5paisa Trading Platform Review – Intraday trading, Mutual funds investment and Algo trading platform

Introduction 5paisa

5paisa is the second-largest discount brokerage of India having the head office in Mumbai. It was just started in 2016 and got the second position in all India in just 2018. 5paisa offers all the trading types.

Like if you are looking for daily trading which is known as intraday trading. Mutual funds investment and Algo trading platforms are also available here at 5paisa.

5paisa offers all types of services. 5paisa offers the best online trading platform, mutual fund investment platform, insurance, Algo trading, and loans.

5paisa Trading Platform

There is just a flat 10 INR on every trade. This is the reason 5paisa is known as the world’s best trading platform with a 0% brokerage fee.

It makes a mashup of all the stocks, mutual funds, advisory, and insurance.  

Investors use their funds to buy the securities, those funds are called Mutual funds investment. Investors can be of any type, like natures, or retails.

Every trading platform like web, mobile, or desktop trading platform is available at 5paisa.  Robo-advisory is a platform or 5paisa which is used for the real-time advisory.

5paisa always provides the latest trading platforms. It’s having the vision to get customer satisfaction at the next level. 5paisa has different types of trading forms availability.

Availability of Trading Platforms

Forex trading platformNo
Commodity trading platformNo
Mobile trading platformYes
Web trading platformYes
Desktop trading platformYes
Demo trading platformYes
Intraday trading platformYes
Algo trading platformYes
Options and futures trading platformYes

5paisa Trading Platforms

5paisa is having India’s best online trading platforms. It’s having all the mobile, web and desktop trading platforms. You can trade all your stocks and investments in just a single click. All the trading platforms are mentioned below:

  1. 5paisa mobile trading app
  2. Trade station (web trading platform)
  3. Trade station exe
  4. Algo trading
  5. Robo advisory (Mutual funds selector)

All the above are the best trading platforms of 5paisa. We will have a complete look at all of them.

1. 5paisa Mobile Trading app 

You can manage each and everything of the trading just on your fingertips. 5paisa is having the best mobile trading platform for its customers.

You can get all the types of trading in just a single app. It’s available on Google play store and also on the Apple store.  

All of your investments will be in your hands. It’s having more than 2 million active users and highly rated among all the mobile trading platforms. You just have to open an account and start trading.

It’s having different features. All of them are mentioned below:

  • Real-time Data Manager 

5paisa mobile application provides you the live data of all your trades and the upcoming events.

  • Automatic Management of Investment

This is the Robo advisory feature that provides you a selection of the funds to achieve the goal.

  • All Types in One app 

You can manage all the stocks, investments, loans and trade in one app.

  • Latest visualization system 

5paisa trading platform for mobile is having the latest technology visualization system. It’s having the charting system that will show the charts of the stocks and trades.

  • Trade-in one click 

By just clicking a single click you can manage all your trades. This provides you to manage each and everything in your hand.

5paisa is the having the best online trading mobile app, through which you can manage your trades at your fingertips.

open 5paisa demat account

Rating of 5paisa Mobile Trading Platform

Star ratings★★★★

2. Trade Station (Web Trading Platform)

5paisa is providing the best web trading platform for its users. You can manage the latest features for your trading by using this Trade Station web trading platform by 5paisa. 

For the purpose of getting the latest technology for your trades, you can choose the 5paisa online desktop trading platform. It’s having all of the required components in the single window for customer satisfaction.

It’s having very different features, like with the latest charting system, and custom watch list for your trading.

For better quality, 5paisa has added the world’s best and latest features. All of them are mentioned below:

  • Usability and Compatibility 

You can choose any browser to run this trade. 5paisa best web trading platform having the facility to run it on any browser.

  • Deep Analysis 

it provides the user with a complete overview of the stock markets and also do the market analysis for the user. You can just stay updated with the market.

  • View System 

It’s having the latest visualization system for the users. Every position, portfolio, and stocks can be seen in the latest charts.

  • User-Friendly

Having the best system to be managed in a very user-friendly way.

The trade station is the best web trading platform for users. 5paisa offers all the trading platforms for its customers. All of the above features show the importance of the Trade station web trading platform.

  • Trade Station .exe

Desktop trading platform by 5paisa having all the latest features. Having the best speed and very flexible to traders.

Latest technology and advanced visualization system, and reliable with every trader. You can manage each and everything at your desktop with only a single click.

You can track your every trade and manage your portfolio. This provides you all the real-time data and also it’s very user-friendly.  

There are many other features that are mentioned below:

  • Personalization 

Each and everything can be done according to your way. You can set short keys to manage software.

  • Charting System 

With the latest visualization system, it shows you the charts of all of your trades.

  • Secured 

This platform provides the best and highly protected desktop trading platform.

  • Fast 

5paisa desktop trading platform is having the lightning speed of doing the task.

