5Paisa Vs Anand Rathi: In Depth Analytical Comparison

5Paisa VS Anand Rathi: A Relative Study

5PAISA is a discount broker organization listed under NSE, BSE & MCX. It offers flat 10 Rupees brokerage charge for all available segments. It is a registered depository participant of CDSL. Whereas, Anand Rathi Shares & Stock Broking Ltd is a full-service broking organization. It is listed under BSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX, USE, CDSL & NSDL. 



  1. It provides all the facilities like full-service brokers at a discounted price. 
  2. Famed for lowest brokerage charge in India
  3. The facility of margin funding available @18% interest per annum. 
  4. Paperless account opening facility enables instant account opening only with an Aadhaar Card
  5. Charges for Call & trade are higher than other organisations. 

5Paisa Demat Account

Anand Rathi:

  1. Provides quality research data to their customers
  2. Anand Rathi offers multiple trading platform options to its investors. 
  3. They have a huge network of branches and sub-brokers all over India. 
  4. They have hidden brokerage charges and minimum brokerage charge
  5. Lacking Customer support toll-free number, email support & live chat support. 

Contrasts: Facilities & Rating:

Assessing 5 Paisa & Anand Rathi based on customer review we get to know the below-mentioned information:

 Particulars5paisa (Rating out of 5)Anand Rathi (Rating out of 5)
Organizational Review3
Review on Brokerage43
Review in Trading Platform43
Review in terms of Investment offerings43
Review in terms of Customer satisfaction43
Broker ClassificationDiscount BrokerAll-service Broker

Contrasts: Account Opening & Maintenance Charges:

Both 5paisa & Anand Rathi provides Trading & DEMAT A/c. We can summed up the related information as here under: 

Particulars5paisaAnand Rathi
Opening Fees for Trading AccountRs. 650/- (Free Now Promotion Offer)Rs. 750/-
Trading AMCFreeFree
DEMAT Account Opening FeesFreeRs. 300/-
DEMAT AMCRs. 45/- per month if Trade, else ZeroRs. 550/- p.a.
Provide DP ServiceYESYES

Contrasts: Brokerage Plan: 

Here we have compared 5Paisa & Anand Rathi’s brokerage plans as here under: 

Particulars5paisaAnand Rathi
Multiple PlansXX
Monthly PlansXX
Yearly PlansXX

Contrasts: Brokerage Charges: 

5Paisa provides brokerage plan worth a flat fee of INR. 10/order. Whereas, Anand Rathi offers a % based plan to its customers. Both 5Paisa & Anand Rathi don’t have a fixed/ minimum brokerage fee. 

Particulars 5paisaAnand Rathi
Name of the planFee Rs. 10 Trading PlanClassic Trading Plan (% Based)
Equity of Delivery chargesRs. 10 0.5% or Rs. 0.5
Equity of Intraday chargesRs. 10 0.05% – 0.015%
Equity FuturesRs. 10 0.05% or Rs. 0.05
Equity Options facilityRs. 10 0.5% of Premium or Rs. 20 per lot whichever is high
Currency Futures chargesRs. 10 0.05% or 5 paisa
Currency Options chargesRs. 10 0.5% of Premium or Rs. 20 per lot whichever is high
Commodity Trading chargesRs. 10 0.05% or Rs. 0.05
Minimum Brokerage chargesNANIL
Hidden ChargesNoNo information available
Funding facilityAvailable – 18% interest PANo information available
Call & Trade ChargesRs. 100 per call (No limit of orders)No information available

Contrasts: Charges for Transaction:

We have assessed 5Paisa & Anand Rathi based on their Transaction charges:

Particulars5paisaAnand Rathi
Delivery of Equity325 Rupees Per Cr350 Rupees Per Cr
Intraday of Equity325 Rupees Per Cr350 Rupees Per Cr
Futures of Equity190 Rupees Per Cr200 Rupees Per Cr
Options of Equity5000 Rupees Per Cr 6000 Rupees Per Cr
Futures of Currency110 Rupees Per Cr 120 Rupees Per Cr
Options of Currency4000 Rupees Per Cr4200 Rupees Per Cr
CommodityNot applicableNon-Agri: 360 Rupees Per Cr Agri: 275 Rupees Per Cr

