5Paisa Vs Tradebulls Securities: A Comparison On Which One Is A Better Stock Broker

5Paisa Vs Tradebulls Securities

5Paisa is a very well-known discount broker that has been dealing and trading for years. An Indian share broker company, 5Paisa is located in Mumbai and is the second-largest discount share broker in the whole of India. 

The online version of 5Paisa, known as 5paisa.com, was introduced in the year 2016.

5Paisa had to make a lot of changes in their brokerage policies, plans as well as models to enter the online world of stockbroking.

In spite of all the changes and refurbishments, 5Paisa has managed to stand tall and high in the list of the biggest and the best stock brokers in India.

Tradebulls Securities, on the other hand, is a full-service broker established in the year in 2009.

Founded by Mr. Dinesh Thakkar, Tradebulls Securities is a private company trading and dealing in shares since its inception.

While one of them is a discount broker, the other is a full-service broker, thus marking the first line of distinction between the two here and now.

However, if you are still unsure about which share broker will turn to be a better fit for your trading, then this comparison list below will help you out further.

The two companies have been compared based on more than 100 attributes to give you a better insight into their working, features, charges, advantages, and disadvantages.

Here are the attributes they are marked on:

  • Company overview
  • Account opening charges
  • Brokerage
  • Exposure or leverages
  • Research
  • Trading platforms
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Ratings
  • Platform comparison

5Paisa vs Tradebulls Securities5Paisa vs Tradebulls Securities

Here is a table to give a glimpse into the basics and the background of 5Paisa and Tradebulls Securities with respect to their years of establishment, founders, location of headquarters, broker type, and company type.

Basis 5Paisa    Tradebulls Securities
Company typePublicPrivate
Established Year20072009
Broker typeDiscount BrokerFull Service Broker
FounderMr Rajamani Venkataraman & Mr Nirmal JainMr. Dinesh Thakkar
HeadquartersMumbai, IndiaMumbai, India

5Paisa and Tradebulls Securities Ratings

Here is a table for 5paisa and Tradebulls Securities comparison on the basis of their ratings on multiple users and experiences.

Basis 5Paisa    Tradebulls Securities
Experience4.0 / 107.0 / 10
Products & Services6.0 / 107.6 / 10
Brokerage Charges and Fees9.8 / 107.8 / 10
Stock Research and Advisory4.0 / 106.6 / 10
Trading Platforms7.0 / 106.8 / 10
Overall Rating6.2 / 107.2 / 10

5Paisa vs Tradebulls Securities Comparison of Demat Account

There is a great wedge between the pricing of opening and handling them. This 5Paisa and Tradebulls Securities comparison of demat account will help you decide better.

While Tradebulls lets you open a demat account for as low as rupees 299 or even for free under some circumstances, 5Paisa charges rupees six hundred fifty for the same.

DematServices5Paisa    Tradebulls Securities
Depository SourceCDSLCDSL
Account Opening ChargesRupees 650Rupees299 or FREE
Demat AMC ChargesRupees400 per annumRupees300 or FREE
Trading AMC ChargesFreeRupees0
Margin MoneyRupees0Rupees0 – Rupees3,00,000
Offline to OnlineNAYES

5Paisa vs Tradebulls Securities Comparison of Brokerage Charges

5Paisa charges a standard fee of rupees 10 for every order that passes through it. It remains stagnant for commodity, currency, and equity.

5Paisa also has a brokerage calculator names 5Paisa brokerage calculator which lets you calculate the amount of brokerage you will have to pay for your order.

Tradebulls Securities, however, does not have a standard set price chart. It has fixed slot percentages or money depending upon the call you make.

You can also calculate your brokerage amount through Tradebulls Securities Brokerage Calculator.

