5Paisa Vs SBI Cap Securities: Comparing The Biggest Share Brokers Of India

5Paisa Vs SBI Cap Securities: Comparing the Biggest Share Brokers of India

A 5Paisa and SBI Cap Securities comparison was necessary to get traders into making a better decision about the one broker which they will choose between the two. Stock trading is in itself a big task and choosing the right stock broker can prove to be eternally helpful in the process. 

SBI Cap Securities is an extension of State Bank Group. 

5Paisa Vs SBI Cap Securities Comparing

SBI Cap Securities Ltd, also known with its abbreviation SSL, is a hundred percent junior of SBI capital markets. SBI Cap Securities was initialised in 2006 and offers multiple services including depository services, brokering services, retail equity, derivatives, and institution equity among others. 

Traders and investors are also provided with the ability to indulge in online trading. 

With SBI Cap Securities, NRIs or Non-Residential Indians can also indulge in online investment in mutual funds, NCDs, derivatives, equity, and much more. Many loans are also offered by SBI Cap Securities. 

5Paisa is a discount broker that is based in Mumbai, India. 

Part of the India Infoline group, 5Paisa enjoys a great position on the list of India’s biggest and best discount stock brokers, standing at a remarkable position of number two. 

The brokerage rates offered by 5Paisa are very competitive and thus they have been able to mark their impression in spite of the little time they have been in business. 

Here are some of the aspects which have been taken into consideration while doing this 5paisa vs SBI Cap Securities comparison:

  • Basic details
  • Products offered 
  • Services offered
  • Leverage or exposure 
  • Research & advisory 
  • Brokerage plans brokerage fees & charges
  • Other necessary & related charges 
  • Ratings by customers 
  • Trading platforms on which they are available 

Let us get to the comparison tables.

5Paisa vs SBI Cap Securities Basic Details 

Both 5Paisa and SBI Cap Securities have their headquarters located in Mumbai in India. They are both public companies. However, while these points of similarities cannot be overlooked, there are points of distinction as well. 

While 5Paisa was founded in the year 2007, SBI Cap Securities was founded way before in 1986. Also, SBI Cap Securities is a full service broker but 5Paisa is a discount broker. 

5PaisaSBI Cap Securities
Year of Establishment20071986
Founder NameMr Rajamani Venkataraman & Mr Nirmal JainMs Varsha Purandare
Type of brokerDiscount brokerFull service
Location of HeadquartersMumbai, MaharashtraMumbai, India
Type of CompanyPublicPublic

5Paisa vs SBI Cap Securities Comparison of Demat Account 

The charges pressed by 5Paisa to open a demat account with them rupees 650. In case of SBI Cap Securities, the charges are rupees 500. However, while the margin money in case of 5Paisa is zero, with SBI Cap Securities the Margin is rupees 25,000. 

They both charge an amount of rupees 400 every year for maintaining a demat account

5PaisaSBI Cap Securities
Charges for account openingRupees 650Rupees 500
Charges for trading AMCRupees 0Rupees 0
Offline to online servicesNANA
Depository sourceCDSLNSDL & CDSL
Charges for Demat accountRupees 400 every yearsRupees 400 every year
Margin moneyRupees 0Rupees 25,000

5Paisa vs SBI Cap Securities Comparison of Offers

While 5Paisa gives its customers the option to avail offers such as free trading account and providing discount on brokerage, SBI Cap Securities does not offer any of the offers written in the table below. 

5PaisaSBI Cap Securities
Free trading accountYESNA
Trading happy hoursNANA
Brokerage free for 1st monthNANA
Referral offersNANA
Free demat accountNANA
Discount on brokerageYESNA
Flexible brokerage plansNANA
Holiday offersNANA
No brokerage for traders incurring lossNANA
open 5paisa demat account

5Paisa vs SBI Cap Securities Comparison of Advisory and Research 

Every trader, professional or amateur needs the help of experts to sail through sometimes. 5Paisa and SBI Cap Securities are two of those stock brokers that are always there to help their customers sail in the sea of multitude of stocks and trades. 

5PaisaSBI Cap Securities
Research ReportsNAYES
Annual ReportsNAYES
Free Stock TipsNANA
Monthly ReportsNAYES
Offline AdvisoryNAYES
Fundamental ReportsNAYES
Company ReportsNAYES
Company Stock ReviewNAYES
IPO reportsNAYES
Daily Market ReviewNANA
Weekly ReportsNAYES
Relationship ManagerNAYES

5Paisa vs SBI Cap Securities Comparison of Products 

Options, equity trading, currency trading, and futures are the products that are provided by both 5Paisa and SBI Cap Securities. However, none of the two stock brokers give their customers the possibility of commodity trading.

5PaisaSBI Cap Securities
Commodity tradingNANA
Mutual fundsNAYES
Equity tradingYESYES
Currency tradingYESYES

5Paisa vs SBI Cap Securities Comparison of Customer Support Services 

A high quality customer support is what keeps the traders from switching their stock broker especially when things take a hard turn. 24 hours customer support, email support, and online trading are supported by both of the stock brokers. While the number of customer care branches of SBI Cap Securities are 225 spread throughout the country, 5Paisa has none. 

