5paisa VS Trade Plus Online comparison: Demat, Brokerage, Margin

5paisa vs Trade-Plus-Online-comparison

We are comparing two reputed brokerage companies, 5paisa and Trade Plus Online. They give financial services in stock brokerage. Both offer trading platforms for their respective online financial services.

The below details of 5paisa Trade Plus Online comparison has both stock broker companies to offer benefits with their products and services.

Here you will know how to open an account online, brokerage and account charges and other important details. This article will give you an appropriate idea about 5paisa vs trade plus online topic.

5paisa VS Trade Plus Online company details


  • They started their journey on march of 2016 and comes under IIFL group, which is known as India Infoline situated in Mumbai which provides financial services in capitalization of market.
  • They are ranked 2nd in the segment discount broking for active clients on December 2018, recognised by CDSL as a Premier Depository Participant and bagged the award of being the best digital startup in year 2018 on January.
  • The Mumbai established company works in some of the most important financial dealings like in insurance, stocks, mutual funds, investment in banking, bonds, etc.

Trade Plus Online

  • A Chennai based trading company of Navia Markets private limited, which is situated in Ganga Griha, established in 1983 and deals with financial brokerage platforms of theirs to make customers satisfied.
  • They give services in mutual funds, insurance, currency, equity, commodity trading, IPOs, funding in margin trade, etc.
  • They provide facility for NRIs which they started in the year 2000 and had become like a backer for their trading needs.
Particulars5paisaTrade Plus
Company TypePrivatePrivate
Established in20161995
HeadquartersThane, IndiaChennai, India
Founder(s)Nirmal JainJawahar Vadivelu
Type of BrokerDiscount BrokerDiscount Broker
No. of branches1 branch1 branch
Supported ExchangesNSE, BSE, MCXNSE, BSE, MCX
Website URLwww.5paisa.comwww.tradeplusonline.com
Active Client Base250000+

5paisa VS Trade Plus Onlineproducts comparison


  • Trade Station Exe – A desktop installable trading platform provided by 5paisa that supplies improved trading tools that is very user friendly, secured, easy fund transfer, monitor stock trends based on charts and the process executed is relatively fast.
  • Algo Trading – The platform is highly advanced infrastructure where clients can discuss their ideas for trading strategically, do simulation in real time like trading environment with the assistance of experts to hone your skills and implement them through coders from 5paisa.
  • Mobile Trading App – Access the services of 5paisa from anywhere through your mobile where you can research and get advice on stocks, personal loans and other services through just a click.
  • Trade Station Web – A web based trading platform that provides the advance features of user supported interface with a bunch of portfolios in equity, mutual funds and let you stay updated with latest market trends.

Trade Plus Online

  • Infini Trading Solutions – The most explicit with abundant and rich market information with analysis for trading solutions. All your commodity, currency or equity trading exposure comes to you in both ex file and web based platform.
  • NOW – Also known as neat on web and is a software powered by a safe and secure platform by NSE for trading in both National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange.

The platform is highly reliable as it uses NSE servers with precision and therefore can be depended with trust.

  • Back Office – The functions and security of client trading processes is ensured to have no errors and without any inconvenience by the back office system.
Investment Options5paisaTrade Plus
Stock/Equity TradingAvailableAvailable
Commodity TradingAvailableAvailable
Currency & DerivativesAvailableAvailable
Online IPO ApplicationAvailableAvailable
Mutual FundsAvailableAvailable
Bond/NCDAvailableNot Available
DebtNot AvailableNot Available
BankingNot AvailableNot Available
ForexNot AvailableNot Available
Equity SIP InvestmentAvailableNot Available
MF SIP InvestmentAvailableAvailable
PMSNot AvailableNot Available

5paisa Account Opening

5paisa VS Trade Plus Online Benefit Comparison

5paisaTrade Plus Online
●    No. 2 in brokerage services in terms of active client.

●    There account opening charges are high but they don’t charge anything for trading and commodity account.

●    Powerful platform for quick trading in most used electronic devices with auto-guidance from bot.

●    They provide health insurance facility through which you can make savings on your tax deductions.

●    Special learning courses under their school section to get detailed and comprehensive knowledge about share market.

●    Equity based brokerage charges are very low.

●    Call and trade charges although high can be used endlessly for 24 hours.

●    NRIs can benefit from trade plus NRI account and do trading which is also the same for OCIs and PIOs.

●    No brokerage or commission to mutual fund companies with their direct mutual fund option.

●    Blog articles to get you educated with some of the important topics.

5paisa VS Trade Plus Online Account Open Compare

To open an account online go to this link https://www.5paisa.com/open-demat-account

To open an account in Trade Plus Online, go to this link https://www.tradeplusonline.com/demat-account-opening.aspx

5paisaTrade Plus Online
●    Input your name, email, mobile no. and password, promo code if any, check the box if you prefer south Indian language, check the terms and conditions box and then click on register.