Brokerage Fees & Charges5Paisa    Tradebulls Securities
Equity Delivery TradingRupees10 every executed order0.10% – 0.30%
Equity Intraday TradingRupees10 every executed order0.010% – 0.030%
Commodity Options tradingNA0.010% – 0.030%
Equity Futures TradingRupees10 every executed order0.010% – 0.030%
Equity Options TradingRupees10 every executed orderRs. 50 – Rs. 80 every lot
Currency Futures TradingRupees 10 every executed order0.010% – 0.030%
Currency Options TradingRupees10 every executed orderRupees 50 – Rs. 80 every lot
Minimum BrokerageRupees10 every executed orderRupees30 per trade
Demat AMC ChargesRupees400 every annumRupees300 or FREE
Trading AMC ChargesFREEFREE
Margin MoneyZeroRupees0 – Rupees3,00,000
Brokerage Calculator5paisa Brokerage CalculatorTradebulls Securities Brokerage Calculator

5Paisa vs Tradebulls Securities Comparison of Other Charges

 5Paisa    Tradebulls Securities
Transaction Charges0.00325% of the entire turnover0.00325% of the entire turnover
STT0.0126% of the entire turnover0.0126% of the entire turnover
SEBI turnover Charges0.0002% of the entire turnover0.0002% of the entire turnover
Stamp DutyMinimal but depends of the stateMinimal but depends of the state
GST18% of brokerage & Transactional charges18% of brokerage & Transactional charges

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 5Paisa vs Tradebulls Securities Offers

Offers 5Paisa    Tradebulls Securities
Free Demat AccountNAYES
Free Trading AccountYESYES
Discount on BrokerageYESYES
Trading Happy HoursNANA
Flexible Brokerage PlansNAYES
1 Month Brokerage FreeNANA
Holiday OffersNANA
Referral OffersNAYES
0 Brokerage for Loss Hitting TradersNANA

5Paisa vs Tradebulls Securities Services

Services5Paisa    Tradebulls Securities
Demat ServicesYESYES
Trading ServicesYESYES
3 in 1 accountNANA
Intraday ServicesYESYES
Stock RecommendationsNAYES
Robo AdvisoryYESNA
Trading InstitutionNAYES
Trading ExposureUpto 35xUpto 60x

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5Paisa vs Tradebulls Securities Research & Advisory

Research & Advisory5Paisa    Tradebulls Securities
Fundamental ReportsNAYES
Research ReportsNAYES
Company ReportsNAYES
Annual ReportsNAYES
Company Stock ReviewNAYES
Free Stock TipsNAYES
Daily Market ReviewNAYES
Monthly ReportsNAYES
Weekly ReportNAYES
Offline AdvisoryNAYES
Relationship ManagerNAYES

5Paisa vs Tradebulls Securities Exposure or Leverage

Exposure or Leverage5Paisa    Tradebulls Securities
Equity DeliveryUp to 5xUp to 6x
Equity IntradayUp to 35xUp to 60x
Equity FuturesUp to 8xUp to 20x
Equity OptionsUp to 12xUp to 20x
Currency FuturesUp to 6xUp to 10x
Currency OptionsUp to 10xUp to 10x
CommoditiesUp to 10xUp to 40x
Margin Calculator5Paisa Margin CalculatorTradebulls Securities Margin Calculator

5Paisa vs Tradebulls Securities Comparison of Products

Products5Paisa    Tradebulls Securities
Equity TradingYESYES
Commodity TradingNAYES
Currency TradingYESYES
Mutual FundsNAYES

5Paisa vs Tradebulls Securities Comparison of Trading Platforms

Trading Platforms5Paisa    Tradebulls Securities
Desktop Platform – WindowsYESYES
Desktop Platform – MacYESYES
Desktop Browser PlatformYESYES
Mobile Site PlatformYESYES
Android App PlatformYESYES
iOS App PlatformYESYES
Windows App PlatformNANA
Other Mobile OS PlatformNANA
Real Time UpdatesYESYES
Portfolio DetailsYESYES
News FlashYESYES
Research ReportsYESYES
Easy InstallationYESYES
Global IndicesYESYES
Stock TipsYESYES
Personalized AdvisoryYESYES
Interactive ChartsYESYES
Live MarketsYESYES
Email AlertsYESYES
Multi Account ManagementYESYES

