5Paisa vs Sharekhan: A Comparison of The Similarities & Differences


5Paisa vs Sharekhan: Sharekhan is on the third number on the list of the largest share brokers in India. The first two places are taken held by larger and more mega successful brokers such as ICICI Direct at the first place and HDFC Securities on the second one. Founded in February 2000, it is a well-established full service stockbroker in India.

Sharekhan holds over 1800 offices all over India, spread across 550 cities under the head as branches and franchises. Traders are also offered with the opportunity of trading with Sharekhan with the aid of their website named Sharekhan.com.

5Paisa, on the other hand, is a Mumbai based discount share broker and has earned an effectively nice name for itself. Traders have been investing in shares with the help of 5Paisa since years now and it has become one of the most trusted names in the country.

While 5Paisa has way less experience in the share market than Sharekhan, one can clearly see that 5Paisa is growing at an amazing rate and speed. There are n number of benefits and advantages associated with 5Paisa and its traders know it well.

This post will draw down a line of comparison between 5Paisa and Sharekhan. The comparison is based on differences as well as similarities and will help share traders have a better chance of deciding which share broker will fit better with their needs and wants.

Here are some of the aspects on which 5Paisa vs Sharekhan comparison is based:

  • Basic information
  • Brokerage fees and charges
  • Other related charges
  • Ratings by customers
  • Demat account details and charges
  • Products offered
  • Services offered
  • Leverage or exposure
  • Research and advisory
  • Offers by each
  • Availability on trading platforms

Let us begin with 5Paisa vs Sharekhan comparison.

5Paisa vs Sharekhan Introductory Comparison

Sharekhan is 7 years older than 5paisa. While both these share brokers enjoy a great amount of love from new and experienced traders alike, the difference in their founding dates hardly matters.

Both the share brokers have their headquarters located in the Mumbai city of India. They have multiple offices throughout the country and both of them are into online trading.

Founded in Year20072000
Founder NameMr Rajamani Venkataraman & Mr Nirmal JainMr Jaideep Arora
Type of BrokerDiscount brokerFull service
Type of CompanyPublicPrivate
Headquarters LocationMumbai, MaharashtraMumbai, India

5Paisa vs Sharekhan Comparison of Demat Account

Neither 5Paisa nor Sharekhan charge any money or fees to open a demat account. Similarly, none of the two extract any AMC trading charges from their customers.

Demat account opening chargesRupees 650Rupees 0
AMC charges for tradingRupees 0Rupees 0
Offline to online facilityNAYES
Depository sourceCDSLCDSL & NSDL
AMC charges dematRupees 400 every yearRupees 300 every year or can be FREE
Margin MoneyRupees 0Rupees 0

5Paisa vs Sharekhan Comparison of Main Offers

5Paisa and Sharekhan offer free trading account and discount on brokerage charges to their customers. However, none of the two brokers offer trading happy hours, holiday offers, and concession to those traders who are consistently incurring loss.

Also, Sharekhan let go of their first month brokerage fee and also indulges into referral offers for their customers.

Free trading accountYESYES
Trading happy hoursNANA
Brokerage free for the 1st monthNAYES
Referral offersNAYES
Free demat accountNAYES
Discount on brokerage chargesYESYES
Flexible brokerage plans for tradersNAYES
Holiday offersNANA
No brokerage fees for traders incurring loss on tradesNANA

5Paisa vs Sharekhan Comparison of Advisory & Research

Every trader, be it experienced or amateur, need the help of stats and experts to go around their stock investments. Thus, advisory and research come in handy when it comes to stock market matters.

Research reportsNAYES
Annual reportsNAYES
Free stock tipsNAYES
Top picksYESYES
Monthly reportsNAYES
Offline advisoryNAYES
Fundamental reportsNAYES
Company reportsNAYES
Company stock reviewNAYES
IPO reportsNANA
Daily market reviewNANA
Weekly reportsNAYES
Relationship managerNAYES

5Paisa vs Sharekhan Comparison of Products

Equity trading, currency trading, options, and futures are some of the common products offered by both 5Paisa and Sharekhan. As for the difference, commodity trading, mutual funds, and SIP are some products offered by Sharekhan but are not offered by 5Paisa.

Commodity tradingNAYES
Mutual fundsNAYES
Equity tradingYESYES
Currency tradingYESYES

5Paisa vs Sharekhan Comparison of Customer Support Services

A good customer support service team is the background of a fully efficient and successful share broker. 5Paisa offers 24 hours customer support, an active email support, and online trading.

Sharekhan, one the other hand, offers offline trading, an active email support, online trading, and have a team of dedicated dealers.