  • Monitoring System

You can get all the customize watch list systems. 5paisa provides the desktop trading platform which can be set up according to the preferences.

5paisa is offering the best desktop trading platform for its customers. With all of the latest features, you can manage all of your tradings with the latest 5paisa desktop trading platform.

3. Algo Trading Platform 

5paisa provides the Algo trading platform that uses cutting-edge technology and uses the infrastructure to proceed with all the decisions automatically.  

It provides a way to execute your strategies.

You can access all the previous Algos. It gives you a way to test and manage each and every strategy. It’s having many features that are mentioned below:

  • Technology
  • Test and check
  • Strategies execution
  • Order placement
  • Coding

All of the above are the features of the 5paisa Algo trading platform. These features show the importance of the Algo trading platform.

5paisa Account Opening

4. Robo Advisory (Mutual Funds Selector)

This is the best platform for automatic fund recommendations. Robo Advisory is the 5paisa best platform that provides you an estimated value for the mutual funds. You can have a smart plan for investment by just doing the three steps.

  • Select a Goal

Just make a target by identify your financial goal and then make a target to achieve it.

  • Make a Profile

By setting up a targeted profile to achieve the goal and then find your risks.

  • Get Estimation

After this, you will get an estimation for achieving your goal.

5paisa reaches second place in a very small time just because of these amazing platforms. All the mobile, web and desktop trading platforms provide the facility to do the trade-in single click.

5paisa Orders Types 

There are all types of orders offered at the 5paisa trading platform. You can make any type of order. All of those are mentioned below.

  • AMO
  • IOC
  • Day order
  • Stop loss
  • Bracket
  • Limit orders
  • VTD orders

All of the above are mentioned below are the order types that are mentioned at 5paisa trading platforms.

Now we have a complete overview of the best desktop trading platform provider 5paisa orders.

  • AMO

Those orders can be placed after the market gets closed. 5paisa provides the AMO for their customers so that they can make any order. These orders placed as to when the markets open the next day. 

  • IOC

5paisa provides IOC orders which are those orders that allow the user to either sell or buy the security of any order as soon as it enters into the system, this makes

  • Day Order

The order for only on that day, which means if it’s remain pending until the end of the day. So that will be considered as canceled after the closing of the day. 5paisa provides the best trading platform for users.

  • Stop Loss

This type of order provides a facility to the investor to save their money from loss by putting a range of prices. After that price, the order will stop the loss.

  • Bracket Orders 

Users can get the advantage of having a loss and take advantage of the profit to increase their income. 5paisa offers these orders to their customers.

  • Limit Orders 

If you want to set a limit of a certain price for the stock, you can select that price and make that order. 5paisa is having limit orders for its customers.

  • VTD Orders 

Any of the till date conditioned orders can be placed according to the mentioned to date. Mostly it goes up to 45 days at 5paisa.

5paisa provides all of the above-mentioned orders for their customers to do the trading.  It’s India’s second-best online trading platform that is having all the order types at its trading platform for its customers.

5paisa Trading Platform Pros and Cons

Latest and advanced technologyNot availability of 3-in-1 account
Mobile, web, and desktop are availableHigh charge on-call trade, near 100 INR
Single click tradingNo NRI account
Low fee on trade

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open 5paisa demat account


5paisa is the second-largest discount broker in India based in Mumbai. It started in 2016 and reached second place in India in 2018.

5paisa offers all types of trading. It’s like if you want a day trading, which is called intraday trading. Investments in mutual funds and the Algo trading platform are also available on 5paisa.

5paisa offers all types of services. 5paisa offers the best online trading platform, the investment platform for mutual funds, insurance, Algo trading, and loans. Each operation has only 10 INR.

Therefore, 5paisa is the best trading platform in the world with brokerage fees of 0%. Collects all stocks, mutual funds, consulting and insurance.

Investors use their funds to buy securities, these funds are called mutual funds. Investors can be of any type, such as nature or traders.

All trading platforms, such as web, mobile or desktop trading platforms, are available on 5paisa. The Robo or 5paisa consulting platform is used for real-time consultation. 5paisa always offers the most recent trading platforms

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: How much charge on every single trade?

Ans: 5paisa charges 10 INR on every single trade

Q2: Is 5paisa offering mutual funds?

Ans: yes, 5paisa offers mutual funds investment to its customers.

Q3: How much 5paisa spend on call trades? 

Ans:  5paisa is very expensive in case of call trades. They charge 100 INR on every single call trade.

Q4: Is it offering all the trading platform?

Ans: Yes, 5paisa offering all the trading platforms. 5paisa is having all the Mobile, Web and software trading platforms. It’s also having some partners trading platforms.  

Q5: Is there any Algo trading platform?

Ans: Yes. 5paisa offers Algo trading platforms for their users.

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