5Paisa Vs Arihant Capital- Relative comparison

5Paisa Vs Arihant Capital

5Paisa Vs Arihant Capital- Relative comparison


Both 5Paisa and Arihant capital are renowned companies in the trading industry. Starting from the demat account opening to the investing process, they do all of these for traders. Whatever, when you intend to invest in the share market, then you have to choose the best option as per your requirement. A detailed, relative study of 5Paisa and Arihant Capital is important to pick better. It will give a clear way to get the best facilities and offerings by the best company.

Different policies, offers, and facilities are provided by each of these organizations. Traders have to choose the better as per their needs. A detailed study can help a;; the traders to do that.

5Paisa is a renowned as discount broker in India. Having the title of ‘Lowest Brokerage of India,’ it has arranged all the investment opportunities into one single roof. On the other hand, Arihant Capital is a full-service broker having its presence in all over India with more than 680 branches.



  1. The brokerage fee is 20 Rupees flat. 
  2. Brokerage and advice on Mutual Fund are free of cost. 
  3. It offers technologically advanced platforms like robotic technology & artificial intelligence-enabled trading. 
  4. Only with Aadhaar Card paperless account can be opened. 
  5. As other investment options 5Paisa offers a range of insurance products to the investors. 

Arihant Capital:

  1. Provides all available investment options and wealth products. 
  2. Arihant Capital is a commanding name in the commodity broking industry. 
  3. Provides detailed market research reports to all the investors.
  4. Supports automated trading. 

Relative study: On Service Ratings:

Experienced traders share their reviews and experience in different platforms. Those can give a general overview of the company benefits and experience. Based on the Customers review /rating, we can draw this table comparing 5Paisa & Arihant Capital: 

 Particulars5paisaArihant Capital
Rating on entire service quality☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Rating: Brokerage Charges☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Rating: Trading Platform☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Rating: Investments Offering☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Rating: Customer Service☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Category Discount BrokerFull-service Broker

Relative Study: On account opening & AMC:

Trading account opening is the basic step of trading. Even, the demat account opening charges are different in these companies. Comparing the data of Account opening charge & AMC we can highlight 5Paisa & Arihant Capital as below.

Charges5paisaArihant Capital
Opening Fee: Trading Account 650 RupeesFree of cost
AMC: Trading A/cFree of costFree of cost
Opening Fee: Demat Account Free of costFree of cost
AMC: Demat 45 Rupees /Month if Trade, else Zero362 Rupees / Annum
DP FacilityAvailableAvailable

Relative Study: Brokerage Plans:

Brokerage plan policies are different in nature. Assessing both 5Paisa & Arihant Capital based on brokerage Plan we have the below-mentioned information:

Plan Types5paisaArihant Capital
Multiple PlansNOYES
Monthly PlansYESNO
Yearly PlansNONO

Relative Study: Brokerage Charge:

Observing the detailed data on Brokerage Charge we have come to the below-mentioned conclusion. It includes Equity delivery, equity futures, equity options, commodity trading etc.

Particulars5paisaArihant Capital
Plan NameFlat Fee INR. 20 Trading PlanStandard Trading Plan (Percentage Based)
Equity DeliveryFlat Fee 20 Rupees0.3% or 0.3 Rupees
Equity IntradayFlat Fee 20 Rupees0.03% or 0.03 Rupees
Equity FuturesFlat Fee 20 Rupees0.03% or 0.03 Rupees
Equity OptionsFlat Fee 20 Rupees50 Rupees Per Lot
Currency FuturesFlat Fee 20 Rupees0.03% or 0.03 Rupees
Currency OptionsFlat Fee 20 Rupees20 Rupees Per Lot
Commodity TradingFlat Fee 20 Rupees0.03% or 0.03 Rupees
Brokerage (MIN)Not applicableZERO
Hidden ChargesNot applicableInfo Not Available
FundingYes – 18% per annum interest Info Not Available
Call & Trade Charges100 Rupees per call(No limit of orders)Info Not Available

Relative Study: Order Categories:

Different types of orders are offered by both of these companies. It includes CNC order, MIS order, Cover order, Bracket order etc. Based on the study of order categories we can compare 5Paisa & Arihant Capital as follows:

Particulars5paisaArihant Capital
Cover OrderYESNO
Bracket OrderYESNO
AMO-After Market OrdersYESYES
GTC-Good Till CancelledYESNO

Relative Study: Margin/Leverage:

Margin is also an important issue while trading. You have to go through the difference before investing in a particular company. Researching both 5Paisa Margin & Arihant Capital Margin we concluded to these below-mentioned details.

