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5paisa Brokerage Calculator Online

1. 5Paisa Brokerage Calculator


5Paisa is a well-known broker in India who has created a good market for itself. Being a broker, it provides services of trading in BSE, NSE and MCX exchanges and also interments in Bonds and Mutual Funds. For 5Paisa to provide these services to its clients, 5Paisa charges brokerage and has a very competitive brokerage rate.

In the section below, we will discuss on the brokerage calculator and the rates at which various kinds of trades are charged with the brokerage. To be able to start trading on 5Paisa trading platform, they charge Rs750 to open a demat account with them. 5Paisa does not have a dedicated brokerage calculator on its website. You can find them in many of the third-party sites.

2. 5Paisa Equity Brokerage Calculator

Equities are a segment most commonly used by the traders to trade daily. We will discuss more in the section the brokerage charged by the broker for various kinds of trades. We have seen that most of the brokers charge almost nil brokerage in the delivery type trades. However, we will talk more on the 5Paisa brokerage below.

5paisa Account Opening

– 5Paisa Equity Intraday Brokerage Calculator

Intraday are the trades that are opened and closed the same day. On the Intraday in equities, 5Paisa charges Rs 10 as the brokerage. This includes both buy and sell trades together. Other than the brokerage they charge various additional charges that cover the remaining part of the fees to be paid.

–     5Paisa Equity Delivery Brokerage Calculator

Paisa likewise charges Rs 10 as the brokerage on the delivery trades. When a trader holds the positions for more than one trading session, then it is known to be a delivery trade. A trader usually seeks a better price to close the ranks and often holds them for investment purposes.

–     5Paisa Equity Future Brokerage Calculator

Equities can also be traded in the form of a Futures contract. They can also be traded as an Intraday or delivery basis. Hence, they charge as per the type of trade that has been entered into. Paisa charges Rs 10 even in case of futures be it an intraday or a delivery trade. As per the latest rules by the exchange, the trader needs to have a span margin to be maintained else trader would not be able to enter into a delivery trade.

–     5Paisa Equity Option Brokerage Calculator

Options are the derivatives that can have an underlying as equity. This helps the trader to enter into the contract by predicting the price of the underlying until its expiry. The brokerage charges charged by the broker are also similar in this case. It charges Rs 10 for each trade entered. Like for a Future trade even for options, there needs a margin to be maintained known as Span margin.

3. 5Paisa Commodity Brokerage Calculator

            The MCX exchange maintains commodities trading. Commodities can also be traded on the 5Paisa trading platform. In the case of 5Paisa, even for products, they charge you similar to other segments. Commodities can be volatile and should be traded with caution. Most common types of commodities are Crude Oil, Gold, Silver and many other metals. These commodities can either be traded in the form of a Futures contract or an option contract.

5Paisa Commodity Future Brokerage Calculator

Commodity Future on the 5Paisa is charged with Rs 10 as its brokerage. A trader can trade in either mini or mega lots based on the capital that is available to trade on.

5Paisa Commodity Option Brokerage Calculator

Like on a commodity Future contract for Options 5Paisa charges Rs10 as brokerage. The underlying in this case is a commodity like gold, silver, crude oil or many other metals.

4. 5Paisa Currency Brokerage Calculator

            Currencies can also be traded in the exchange of NSE. They are traded against the currency of another country. These are also very volatile and can cause huge fluctuations in case of any news. To facilitate the trading of currencies, 5Paisa also charges brokerage.

5Paisa Currency Future Brokerage Calculator

The charges as brokerage on 5Paisa is also the same as for any other segments. It is Rs10 for each order placed and executed.

5Paisa Currency Option Brokerage Calculator

The brokerage charges on the currency options are also Rs 10 for an order. To place the options at various expiry and strike price, you can find the details on the NSE website.

5. 5Paisa Basic Plan Brokerage Charges Table.

Segment Unlimited Equity
Monthly Fee (Fixed)
Equity Delivery For every order executed ₹10
Equity Intraday For every order executed ₹10
Equity Futures For every order executed ₹10
Equity Options For every order executed ₹10
Currency Futures For every order executed ₹10
Currency Options For every order executed ₹10
Commodity Futures For every order executed ₹10
Commodity Options For every order executed ₹10

6. 5Paisa BO & CO Brokerage Calculator 

For a few segments like equities, 5Paisa provides the facility to trade via a bracket order or the cover order. These types of orders can help the trader manage the loss and target the required profit for the trade. This is the intraday form of trading. 5Paisa doe not charge any additional fees for this facility hence there are no additional charges as a brokerage for BO and Co orders.

7. 5Paisa Span Brokerage Calculator

Span margin is the mandatory requirement being advised by the exchanges. 5Paisa does not charge any additional brokerage for the Span margin. There is no brokerage for the same either on the 5Paisa website or any other 3rd party website.

8. Need 5Paisa Brokerage Calculator

            5Paisa brokerage calculator available on the third-party website are quite detailed and also easy for navigations. They facilitate the calculation of all the possible expenses and helps the trader to target the required profits. To make things very easy, 5Paisa has been charging R 10 flat in all the segments.

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10. FAQ

How much 5Paisa charge as brokerage to its traders?

Ans: 5Paisa charges Rs 10 to all of its traders over all the segments.

Securities transaction charges also known as the STT, how much does 5Paisa charge?

Ans: Rs 325 for every crore that has been traded on as the cost is charged as the STT charges.

Can 5Paisa be looked as a good broker?

Ans: with the very nominal brokerage charges of Rs 10 per order that is charged by 5Paisa, we can see 5Paisa as a good broker.

Is there any option to change the delivery to intraday and vice versa on 5Paisa?

Ans: like most of the brokers, 5Paisa has the option to convert the intraday to delivery and vice versa.

Can 5Paisa be considered as free?

Ans: No. 5Paisa charges nominal charges at various stages.

5Paisa and ShareKhan – which one is better?

Ans: With many reviews across the internet, both have been equally rated.

What is one unique thing on 5Paisa brokers?

Ans: 5Paisa charge Rs 10 as brokerage across all the segments.

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