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Alice Blue Online Trading Platform: Alice Blue is a financial service provider in India which inaugurated in 2006. Being a discount broker, they are having very low brokerage fees. It’s having 15 branches all over India in big cities.

Alice blue focus on the customer requirements and they provide Analysis and Trade platform for trading. It’s known as ANT having different Mobile, Web, and desktop trading platforms.

Alice Blue is having a vision of getting in the top 10 brokers of India and also having a target to be in top brokers of Asia in 2020. Their mission is to provide its customers with the best services at a very low cost.

It consists of all the trading types like options trading and intraday trading. If you are looking for currency exchange trading that is also available at Alice Blue.

Delivery trading is that for which something has to be done outside the exchange is also a part of Alice blue trading platform. Mutual funds investment is also a part of the Alice Blue trading platform.

All the mobile, web and software trading platforms are part of Alice blue trading platforms. Alice Blue trading platform is having very awesome reviews provided by the users.  Algo trading and Forex trading platforms are also a part of the Alice Blue trading platform.

Availability of Trading Platforms

Mobile Trading PlatformYes
Web Trading PlatformYes
Desktop Trading PlatformYes
Demo Trading PlatformNo
Algo Trading PlatformYes
Commodity Trading PlatformYes

Alice Blue Online Trading Platforms

All of the trading types are available with trading platforms at Alice Blue. Mobile, Web and Desktop trading platforms are part of ANT.  It’s having some other partner trading platforms for some tasks. All of the trading platforms are mentioned below.

  • ANT Meta
  • ANT Mobi
  • ANT Desk
  • ANT Web
  • ANT Scanner

All of the above mentioned are the trading platforms of Alice Blue. Now, here we have a complete overview of all of them.

  • ANT Mobi

Alice Blue provides a way for the investors to get all the trading work on the mobile. This is a very comfortable way to manage all the trading and portfolio through your mobile even without having your laptop.

Alice Blue gives the application in all the forms of mobile, web and desktop trading platforms. This application is having availability at all platforms. Here are some features of the ANT Mobi app mentioned:

  • Charting trade

Alice Blue provides the facility for mobile users to manage each and everything through the charts. This facility available on iPad

  • Orders

You can manage all your orders at a single platform and also manage you’re all the pending orders. Also, you can have all the order types which are available at the Alice Blue trading platform.

  • Types

Every service of the trading is available at the ANT Mobi. You can execute all the trading types.

  • History

Alice Blue having the facility for its customers to manage all of your previous trades and you can manage them by checking the history.

  • Performance

ANT Mobi having the fastest speed in the trading and provides the best performance to the customers.

  • Access

This is providing you the best facility that you can manage your work at any time and from any place.

  • Indications

It’s having more than 69 indicators which provide the best indication for the users.

  • Real-time data

You can manage and work on live data. ANT Mobi is the best mobile trading platform which provides the facility to the customers to manage everything with the real-time data.

  • Reports

The best mobile trading platform is having the best facility for the users that it provides you reports on all the previous work.

  • Strategies

You can apply all the different strategies to check your work.

  • Backtesting

Backtesting is the way to test your Algo work.

  • Notifications

ANT Mobi having a notification system that alerts you when any trades happens.

All of the above are the main features of the Alice Blue mobile trading platform. We have seen them completely got the importance of the Alice Blue mobile trading platform.

Rating of Alice Blue Mobile Trading Platform  

Star ratings★★★★


  • ANTMeta

The desktop trading platform is used widely with the latest modifications. It provides a facility for the customers to do currency, share and commodity trades. It’s having the best facility to manage each and everything automatically. ANT Meta takes to participate in all the management and placement of the trades.

Alice Blue Meta Trading platform is having the latest technology for the visualization. There are different separation lines and also there is a different high-level tool. It’s having all the commands and functions in it. There are different features of ANT and all of them are mentioned below:

  • Markets

Having more than 120 markets connection provides you a huge connection.

  • Tools

Best desktop trading platform with having the latest features and tools. All the latest technologies are implemented here.

  • Personalization

You can customize the whole ANT Meta according to your requirements.

  • Background history

You can have all the previous trades and your work in your history. Alice blue provides the best desktop trading platform.

  • Indication facility

With more than 50 indications it’s the best desktop trading platform.

  • Live details

ANT Meta provides the facility to manage each and everything in real-time.

We have seen all of the above-mentioned features are part of ANT Meta. Alice blue is providing the best desktop trading platform for customers.

  • ANT Desk

A tool with the latest technologies & with the best visualization system for their users. Alice Blue provided the best desktop trading platform, which is having the facility to trade on all types. This is a fast, reliable, & secure trading platform. It offers commodities, equity, foreign exchange, and many other services.

Alice Blue provides the facility to its customers and users to set the tool according to their preferred requirements. It’s having the best charting system, different risk management, and real-time data provider.