Offline tradingNAYES
24 / 7 customer supportYESNA
Email supportYESYES
Number of BranchesZero126
Dedicated dealerNAYES
Online tradingYESYES
Chat supportNAYES

5Paisa vs Sharekhan Comparison of Customer Ratings

Ratings and reviews have become an important way of determining whether we want to go for a thing or not. If you too are a trader, then going through 5Paisa and Sharekhan comparison of ratings can help you further be sure of your choice.

Services & Products6.0 / 107.0 / 10
Stock Advisory & Research4.0 / 107.0 / 10
Experience4.0 / 107.5 / 10
Brokerage Fees & Charges9.8 / 106.5 / 10
Trading Platforms Performance7.0 / 107.5 / 10
Total ratings6.2 / 107.1 / 10

5Paisa vs Sharekhan Comparison of Brokerage Fees & Charges

Every broker charges some basic fees and charges for brokerage for every placed order. While the brokerage fees of 5Paisa is fixed and is rupees 10 for every order, for Sharekhan percentage is fixed at 0.10% in most cases.

Equity Intraday TradingRupees 10 for every order0.10%
Equity Futures TradingRupees 10 for every order0.10%
Currency Futures TradingRupees 10 for every order0.10%
Minimum BrokerageRupees 10 for every orderRupees 20 for every order
AMC Charges TradingRupees 0Rupees 0
Equity delivery TradingRupees 10 for every order0.50%
Commodity Options TradingNA0.10%
Equity Options TradingRupees 10 for every orderEither 2.5% on premium or rupees 100 for every order (the higher one)
Currency Options TradingRupees 10 for every orderEither 2.5% on premium or rupees 30 for every order (the higher one)
Charges Demat AMCRupees 400 every yearRupees 300 every year or FREE
Margin moneyRupees 0Rupees 0
Calculator for brokerage5Paisa brokerage CalculatorSharekhan Brokerage Calculator

5Paisa vs Sharekhan Comparison of Other Related Charges

Some other additional as well as related charges are also charged by 5Paisa and Sharekhan both. These charges are unavoidable such as GST, STT, SEBI turnover charges, stamp duty charges, and transactional charges.

STT0.0126% / entire turnover0.0126% / entire turnover
Stamp DutyMinimal & varies depending upon the stateMinimal & varies depending upon the state
Transactional Charges0.00325% / entire turnover0.00275% / entire turnover
SEBI Turnover Charges0.0002% / entire turnover0.0002% / entire turnover
GST18% / (transactional charges + brokerage fees)18% / (transactional charges + brokerage fees)

5Paisa vs Sharekhan Comparison of Services

5Paisa and Sharekhan are competitors who have waved their flag of mark ship throughout the country. With their unlimited number of services, traders are likely to get confused as to which one to choose.

Trading ServicesYESYES
Intraday ServicesYESYES
Stock RecommendationNAYES
Trading ExposureUp to 35 timesUp to 32 times
Demat ServicesYESYES
3 in 1 accountNANA
Robo AdvisoryYESYES
Trading InstitutionNAYES

5Paisa vs Sharekhan Comparison of Leverage or Exposure

Equity IntradayUp to 35 timesUp to 32 times
Equity OptionsUp to 12 timesUp to 10 times
Currency OptionsUp to 10 timesUp to 10 times
Equity DeliveryUp to 5 timesUp to 15 times
Equity FuturesUp to 8 timesUp to 15 times
Currency FuturesUp to 6 timesUp to 8 times
commoditiesUp to 10 timesUp to 10 times

5Paisa vs Sharekhan Comparison of Trading Platforms

Both of the share brokers, 5Paisa and Sharekhan are active on multiple platforms and it is working superbly well for both of them. There are hardly any known and popular platforms which are yet to witness their presence.

 Desktop platform – macYESYES
Mobile site platformYESNA
iOS app platformYESYES
Other mobile platforms (OS)NANA
Portfolio detailsYESYES
News flashYESYES
Easy installationYESYES
Stock tipsYESYES
Interactive chartsYESYES
Multi account managementYESYES
Desktop platform – windowsYESYES
Desktop browser – platformYESYES
Android app platformYESYES
Windows app platformNANA
Real time updatesYESYES
Online MF buyYESYES
Research reportsYESYES
Global indicesYESYES
Personalized advisoryYESYES
Live marketsYESYES
Email alertsYESYES


This post of 5Paisa vs Sharekhan comparison is carried out with the purpose of helping new traders pin down the one share broker that will suit then better. Similarly, experienced and knowledgeable traders will be able to make a better decision as to which of the two brokers, 5Paisa or Sharekhan will benefit their decision making more.

There are some pretty obvious differences between 5Paisa and Sharekhan while at some points they are running on the similar lines. Sharekhan is a much older and established share broker than 5Paisa. However, 5Paisa has always proven to be worth the demand and attention it receives from itsregular traders.

The above post is for the purpose of helping traders have a better insight into the pros, cons, working, schemes, and offers of 5Paisa and Sharekhan.

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