5Paisa Sub Broker Ship Review – Reviews of Franchise, Authorised Person, Partner, Advantages, and Disadvantages


Mumbai based discount broker 5Paisa is very renowned mainly for offering a very low brokerage charge for their customer. Established in 2016, 5Paisa introduced itself holding the 2nd position of India as the 2nd largest discount broker.

Right now it one of the best stock broking organizations of India and the Second largest broking house considering the number of active client bases.

It is a part of IIFL and an build its entity as a financial service provider institution that serves finance, credit, asset management, distribution of financial products, wealth management, investment banking, IPO, mutual fund, stock & currency broking, ETF, FDs, bonds, advisory, and insurance services.

Here in this study, we will outline the offering of 5Paisa for their sub-broker or in different words we can say the program of 5Paisa for Sub Brokers.

5Paisa Sub Broker Ship
5Paisa Sub Broker Ship

5paisa Sub-Broker plan | Franchise | Partner

There are 2 types of model available at 5Paisa Sub broker Plan. These are:

  1. Associate Partner or Remisier Program
  2. Sub Broker

1) 5Paisa Remisier or Partner Program

5Paisa launched this model very recently. This model has been introduced in 2018. The objective of stepping with this plan is to grow the popularity of the organisation and gradually elevate the organisation to the status of the most renowned and desired Discount broker of India.

To join 5Paisa as a partner you don’t have to take an office place. Also, the initial investment amount is very low, as low as INR. 5,000/-.

Similar to other Zerodha & Upstox discount broker organization 5Paisa also offer partners profit-sharing in return to their service. It offers its partners a flat 50% revenue sharing ratio.

Here we have outlined some of the offer details of 5paisa Partner Program:

  • Attractive flat 50% Revenue Sharing is offered for Remisier or Partner campaign
  • 5Paisa offers very low-cost brokerage to its client @Rs.10 per transaction
  • Lets the partner use software in their own expense so that they can keep a record of their clients & their brokerage amounts.
  • Offers a huge basket of asset classes to trade from.
  • INR.5,000/- one-time security deposit investment which is one of the lowest in the partner model of the industry.
  • They offer technologically sound Trading platforms for free to attract clients. Also to give a seamless trading experience.
5Paisa Remisier or Partner Program
Details of Partner Program of 5Paisa
Flexible Revenue SharingNot Available
Flat Revenue SharingAvailable
Prepaid payment associated with Zero Revenue Sharing ModelNot Available
Zero Deposit SchemeNot Available
Initial Deposit Scheme of INR. 10,000/-Not Available

2) 5Paisa Sub-Broker Program:

The sub-broker program was introduced in 2016. In this program, the sub broker’s function is to share new clients to the organisation and in return to that, the sub-brokers will receive INR. 555/- on every opening of an account.

In this model or program, 5Paisa doesn’t share revenue with the sub-broker. But the sub-broker receives a 10% Margin transferred from the client in 15 days.

Availing this program doesn’t require any registered office space or equipment. The broker can also do this from the comfort of his house.

5Paisa Sub Broker Program
Details of Sub Broker Program of 5Paisa
Flexible Revenue SharingAvailable
Flat Revenue SharingNot Available
Prepaid payment associated with Zero Revenue Sharing ModelNot Available
Zero Deposit SchemeNot Available
Initial Deposit Scheme of INR. 10,000/-Available

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5Paisa Partner| Sub-broker| Franchise Commission and Incentive – Revenue Sharing Model:

5Paisa offers a very simplified and flat revenue sharing program for its customers, sub-brokers, and partners.

The partner program of 5Paisa offers/shares a flat 50% revenue with all kinds of partners. As this is a newly introduced plan thus to attract people the organization is sharing such a massive and lucrative percentage of commission.

On the other hand, the 5Paisa Sub Broker Model (5paisa Sub Broker Program) doesn’t have a revenue sharing option. It offers a flat INR. 555/- charge per new account opened with reference to the sub-broker.

Along with that within 15 days 10% of the total margin is transferred by the client.

Details5Paisa CommissionSub Broker Commission
5Paisa Partner50%50%
5Paisa Sub BrokerAll BrokerageRs.555 + 10% of Margin

5paisa Sub-Broker plan Registration process – How to Become a Partner/Sub Broker of 5Paisa? 

