5Paisa vs Swastika Investmart: Which of The Two Is A Better For Trading?

5Paisa vs Swastika Investmart

5Paisa vs Swastika Investmart: Investment and stock trading have been going hand in hand for a lot of years. Once it was a difficult task, but now, with the emergence of so many stockbrokers, online and offline, indulging into stock trading and investing in stocks has become a comparatively more manageable task.

However, ever since the number of stockbrokers has touched the roof, it has become increasingly challenging to choose the one that will fit trading and investing in stock needs in the best possible way as per your requirements.

This post has all the details essential for your get a closer idea about the functions and working of 5Paisa and Swastika Investmart. There are various different aspects that have been considered to bring you a complete study of the two sharebrokers.

There are a hundred things that are different about them and a hundred others that are similar. However, the two are separate and, thus, are bound to have multiple and dissimilar advantages and disadvantages.

Each of these presents traders with multiple products and brokerage plans and models. Here are some of the aspects which have made the basis for this 5Paisa vs Swastika Investmart comparison:

  • Customer support services
  • Comparison of trading platforms
  • Comparison of products
  • Assessment on research and advisory
  • Services provided by each
  • Offers given out by both
  • Brokerage charges
  • Other related charges
  • Comparison of account services
  • Ratings by multiple customers

Below tables are there to give you a better understanding of these brokers.

5Paisa vs Swastika Investmart Basic Details

Here are some basic details about 5paisa and Swastika Investmart with respect their basics. While both the brokers have their headquarters in Mumbai, India, their establishment years are decades apart.

Swastika Investmart is a full-service broker while 5paisa is a discount broker. However, Swastika Investmart does own an offspring named Trading Bells, which is a discount broker.

Basis5PaisaSwastika Investmart
Year of establishment20071992
Company TypePublicPrivate
Location of headquartersMumbaiMumbai
Broker TypeDiscount brokerFull-Service Broker
Founder’s NameMr Nirmal Jain and Mr Rajamani VenkataramanMr Sunil Nyati

5Paisa and Swastika Investmart Comparison of Demat Account

Here is a comparison of the charges incurred on opening, maintaining, and transacting through a demat account. While 5Paisa does not have the option to shifting an offline demat account to an online one, Swastika Investmart does. 5paisa does not require you to have any margin money but Swastika Investmart requires a minimum of Rs 15, 000.

5PaisaSwastika Investmart
Account opening chargesRs 650Rs 550
Trading AMC chargesRs 0Rs 0
Offline to onlineNoYes
Depository sourceCDSLNSDL & CDSL
Demat AMC chargesRs 400 / yearRs 300
Margin MoneyRs 0Minimum Rs 15,000

5Paisa vs Swastika Investmart Comparison of Offers

Each of the two stock brokers offer a lot of offers and services. Both of them have the facility of free trading account but none offers trading happy hours, holiday offers, referral offers or 1 month brokerage free.

Offers5PaisaSwastika Investmart
Free trading accountYESYES
Trading happy hoursNANA
1 month brokerage freeNANA
Referral offersNANA
Free demat accountNAYES
Discount on brokerageYESNA
Flexible brokerage plansNAYES
Holidays offersNANA
No brokerage for loss incurring tradesNANA

5Paisa vs Swastika Investmart Comparison of Research and Advisory

Advisory is important when it comes to stock market. While most traders who have been doing trading for long know everything there is to know, most new or recently joined traders don’t know much and appreciate a little help.

Research and Advisory5PaisaSwastika Investmart
Research reportsNAYES
Annual reportsNANA
Free stock tipsNAYES
Top picksYESYES
Monthly reportsNAYES
Offline advisoryNAYES
Fundamental reportsNAYES
Company reportsNANA
Company stock reviewNAYES
IPO reportsNAYES
Daily market reviewNAYES
Weekly reportsNAYES
Relationship managerNAYES

5Paisa vs Swastika Investmart Comparison of Products

Products5PaisaSwastika Investmart
Commodity tradingNAYES
Mutual fundsNAYES
Equity tradingYESYES
Currency tradingYESYES

5Paisa vs Swastika Investmart Comparison of Customer Care Services

Customer Care Services5PaisaSwastika Investmart
Offline tradingNAYES
24/7 supportYESNA
Chat supportNANA
Number of branches020
Dedicated dealerNAYES
Online tradingYESYES
Email supportYESYES
Toll free numberNANA

5Paisa vs Swastika Investmart Comparison of Ratings

5PaisaSwastika Investmart
Products and services6.0 / 106.1 / 10
Stock research and advisory4.0 / 106.4 / 10
Experience4.0 / 106.4 / 10
Brokerages charges and fees9.8 / 106.2 / 10
Trading platform7.0 / 106.8 / 10
Overall rating6.2 / 106.4 / 10

5Paisa vs Swastika Investmart Comparison of Charges

Brokerages Charges And Fees5PaisaSwastika Investmart
Equity intraday tradingRs 10 for every order0.020% – 0.050%
Equity futures tradingRs 10 for every order0.020% – 0.050%
Currency futures tradingRs 10 for every order0.020% – 0.050%
Minimum brokerageRs 10 for every orderSpecific percent of the transaction
Trading AMC chargesRs 0Rs 0
Equity delivery tradingRs 10 for every order0.15% – 0.35%
Commodity options tradingNA0.020% – 0.050%
Equity options tradingRs 10 for every orderRs 75 for every order
Currency options tradingRs 10 for every orderRs 50 for every order
Demat AMC chargesRs 400 per yearRs 300
Margin moneyRs 0Rs 15,000
Brokerage calculator5Paisa Brokerage ClaculatorSwastika Brokerage Calculator