5Paisa vs Tradebulls Securities Comparison of Customer Support

Customer Support5PaisaTradebulls Securities
Dedicated DealerNAYES
Offline TradingNAYES
Online TradingYESYES
24*7 SupportYESNA
Email SupportYESYES
Chat SupportNANA
Toll Free NumberNANA

5Paisa vs Tradebulls Securities Advantages and Disadvantages

 5PaisaTradebulls Securities
Advantages· You get good brokerage services at incredibly cheap cost of just Rs. 10 every executed order.


· There is a flat brokerage charge for your trade irrespective of the size of the trade. Thus, you pay the same amount even for bigger trades.

· They have software called 5paisa terminal for free for traders.

· 5Paisa mobile app is also freely accessible to traders.

· 4 times higher exposure when talking about equity delivery trading.

· 20 times higher exposure when considering equity intraday trading.

· 3.5 times increased exposure when comparing derivatives intraday trading.

· For over the past 20 years, India Infoline, better known as IIFL has been a leading non-banking financial organisation. It also happens to be backing up 5Paisa.

· Tradebulls Securities offers traders the opportunity to trade at exceptionally reasonable and affordable cost.


· Transactional charges, stamp duty charges, GST, and STT charges are all affordable and is in line or less than its competitors.

· They have a good number of trading platforms which definitely help traders to have a better access.

· Their range of trading products is expansive.

· Tradebulls give out lots of tips on research and investment in shares.

· Tradebulls has a good presence over the country with 18 locations spread throughout the country.

· Traders can trade across Mutual Funds, Insurance, IPO, Currency Trading, Equity, derivatives, and much more.

· Traders can get access to real-time quotes anywhere and everywhere.

Disadvantages· Rupees one hundred is charged for every brokerage call. Nonetheless, there is no limit set to how many calls you can make at once.


· Extra money is to be paid if you want to get in contact with research and advisory.

· A higher cost for exchange turnover is another disadvantage in 5Paisa’s pocket. This is so because most of its competitors have kept the cost at bare minimum.

· While most discount brokers charge somewhere around eight to twelve rupees, 5Paisa charges a whooping twenty five rupees for demat transactions.

· NRI trading account is another advantage in 5Paisa’s court as there is no such facility available.

· 5Paisa has also not made any amends to make demat account trading possible.

· Three in one account is not an available option at 5paisa.com

·  In spite of  having a good number of trading apps platforms, Tradebulls does not have a very well working mobile app. in fact, it can be called to be far below average.


· Many traders have felt and reported the problem of hidden charges.

· Due to the hidden charges and costing, many traders now find it difficult to trade and deal with Trade Bulls.

· A 24 / 7 hours service is not provided by Trading Bulls. This makes it difficult for traders to get in touch with them when needed.

· They have a notorious image for never replying to nay of the comments that they receive on Google Store. There are over 70 of them and you will not find a reply to any of them.

· Below the level customer care has been a consistent disadvantage to Trade Bulls.

· Their tips and predictions related to stock market have hardly been correct.

open 5paisa demat accountConclusion

5Paisa vs TradebullsSecurities comparison is a great way for traders to have a better insight and perspective into which of the two stockbrokers is better for them. 5Paisa and Tradebulls are both stock brokers.

However, 5Paisa is a discount broker, and Tradebulls Securities is a full-service broker. Other than this difference, there are other distinctions too. Right from their brokerage plans to transactional charges and the services offered by each, there is a wide gap between the two.

5Paisa vs Tradebulls Securities comparison will make it easier to choose the more appropriate stock broker for your stock trading needs. You can have a clear look at the comparison table above and mark them on the basis of their pros and cons.

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