Alice Blue Ant Mobile App Review – Features, Login, Signup, Pros and Cons

Alice Blue – An Overview 

Alice Blue Financial Services is a Bangalore based Discount Stock Broker. The firm was founded in 2006 and allowed trading in Equity and Commodity segment for its customers. It also provides depository services with the help of its member partnership with CDSL. 

The company has a direct presence in 17 major cities across India with its branch offices. 

It has created an extensive network of more than 1000 business partners in other smaller towns of India. Alice Blue emphasizes online trading with its mobile platform. 

The Alice Blue Mobile App is commonly known as Ant Mobi App to its users. The Ant Mobi App is freely available to download from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iTunes Store as well. 

The file size of this app is less than 10 MB and does not require much space on the hard disk.

Although the Ant Mobi app is free for all, one would require to sign up for a Demat and trading account with Alice Blue Financial Services. 

They charge a nominal account opening fee after furnishing the required mandatory documents. However, there is not Annual Maintenance Charge on the trading account after that.

Alice Blue Mobile App Review

Alice Blue Online App

Alice Blue is a rare firm that offers a combination of both traditional percent based brokerage structure and trending discount brokerage structure as well. 

If you are an active trader and place a lot of orders, you can get benefited from the discount brokerage model of Alice Blue.

Ant Mobile App Features 

We have performed a short review of the key features of Alice Blue’s offerings and its Ant Mobi App. 

We have also tried to cover some information on other relevant software being offered by Alice Blue apart from Ant Mobi.

Ant Mobi, where ANT stands for “Analysis and Trade,” is a rebranded trading tool of Alice Blue. TradeLab developed the app. TradeLab is offering cutting edge technology since 2014. Below are the top salient features of this app.

Alice Blue ANT Mobi Trading App
Alice Blue ANT Mobi Trading App
  • Ant offers multiple charts for technical analysis. Market watch to keep an eye on your picked scripts, the order book for the consolidated history of your activity, and lot more in a single app.
  • Ant Mobi has Live Market Depth up to the top 5 buying and selling offers. 
  • It is ultra-light and ultra-speedy, ideally suited for the needs of gen-next traders.
  • The updated version of the Ant Mobi App looks elegant and feels professional. It comes with multiple themes to select from.
  • Advanced charting and technical indicators are available in the app, along with many years of historical data.
  • Ant Mobi is one of the TOP 3 online trading apps available in India.
  • Alice Blue provides dedicated technical support and assistance to its customers.
  • Different types of advanced order placing options such as bracket orders and trailing stop-loss orders.

Apart from Ant Mobi App, Alice Blue also provides other tools for the ease of its users. They are: 

  1. ANT Desk (Desktop Trading Terminal)
  2. ANT Web (Website)
  3. BOT – Back Office Transformation (Website)

Let us understand these tools as well in brief.

Alice Blue ANT Mobi Trading App Screenshot
Alice Blue ANT Mobi Trading App Screenshot

ANT Desk (Desktop Trading Terminal)

ANT Desk is a highly developed desktop-based trading terminal, which can be installed on Windows-based computers through a .exe file. 

ANT Desk is designed for highly professional traders and investors. It is fast, flexible, and secure, loaded with professional-grade tools. 

ANT Web (Website)

ANT Web is a browser-based trading platform for more casual traders. ANT Web is almost the same as the ANT Mobi App. 

It comes with the same features as the ANT Mobi. 

It is a lightweight online trading tool and is compatible with all kinds of internet browsers. An additional feature included with ANT Web, ANT Scanner. It is a tool to filter stocks based on a given criterion by the user.

BOT – Back Office Transformation (Website)

BOT is a full-fledged solution for all your back-office needs. You can track your day to day transaction using the BOT. This platform provides an ecosystem for the customers, employees, and suppliers to interact with one another.

Alice Blue App Pros and Cons

Now knowing Alice Blue technology, a quick comparison of advantages and disadvantages is a must.


  • All software of Alice Blue facilitates free buying of Equity Delivery. Also, in its discount brokerage model, you end up paying as less as Rs. 20 per trade.
  • Alice Blue is providing a Lifetime Free Annual Maintenance Demat and Trading Account. No minimum balance commitment as well.
  • Users get high intraday exposure. Up to 20 times leverage in equity intraday segment.
  • Advanced order types such as Bracket Orders, Cover Orders, Stop Loss, and Trailing Stop Loss Orders.
  • Alice Blue facilitated an instant paperless online account opening procedure using eKYC and Aadhar eSignature.


  • Unlike its peers Zerodha, Upstox, etc. Alice Blue doesn’t have a free account opening. They are charging minimal account opening fees to the customers.
  • Alice Blue was offering monthly and annual trade plans, which they recently have decided to discontinue.
  • GTC Order (Good Till Cancelled) option is not available in any of the trading platforms provided by Alice Blue.
  • Investment in Mutual Funds, IPOs, and Corporate Bonds is not possible with Alice Blue.
  • Call and Trade facility is not free. It is chargeable at Rs 20 per executed order.
open alice blue demat account


Alice Blue is a fast-growing, technology-based brokerage firm, offering various tools for enhanced trading experience. Its discount brokerage model can help in saving extra bucks, and also a wide range of technology tools can give you an extra edge.

On the other hand, a few features will be missing, such as MFs, IPOs, and SIPs. Also, you will be required to pay an upfront account opening fee.

We recommend comparing Alice Blue with other competitors as well to find the best suit for fulfilling your specific needs.  

Alice Blue Mobile App FAQ

Q. Is ANT Mobi App available for free?

A. Yes, the app available for free on both Android and iOS users. You can download it from Google Play Store or iTunes Store, whichever applicable.

Q. Does this app need to sign up?

A. Yes. To use ANT Mobi App, you will be required to sign up a Demat and trading account by furnishing your eKYC and other identity-related documents. 

Q. Do I have to visit any of their offices for account opening?

A. No. Alice Blue Financial Broking Services facilitates a paper-free and online account opening process.

Q. Can I trade in the derivatives segment using this app?

A. Yes, the Mobile App and all other trading terminals offered by Alice Blue have a derivative trading option. Users can trade in Futures and Options (F&O) Segment.

Q. What is AMC charge of Alice Blue?

A. Alice Blue only charges the account opening fee. There is no Annual Maintenance charge levied on the trading account after that.

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