5Paisa vs Trading Bells – A Comparison of Which One is better for Trading.

5Paisa vs Trading Bells

Compare 5paisa Vs TradingBells,5Paisa is an Indian discount broker that was launched in India in 2015 by IIFL or better known as India Infoline. 5Paisa allows trade across multiple segments, including Mutual Funds, Insurance, Currency, and Equity.

Trading Bells, on the other hand, is a discount broker who is currently based out of Indore. It boasts a striking presence in more than 80 cities in India.

Both the stockbrokers in question, 5paisa and Trading Bells offer brokerage services at low costs, thus making them a fit for the traders. This post will give you a better look at their similarities and their differences, and then you can choose which one you prefer more and suit you better.

They are compared on the basis of the following traits:

  • Exposure or leverages
  • Account opening charges
  • Features
  • Company overview
  • Research
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Exposure margin
  • Research report
  • Transaction charges
  • Investment options
  • Brokerage
  • Trading platforms
  • Ratings

Let us get to 5paisa vs Trading Bells comparisonand 5paisa vs Trading Bells brokerage compare.

5Paisa vs Trading Bells Overview

Basis 5PaisaTrading Bells
About the broker5Paisa.com was launched in 2016. It was the online version and saw the coming together of new models and brokerage plans. Now, 5Paisa stands as the second biggest discount broker. It has its base in Mumbai and is a part of the bigger financial services company called India Infoline.Trading Bells is an online discount broker based out of Indore, MP. The basis on which Trading Bells is based is to provide faster and transparent brokerage services which are lower in cost. This is especially beneficial for traders who prefer to indulge in online independent trading. While it was launched in the month of July in 2016, it became a fragment of Swastika Investment Ltd. in Dec 2016.
Year of Incorporation20152016
Number of Branches in India900
Account TypeFlat rate PlanStandard Plan
Supported ExchangeBSE, NSE, MCX-SXNCDEX, MCX, BSE, and NSE
Type of brokerDiscount BrokerDiscount Broker

5Paisa vs Trading Bells Charges

The difference between the trading account opening fees of 5Paisa and Trading Bells is enormous. While 5Paisa charges Rs. 650 for the same, Trading Bells charge Rs. 200 for commodity and Rs. 300 for Equity, which in either of the cases is less than half. However, Trading Bells charge Rs. 150 as demat account opening fees whereas most brokers do it for no cost, just like 5Paisa.

Basis             5PaisaTrading Bells
Trading Account AMCFreeNIL
Trading Account Opening FeesRupees 650Rupees 200 Commodity I Rs. 300 Equity
Demat Account AMCRupees 400Rupees 300
Demat Account Opening FeesfreeRupees 150
Demat Account StatusNot MandatoryNot Mandatory

5paisa Account Opening

5Paisa vs Trading Bells Brokerage

Trading bells follow a simple standard plan as per which they charge Rs. 20 every trade. 5Paisa, on the other hand, charges Rs. 10 per executed order. The rates of both the stock brokers are amongst the lowest in India.

BrokeragePlan 1

 5PaisaTrading Bells
 Flat Rate PlanStandard Plan
Equity DeliveryRupees 10 every executed orderFree (Rupees 0)
Fixed ChargesNA
Equity IntradayRupees10 everyexecuted orderRupees20 everytrade
Equity OptionsRupees10 every executed orderRupees20 everytrade
Equity FuturesRupees10 everyexecuted orderRupees20 everytrade
Currency Futures TradingRupees10 everyexecuted orderRupees20 everytrade
Commodity Futures TradingRupees10 everyexecuted orderRupees20 everytrade
Currency Options TradingRupees10 everyexecuted orderRupees20 everytrade
Commodity Options TradingRupees10 everyexecuted order

Other Charges

Other Brokerage Rupees20 or 0.01% everyexecuted order (which of the either is lower)
Minimum Brokerage ChargesRupees10 everytradeRupees0
Call & Trade ChargesRupees100 everycall (irrespective of the number of calls)And extra Rupees20 for every executed order

5Paisa vs Trading Bells Transactional Charges

This table compares 5Paisa and Trading Bells on the basis of transactional charges and PCM fee by segment. The percentages of the two brokers vary slightly in some cases, while heavily in others.

 5Paisa    Trading Bells
Equity Intraday0.00325%BSE Rupees275 everycrore & NSE Rupees325 everycrore (each side)
Equity Delivery0.00325%BSE Rupees275 everycrore & NSE Rupees325 everycrore (each side)
Equity Futures0.0021%BSE Rupees70 everycrore & NSE Rupees 210 everycrore (each side)
Currency Futures0.0021%NSE Rupees135 everycrore (0.00135%)
Equity Options0.051% (on premium)BSE Rupees 3000 everycrore & NSE Rupees 6000 everycrore (each side) (on premium)
Commodity (NCDEX) Agri Rupees 400 everycr. & Non-Agri Rupees 310 or 0.0036%
Currency Options0.051%NSE Rupees 4400 everycrore (on premium) or 0.044&

5Paisa vs Trading Bells Exposure Margin

5Paisa    Trading Bells
Equity Intraday MarginUp to 20x10x for most scripts
Equity Delivery MarginUp to 4x (Category E 4x, A 3.5x, B 3x, C 2x, D 1.5x)1x
Equity Futures MarginIntra-day: 3.5x | Carry forward: 1x (no margin)Carry: 1x & Intraday: 3x
Currency Futures MarginIntra-day: 1 time | Carry forward: 1xCarry: 1x & Intraday: 3x
Equity Options MarginIntra-day: 1x | Carry forward: 1x1x
Commodity Futures MarginCarry: 1x & Intraday: 3x
Currency Options MarginIntra-day: 1x | Carry forward: 1xCarry: 1x & Intraday: 3x
Commodity Options

Trading Bells Account Opening

5Paisa vs Trading Bells Feature Comparison

Both these brokers, 5Paisa and TradingBellsoffer 2 in 1 account which includes demat and trading account. None of the two brokers offer automated trading.