Open Demat Account

Step 1 – Fill the asked details mentioned in the lead form.

Step 2 – Now you would get a call from their Call Canter Number. Answer the call and reply was asked to confirm your interest.

Step 3 – After this, you would get a call from the Sales-in charge/Sales representative. Fix an appointment with him/her and take the detailed information from the representative on the meeting.

Step 4 – Submit the below-mentioned documents as directed by the representative.

Documents need to be submitted for 5Paisa Partner Registration

  • 2 copy photographs
  • Bank Cheque- Cancelled (to link your account with online portal)
  • Rent Agreement for Office space (if have)
  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Address Proof

Step 5 – Now the authorities would take 3-5 working days to check and verify the document.

Step 6 – Finally the authorities will hand you over the account ID of your account if you are able to answer the last round. 

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Eligibility Criteria of Sub Broker Ship, Franchise, Partner:

The 5Paisa Partner /Sub Broker eligibility criteria are as mentioned below–

  • The educational qualification of the person applying to be the Sub Broker or Partner of the partners needs to be more than equal to Higher secondary standards (10+2).
  • You should have the minimum knowledge of the financial market operations and also knowledge about products of the financial market. The partners should be well aware & updated about the current economic conditions, the environment of the stock market, and the environment of business so that they can guide the clients properly.
  • Experience is the best thing to have a stronghold in this industry. Therefore, if you are interested to be a part of 5Paisa as a partner, first you should examine your experience. It is suggested that you must have an experience of serving a couple of years in this industry at the same or other company as a broker /sub-broker /agent /AP /investor /trader.
  • Certification from NISM is a must for the dealers or Authorised Persons. Hence, you need to prepare for the exam and appear for the certification program. 
  • The documents you should possess to be eligible are –
    • AADHAAR Card
    • PAN Card
    • Voter ID
    • Address Proof
    • Proof of previous experience
    • Educational Details and Certificates
    • NISM and SEBI certificates
    • GST registration Certificates

Joining Cost/fees of Sub Broker Ship, Franchise & Partner, and 5Paisa Authorised Person

There is a non-refundable processing fee of Rs.5,000 for opening a Partner Program account with 5Paisa. This is the most nominal amount to start your own trade. Any Partner of 5Paisa works with sincerity and is entitled to earn Rs.1 Lakh from Partner Model.

Other than this security deposit any other forms of investment like office space is not required to start the business. A registered Partner can stay at home & continue to serve as 5Paisa partner.

5Paisa Sub Broker Model doesn’t have any security deposit investment to be made. A sub-broker is entitled to open a free 5paisa trading account to step into the industry.

DetailsFranchise Cost
5Paisa PartnerRs.5,000
5Paisa Sub BrokerZero Investment

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5Paisa Sub Broker Ship Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages are part of every business model. However, proper balancing of them is the key to customer satisfaction.


  • No security deposit is required to become a Sub Broker.
  • No requirement of setting up an office or a commercial address.
  • A flat profit-sharing model is available concerning brokerage generated in case of the partner program.


The models are designed in such a way that it attracts the least disadvantages. The only mentionable disadvantage is that, in the Partner and Remisier model, there is only the option to earn a maximum of 50% commission.

Open 5Paisa Demat Account
Open 5Paisa Demat Account


Finally, it can be stated that the 5Paisa sub-broker/partner/franchise has a very well-defined process having a basket of opportunities for the end-users (investors) with flat fee-based charges. It lets you earn commissions by investing an absolute zero amount. Still, it is the call of investors to choose whom they want to trust with their hard-earned money.

5Paisa Sub Broker Ship FAQs:

Why Partner with 5Paisa?

  1. Easy to get a client for having the least brokerage charge. Thus can attract traders in bulk quantity.
  2. Having a flat brokerage structure for both clients and partner is a very genuine method of dealing with partners.
  3. Hi-tech trading terminal to experience a smooth trading operation.
  4. Very low-security deposit of Rs.5,000 which is highly attractive for Partners.

What is the Support provided by 5Paisa Partner Program

  • The company offers personalised relationship manager to each partner to assist them to introduce new clients.
  • The company also ensures back-office support by providing software to help the partner to track his client list. Also to keep an eye on their brokerage generation on a periodical basis.

How long does it take time for the registration process?     

The entire registration process usually takes 3 -5 working days of time.

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