5Paisa vs Swastika Investmart Comparison of Other Charges

5PaisaSwastika Investmart
STT0.0126% / total turnover0.0126% / total turnover
Stamp dutyMinimally but depending on stateMinimally but depending on state
Transactional charges0.00325% / total turnover0.00325% / total turnover
SEBI turnover charges0.0002% / total turnover0.0002% / total turnover
GST18% / transactional charges + brokerage fees18% / transactional charges + brokerage fees

5Paisa vs Swastika Investmart Comparison of Investment Options

Investment Options5PaisaSwastika Investmart
Trading servicesYESYES
Intraday servicesYESYES
Stock recommendationsNAYES
Trading exposureUp to 35 timesUp to 6 times
Demat servicesYESYES
3 in 1 accountNANA
IPO servicesYESYES
Robo advisoryYESNA
Trading institutionNANA

5Paisa vs Swastika Investmart Comparison of Exposure / Leverage

Exposure / Leverage 5PaisaSwastika Investmart
Equity IntradayUp to 35 timesUp to 6 times
Equity OptionsUp to 12 timesUp to 5 times
Currency OptionsUp to 10 timesUp to 2 times
Equity deliveryUp to 5 timesUp to 2 times
Equity FuturesUp to 8 timesUp to 3 times
Currency FuturesUp to 6 timesUp to 2 times
CommoditiesUp to 10 timesUp to 2 times
Margin Calculator5Paisa Margin CalculatorSwastika Investmart Margin Calculator

5Paisa vs Swastika Investmart Comparison of Trading Platforms

Trading Platforms5PaisaSwastika Investmart
Desktop Platform – MacYESYES
Mobile site platformYESYES
iOS app platformYESYES
Other OS platforms (mobile)NAYES
Portfolio detailsYESYES
News flashYESYES
Easy installationYESYES
Stock tipsYESNA
Interactive chatsYESYES
Multi account managementYESNA
Desktop platform – windowsYESYES
Desktop browser platformYESYES
Android app platformYESYES
Windows app platformNAYES
Real time updatesYESYES
Online MF buyYESNA
Research reportsYESNA
Global indicesYESYES
Personalized advisoryYESNA
Live marketYESYES
Email alertsYESNA

5Paisa vs Swastika Investmart Comparison of Advantages &Disadvantages

5PaisaSwastika Investmart
Advantages·  They charge a low brokerage fee both in comparison to the services and products provided by them and also considering the brokerage charges of their competitors.

· IIFL has got their back. It is a brand that traders know they can trust.

·5paisa offers a smooth and easy going process of opening an account with them.

· They have a couple of trading platforms and brokerage and margin calculators, all of which work smooth and well.

·Insurance and mutual Funds are two of the other resources which are accessible to traders involved with 5Paisa.

· They offer products in terms of currency, insurance, derivatives, SIP, mutual funds, and equity.

· They offer an exposure up to 35 times more than their most competitive contemporaries when talking about trading account, IPO services, intraday services, and demat account.

· They offer traders with the knowledge with the top picks of the week and otherwise.

·There are a surprisingly good number of platforms where their services can be availed from.

· Everything can be controlled from their app, which is like a blessing for professional traders.

·  They have a 24 hour customer care support team.

· They plan on offering personal loans as well as dealing in commodities in the near future.

With almost 27 years of experience in the stock market industry, Swastika Investmart is an old and trusted name. Traders know they can rely on this company.

· Swastika gives their traders access to unlimited amount of free research and advisory. They have experts who are always on the go to find new and beneficial knowledge about stocks.

· Being such an old trader, Swastika is also deemed as being fairly good when it comes to offline trading.

·Swastika Investmart deals in currency options and currency futures through USE, NSE & NCX-SX.

·  It deals in merchant banking, commodities, issue management, equity, mutual funds, depository services, corporate advisory, consultancy, and currency.

· Trading Bells, a discount share broker, is basically a part of Swastika Investmart.

· It has a NSE corporate membership and a BSE corporate membership.

·Swastika Investmart has a well-followed customer care service.

Its application is amazingly easy to use and is swift and fast.

· It provides a complete range of transparent services.

· They give their traders with well researched research reports for better trading practices.

· There are dozens of options to fund transferring.

lDisadvantages·  In spite they give top picks and more stock related knowledge, it does not come around to be actually from an expert.

·       Traders will be unable to indulge into commodity trading with 5Paisa because it still does not offer one.

·  Investors will gain little from 5paisa as they do not have an offline presence.

· New investors, especially, need to be super careful as 5paisa’s advisory depends mainly on machine learning.

· 5paisa does not exactly possess a massive investment infrastructure.

· In spite of the amazing customer care services that they have to offer, there are certain glitches such as a very long response time. Even the toll free number does not solve trader issues swiftly.

· While Swastika Investmart’s website is loved by almost all its traders, it has some glitches. It will pop up the error message way too often than likeable.

· For so many segments, a leverage is not provided by Swastika Investmart.

· Very little knowledge regarding the offered products is supported by them.


5Paisa and Swastika Investmart are both eminent and remarkable share brokers. This 5paisa vs Swastika Investmart comparison is to make it easier for traders, new as well as experienced to have a better understanding of both of these and then choose whichever one they feel will be better for them.

5Paisa and Swastika Investmart have their own set of models and plans, advantages and disadvantages, and services and products. Studying the broker carefully before finalizing anything is always a better idea.

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