Contrasts: Account Specification:

Both 5Paisa & Anand Rathi offers multiple account features to their customers. Below we have compared them: 

Particulars5paisaAnand Rathi
3 in 1 Account facilityXX
Charting service
Algo Trading facility
SMS Alerts service
Online Demo facility
Online Portfolio facilityX
Margin Trading Funding Available
Combined Ledger for Equity and Commodity
Intraday Square-off Time3:15 PM3:15PM
NRI TradingX

Contrasts: Platform for Trading:

Both 5Paisa & Anand Rathi provides trading platforms both online & offline. Below we have mentioned the details:

Particulars 5paisaAnand Rathi
Desktop Trading Platform5paisaTradeStationOMNESYS NEST – Trade X Pro
Desktop Platform (Windows)
Desktop Platform (Mac)XX
Web Trading Platform
Web Trading Detailhttps://www.5paisa.com/online-tradinghttps://www.anandrathi.com/Otn/Login/indexauth.jsp
Mobile Site
Mobile Trading
Mobile Trading App5paisa Mobile AppTrade Mobi
Android Mobile App
iPhone Mobile App (IOS)
Android Tablet App
iPad App (IOS)
Trading Software ChargesFreeInfo Not Available

Contrasts: Offers for Investment: 

Investment offerings facilities can be compared as below: 

Particulars5paisaAnand Rathi
Equity Cash and F&O
Currency Derivatives
Online IPO ApplicationXX
Mutual Funds
Bond / NCD
MF SIP Investment
Equity SIP InvestmentXX
PMS ServiceXX

Contrasts: DEMAT A/c:

DEMAT A/c features can be classified as below: 

Particulars 5paisaAnand Rathi
DP ID 82500No
DEMAT Account Annual Maintenance Charges(AMC)Monthly Plan – INR. 45 (In case of any transaction in a month)INR. 450 pa (Second year onwards)
Advance DepositNILNIL
Statutory chargesNilNil
Transaction Charges on Debit (Per ISIN)0.025% or INR. 25 whichever is higher + CDSL chargesINR.15 + INR. 5.50 CDSL charges
DEMATINR. 15 per certificateINR. 3 per certificate + INR. 35 courier charges
REMATINR. 15 for every hundred securities or INR. 15 per certificate whichever is higherINR. 15 for every hundred securities or INR. 15 per certificate (whichever is higher)
Pledge CreationINR. 500.01% of the value (Min INR. 50) + CDSL charges
Pledge Creation ConfirmationNILNil
Pledge ClosureNIL0.01% of the value (Min INR. 50) + CDSL charges
Pledge Closure ConfirmationNIL0.01% of the value (Min INR. 50) + CDSL charges
Pledge InvocationNIL0.01% of the value (Min INR. 50) + CDSL charges
Failed Instruction ChargesNilINR. 25
Other ChargesNilNil

Contrasts: Customer Support:   

Here are the assessment & details of 5Paisa vs. Anand Rathi regarding customer assistance:

Particulars 5paisaAnand Rathi
24/7 Customer Service XX
Email Support 
Online Live Chat X
Phone Support 
Toll-Free Number X
Through Branches X
Customer Care Number “+91 89766-89766”Info Not Available
Account Opening Process Online/PaperlessInfo Not Available
Customer Support Email[email protected]Info Not Available
Knowledge Center/Education www.5paisa.com/knowledge-centreInfo Not Available
Head Office Address 5paisa headquaters
Sun Infotech Park, Road No.
16V, Plot No.B-23 Thane
Industrial Area, Wagle Estate,
Thane – 400604
Info Not Available
Website www.5paisa.comInfo Not Available


In this above article, we have drawn a comparative picture of 5Paisa & Anand Rathi. Both the organization are quite similar in terms of their offering, facilities, and network. But for an individual investor, it is suggested that to go through every small detail of the broker where you are interested to invest. 

5paisa Account Opening

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