4. SEBI and NISM Certificates
  5. Canceled Cheque
  6. Address Proof
  7. Proof of Date of Birth
  8. Office details including workspace setup and its proof of establishment like a rent agreement, etc.
  9. 2 copies of Passport size photographs
  10. Academic qualification certificate from any recognized schools or boards or universities.

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Support provided in the Alice Blue Sub Broker Plan:

Alice Blue is great especially when it comes to supporting their Sub Brokers. Following are the support that a Sub Broker will get post completion of all joining formalities and the code is received:

  • The support team helps in assisting to set up the market to get new clients
  • Training about how to operate their online systems and the ways of effective usage of the tools which are needed for trading
  • Branding support like brochures, pamphlets, etc.

Summary in Tabular Format:

Business Model NameSub Broker
Minimum Initial Invest RequiredRs.10,000
Revenue Sharing Range50% to 75%
Payout Time28 Days
Activation Code Time45 Days
Referral Model AvailableNo
Partner/Remisier Model AvailableNo
Flexible Revenue Sharing AvailableYes
Zero Deposit Plan AvailableNo
Training Provided by Support TeamYes
Product Training ProvidedYes
Back Office Support ProvidedYes
Office Space Needed by Sub BrokerYes
How many Employees Strength Required2
Minimum Size of Office Space100 sq. ft.
Computer NeededYes
Internet NeededYes
Telephone NeededYes
Trading Terminal Needs to be Installed in OfficeYes
Open Alice Blue Demat Account
Open Alice Blue Demat Account


Alice Blue Sub Broker Plan/partner/franchise provides one of the best offer in the market with only an initial investment of just Rs.10,000 is worth considering the return in terms of commission percentage.

The company’s creative and lucrative offers along with Investment schemes where one can choose him, both investment, as well as commission percentage creates a reason for the choice for most of the investors.

A tabular representation

Alice Blue Sub Broker Ship FAQs:

What are the types of business models available under Alice Blue Sub Broker?

Under Alice Blue Sub Broker there is only one business mode available and is called Sub Broker

What is the minimum initial investment needed to become a Sub Broker?

The minimum initial investment needed to become a Sub Broker is Rs.10,000

Who all are eligible to become a Sub Broker under Alice Blue?

Any Indian who is above the age of 18 can apply to become a Sub Broker

What is the percentage of commission a Sub Broker can get?

The sharing percentage of commission ranges from 50% to 75%

What are the documents needed to become a Sub Broker?

Below are the documents needed to apply and become a Sub Broker under the Alice Blue:

  1. A PAN care of the applicant
  2. An Aadhar Card
  3. GST Registration Certificate
  4. SEBI and NISM Certificates
  5. Canceled Cheque
  6. Address Proof
  7. Proof of Date of Birth
  8. Office details including workspace setup and its proof of establishment like a rent agreement, etc.
  9. 2 copies of Passport size photographs
  10. Academic qualification certificate from any recognized schools or boards or universities.
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