Alankit Assignments FAQs – Demat & Trading Account Related General Questions & Answers

Alankit Assignments

Alankit Assignments offers health and wealth services with a greater focus on financial services including stockbroking. Founded in the year 1995, Alankit Assignments has headquarters in New Delhi India. Alankit Assignments serves customers in both India and all over the world. 

The company has grown tremendously to become one of the global associations of ten organizations with various portfolios in both health and financial services.

Alankit Assignments FAQs

Q1. Who is the owner of Alankit Assignments?

Ans. Alankit Assignments is owned by Alok Agarwal who is also the chairman of the company.

Q2. When was Alankit Assignments established?

Ans. Alankit Assignments was established in the year 1995 by founder Alok Agarwal as financial services as well as health services company. There are now several companies under the Alankit group of companies.

Q3. What services are offered at Alankit Assignments? 

Ans. The services offered at Alankit Assignments include; government to citizen services, health care services, financial services, registrar and share transfer agent and investor education and protection funds services.

Alankit Assignments FAQs

Q4. Do Alankit Assignments offer stockbroking services?

Ans. Yes. The primary Alankit Assignments services are stockbroking services. The stockbroking services are offered through its online trading platforms that offer comprehensive risk management solutions.

Q5. What broking services are offered by Alankit Assignments? 

Ans. Alankit Assignments offers broking services across BSE, NSE, USE, and MCX-SX. They also offer commodity broking across MCX, DGCX, NSEL, ACE, NCDEX, and NMCE. In addition to these, they also provide electronic trading for both gold and silver.

Q6. What memberships are available on Alankit Assignments?

Ans. Alankit Assignments offer memberships on major stock exchanges and deals in futures, cash, derivatives, and options.

Q7. What if the present turnover of Alankit Assignments?

Ans. Alankit Assignments has a turnover of around 30,000 crores. The daily average turnover of Alankit Assignments is 200 crores.

Q8. Does Alankit Assignments offer assistance or training to clients?

Ans. Yes. Alankit Assignments offers free training, assistance, and infrastructure to its clients as well as associates. In addition to this, the company also provides prompt depository and risk-free services.

Q9. What other financial services are offered by Alankit Assignments?

Ans. Alankit Assignments offer mutual funds, IPO, general and life insurance, institutional equity research and wealth management services as additional financial services to its customers.

Q10. What are the various trading platforms provided by Alankit Assignments?

Ans. Alankit Assignments provides the iNetnetlite web platform, Odin Diet which is a trading app for active retail traders and Alankit Easy Trade mobile app.

Q11. What are the charges of opening a trading account with Alankit Assignments?

Ans. Alankit Assignments account can be easily opened with Rs. 100 bond.

Q12. What are the options for maintaining an account at Alankit Assignments?

Ans. Alankit Assignments offers two options to maintain an account. One, you can pay Rs. 420 each and every year. The other option is subscribing to a plan whereby you pay Rs. 1180. In this option, there are no annual charges.

Q13. What are the brokerage values that clients pay on Alankit Assignments?

Ans. Alankit Assignments charges brokerage charges of 0.04% for intraday and 0.4% for delivery trading. However, these brokerage charges percentages can be lowered to 0.03% and 0.3% when a client trade well for some time.

Q14. What is the margin for the Alankit Assignments brokerage?

Ans. Alankit Assignments provide less exposure which is about 2 times the client’s credit balance for intraday trading. There is no exposure to delivery trades. If clients ought to invest in futures segments they might need to get 4 to 5 times limit on their trades.

Q15. Is Alankit Assignment a reliable brokerage company?

Ans. Yes, the company has been known for its trusted and ethical business practices, therefore, making it a reliable brokerage company for clients to invest and trade with.

Q16. What makes Alankit Assignments easy to trade with?

Ans. Alankit Assignments offers offline and online trading facilities and the latest technology. In addition to this, they offer an easy, fast and seamless platform for the coverage of activities and transactions. Alankit Assignments also offers real-time data, quotes and hassle-free secure transactions.

Q17. Do Alankit Assignments have branches?

Ans. Yes. Alankit Assignments has over 6120 business locations in over 673 cities. In addition to this, Alankit Assignments has branches overseas in Dubai, London, Singapore, and Sharjah.

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Q18. What is the registered address of Alankit Assignments?

Ans. Alankit Assignments is located at Alankit House, 4E/2 Jhandewalan Extension New Delhi – 110 055.

Q19. What are the contacts of Alankit Assignments?

Ans. Clients can get in touch with Alankit Assignments through their phone number 011-42541234 / 23541234. Clients can also send a fax through fax number 011-42541201. For feedback and queries, clients can write to Alankit Assignments at [email protected]

Q20. How can I get in touch with Alankit Assignment if I have a special inquiry?

Ans. Alankit Assignments offers a special email where clients can contact them for specific business related queries. The email is [email protected]

Q21. Do Alankit Assignments offer a callback?

Ans. Yes. Alankit Assignments offers call-back services to its clients. The process is simple because the client just fills in a form on their website at Here, the client will enter their details and receive a call back from the Alankit Assignments support team.

open alankit demat acc

Q22. How can clients open an account with Alankit Assignments?

Ans. To open an account with Alankit Assignments, clients will need to contact customer support or request a call back so that they can enquire about opening a trading account.

Q23. What is the minimum trading amount with Alankit Assignments?

Ans. There is a minimum amount that a client needs to have in order to trade with Alankit Assignments. Currently, clients will need Rs. 15,000 to start trading the company.

Q24. How many active clients do Alankit Assignments have?

Ans. Alankit Assignments had about 21,237 active clients in 2019. Most of these clients are long term clients whose relationship with Alankit Assignments is well maintained.

Q25. Is it possible to directly connect with advisors at Alankit Assignments?

Ans. Yes. Clients can directly contact Alankit Assignments through their phone number to get in touch with dedicated advisors on trading and other financial services they offer. 

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