Margin Funding is offered by both the share brokers while NRI trading facility is provided by none.

5Paisa    Trading Bells
Automated TradingNANA
3 in 1 accountNANA
Online PortfolioYESYES
Online DemoYESYES
Margin Against Shares (Equity Cash)YES
Margin Trading Funding AvailabilityYESYES
Trading Platform5Paisa Trade StationJUSTRADE, NSE NOW, ODIN
Margin Against Shares (Equity F&O)YES
Intraday Square-Off Time3:10 PMCurrency & Commodity: 15 minutes prior to market closing & Equity: 3:15 pm

5Paisa vs Trading Bells Ratings

 5Paisa          Trading Bells
Trading platform usability2.5 / 53.5 / 5
Overall rating2.5 / 54 / 5
Trading brokerage rating3.5 / 55 / 5
Fees rating3.5 / 53.5 / 5
Customer service rating2.5 / 54.5 / 5
Broker rating2.8 / 54.0 / 5

5Paisa vs Trading Bells Investment Options

Both 5Paisa and TradingBellsoffer investment and trading options in equity derivatives and equity on exchanges of both BSE and NSE Both the stock brokers offers the facility of dealing in currency, bonds, mutual funds, IPO, mutual funds, debt, and bonds. None of the brokers have PMS Service.

5Paisa          Trading Bells
Stock / EquityYESYES
Mutual FundsYESYES
Initial Public Offers (IPO)YESYES
Other Investment OptionsMutual Funds, Insurance

5Paisa vs Trading Bells Customer Services

5Paisa          Trading Bells
Online live chatNANA
24 * 7 customer serviceNANA
Through branchesNAYES

5Paisa vs Trading Bells Order Type Offered

5Paisa          Trading Bells
Cover OrderYES
Bracket OrderYES
STBT (Sell Today Buy Tomorrow)YES
BTST (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow)YES
GTC (Good Till Cancelled)NA
AMO (After Market Order)YES

5Paisa vs Trading Bells Research Report

5Paisa          Trading Bells
Free TipsNAYES
Daily Market ReportNAYES
News AlertsNAYES
Quarterly Result AnalysisNAYES

5Paisa vs Trading Bells suitable for which investor type

5Paisa          Trading Bells
Active InvestorYESYES
Casual Investor

5paisa vs Trading Bells Advantages and Disadvantages

Every share broker comes with their pros and cons and same is the case with 5Paisa and Trading Bells. Each of the two have their own advantages to offer while also being equipped with certain disadvantages.

While the advantages and disadvantages are not exactly a comparison, their most essential ones are mentioned to help you make better decisions on which one to choose for smarter trading practices.

5PaisaTrading Bells
Advantages ·       5Paisa offers brokerage services at extremely cheap rates. Only Rupees 10 has to be paid everyexecuted order.

·       The brokerage fee is flat. You do not have to worry about the size of the trade.

·       Free access to trading software such as trading 5paisa terminal and 5paisa mobile app.

·       You get up to 4 times more exposure in (EDT) equity delivery trading.

·       You get up to 20 times more exposure in (EIT) equity intraday trading.

·       You get almost 3.5 times more exposure in (DIT) derivatives intraday trading.

·       It is backed by IIFL which is a premier non-banking financial institution with an experience of more than 2 decades.

·       You get free derivative, fundamental, and technical research and advice.

·       It is a discount broker.

·       Trading Bells offers higher exposure and margin funding.

·       It does not charge ant brokerages charges for dealing in equity delivery trades.

·       It has multiple trading platforms – JUSTRADE, NSE Now, and ODIN.

·       Mutual Funds and Online IPO is available at Trading Bells.

·       You get a free trading software at Trading Bells.

·       Trading Bells has branches in over 80 cities of India.

·       Its flat rate of Rs. 20 per executed order is amongst the cheapest throughout the country.

·       The brokerage fee for equity delivery trades is Rs. 0. The traders are only inclined to pay charges for demat transactions.

·       Trading Bells uses a CLASSPlus BO (back Office) which is intuitive and stable.

·       It deals in a wide variety of products including Mutual Funds, IPO, Commodity, Currency, Equity Derivatives, Equity, etc.

Disadvantages ·       In addition to brokerage, call & trade is charges at Rs. 100 per call. However, unlimited calls can be sited in a single call.

·       Research & advisory are only accessible after paying an additional cost.

·       Demat charges are higher than most of its competitors at Rs. 25 per transaction.

·       NRI trading as well as demat account are unavailable at 5paisa.

·       5paisa does not offer the facility of commodity trading.

·       It does not offer 3 in 1 account facility.

·       Every call and trade at Trading Bells is charged at extra Rs. 20.

·       Trading Bells does not give you the option of 3 in 1 account. Only a 2 in 1 account is offered.

·       Trading Bells charges an annual maintenance charge to keep your demat account running. Many discount brokers in India offer AMC trading accounts for free.


5Paisa and Trading Bells are both amongst the best discount brokers in India. Both these stock brokers offer fair looking price for trading deals making them appear in the most loved brokers’ list.

The above 5paisa vs Trading Bells comparison will help you have a better idea as to which one suit your trade related needs best. While both of these are amazing, we are sure must click through you better than the other.

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