There are many features that prove the importance of the ANT desk and make it the best desktop trading platform. All of them are mentioned below:

  • Visualization

ANT desktop with the best and latest charting system and technologies provides the best visualization. Advance system for the users to see and manage their trades.

  • Different platform

It’s completely a different platform with the advance system. It’s customizable and can be set according to the requirements.

  • Charting system

Latest and advanced charting system that shows importance.  Alice blue provides its customer’s facility to check the intraday and historical data in charts.

  • User-friendly

User-friendly is the best quality which shows the importance and makes it reliable in the trading platforms. You can set it in a preferred way.

  • Orders availability

All type of orders is available at this platform. After market orders are also available here at this platform.

  • Live to stream

Real-time data management is the best feature that makes it the best desktop trading platform.

  • Intraday trading facility

Having a facility of 50 days of intraday trading charting system.

  • Execution

Execute all the types of trades. Alice blue having the latest technology system which proves the importance of the ANT Desk. You can manage all the trades at this best desktop trading platform.

  • Performance reports

Manage all your performance reports. You can get the daily reports and also you can get the research reports. Daily reports can be of your trades or any of the other execution type of which you want the report.

  • Advisory

Alice Blue having an automatic trading system and it makes some decisions for your help. Also, there is another way if you don’t want advisory from the software any problem. You can get any help from the Expert advisors.

  • Checking

All the strategies and backtesting system can be applied here. Semi Algos can be managed here and applied for checking and doing back testing.

Alice Blue is having the best trading platform which provides the latest facilities and advance options for work. Desktop trading platform with all the latest features.

  • ANT Web

Alice Blue trading platform is having the best online web trading platform which is very easy to understand. Having a quick facility for the customers to manage each and everything.

Any of the users can make changes according to their preferences. With the best charting system and the latest technology, it’s the best online trading platform.

There are many features of the ANT web trading platform but some of them are mentioned below:

  • Single-click

The best online trading platform provides the feature that you can manage all the things in just a single click. You can have all the trades in just one click.

  • Latest charting

With the advanced and latest charting system, you can get all the latest charting system for the visualization

  • Customizable

This can be personalize according to your preferences. You can set all the tools according to your requirements.

  • Browser trading

Being the best online trading platform, it’s having the facility to open this web trading platform at any browser. It can be opened at ay browser

  • Multi support

Having the multi-system that you can access this from anywhere and any place. This is compatible with every monitoring system.

  • Protection

Don’t worry about any of your data. Alice Blue Web trading platform is having the facility for the users that their data is protected always.

  • Indication system

Having many indicators that provide the technical support and manage the best analysis for the customer.

Above mentioned are the features which prove that ANT web is the best online trading platform. Alice Blue place all the facilities for their users to get all the latest technology platforms.

  • ANT Scanner

The scanner works as a filter for the customers and provides the facility to the customers to filter all the stocks. Alice Blue provides filters in both ANT Mobi and ANT Web. There are different types of filters that users use for their purposes.

Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Most active volume
  • Days losers
  • Volume shockers
  • Upper circuit breaker limits
  • Lower circuit breaker limits
  • ROI
  • 52 weeks high breakers
  • 52 weeks low breakers

These are the filters that can be applied and their data can be seen. Alice blue benefits the customers on this basis.

Alice Blue provides with the best trading platforms for their users. You can do each and every trade in just a single click. All of the trading platforms are having the world’s best and latest visualization technology.Alice-Blue-Online-Trading-Platform

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Alice Blue is a financial services provider in India which was opened in 2006. As a discount broker, they have very low brokerage commissions. It has 15 branches across major cities in India.

Alice focuses on customer needs and provides a trading and analytics platform for sales. It is known as ANT with various mobile, web and desktop trading platforms.

Alice Blue has the vision to be among the top 10 brokers in India and aims to be among the best brokers in Asia by 2020. Their mission is to provide the best service to our customers at a very low cost.

It consists of all types of trading such as options & day trading. If you are looking for stock market trading, also available on Alice Blue. Trading with something you need to do over the exchange is also part of the  Alice Blue Trading Platform. Investing in mutual funds is also part of Alice Blue trading platform.

All mobile, web, and software tradingplatforms are part of Alice Blue Trading Platforms. Alice Blue trading platform receives fantastic feedback from users. Algo and Forex trading platforms are also part of the Alice Blue trading platform

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Q1: How to use the Alice Blue trading platform?

Ans: You just need to open an account and start with any of the trading platforms you want.

Q2: Is Alice Blue is providing a demo trading platform?

Ans: Yes. Alice Blue is the trading platform that offers the demo trading to check the trading.

Q3: Are Alice Blue is offering future business opportunities and structures?

Ans: Future and options trading are two different types of trading and Alice Blue offers both of types.

Q4: How are a charting system at Alice blue platforms?

Ans: Latest Charting and Graphing system for visualizing the trades and all of your previous trades.

Q5: Is there any Algo trading platform?

Ans: Algo trading is something to be done automatically. Alice Blue provides Algo trading for its users.

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