5PaisaSBI Cap Securities
Offline tradingNAYES
24 / 7 supportYESYES
Email supportYESYES
Number of brancheszero225
Dedicated dealerNAYES
Online tradingYESYES
Chat supportNANA

5Paisa vs SBI Cap Securities Comparison of Ratings 

5PaisaSBI Cap Securities
Services & Products6.0 / 105.4 / 10
Stock Advisory & Research4.0 / 105.0 / 10
Experience ratings4.0 / 106.0 / 10
Brokerage fees & charges9.8 / 105.0 / 10
Trading platforms performance7.0 / 106.0 / 10
Total ratings6.2 / 105.4 / 10

5Paisa vs SBI Cap Securities Comparison of Brokerage Fees & Charges

Brokerage fees are a basic charge that the broker takes from the trader for every placed order or lot. While 5Paisa has fixed the amount to rupees 10 for every order, SBI Cap Securities has different percentages per order which vary depending upon the case. 

5PaisaSBI Cap Securities
Equity Intraday TradingRupees 10 for every order0.08%
Equity Futures TradingRupees 10 for every order0.03% – 0.05%
Currency futures TradingRupees 10 for every order0.02%
Minimum brokerageRupees 10 for every orderRupees 10 for every order
Charges for trading AMCRupees 0Rupees 0
Equity delivery TradingRupees 10 for every order0.50%
Commodity options TradingNANA
Equity options TradingRupees 10 for every orderRupees 50 for every order
Currency options TradingRupees 10 for every orderRupees 20 for every order
Charges Demat AMCRupees 400 every yearRupees 400 every year
Margin MoneyRupees 0Rupees 25,000
Calculator for brokerage calculation5Paisa Brokerage calculatorSBI Cap Securities brokerage calculator

5Paisa vs SBI Cap Securities Comparison of Other Charges

Other unavoidable charges such as GST, SEBI turnover charges, STT, transactional charges, and stamp duty charges are to be incurred by the trader. 

5PaisaSBI Cap Securities
STT0.0126% / entire turnover0.0126% / entire turnover
Stamp DutyMinimal & varies depending upon the stateMinimal & varies depending upon the state
Transactional Charges0.00325% / entire turnover0.00384% / entire turnover
SEBI Turnover Charges0.0002% / entire turnover0.0002% / entire turnover
GST18% / (transactional charges + brokerage fees)18% / (transactional charges + brokerage fees)

5Paisa vs SBI Cap Securities Comparison of Services

5Paisa and SBI Cap Securities comparison are also about similarities and they are similar in providing trading services, intraday services, Demat services, and IPO services. 

While 5paisa gives a trading exposure of up to 35 times, SBI Cap Securities offers a trading exposure of up to 12 times. 

5PaisaSBI Cap Securities
Trading ServicesYESYES
Intraday servicesYESYES
Stock recommendationsNAYES
Trading exposureUp to 35 timesUp to 12 times
Demat servicesYESYES
3 in 1 accountNAYES
IPO servicesYESYES
Robo advisoryYESNA
Trading institutionNANA

5Paisa vs SBI Cap Securities Comparison of Leverage and Exposure

5PaisaSBI Cap Securities
Equity IntradayUp to 35 timesUp to 12 times
Equity OptionsUp to 12 timesUp to 8 times
Currency OptionsUp to 10 timesUp to 6 times
Equity DeliveryUp to 5 timesUp to 8 times
Equity FuturesUp to 8 timesUp to 8 times
Currency FuturesUp to 6 timesUp to 5 times
commoditiesUp to 10 timesNA

5Paisa vs SBI Cap Securities Comparison of Trading Platforms 

This 5Paisa vs SBI Cap Securities gives us a view that both the stock brokers are easily available on multiple platforms. The most trending ones have their presence. 

5PaisaSBI Cap Securities
Desktop platform – macYESYES
Mobile site platformYESYES
iOS app platformYESYES
Other mobile platforms (OS)NANA
Portfolio detailsYESYES
News flashYESNA
Easy installationYESYES
Stock tipsYESYES
Interactive chartsYESYES
Multi account managementYESYES
Desktop platform – windowsYESYES
Desktop browser – platformYESYES
Android app platformYESYES
Windows app platformNANA
Real time updatesYESYES
Online MF buyYESYES
Research reportsYESYES
Global indicesYESNA
Personalized advisoryYESYES
Live marketsYESYES
Email alertsYESYES


This post is a clear and distinct comparison of 5paisa and SBI Cap Securities to make it easier for traders to choose amongst the two stock broking companies. 

There are some very obvious lines of distinction between 5Paisa and SBI Cap Securities, while at other lines, the distinction can hardly be felt. 

This 5Paisa vs SBI Cap Securities comparison provides insight into the pros, cons, working, and functioning of both the stock brokers in question. At the same time, we also get a clearer view of their packages, platforms as well as products and services offered. 

Both 5Paisa and SBI Cap Securities are mega stock brokers of India and thus traders face a hard time trying to figure out which one to go with. 

This comparison between 5Paisa and SBI Cap Securities is just another way to extend our help to traders for them to figure out which stock broker of the two suits their trading needs and wants better than the other.

5paisa Account Opening

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