●    For your kyc verification fill your PAN no., date of birth, Aadhar no. and OTP which would be sent to your mobile.

●    Give your bank details like account no., IFSC code, verify the details and proceed to the next step.

●    Give your personal details as per required, education details, occupation, income, nationality, tax residential and then proceed.

●    Upload your documents digitally like PAN, photo, signature and bank proof and proceed.

●    Complete the e-sign service process with Aadhar no. and then select the e-sign gateway and click submit.

●    Finish with NSDL portal with aadhar no., OTP and then final submit.

●    Fill your name, email id, mobile no., referral code, select whether you want to go with  hindi language, tick the terms and condition box and then register.

●    Initiate KYC registration with PAN and date of birth.

●    Upload your virtual copy of PAN, photo, income proof as specified aadhar, cancel cheque, signature and address proof.

●    Give your bank details like account no., MICR code and other details like income related information.

●    Using their payment gateway choose your method of payment.

●    Complete the account opening process with completion of online kyc.

●    Finish with e-sign service using aadhar no., OTP in your email in NSDL webpage and click submit.

Bank account should be linked with Aadhaar no.

5paisa VS Trade Plus Online Charges Comparison

Let’s look at the account charges comparison between two companies 5paisa and Trade Plus Online to know their account based charges.

Types of Charges5paisa ChargesTrade Plus Online Charges
Trading AccountRs. 650Rs. 199
Demat AccountRs. 0Rs. 200
Commodity AccountRs. 0Rs. 0
Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC)Rs. 400Rs. 200
Other Charges5paisa ChargesTrade Plus Online Charges
Call and Trade ChargesRs. 50Rs. 75

 5paisa vs Trade Plus Online Brokerage Charges

Segment5paisaTrade Plus
Equity DeliveryFlat Rs.10Free
Equity IntradayFlat Rs.10Rs. 9 per executed trade
Equity FuturesFlat Rs.10Rs. 9 per executed trade
Equity OptionsRs. 10 per lotRs. 9 per lot
Currency FuturesFlat Rs.10Rs. 9 per executed trade
Currency OptionsRs. 10 per lotRs. 9 per lot
Commodities FuturesFlat Rs.10Rs. 9 per executed trade
Commodities OptionsRs. 10 per lotRs. 9 per lot

5paisa VS Trade Plus Online Advantages Compare

5paisaTrade Plus Online
●    They are well acknowledged as being the best in usage of mobile based technology in finance related services so they are digitally very flexible with their products.

●    They have bagged the awards for being the  best in mobile trading app and also as a brand showing brilliance in BFSI Sector.

●    Great customer assistance as and when needed.

●    They have won NSDL award five times which proves their credibility.

●    From the starting point of the business, transparency is maintained due to which the customers have confidence in trade plus with Rs. 1 lakh residential clients, more than Rs. 10,000 Crore daily turnover on the stock exchange and more than 5,000 NRI clients.

●    Timely service with great support.

5paisa VS Trade Plus Online Brokerage Comparison


EquityEquity DeliveryEquity IntradayEquity FuturesEquity Options
Broker Charges0Flat Rs. 20 per executed orderFlat Rs. 20 per executed orderFlat Rs. 20 per executed order
CommodityCommodity FuturesCommodity Options
Broker ChargesFlat Rs. 20 per executed orderFlat Rs. 20 per executed order
CurrencyCurrency FuturesCurrency Options
Broker ChargesFlat Rs. 20 per executed orderFlat Rs. 20 per executed order

Trade Plus Online

EquityEquity DeliveryEquity IntradayEquity FuturesEquity Options
Broker Charges0Flat Rs. 9 per executed orderFlat Rs. 9 per executed orderFlat Rs. 9 per executed order
CommodityCommodity FuturesCommodity Options
Broker ChargesFlat Rs. 15 per executed orderFlat Rs. 15 per executed order
CurrencyCurrency FuturesCurrency Options
Broker ChargesFlat Rs. 15 per executed orderFlat Rs. 15 per executed order

5paisa vs Trade Plus Online margin / Exposure/ Leverage

Particulars5paisaTrade Plus
Equity DeliveryUpto 4xUpto 4x
Equity IntradayUpto 20xUpto 10x
Equity FuturesUpto 3xUpto 2x
Equity OptionsUpto 3x (only selling)Upto 2x (only selling)
Currency FuturesUpto 1xUpto 2x
Currency OptionsUpto 1xUpto 1x
Commodities TradingUpto 20xUpto 5x

5paisa vs Trade Plus Online Comparison Summary

Both firms have their strengths and experiences in dealing with stock trading. 5paisa has its expertise in discount trading and has gained great recognition in their financial services whereas Trade Plus Online has more than 20 years of experience in giving their services which let them own happy clients.

The given data about 5paisa vs trade plus online which is better, you will be able to tell about their strengths and weaknesses.

Which one would you prefer? Leave in comments.

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