Particulars5paisaArihant Capital
Equity Delivery LeverageUp to 3.5x via Margin Funding.No data available
Equity Intraday LeverageMax 20x leverage for equity.No data available
Futures  LeverageMax 3x leverage (of NRML Leverage) for futures.No data available
Options LeverageMaximum 3x margin (of NRML Leverage) for options shorting, No leverage for options buying.No data available
Equity CO Leverage Maximum 33x leverage in CO order for selected equity scripts.No data available
Futures CO Leverage Maximum 33x leverage (of complete order) in CO order for futures contracts.No data available
Options CO Leverage No data availableNo data available
Commodity Leverage Maximum 20x leverage for commodity.No data available

Relative study: Transaction Charge: 

Transaction charges like currency, equity delivery and equity options are provided by 5 Paisa and Arihant Capital. Studying 5Paisa and Arihant Capital based on Transactional charge we can get the information as follows.

Particulars5paisaArihant Capital
Equity: Delivery325 Rupees/Cr325 Rupees/ Cr
Equity: Intraday325 Rupees/ Cr325 Rupees/ Cr
Equity: Futures190 Rupees/ Cr190 Rupees/ Cr
Equity: Options5000 Rupees/ Cr5000 Rupees/ Cr
Currency: Futures110 Rupees/ Cr110 Rupees/ Cr
Currency: Options4000 Rupees/ Cr4000 Rupees/ Cr
CommodityNANon-Agri: 260 Rupees/ Cr 
Agri: 175 Rupees/ Cr

Relative Study: Account Specification: 

The trading account of the investors gets different account features and specification. Traders have to choose the better option as per your need. Then that might be beneficial for different investors of the Share market. In light of the account specification we can compare 5Paisa & Arihant capital as below.

List of Features5paisaArihant Capital
3 in 1 Account facility
Charting facility
Algo Trading facility
SMS Alerts service
Online Demo facility
Online Portfolio facility
Margin Trading Funding Availability
Combined Ledger for Equity and Commodity
Intraday Square-off Time facility3:15 PM3:15 PM
NRI Trading facility

Relative Study: Trading Utilities:

Trading utilities are the facilities which provide the facility to the traders to control and monitor their account from different platforms. It includes desktop trading platform, web trading platform, web trading detail etc. Comparing the Trading utilities, we got the below mentioned contrasting data of 5Paisa vs. Arihant Capital.

List of Trading Utilities5paisaArihant Capital
Desktop Trading Platform5paisaTradeStationAri-Trade Speed (ODIN Diet)/Arihant NOW
Desktop Platform (Windows)
Desktop Platform (Mac)
Web Trading Platform
Web Trading Detailhttps://www.5paisa.com/online-tradinghttps://arihantitrade.com/HTML5/
Mobile Site
Mobile Trading
Mobile Trading App5paisa Mobile AppArihant Mobile
Android Mobile App
iPhone Mobile App (IOS)
Android Tablet App
iPad App (IOS)
Trading Software ChargesFreeInfo Not Available

Relative Study on Customer Interaction & Support: 

For several trading and account related problems may come to the experienced traders also. Then the customer support system is very important to solve the problem shortly. Studying 5Paisa vs. Arihant Capital we got the below-mentioned details about their customer assistance.

Customer Service Compare5paisaArihant Capital
24/7 Customer Service 
Email Support 
Online Live Chat
Phone Support 
Toll-Free Number
Through Branches 
Customer Care Number “+91 89766 89766”Info Not Available
Account Opening Process Online/PaperlessInfo Not Available
Customer Support Email [email protected]Info Not Available
Knowledge Center/Education 5paisa.com/knowledge-centreInfo Not Available
Head Office Address 5paisa Headquarter
Sun Infotech Park, Road No.
16V, Plot No.B-23 Thane
Industrial Area, Wagle Estate,
Thane – 400604
Info Not Available
Website www.5paisa.comInfo Not Available


This above article has provided us a crystal-clear picture of a comparative study of 5Paisa (One of the biggest discount Broker giant) vs Arihant Capital. All the investors looking for a change or want to start investing got the concepts and learned about the advantages & disadvantages of an individual broker. 

5paisa Account Opening
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