5paisa Margin Calculator Online

5paisa margin
5paisa margin

1. 5paisa Margin Calculator

  • 5paisa is one of the best stockbrokers to provide huge margin rates in every trading segment.
  • 5Paisa provides its clients with a margin calculator to calculate exposure available in different trading segments like delivery intraday, F&O, currency, and commodity.
  • The 5Paisa margin calculator is totally an online-based tool. The trader can use it just by login into their trading account.
  • In addition to the help of the above online tool, you can calculate 5Paisa margin funding and get accurate total amount of extra shares that you are allowed to buy. The extra leverage is given to you by the 5Paisa help to by extra trades in advance.

2. 5paisa Equity margin calculator

5paisa Equity Intraday margin calculator

  • 5Paisa provides attractive margins or exposures in Equity Intraday Cash.
  • The company promises to provide a margin of Up to 20X time on Equity Intraday trading.

5paisa Equity Delivery margin calculator

  • In the case of the Equity Delivery segment, 5paisa provides leverage or margin of up to 4x times.
  • 5Paisa is playing the game of stockbroker quite well when others find it difficult to match.
  • The margin and leverages keeps varying based on the categories mentioned below:
  1. Category A- 3.5x times leverage
  2. Category B- 3x times leverage
  3. Category C- 2x times leverage
  4. Category D- 1.5x times leverage
  5. Category E- 4x times leverage

5paisa Equity Future margin calculator

  • This stockbroker Provides Equity future margin Up to 3.5x time in intraday trading.
  • Moreover, 5Paisa also provides a carry forward margin of 1x time in Equity Future.

5paisa Equity Option margin calculator

  • 5Paisa gives an intraday margin Up to 1x time in Equity Option.
  • In addition that it also provides carry forward margin of 1x time in Equity Option.
Open demat account 5paisa
Open demat account 5paisa

3. 5paisa Currency margin calculator

5paisa Currency future margin calculator

  • 5 paisa provides an intraday margin of Up to 2x times for currency future segment.
  • Carry forward margin of 1 x time is also mentioned in the case of Currency’s future.

5paisa Currency option margin calculator

  • Up to 1 x time intraday margin is provided by 5paisa
  • 5 paisa officially provides a Carry forward margin of 1x time in Currency option.

4. 5Paisa Online Margin List

Segment Margin/Exposure/Limit/Leverage
Equity Delivery Upto 3.5x (Time Margin)
Equity Intraday Upto 20x (Time Leverage)
Equity Future Upto 3x (Time Limit)
Equity Option Upto 1x (Trading Margin)
Currency Future Upto 2x(Trading Exposure)
Currency Option Upto 1x (Trading Leverage)
Commodity Future
Commodity Option
BO & CO Margin Upto 25x (Time Exposure)

5. 5paisa Commodity margin calculator

Not Avalable

6. 5paisa BO & CO margin calculator

  • 5paisa also provides Bracket Order(BO) facilities, which helps their clients to take an Intraday position and take advantage of the leverage and exposure.
  • Similarly, it also provides protection from loss by stop-loss order and makes an objective to profit.
  • However, a cover order is a two-way order. In this process client initially places an order along with a stop-loss order simultaneously.
  • Due to market volatility, there is always a chance of losses, so cover order helps the trader to reduces his/her losses.
  • However, the only limitation is that the user can’t cancel one side of the order alone.

7. 5paisa Span margin calculator

  • SPAN Margin also known as Standardized Portfolio Analysis of Risk.
  • It is a specially designed process used by different stock brokers in India.
  • A Span Margin calculator helps in calculating the amount a user must keep in his/her trading account in order to overcome any unfortunate potential loss in the stock market.
  • By using this concept it broadens the exposure level of any client to trade in a risk-free manner.
  • However, there is no specific value fixed as SPAN Margin as it varies from scrip to scrip. The main reason behind it is that every segment is different from each other so the risk factor is also different.
  • The margin is specified based on the market and industry, stock availability and volatility, completion of stocks and the global interest over that stock.

8. Need 5paisa Margin Calculator

  • 5 Paisa margin Calculator helps in providing margin funding facility to its clients.
  • The margin and exposure are based on total stocks and other market values. It is approved by the exchange and 5Paisa approved stocks.
  • It reminds customers to maintain consent to avail margin funding facility.
  •  It helps in managing total margin and spans just in few simple clicks, which provides the client an exact amount and keeps them aware of the next trade.

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5paisa demat account


Q. How much margin does 5paisa give?

5Paisa gives a margin of up to 20x times.

Q. 5paisa provides a margin for options?

5 paisa provides a margin of 1xtime for options.

Q. How much Exposure does 5paisa provide?

20 x times exposure is provided by 5Paisa.

Q. How much does 5paisa charge for intraday margin?

A flat fee of Rs.10 is charged by 5Paisa for intraday.

Q. What is the margin for delivery trading in 5paisa?

4 times margin is provided for delivery trading in 5Paisa.

Q. What is the margin for CNC trading in 5paisa?

3.5x times margin is provided for CNC trading in 5paisa.

Q. What is LMT in 5paisa?

LMT stands for Limit Order.

Q. How to use margin in 5paisa?

To use margin you need to maintain your trading account with margin funding.

Q. Can I margin trading in 5paisa?

Yes you can use margin trading in 5Paisa

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